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WHAT’S ON April 5th Fri. Binham Coffee Morning. 10am, Village Hall in aid of the Play Area Project. 5th Fri. Binham Priory Concert. 7pm. Royal Choral Masterpieces. Tickets £16 from 01328 823501/ www.yorketrust.org 6th Sat Langham Coffee. Parish Room 10 am to 12 noon 7th Sun Stiffkey PCC AGM. Church. 6 pm 12th Fri Bale Fish and chips. Village Hall. 7 pm 13th Sat Gunthorpe Churchyard clear-up. 9 am 13th Sat Gunthorpe PCC AGM. Institute. 6.30 pm 15th Mon Stiffkey WI. Village Hall. 7.30 pm 17th Wed Langham Coffee. Parish Room 10 am to 12 noon 18th Thurs Langham Mobile Library 20th Sat Morston PCC Talk & Lunch. Morston Hall. 25th Thurs. Binham History Group talk. 7.30pm Village Hall. Bircham Newton RAF Memorial Project. 26th Fri Stiffkey Local History Group talk. Village Hall. 7.30 pm 27th Sat Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10.30 am 28th Sun Stiffkey Cricket v Rudham. Playing Field. 2 pm 29th Mon Langham Parish Room AGM. Parish Room 7 pm

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May 3rd Fri. Binham Parochial Charities lunch. Village Hall. 12 noon 4-6th Sat-Mon Morston FMC Book Sale 4-7th Sat-Tues Langham Exhibition. Parish Room. 10 am to 4.30 pm 6th Mon Stiffkey Albaraca plant sale. Church Knoll. 10 am to 1.30 pm 8th Wed. Binham Friends of Priory. Guided Tour of Norwich Cathedral & the Great Hospital. 10th Fri Bale Fish and chips. Village Hall. 7 pm 15th Wed Langham Coffee. Parish Room 10 am to 12 noon 16th Thurs Langham. Mobile Library 18th Sat Langham Leukaemia Research Sale. Parish Room 10 am to 12 noon 19th Sun Stiffkey Cricket v Marlingford. Playing Field. 2 pm 20th Mon Stiffkey WI. Village Hall 7.30 pm 20th Mon. Binham Parish Council meeting. Village Hall. 7.30pm 23rd Thurs. Binham History Group talk. Village Hall 7.30pm 25th Sat Gunthorpe Annual Parish Meeting. Institute 7 pm 25th-27th. Binham Flower Festival & Big Book Sale, Binham Priory & Village Hall. 26th Sun. Binham Priory Concert. 7.30pm 27th Mon Langham Bring & Buy. Churchyard. 10 am to 12 noon 27th Mon Stiffkey Open Garden. Warborough House. 1 to 5 pm 30th Thurs Gunthorpe Annual Parish Meeting. Institute 7 pm Regulars Mondays in term time. Binham Parent & Toddler Group, Village Hall 10-12 Tuesdays Binham Guild of Artists, Village Hall. 10-12 am Tuesdays Field Dalling Yoga. Village Hall. 7.30 pm Wednesdays in term time. Binham Youth Group, Village Hall. 6 -8pm 4th Wednesday in month Field Dalling Friends & Neighbours Club. 2.30 pm Thursdays Field Dalling Bowls Club. 7.30 pm Thursdays Field Dalling Pilates. 10 am

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BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah Tel: 01263 712 181

Sunday Services at 2pm. For details of weekday services and preachers, please refer to the current issue of ‘The Glaven Valley Newsletter’.

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Michael Simison 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham NorfolkTel: 01328 821 353

Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church)

Service Times Masses: Wednesday Vigil MassSaturday Sunday

DEANERY NEWS Next Deanery Synod: Thursday June 20th 7.15pm for 7.30pm Watch out for posters with details of speaker and venue.


9.30 am 6.00 pm 11.00 am

Church Services for Stiffkey and Bale Benefice for April and May HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer Parish


14th April

21st April

28th April

9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Field Dalling

9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC

11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Langham

19th May Pentecost 9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW

26th May Trinity Sunday 9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC

11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC

Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington

9.30am MP BCP

Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

11.00am HC


12th May

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC

Parish Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington

9.30am MP BCP

Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am MP At Langham

11.00am HC 9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am HC At Langham

Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion

That body will be related to the present body as a flower is to its own seed, and it will be as transformed as when a seed issues in a flower. The resurrection body, carefully chosen for each individual by the MasterGardener will display that full maturity and perfection of each of our characters in Christ Jesus; and wonderfully transformed we will know each other. But the climax is still to come! It is the glory of Christ himself. All heaven revolves around the Christ of Calvary – Jesus still bearing the marks of his death for us. Those marks, in a sense, decorate our passport to that place where he is. And if we would travel there, humble acceptance will be the only recognized currency of exchange. Yours truly, Ian Whittle

RECTOR’S LETTER Dear Friends and Parishioners, A hard thing to keep before us is the darkness of the world. Of course when we face disaster we admit that all is not well. But by and large, we find this life sweet, and we call death an enemy, and so it is. Nevertheless, if we are to THINK God’s way we must get hold of the reality of the GLORY which is beyond the grave, or the incinerator. How do we get there? Let us imagine for ourselves a quiet exit. A trim little boat called by our own name, beached on a sand-bank. Then the friendly flood heaves beneath the keel and the prow is set straight to the shore of home; and the pilot stands on board, and as he takes the helm, all is well. She’s gone! So death is not so much something which happens to the christian, as something which God works for him. The death of a christian is precious to God. It is not a haphazard or chance thing, but part and parcel of his plan for his child. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians display this truth wonderfully, and in verse 20 of chapter 15 Paul says that a whole new age has dawned with the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead: he is the first fruits of an immense harvest, consisting of all those who are in Christ. If Christ was raised from the dead, it is clear that all those who, through the grace of God, are now IN Christ will also be raised from the dead. The believer is promised rest, first of all, from the hardness of this life. But our ultimate hope is that we will be given our resurrection bodies. At death these old clothes are left behind and the soul enters the rest of the Lord’s immediate presence. And at the second coming of Jesus there will be a body made to match the new life.

KEN REDFORD 24 Dec 1927 – 29 Jan 2013 Following the death of my husband, Ken Redford, on the 29th January, I would like to thank all those kind friends and acquaintances who sent letters and cards of sympathy. They were most gratefully received. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the funeral arrangements and to Jo who conducted such a very special service. The family were quite overwhelmed at the number who attended. Thank you also for the donations received for the North Norfolk Association for the Blind, at present amounting to nearly £800. Sylvia


A MONTHLY SOCIAL MEETING FOR BRAIN TUMOUR PATIENTS and their families This meeting will be held on the third Thursday of each month at the WNDA (West Norfolk Deaf Association) headquarters in Railway Road, King's Lynn, close to the bus & train stations. We plan to meet for coffee/tea and cakes between 11.00a.m. and 1.00p.m. to socialise and exchange experiences. The meetings are sponsored by the following three local charities whose members can offer information and experience of brain tumours and the problems they can cause: Astro Brain Tumour Fund www.astrofund.org.uk The Lisa Wiles Red Wellies Brain Tumour Support Fund: www.redwellies.info Reach for a Star www.reachforastar.co.uk The dates for 2013 are: April 18th, May 16th, June 20th, July 18th, August 15th, September 19th, October 17th, November 21st and December 19th. To let us know if you are interested in attending or for more information please contact: Christine 01485 572767 : info@astrofund.org.uk Mary 01485 525279: treasurer@astrofund.org.uk

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR'S NEWS The first item must be the confirmation that the District portion of the Council tax remains frozen which means that from April residents in an average band D property will continue to pay £138.87 for the district council element of their tax. NNDC's Big Society Fund continues to help local groups nearly 50 organisations have benefited. The four larger grants (over £10,000) are to be awarded shortly. All Town and Parish Councils have details of the Energy Box and Collective Switching Schemes - these are to help residents use energy more efficiently (The Energy Box) and to enter the Scheme which will allow residents to join in a mass energy switch which should result in lower bills. Details from Peter Lumb, Sustainability Assistant at NNDC 01263 516331 and before 8 April via www.bigswitchandsave.co.uk.

HOME HINTS (NO:37) In the pub last week Charley, who had had a couple, said “You’ve got something to do with that Lynx paper, haven’t you.” Before I could say anything he went on, “Why can’t we have something useful in it – like recipes?” I was about to say that we had included recipes from time to time but he added, “Or home hints.” He’s a big lad, Charley, and was well into his third pint, so I just agreed. He’s got a point actually. As a chap on my own I now realise that women know a lot of secrets they just don’t share. For instance; all sheets have one wide hem on them. That’s to tell you where the top of the bed is supposed to be – and you can suck on it when you’re asleep. The girls don’t let on about that so poor men don’t know which way up to put a sheet on. And sweeping brushes. I have a lovely soft Addis brush. It’s so soft you could use it in the bath. But over time it gathers a tangled coating of woolly fluff you just can’t pull off. It’s disgusting. It makes the floor dirtier that when you started, with fluffy bits dropping off all the time. So here’s Home Hint 37. When your brush gets fluffy, take it out into the garden and brush a bit of lawn to and fro. All the fluff will come of as easy as pie. They don’t tell us that do they! Dogs Body

Marine Conservation Zones - NNDC supports the views held by the National Trust that, though welcoming the acknowlegement that the choice of the Reference Areas including Blakeney Marsh was flawed, the quest for Marine Conservation Zones should continue. While the future of the fishing industry is vital, marine conservation correctly applied, should preserve and protect. Our Cabinet member has a meeting scheduled with the Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries, Mr Richard Benyon. A most interesting and worthwhile event was held at Sea Palling commemorating the impact of the 1953 East Coast Floods. The purpose of the Community Resilience Workshop was to urge local communities to put together a plan in the event of any emergency - not just from the sea but from flooding, powercuts, fallen trees, etc. NNDC is recruiting community emergency co-ordinators who will be supported with advice and equipment. For more information contact 01263 516172 or www.northnorfolk.org/enfiroment/3235.asp. A useful pamphlet to update on Planning Matters has been prepared by NNDC - copies available via 01263 516150 or www.northnorfolk.org. As the better weather (we hope) and lighter evenings return, we are reminded to be aware of opportunistic theft, whether from the house, garden, garden sheds or boats. Our thanks, too, during that bad weather to Kier who maintained their excellent service providing as much notice as possible for unavoidable day changes. The museums in our area have many interesting events for families, children and adults - do check their website www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk Lindsay Brettle Glaven Valley Ward




In recognition of the many local charities who make a positive contribution to our communities especially in North Norfolk and Broadland we hope to include an occasional spot where we can publicise their work and offer you the chance to get in touch with them, either for assistance or to offer support eg financial or voluntary work. We would very much welcome your ideas on which charities you think we should cover – please contact the Editor with your proposals. Our first article covers the work of the Emergency Medical Charity “Magpas”.

(Dr Strong is a member of the: Cabinet Scrutiny Panel; Environment, Transport and Economic Development Panel; Employment Appeals Panel; Norfolk Local Access Forum; Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education; Recycling Centre Procurement Project Board, Rural Isolation Work Party; Broadband, Digital and Mobile ‘Phone Work Party. Ed) Work parties updates: Broadband: Following a detailed survey BT will in due course submit its roll-out plans. Installation for each new phase is expected to begin approximately every three months and phase 1 deployment is expected to be complete by the end of 2013. You can access the NCC website for the agenda and subsequent minutes or the Environment, Transport & Development Overview and Scrutiny Panel 13 March 2013 for more detail. Watch this space! Mobile ‘Phones: The Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) has allocated £150m to improve mobile network services across the whole of the UK in areas where mobile signals currently do not exist. Norfolk is expected to benefit, but the project will be targeted at complete ‘Not Spots’ and will not address areas with weak signal strength. Our work party meets this month and we will continue to strive seek a solution for the weak signal areas. Rural Transport: In a recent meeting with the Minister for Transport, Norman Baker he contended that the government will not pay compensation for concessionary bus passes. A change in the system is something we will have to campaign for well before the next general election. The good news is that we have an additional £500,000 for rural transport ‘solutions’ to enable the development of more responsive public transport services. Magical Moments: Norwich Castle, from now until Sunday 14 April, has on display ‘Magic Worlds’ on tour from the V & A Museum of Childhood in London. The exhibition looks at three different aspects of magic: Fantasy, Illusion and Enchantment. Libraries: The library service has licences for a number of paid-for websites that members can use free - including www.ancestry.co.uk. And NCC has a digital library that allows members to download and borrow e-books and e-audio books for free. Staff are very friendly and helpful so do not be afraid to venture in and ask for assistance. Volunteers: Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is running a volunteer scheme aimed at making vulnerable people safer in their own homes. If you feel this role could be for you go to: www.norfolkfireservice.gov.uk or 01603 229023 Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division: Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes. email marie.strong@norfolk,.gov.uk or ‘phone 07920 286 597.

Magpas was founded by Dr Neville Silverston MBE. He commenced an out of hour’s radio paging service for local GP’s in 1971. This evolved into an immediate care scheme where GP’s were called to the scenes of road traffic accidents in their area. It became a registered charity in 1971. The service was voluntary and the doctors responded in their own cars. They provided expertise to the fledgling ambulance service. In 2000 Dr Mackenzie a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, and himself a Magpas volunteer, reviewed the service provided by Magpas. He proposed that to provide added patient benefit, the charity needed to provide specialist care at the scene of more serious incidents. By January 2003 the plans were formalised, and this was the birth of the Emergency Medical Teams (EMT). These teams were doctorparamedic based; they received specialised and ongoing training. They became centralised and worked shift patterns, providing a highly skilled scarce, resource. These specialised teams were deployed by road in a dedicated rapid response vehicle to serious incidents, and from 1997 by police helicopter. In 2007 they were joined by Anglia two, an air ambulance helicopter operated by the East Anglia Air Ambulance Charity (EAAA). The helicopter Anglia two was withdrawn from joint operations in 2010. The Magpas Helimedix team now have their own helicopter, which is additional to the cover provided by EAAA. The Magpas Heliemdix Air Ambulance is stationed at RAF Wyton, where it can be tasked by the ambulance control room to serious incidents such as major road accidents across East Anglia, including our area. The assets deployed by Magpas are expensive to maintain, the charity receives no Government or National Lottery funding and relies wholly on generous donations from the public. 50 highly trained medics volunteer their time and provide millions of pounds worth of frontline care for free. It currently costs £2,500,000 per year to provide this lifesaving service. Magpas Helimedix was the original Air Ambulance for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Peterborough and Ely, and this area still has the majority of helicopter call-outs. However they continue to provide lifesaving doctors and paramedics across East of England, when they are needed. The charity has attended over 60,000 patients since it was founded in 1971. The East of England has a population of over 5.8 million, and Magpas is on hand for those who are seriously injured or in need of their expert medical care. Magpas needs volunteer fundraisers very urgently, and also runs a weekly lottery which helps raise money for their work. If you would like to help or just want to know more about their work or the lottery you can contact them on 01480 371060 or e-mail info@magpas.org.uk (Their web site is at: www.magpas.org.uk).


The great spotted woodpecker was on the plain fatballs yesterday morning, scaring all the others away. I get the usual tits, blue – about six of them and they are beginning to get territorial now – great, coal, and sometimes the marsh tits. I put a mixture of plain hulled sunflower seeds and a non mess feeder seed from Bird Ventures in Holt which has aniseed in it, in my main feeder, although I have had just the sunflower seeds this winter, and then it is emptied in a day.

BALE DIARY Winter visitors 25th Feb 2013

On it I get dunnocks, robin, chaffinch, greenfinch and goldfinches. In fact the goldfinches disappeared from my garden during the very cold weather in January (I saw very few birds then, despite fat balls and peanuts) but as soon as the sun came out and it warmed up a fraction one goldfinch appeared, then three, and since then there have been up to six, preferring the sunflower seeds to the nyger. I think they are a bit bored with me now I am mixing the feeder seed, but I still get a great crowd of birds competing for it. Blackbirds and woodpigeons pick up the crumbs beneath mostly – the finches are very messy eaters, and as for the great tits – they pull out two or three seeds and discard them until they find what they want.

For the second time this month I have spent half of a Sunday peering at my bird feeders and wondering what that bird is. (Perhaps I should clean my kitchen windows more often). The intensely cold weather blowing in from Scandinavia seems to have brought more interesting birds my way than usual. This weekend it was two small goldfinch sized birds on the nyger seed feeder with pinky red breasts and foreheads. Checking in my old Readers Digest compendium it seemed they could be redpolls or linnets, but linnets were a little bigger according to the book, so I went for redpolls. However I just couldn’t see them clearly enough to pinpoint the black bib which would be diagnostic. Until I have another view of them I will have to call them linnet/ redpolls.

I have only seen one surprising bird out walking, and that was a redstart, which I saw in a hedge near Valley Farm in Sharrington. Jane Wheeler

Two or three weeks ago I got very confused by a bird that looked like a weird chaffinch. It turned out to be a male brambling, but for a whole morning I was trying to convince myself it was a hawfinch. It has chestnut brown shoulders and a big yellow beak with that heavy browed look the thicker-billed finches have, with a black bandit mask, and a flecked brown upper back and grey head.

BALE GARDEN FETE Early warning - Bale Garden Fete is on Saturday June 8th at 2.00pm at Manor Farm. The fete is fun for all the family with lots of garden games and competitions to play. There are lots of irresistible stalls too; cakes, produce, white elephant, tombolas and many more...... Homemade cakes and refreshing cups of tea are served on the lawn and everyone can relax listening to the live Brass Band. We hope you will come along to enjoy a really traditional garden fete.

In between there has been a solitary siskin, on a more regular basis. All three birds are new to me; a sudden rush of more rare birds this winter. In the winters of 2003/4 I had a pair of tree sparrows regularly on my feeders, but nothing more exciting since then, except for spotting a goldcrest on the lavender outside my office once. I have seen marsh tits for a few winters running. They must be permanent residents. There was a nuthatch in early December, when I had been away for 4 weeks but I haven’t seen it since. In general I am very pleased with the effect my feeders have. I have three fatball/fat lump feeders at the moment, one with wireworms, one with fruit and plain old fat balls. The fruit one seems to particularly attract longtailed tits, which arrive in a big family group and swarm all over it.

BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW January 2013 Emily Postan Richard Broughton Paul Turnbull William Sankey


£25 £10 £5 £5

February 2013 Alastair Macorkindale £25 Sybil Nash £10 Grace Gibbs £5 Mary-Anne Mitchell £5

FRIENDS OF BINHAM PRIORY The events for this year will be: Wednesday 8th May: Guided tour of Norwich Cathedral and the Great Hospital. Only a few places are left for this day. Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May: Flower Festival and Big Book Sale, Binham Priory and Memorial Hall. The Friends will be helping with a display and at the invitation opening on Friday evening 24th May.


Sunday 16th June: 3.00 pm Garden Party, The Rectory, Langham.

25TH – 27TH MAY 2013 Binham Priory Church 10.00am – 5.00pm Come and see beautiful flower arrangements of Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes Children will be encouraged to make their own fairy and goblin gardens

Saturday 6th July: 5.00 pm “Picnic2Jazz”, The Cloisters, Binham Priory. Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th September: “Heritage Open Days” Binham Priory. The Friends will be manning the Priory each day to offer a welcome and refreshments. Saturday 19th October 6.30 pm: Multi-media entertainment with supper, Memorial Hall

BOOK SALE BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL 25TH – 27TH MAY 2013 10.00am – 5.00pm Lots of nearly new books – come and pick up some bargains – you will be made most welcome Refreshments

Friends will be hosting visits from Friends of Castle Acre Church and Friends of Wymondham Abbey on dates still to be confirmed. The Friends of Binham Priory help the small church community to maintain and enhance Binham Priory, the national treasure in our parish. For details of membership and booking for the events please contact:

BINHAM PARISH COUNCIL Trees on the Green and other matters

David Frost, Honorary davidfrost226@btinternet.com

At the January meeting the Council decided to circulate a survey paper to every dwelling with options for possible actions regarding the trees on the green. The response has been impressive with over 25% expected to be returned by the closing date of 8th March. The results will be summarised for presentation at the 18th March meeting. It is then likely that the costs of the principal preferences will be obtained so a decision can be reached at the May meeting.




100+ CLUB WINNERS January Winners £25 - Jane Wilton. £10 - Anne Griffith Jones, K. Brown. £5 - Mr. M. Calvert, Mr. T. Barnard, K. Jennings.

Other items on the agenda will include the repair or replacement of the seat on the lower green and commenting on any planning applications recently submitted to the District Council.

February Winners £25 - Brenda Wilde £10 - Michael Chapman , Nora Lewis £5 - June Read, Glenola Sieman, Danny Hewitt.

We hope many parishioners will want to come to the May meeting on Monday 20th when refreshments will be available from 7.00 pm with the meeting starting at 7.30pm.

If anyone would like to join the 100+ club, there are still numbers left. Please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

David Frost, Binham Parish Council Chairman


WHAT A VILLAGE! I have lived in a few villages in my ninety two years, but never known one so friendly and helpful as Binham. This winter when I was housebound for a while in the bad weather and poorly with a horrid winter bug (which dragged on a bit), my friends and neighbours were so kind and helpful. I am so grateful for our wonderful shop too. Even an elderly couple asked me to stay with them over Christmas as they knew I was on my own. What a village! Jane (Walsingham Rd)

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The group consists of anyone interested in art or craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. On 5th March Adrian Hill gave a very interesting and enjoyable talk on the founding of Picture Craft Gallery in Holt with fascinating descriptions of artists and their work combined with insight into the running of the gallery, organising exhibitions and framing. He ended the morning with reference to Kieron Williamson, the amazing 10 year old boy who has had worldwide success with his paintings. For further information, contact James Bucknill on 01328 830651.

PLAYVAN Have you seen the PlayVan out and about? Do you want to know who we are and what we do? Are you looking for a fun and social playgroup? Look no further! The PlayVan is a charitable organisation affiliated to the Diocese of Norwich. As a mobile facility its aim is take toys and resources into rural communities to help establish and support the development of playgroups, providing a fun and stimulating play environment and social setting for pre-school aged children and their parents/carers to meet. By bringing people of rural communities together in this way and providing initial resourcing it is the intention to develop a group to become self-sustaining and independently run by volunteers, therefore allowing the PlayVan to offer another community the same opportunity. Currently we run 4 weekly groups, one of which meets in Binham Memorial Hall 10am-12noon every Monday during term-time. There is a £1 charge per family and refreshments are provided. Alongside play activities and toys there is also a craft or messy play activity based on a weekly theme. Mid way through the session children have a drink and a snack and at the end there is a group story and song time. Parents and carers are required to supervise their children throughout the session but can enjoy refreshments and the social opportunity to meet with other adults. We also work closely with the Wells Children’s Centre and the Toy Library – which offers a free toy lending service – visits every three weeks. If you are a parent or carer of a pre-school aged child and would like to come along please drop-in on a Monday and see us. Alternatively you can call or email me on the details below for further information. We are also looking for new volunteers to help run the group. If you think you have a few hours to give each week and would be interested in helping to run the group or alternatively could support us through fundraising, please get in touch with me on the details below. For further information about the PlayVan and our work visit www.playvan.co.uk Anna Walker-PlayVan Development Worker 07918 027092 playvan@norwich.anglican.org

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP Binham Youth Group is held at Binham village hall on Wednesdays 6 to 8pm, term time only, age 5-16 years, £1 entry fee, tuck shop, staff CRB checked. We have Art ‘n’ craft, board games, table tennis, pool table, karaoke, books, 10 pin bowling, indoors during winter, but in the summer time we use the large playing field or just chill out and make new friends.

PAROCHIAL CHARITIES LUNCH The next Binham Parochial Charities lunch will be held in Binham Memorial Hall on Friday 3rd May at 12 noon. Invitations will be sent out nearer the time and we look forward to seeing you all. Alex Wales


BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Talks The Group had a well received and very informed talk and presentation from Margaret Forrester on 6 East Anglian Psalters including the famous Macclesfield Psalter. These are beautifully illustrated manuscripts and Margaret explained the format of Psalters, their origins and drew our attention to the fact that Artists did the illuminations and Monks the text. Margaret observed that the Psalters are full of both fine artistry and also a fascination of images of humorous grotesques in particular with faces on their bare bottoms, despite the books holy connotations. The Groups next talk is on Thursday 28th March at 7.30pm in Binham Village Hall. The talk is entitled The Worstead Heritage Trail by Stefan Ganther and Peter Brice. The April meeting is on Thursday 25th at 7.30pm and is about The Bircham Newton RAF Project by Dave Jacklin .The talk is about the project and history of the former West Norfolk airfield of Bircham Newton and its two World War II satellites airfields at Docking and Langham. Admission £2 members and £4 non-members to include light refreshments. Everyone is welcome and if you wish to join please email: blhg@btinternet.com The Roman Britain Project As part of history group’s project to determine a site of a Roman habitation in Binham, two community events took place in February. One was field walking and the other metal detecting. With the guidance and assistance of Norfolk County Council archaeologist Dr. Richard Hoggett and his staff on a very cold and wintry weekend in early February, a team of around 40 people carried out field walking in a ploughed field in Binham to look for evidence. The walked grid was then covered by metal detectors on the subsequent event. All finds have now been passed to Norfolk Archaeological Unit based at Gressinghall for identification and we hope to update shortly. A further one day field walk / metal detector event is planned for 16th March subject to availability of the field. Special thanks to William Wales for his kind permission and support for use of his land. If you are interested in participating please email: blhg@btinternet.com to register or ring Pennie Alford on 01328 830700. HEFA and Community digs The Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) programme aims to raise the aspirations, enthusiasm and attainment of 1417 year-olds with regard to higher education by making a valuable contribution to current academic research at the University of Cambridge Carenza Lewis and her H.E.F.A. team from Cambridge University, together with teenagers from local schools, will be visiting Binham again on 3rd and 4th July 2013. This will be Binham’s sixth MiniDig. Binham Local History Group will be participating in a community dig as part of the Festival of Archaeology promoted by the Council of British Archaeology. The dates are Wed/Thur 24th/25th July. More details to follow. If you no longer wish to receive a newsletter from Binham Local History Group, please email blhg@btinternet.com or ring me on 01328 830700. Pennie Alford, Chair & Secretary Binham Local History Group

BINHAM PLAY AREA We are delighted to have phase one of the play area in and in use. Phase two is now in progress already securing a £10,000 grant from The Norfolk Society Fund, but we still have a long way to go and would be grateful for ongoing support from all families in and around Binham. Our next fundraising event is a coffee morning with cake stall, book stall and raffle on Friday 5th April from 10am to 12. Everyone welcome so please come along and have a cuppa and let the kids try out the new equipment. We would be grateful, in advance, for any donations of raffle prizes. We also have a donation box at the butchers for those who would like to contribute, but are unable to attend any of our fundraising events. So please support us where you can, thank you. Rebecca Bunting

BINHAM PRIORY CONCERT Friday, 5 April at 7pm ROYAL CHORAL MASTERPIECES Carissimi, Purcell , Handel, Britten The Yorke Trust Chorus and Baroque Ensemble Guest Conductor: Roger Hamilton Course Director: Alexander Crowe Tickets (reserved) £16.00 from Yorke Trust 01328 823501/www.yorketrust.org Interval canapes: a selection of six delicious canapes which must be ordered in advance - £5.00. The Yorke Trust Chorus and Baroque Ensemble comprises some of the most promising young singers and instrumentalists in Europe, many of whom study at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Sunday 26 May, 7.30 pm THOMAS BOWES, SOLO VIOLIN A concert of unaccompanied violin masterpieces by Bach which will take place during the Flower Festival. This is a “non ticket” event with a retiring collection.

Summer Series For details of our summer concerts, please pick up a brochure in the church or visit the web site: www. binhampriory.org


FARMER’S DIARY Diary of a Binham Farmer’s Son, aged 34 1857 Jan 3rd Went to Uncle Adcock’s funeral but it was so wet a morning. A great many there, badly conducted by Cornish. 6th Nursed my boils in bed and did not go to church at all, not getting up until the evening. Dear Ems such a treasure to me. 9th Dined at Binham on the Holkham pheasants, took dear Ems to the cottage en route. 13th We went to dine with the mither and attend Mr Lee Warner’s lecture on the Nile 20th Sent “Nora” to Mr Hammond who pronounced her to be suffering from a bilious attack and must rest for a few days. 22nd Heard that young Rob Everett had made an assignment for the benefit of his creditors! His career has been very short. Feb 5th Made 26/6 of my wheat, rode on horseback to Fakenham. There’s a great deal of snow still. 16th A beautiful day – did a great deal of gardening. Sally called to spend a few days with Ems during the trouble with her nose. 17th Another delightful day, trimmed my roses. Ems nose quite black. 24th I was at home all day, poor old Uncle Brooke we heard was not so well, had one of my best hoggetts dropped. 27th I went to O.W., took dear old Uncle a snipe I shot yesterday. 28th I went to Norwich to learn the price of sheep, Ems went to Walsingham with Sally. Richard & Norah Lewis

BINHAM VILLAGE FOOTBALL CLUB You will be pleased to hear that we have successfully hosted our 1st ever home match on the 16th February 2012, Against The Rampant Horse F.C. scoring our 1st ever goal, Scored by Oliver Reville, leaving the score 101 to The Rampant Horse. Man of the Match - Oliver Reville. Our 2nd home match was on the 2nd March 2013 against Tacolneston F.C the final score being an improved 9-1 to Tacolneston F.C our goal scored by Richard Heseltine. Man of the match was jointly shared between Matthew Griffiths and Adam Bridgman. Despite the final scores we are improving and are looking forward to our next game away against Methwold United F.C. Please look out for more information locally.

THANK YOU BINHAM Whoooosh! That’s how long it took me to break my ankle, slipping on some mud on the village green at the end of January. Unable to put any weight on my foot for six weeks has made daily living difficult. However, since my accident the cards, flowers, yummy food and offers of help have been overwhelming. I did not know that Binham held so many generous friends and family. I am so grateful and Lionel and I thank you all for your loving kindness. Brenda Wilde

For all of you who have managed to come to the matches, thank you. Local support makes all the difference to our Team. We look forward to seeing you all at our next match. Thank you once again for all the support we have and continue to receive; it means a lot to us all. Adam Peden (Manager) Graham Kennie (Assistant Manager) Sammy Peden (Secretary)

Husband Lionel adds: I want to thank all our wonderful friends in and around Binham who have helped us since Brenda broke her ankle on 30th January. Your visits (I am beginning to look like a tea bag) and many acts of kindness and generosity have moved us deeply. Brenda will be having her cast removed on Monday 11th March, after which we understand she will wear a boot for two weeks or so. Every cloud, so it is said, has a silver lining, and I have taken up the challenge of the kitchen. My natural humility forbids me to describe my efforts, but as I write the aromas of a lamb and apricot tagine are filling me with a certain anticipation. Once again, dear friends, we THANK YOU.




Ann Massingham has handed over the contact for Cockthorpe to me after serving loyally since the first issue of Lynx in 1998. Ann is one of those people who everybody for miles around seems to know, she is always busy with her catering business and helping others and this will allow her more time. Cockthorpe is a very small village and a most pleasant place to live with friendly people. Most of the sixteen houses and a farm are occupied with just four being holiday or second homes. The ‘locals’ are very interesting folk, very tolerant of us ‘incomers’ and enjoy relating their knowledge and history. The editor has asked me to introduce myself. My wife Sue (a Norfolk girl) and I (an Incomer) have enjoyed living in Cockthorpe for almost twelve years but are still the new kids on the block. We are not totally new to North Norfolk however having had a holiday caravan in Blakeney for 34 years, so we were lucky enough to know the area and people before our move. Our interests are sailing, family, the coast and countryside. Our daughter Victoria who was a Cockthorpe resident and son-in-law James who now live in Blakeney are carrying on with their mission to keep local schools open by doubling their number of children by having twins, a boy and girl in late February. I can report that in February the Cockthorpe and Morston Mussels team came second in the Annual Morston quiz, a vast improvement on our usual performance where we end up nearer the bottom! Our church is looking a bit sorry for itself at the moment, the tower is now complete and looks magnificent but the corrugated iron fencing is somewhat unattractive but is required until the scheduled repair of the leaking and dangerous roof. Maurice Matthews

The revamp of the interior of the hall is partly completed and the main interior of the hall has been painted a lighter colour. This has given the hall a fresh and bright appearance. The remainder of the hall will be repainted later in the year. New Roman blinds instead of curtains in a contrast colour have given the hall a lift. Eventually, improved heating and insulation will be incorporated. In this way we hope to present a welcoming and friendly environment for both old and new users of your hall. A planning application for a replacement roof has been put forward in January. We will update you as soon as we can with progress on this ambitious project. Should you have suggestions or wish to help, please contact your chairman Mark Gardner on 01328 830775 or by email to Mark@markgardnerltd.plus.com.

WEBSITE The village website is up and running which is full of local information and news. The site is called www.fielddallingsaxlingham.org.uk If you have any information that you wish added to the site please email me, Steve Collins at stevesycal@waitrose.com, until 4th April. After that date please use: steveandsusie100@btinternet.com or call 01328 830365.




Field Dalling and Saxlingham Sat 10th Aug 2 – 4 pm

starting 16th April at 7:30pm The weekly class will begin again at 7.30 pm on April 16 in the redecorated and draught-proofed Village Hall on Holt Road. The cost is £6 a session. The style of yoga is Sivananda, which includes deep relaxation and a straightforward sequence of stretches and ‘asanas’ (poses) designed to reach every part of the body. These can be done in ways to suit all levels of flexibility. We provide a yoga mat if you need it, and extra insulation mats between you and the floor. I try to make the class a quiet and meditative experience. A time when you can switch off those busy day-to-day thoughts, reconnect with your body and listen to what body and mind are telling you. Be still and hear your inner wisdom. Richard Redmayne 01263 862289

This year's Fete will be held in the afternoon of Saturday 10th August at the Village Hall. As always, there will be much-loved traditional stalls and games, plus live music, plenty of entertainment for children, and delicious refreshments - in other words, something for everyone! Please put the date in your diaries and we hope to see you, your friends and families there. All the proceeds are shared between our two village churches and the village hall. More details in the next issue of the Lynx. Sue Findlater, Fete Committee

200 CLUB PRIZE WINNERS The January draw lucky winners were; £50 – Brian Ash £25 – Susie Collins £15 – John Allison The February draw lucky winners were; £50 – Anthony Smith £25 – Linda Peachey £15 – G T Baldwin

COMMUNITY SPEEDWATCH We have all had our own experiences of people speeding through our village and we are now going to try and do something about it with the introduction of a Speedwatch scheme staffed by volunteer members from the community. The scheme is fully supported by the Parish Council and is run under the auspices of Norfolk Constabulary. We have had a preliminary meeting and nine volunteers have already come forward. We hope to be fully operational within the next month or so. In the meantime, we are looking for more volunteers to join and help us, so that we can cover for holiday periods and the work commitments of all those involved. The task is not onerous, it would involve people committing to an hour or so a month and, of course, the more people we have in the scheme, the less pressure there will be on their time. If you are interested and would like further information, I would be happy to tell you more about it. Do call me! Roy Findlater 01328 830442

Since the draw last November, bigger monthly prizes are paid out as follows: £50 1st - £25 2nd & £15 3rd! To give you increased prizes the cost per number is now £1 per month = £12 for the year. Renewals or new entrants may join on a pro rata basis; payment by cheque (or cash) would be much appreciated. Contact Susie Collins on 01328 830365.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Bowls Club held every Thursday at 7.30 pm Friends & Neighbours Club held at 2.30 pm on the 4th Wednesday in the month (except January) Yoga held at 7.30pm every Tuesday. See separate article. Village Hall Drop-in Coffee Morning at 10.30 am to 12 noon on 20th March . Pilates held every Thursday at 10am. Steve Collins 01328 830365


GUNTHORPE FETE The Gunthorpe Annual Village Fete is fast approaching! The Fete will be held on Sunday 29th July at 2pm - 4pm in the beautiful grounds of Gunthorpe Hall. This is a unique opportunity to relax and explore the Grounds which are not normally open to the public. The Fete is the backbone of our Village's activities - it ensures that both the Church and the Village Institute have enough Funds to run, and also puts some aside for repairs and renovations. It is a thoroughly enjoyable day, which brings the whole Village together and continues to attract people from far and wide. Aylsham Brass Band will be playing once again; the ever popular Tea Stall will be run superbly by the Staff at Gunthorpe Hall and you will enjoy a variety of stalls and games to suit all ages; a WONDERFUL Sunday afternoon to be enjoyed by all the family. As ever we are always looking for willing volunteers to help before, during and after the Fete. If you would like to get involved, or help in any way, please contact Zena Churchill on 077500 333172 or 01328 878 727 as soon as possible as planning has already begun.

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH The ‘Friends’ AGM is planned for 6:30pm on Friday 28th June in the Village Institute. Please put this date in your diary. We will have snacks and Fish & Chips following the meeting, and we hope for a large attendance. John Blakeley will be collecting the membership subscriptions for the Friends (£5.00 minimum annual subscription) and the 50/50 Club (£12.00 per draw ticket annual subscription) for the year June 2013 to May 2014. It would be a huge help to us for you to contact him with payments in advance of the AGM. He will collect payments at the March, April and May 50:50 Club Coffee Mornings or you can post or drop them through his letterbox. The ‘Friends’ BBQ will be held in the Gunthorpe Hall Gardens at 7pm on Saturday 27th July. We hope for a lovely, summer evening and big village turn out for what is always a very enjoyable social event, so please save the date, and bring your family and friends.

GUNTHORPE “FRIENDS” WEBSITE Clicking on www.gunthorpefriends.co.uk will take you to our website - it holds photos of Gunthorpe and of our events – for example last year's fete. We are always keen to receive photos of Gunthorpe activities, past or present, so please do send them in to us. You can also see the dates of future meetings - useful if you want to pop them in your diaries. In addition we are offering to place small advertisements on the site, and these are presently free to all; although we reserve the right to ask for a donation or to charge for commercial advertisements in the future. Members of the Village Institute and “Friends” will always be able to place advertisements free.

The Gunthorpe Village Fete will take place in the Gunthorpe Hall Gardens from 2pm on Sunday 28th July. Please see the separate article with more details. The Friends plan a Harvest Supper in the Autumn and a 50/50 Club Xmas Party in December, with dates to be announced in the coming issues. We very much hope to see many villagers and friends supporting these events. All funds raised at Friends Events go to aid the repair and maintenance of St. Mary’s Church, and without this support the Church could not stay open. Many thanks to you all and here’s to a great Spring and Summer ahead no matter what the weather throws at us!

If you would like to submit photos or place an advertisement please contact Myfi Everett on 01263 860035.

Marie Denholm, Friends Chairman


PETER & BETTY CURSON Local couple Peter and Betty Curson died within 3 days of each other in late January and early February and their joint funeral was held at St Mary’s on Monday 4th February. One of Gunthorpe’s longest “serving” residents, Faith Bennell, remembers their lives and their time in Gunthorpe. Peter Curson was born in 1928 in the cottage nearest Gunthorpe Green – where his parents lived for the rest of their lives. Betty Curson (née Butters) was also born in 1928, at Keeper’s Cottage in Thursford. Peter and Betty married in 1949 in Thursford Church – holding their Reception in Gunthorpe Village Institute. They started their married life in one of the cottages in Sharrington Road, which now form part of Holme Cottage, later moving to 2, Swanton Road – part of what is now Bunn’s Cottage. They left Gunthorpe, initially moving to Northrepps and then, in 1997, to Fakenham, where they lived until illness led to Betty moving to the Great Ryburgh Care Home where she died on 29th January. By a sad coincidence her husband Peter was taken to the NNUH on 30th January and he died there from cancer on 1st February. Betty’s family had moved next door to the Old Chapel in Gunthorpe when her keeper father died. She had two brothers and two sisters and the youngest sister still lives in Fakenham, but the other members of her family all lived in Gunthorpe until they died. After leaving school Betty initially worked for the Mitchell family before becoming an apprentice hairdresser in Holt – moving to Fakenham when she was qualified. Peter worked for the then owner of the Gunthorpe Hall and Estate, Captain Sparkes, later working for farmer Frank Grief. He and Frank were committed supporters of St Mary’s – taking it upon themselves to clean guttering and roof drains as well as assisting in looking after the churchyard. Both Peter and Betty continued to maintain their links with Gunthorpe and St Mary’s throughout their lives – for example they remained members of the 50:50 Club to support the work of the “Friends” until very recently.

GUNTHORPE WARD We received a very nice letter of thanks for the Christmas “Goodies” that were delivered on Christmas Eve for staff and patients in the Ward over Christmas. We had asked Chris Parfitt, the senior nurse in the Department of Respiratory Medicine (comprising Hethel and Gunthorpe Wards), if there was anything else we could provide for the Ward, and as a result we have now actioned a request to provide a set of decent and matching tea cups, etc that the Ward staff can use instead of the hospital’s crockery when they are meeting families to discuss the condition of their relatives in the Ward at what may sometimes be a difficult time. We have also heard that Gunthorpe Ward will have a new Sister from April, Melanie Griggs. We have invited Chris, Melanie and any other Gunthorpe Ward staff who can make it to the Fete on 28 July - where we hope we can persuade them to present the prizes and draw at the end of the afternoon. We still plan to carry out further fund-raising activities later in the year, but in the meantime any contributions addressed to “The Gunthorpe Ward Fund” can be given to either Carole Wallace or Diane Blakeley.

FOGPC 50/50 Club Draw Results January Barbara Burton Eric Izzard Carole Wallace Sarah Worsley Mark Kassapian Michael Aries Richard Francis

£20.00 £10.00 £10.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00

February Alma Street Robert Kelly Martin Swindells Seana Broom Penny Brough Elaine Francis Stephen Burton

£20.00 £10.00 £10.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00 £ 5.00

The 50:50 Club is one of the main sources of income for the “Friends” as well as offering a most enjoyable monthly gathering. If you are new to the village or would like to join us please do so as soon as possible – to “borrow” from another place “you have to be in it to win it”! If you would like more information on 50:50 Club membership please contact John Blakeley on 01263 861008. The new membership year will start with the June 2013 draw, and we would be pleased to receive annual subscription renewals (£12.00 for the year) from existing members at either the April or May Coffee Mornings. Cheques should be made out to “FOGPC”.




A very warm welcome to Geoff and Gillian Masterman who have recently moved into Greenfields with their four cats. They were previously living in the small village of Easter Kinkell on Black Isle, some 10 miles north-east of Inverness, so North Norfolk is quite a change of location for them. They have two children and four grandchildren, with a son in Milton Keynes with, one child, and a daughter in Clenchwarton with three children; hence the move brings them much closer to their family. Geoff is a retired consultant system analyst/ programmer, and has a keen interest in classic cars as a major hobby, and Gillian is a bookkeeper/librarian. She is planning to work locally “once the house is sorted out”! We also warmly welcome Mark and Michelle Mason who have moved into 29 Sharrington Road along with their one year old German Shepherd “Bruno”. They have not come quite as far as the Masterman’s as they have moved from Spalding in Lincolnshire for Michelle’s work as a Planning Coordinator and Logistics Manager for Linda McCartney Foods in Fakenham. They have one son who is doing a Masters degree in Sport Science at Coventry University, and who is also a tennis coach at Rugby School. Mark is an active supporter of the Swanton Morley based charity German Shepherd Dog Recue and “Bruno” is himself a rescue dog. We hope both families will greatly enjoy living in our very friendly and diverse village.

As I didn’t write anything for the last issue of the Lynx which looked back at the Christmas period I think belated but nevertheless enormous thanks should go to Carole and Sandy Wallace for the village party held in their barn in December. I know it was an enjoyable evening for all who attended. Our first event this year was a Cake Competition. The idea came from Diana Arthurson who organised the two judges (both decided my cake didn’t require a prize but I’m not too downhearted) and the general running of the day; she has written a piece with the details below - thank you Diana for your efforts. As this was a success our future plan includes a “Baking Style” Competition with a difference (details to follow), also to be held after a 50/50 meeting on Saturday the 27th April. As the Moroccan Evening was a success last year we also thought a Curry Night to be held on a Saturday night in April would make a change though I promise not a very hot one - again details will follow. This would be at 7.30pm hopefully on a warm Spring evening. Finally we are always on the lookout for opportunities to increase Institute use by hiring out the Hall, whether this is for a public, private or family event - please contact the Hall Manager, Sandra Warner, if you are interested. Tony Dufour VILLAGE CAKE COMPETITION Well, well, well, who would have thought a chance comment would end up being such a success. It was quite remarkable. 14 cakes (4 cooked by men) were presented for our two judges (Gail Peck of Thoughtful Expressions of Holt and Fay Bean of North Norfolk Agility Club) to taste. After much deliberation between them, and admitting it had been a hard job to decide the winner as they were all “so good”, Chrissie Whyman was declared the WINNER for her Fatless Swiss Roll. Second prize went to Julie Fisher for her Carrot Cake and third to Pippa Bunting for her Lemon Drizzle Cake.

ST MARY’S CHURCH On the 4th of February, the funeral took place of Betty and Peter Curson at St Mary's Church. Details of their life in Gunthorpe are given in a separate article. Kneeler Gift We are so thrilled and grateful to Nicolette Beynon for her gift of a tapestry to be made into a Double Kneeler which she has made for use at weddings in the church. It is stitched in pale yellows with two doves in the centre and it is beautiful. The tapestry would have taken hours of work - thank you so much Nicolette. A big thank you also to Jenny Kelly who so kindly made up the tapestry into a Kneeler without charge.

I would like to thank everyone who took part, those who helped and all the supporters for turning out and making the whole thing worthwhile. Having tasted most of the cakes I was very glad I didn’t have to pick the winner. They were all so good and showed what a lot of thought and effort had gone into the making of them. Thank you all. Diana Arthurson

PCC AGM The Parochial Church Council’s annual general meeting will be held at the Institute on the 13th of April at 6.30pm, and is open to all. The “Friends” Churchyard Clear-Up The “Friends” Churchyard clear-up will take place on Saturday 13th April from 9am. Please do come if you can! All help is very welcome regardless of your talents, abilities, or the amount of free time you can offer – one hour can make a meaningful addition! Tasks such as path weeding, pruning, trimming, coating the gates, clearing and cleaning will all take place. If you can bring your own tools, please do, but there will be spares on hand. Thanks to Jeremy and Marie the work will end in the usual way with sausage buns and refreshments around mid-day, and the “Friends” look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it there. It really does make a big difference to the shape of the Churchyard for the coming Spring and Summer months, and all efforts are greatly appreciated by both the Church and the “Friends”. Penny Brough Church Warden



Gunthorpe Green

This item covers the major topics of discussion at the meeting of the Gunthorpe and Bale Parish council meeting held on 28th February.

There has been significant damage to Gunthorpe Green during this winter. The NCC has carried out some repair work, but the effectiveness of this has unfortunately been reduced by people continuing to drive over the repaired areas. Whilst the Council recognises the need for local residents and their visitors to park cars on the edge of the Green it was agreed that we should ask those parking on the Green to take all possible steps to reduce the damage this causes and to keep the parking as close to the edge of the Green as possible whilst the grass recovers. It was also agreed to ask the NCC to repair the north-west corner of the road to Bale by the Green, where water congregates and ice can form across the carriageway, as soon as possible.

East of England Ambulance Service We have been given a copy of a letter from the new North Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who will be responsible for “contracting” the EEAST to provide ambulance services in North Norfolk. The letter makes it clear that the new CCG has major concerns with the performance of the EEAST. Given the continuing problems as reported by local media coverage, and along with other Parish Councils, we have written to the CCG to support these concerns and to outline other areas eg patient hand-over times at local hospitals, which we believe are also having an adverse effect on the EEAST’s performance. We have also asked that the CCG continues to sponsor and support two emergency medical charities that provide a vital addition to the cover available - namely the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service and Magpas. The Chair and GP Principal for the CCG is Dr Anoop Dhesi, the Chief Officer is Mark Taylor, and more information on the CCG and how to contact them can be found at www.northnorfolkgp.co.uk . We strongly encourage parishioners to contact the CCG directly to express any concerns or comments that they may have.

Parish Meeting The Annual Parish Meeting, open to all residents of Bale and Gunthorpe, will be held in the Gunthorpe Institute at 7pm on Thursday 30th May. If you have any questions or topics you wish to have raised at the meeting please notify the Parish Council Clerk, Anthony Hayward, - e-mail arhayward@btopenworld.com . John Church Chairman Gunthorpe and Bale Parish Council

Energy Box The NNDC has recently notified of us new schemes they plan to implement to help residents cut their energy costs. The first of these, the “Energy Box” will commence in March 2013, and this comprises a box containing an OWL ‘smart meter’ home energy monitor, a home thermometer and information, including a ‘Who’s Who’ and contact details, on the following topics: Insulating your home Energy meters, tariffs and billing Financial help with paying bills Heating your home Renewable energy Saving water and Anglian Water tariffs Staying warm in winter The Green Deal We are not yet sure of the detailed arrangements, and whether we will receive one box for each village or just one for the Parish. If there is only one box it will initially be held in the Gunthorpe Village Institute from where it can be borrowed by Gunthorpe or Bale residents by contacting Sandra Warner on 01263 862899. We will place a notice on the N/Bs of both villages when the box has been received and this service is available - please do not contact Sandra until then. We plan to have the box moved between the villages on a regular basis.

Gritting It was agreed that the Parish Council would purchase two gritting bins – with one proposed to be placed on or near Gunthorpe Green to cover the corner with Heath Lane and the roads towards Bale and Swanton Novers, where ice is a regular problem, and one proposed to be placed near the Bale Village Hall, as this road is not on the Bale gritting schedule. Both locations are subject to local consents. It was noted that the school bus route through Gunthorpe had been gritted during the January cold spell, and we have written to thank the NCC for doing this. In the longer term we will continue to seek to have the school bus route link through Gunthorpe from the A148 to the B1354, given a permanent higher priority on the NCC road gritting and clearance schedule.


LADYBIRDS IN HIBERNATION A small group of the species ‘Langham Ladybirds’, (sub species ‘Hardy’) met on a snowy February evening for the Annual Mardle. Sadly, no-one has been found willing to take on the future steerage of the group and it was felt that ‘Ladybirds’ as we have known it has probably reached the end of its useful life. Which is a shame, as it has been a popular and vigorous entity in the village for 45 years. However, all is not quite lost. We are keeping the name and we intend to promote at least two events this year: the Strawberry Tea to which all the village is invited and a Christmas Lunch, to which all past members are invited. We also hope that should anyone feel that an event of any kind should or could take place under the auspices of ‘Ladybirds’, then we have some funds and some willing helpers to help get such an event off the ground. Maybe, in the future, the group could be re-instated, so let’s just consider that ‘Ladybirds’ have currently gone into hibernation. We owe gratitude to all those who have taken a prominent part in the organisation over the years, particularly those ladies who have served as Presidents. A huge thank you goes to Sheila Jenkinson, unbelievably she has been the Treasurer since 1968, and the dependable reassuringly permanent presence at all our events and meetings. We really do appreciate all she has done. I am also grateful to Sheila for the information on which I have based the brief history below. ‘Langham Ladybirds’ began in 1967, instigated by Mrs. Armistead, as a means to let young mums get together on one evening a month. They met at Langham Hall, Mrs. Armistead was the first President and Enid Gosney the first Treasurer until Sheila took over in 1968. Later, Sheila Page was President and the meetings were held at ‘The Travis’. Sheila J. remembers a cooking demonstration in the kitchen there, which must have been pretty cramped! When June Harvey was President, meetings were at the Old Manor Farmhouse and after that Ruby Ward presided at her home in Holt Road. Later, meetings transferred to the Parish Room and further Presidents were Margaret Goddard, Isobel Rossiter, Ann Sherriff and lastly, Maureen Dennis who continued gallantly way beyond what she originally envisaged - well done, Maureen! Various activities were undertaken: an annual Fête at the Hall raised funds for a Senior Citizen’s Christmas Dinner and local charities – Kelling Hospital, Wells Hospital and Meadow Cottage. Later, Christmas parties were organised for the village children and bottles of sherry for the Senior Citizens. There have been many informative and entertaining speakers and lots of outings to Houses, Gardens, theatres and boat trips. I am sure many of you in Langham have happy and amusing memories, stories to tell about ‘Ladybirds’. Perhaps you would like to share them in future editions of the Local Lynx. Jan Hope

WRVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to June 2nd 2013 Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday Mar.25th Tel: 830 606* Apr 29th Tel: 830 624 Apr. 1st. Tel: 830 821* May. 6th Tel: 830 821 * Apr 8th Tel: 830 847 May 13th Tel: 830 731 Apr 15th Tel: 830 537* May. 20th Tel: 830 056 Apr 22nd Tel: 830 605 May. 27th Tel: 830 605 Rate: 25p per mile *These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please advise of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society Tel: 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also sited in the Bluebell and on the church porch and village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule, after May 9th. Ann Sherriff Tel: 830 605

MAY BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY Monday 27th. May 10am. – 12 noon This will be held in the churchyard or inside the church if it is raining. There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts, bric-a-brac or a raffle prize, all will be gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to help on a stall, do get in touch. Proceeds will be for Langham Church General Fund. Please ring for further details. Ann Sherriff Tel: 01328 830605


JOYCE TWIDDY A Tribute by James, Joyce’s Grandson Joyce was born on 6th December 1930 in Letheringsett, to Edi and Hilda Niel of farming background. Joyce loved Letheringsett and spent her childhood there with younger brother Bernard, whom she adored. She attended Holt School during the war time and made friends with local children and evacuees. Joyce and William met at Blakeney Regatta almost 60 years ago. Joyce accepted a lift home on William’s motorbike that night and there, their lives together began. They married in Fakenham in 1954. lived in Langham all their married life and had four children: Brian, Josephine, Susan-Anne and Alan. Joyce cycled from Langham to Holt most days with at least one of them in tow as well as going out to work herself but she enjoyed village life, taking part in Yoga, Langham Ladies Football Team and ‘Ladybirds’. Nan and Granddad were a loving couple and embraced all twelve of their grandchildren providing refuge when needed, after a family argument or an over indulgence of sherbets, healed with tea and biscuits. This was accompanied by ″well as long as you had a good time that’s all that matters" or ″as long as you enjoy something, it can’t be that bad for you". Everyone was always welcome at their house and it was a treat to visit them. On Langham Street Fayre Day it was Open House! Nan was very fond of all her family, always there for them and interested in their achievements and where they had been and what the food was like. Joyce had an incredible cooking ability. To cook for somebody was a way for her to take care of them. She enjoyed baking and preserving and after spending many happy afternoons picking berries with Nan we all had an endless supply of amazing jams and pickles. Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners at Nanny’s house were memorable. She could cater for 17 of us from her modest kitchen .and tightly pack us into her beautifully decorated dining room. Joyce was also a keen knitter and new additions to the family were given beautiful knitwear throughout their childhood. She was also, part of a group for several years, who knitted children’s hats, scarves and jumpers to be sent out to Gambia to keep children warm on the cold nights. Photographs of Gambian children wearing the knitwear and holding a sign saying ‘Thank you Mrs. Twiddy’ took pride of place on her mantelpiece. Joyce and William enjoyed their later married years, they had a close circle of friends and enjoyed gardening and socialising, meeting up with friends at Sheringham Market on a Saturday or Aylsham market on a Monday, picking apples at Sandringham and berries at Wiveton. Joyce had grown up in hard times and her ability to enjoy the small things in life stayed with her. Her family brought her the most joy in life and she will be deeply missed by everyone of us, especially, of course, by William.

‘FARMING—PAST & PRESENT’ THE QUIZ TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR PARKINSON’S UK Many, many thanks to all of you who bought quiz sheets, who helped sell and distribute them and to those of you who gave extra donations. Special thanks are due to Jan Hope, The Bluebell, Holt Computers and Sheelah Hay. Money raised for Parkinson’s totalled £333 – not at all bad for a first try and so very much appreciated. The winners were as follows: First prize £25 (score: 85) Mr H Atkinson Second prize £15 (score: 80) Mr R Hall Third prize £10 (score: 79) Mrs M Merckel Answer sheets from Molly Lees on 01328 830036 or via mlees@dialstart.net, or from Jan Hope 01328 830847. Just to remind you again, every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson’s. Because Parkinson’s UK exists, no -one has to face this alone. The charity brings together people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers. There is a network of support groups, a website at www.parkinsons.org.uk (where donations can be made) and a free confidential helpline 0808 800 0303. Specialist nurses, supporters and staff provide information and training on every aspect of Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s UK is leading the work in UK to find a cure and is getting closer to this all the time. The charity also campaigns to change attitudes and to achieve better services. The work of Parkinson’s UK is totally dependent on donations. Thank you once again. Molly Lees

DON’T MISS THE PUDDING PARTY Langham Parish Room Friday July 12th Tickets on sale in June. More details in the next Lynx.

MOBILE LIBRARY This will now visit on a four weekly basis, on Thursdays: April 18th and May 16th The van will call, each of these, days for 20 minutes at: St. Mary’s - 10.00am. Old Post Office - 1 0.25am. Swan’s Close - 10.50am The Cornfield - 11.15am. Enquiries : Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467


PARISH ROOM NEWS Plans for Phase 2 of the Parish Room refurbishment have now been finalised and a programme for carrying out the work, so as not to clash with bookings already made, is being put together. The next few months will see a new suspended ceiling installed in the main hall, with completely new and economical, LED lighting similar to the lights recently installed in the kitchen and corridor at the Binham Memorial Hall. The ceiling in the lobby and kitchen area will be fitted with acoustic tiles and also have modern lighting installed. The painted floor in the lobby will be treated and carpeted and it is expected that these modifications will considerably control the echoing effect of which visitors have long complained – as well as greatly improving the appearance and feel of the room. Less obvious will be the new emergency lighting and smoke and heat detection systems which are being installed. Hopefully all this work will be completed by early September and we are hoping to have a grand re-opening at the Coffee Morning on Saturday 7th.


In the more immediate future, please note that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 29th April at 7.00 pm. All villagers will be most welcome to attend and it will be a chance to hear more about future plans and make your own suggestions for making the best possible use of this important community resource.

Many of you will recall Kelvin Boot’s fascinating talk at Binham Memorial Hall last year on ‘Sea monsters’. We are delighted to advise that Kelvin has offered to follow on with the above talk. We are sure that this will be as delightful and entertaining as previously and that many of you will come along and help to raise more funds for the refurbishment of Langham Parish Room. Note: For those who don’t know, the home of Kelvin and his family in Devon was disastrously flooded last year. Here is an up-date on their plight: Kelvin, Jannice and the two boys are still in rented accommodation or as Kelvin describes it "our luxurious and palatial apartment". Work and building is progressing in their flooded house and their expected date for moving in is the second week in April. Their piano is beyond repair and Jannice this week has been buying and replacing the family's footwear that "floated away" Diane Bannerman (Jannice's Mum)

Fundraising continues with events at the Parish Room which will include a return of the Langham Exhibition during 4th to 7th May (see the notice below) and an illustrated talk on Friday, 7th June at 7.00 pm entitled "Tales from Antarctica" by Robin Back, the grandson of Frank Debenham. Frank was the geologist on Scott's Antarctica Terra Nova expedition from 1910-1913. He was one of the base camp party who saw Scott off with his 5 companions never to return. Frank on his safe return to England founded the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. In this centenary year Robin will talk of his grandfather exploits, illustrated by pictures which Robin took during two visits to the base camp (where he found his grandfathers socks!). It will be a fascinating evening. There will be no charge for entry but there will be a retiring collection - and refreshments! If you are planning to bring a large party, please notify Edward Allen by email to edward.allen@lineone.net or by telephoning him on 01328 830276. On Saturday 3rd August naturalist Kelvin Boot will return to give another fascinating illustrated talk - again see the separate notice on the right. All these events will raise funds for the Parish Room.

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH Spring Sale Saturday May 18th Langham Parish Room 10am – 12 noon With plants, bric-a-brac and lots of goodies. All proceeds to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Maureen Dennis 01328 830 731

Bob Brandt

EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, CERAMICS & OTHER INTERESTING THINGS! Saturday 4th May – Tuesday 7th May LANGHAM PARISH ROOM 10am – 4.30pm daily Free Entry. Refreshments served daily Proceeds for Langham Parish Room Private View: Friday 3rd May Further details please contact Pauline 01328 830696 marram@care4free.net


FRIENDS OF LANGHAM DOME FoLD A small group of locals, interested in preserving our heritage, set up The Friends of Langham Dome (FoLD) on the 20th January 2010. For those new to the area, the Dome is the large spherical, black, structure on the side of the road heading over the airfield towards Cockthorpe. The aim is to assist the owners of the Dome, North Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust (NNHBT), to repair and restore the building and incorporate an interpretation of one of its wartime uses as a simulator for Anti-Aircraft Gunnery training, as well as a museum and educational centre about the airfield in general. We hope it will serve as a lasting memorial to those who flew from Langham, many not to return. During the past 3 years we have opened the Dome to visitors, on a number occasions, and many of you have visited and signed up to be members of FoLD. We are very grateful for all that support as it has now helped NNHBT secure some serious grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage and a number of other local charities. This means that, at last, the future of the Dome can be secured for future generations. The Annual General Meeting of FoLD will be held on Thursday 25th April at 6.30 pm in Langham Parish Room. All members are cordially invited to attend. Following the business part of the meeting, which I hope will be around 30 minutes, Wing Commander Ken Wallis MBE has agreed to come and give us a talk. For those who are not familiar with Ken, he is a former World War 2 bomber pilot, as well as a Hydroplane designer, a car designer, a gun designer, and probably what he is most famous for, a designer and pilot of a range of ‘Wallis’ Autogiros – one of which was “Little Nellie” flown by him in the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’. Remarkably he is still flying at the age of 95! It should be a most interesting and amusing evening. It will be ‘Free’ and will be open to members of the public – in the hopes that we can persuade more to support us and become members! For more information check out our website www.friendsoflanghamdome.org Patrick Allen Chairman

EVENTS ARRANGED BY MAUREEN July 11th Newmarket Ladies Day - By coach from Langham. This is a wonderful people-watching day out.

November 30th Bury St. Edmunds Christmas Market - by coach from Langham.

December 8th Tickets available for Thursford 2pm performance. If you are interested in any of the above please telephone me: Maureen 01328 830731

FROM THE LANGHAM CHURCH REGISTERS Funerals Kenneth Maurice Redford aged 85

14th February

Joyce Twiddy aged 82

28th February


RON EDWARD STARMAN (1923-2013) A son of Alfred and Julia Starman of Morston, Ron Starman died in Norwich on 11th January aged 89 and was cremated. The Address at his memorial service on 30th January in All Saints’ Church, Morston, was given by his eldest son, Nigel, and his grandson Daniel. Ron and his siblings were brought up in Morston between the wars. The family was to become very much a military family of six brothers, together with the youngest child, Teresa (“Trixie”). Ron’s father, (who died in 1954), had fought in the Boer War (1899-1901) with Lieutenant (later Major) Phil Hamond and had then served as a Trooper in the Tank Corps in World War I (1914-18). Ron and his five brothers were called up for World War II (1939-45), Ron initially joining the Norfolk Regiment and then being drafted as a Corporal into the Essex Regiment. His brothers were: Archer (“Archie”), the eldest, a Driver in the 8th Army (“the Desert Rats”); Philip E.S., who was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery; Robert , who also rose to Corporal and after the war went to live in Nottingham; Thomas (Tom), a Private (and Prisoner of War of the Japanese) in the Norfolk Regiment, and the youngest, Sapper Frederick Charles Starman, Royal Engineers, of 1010 Docks Operating Company, who tragically on 17th June 1943 (aged but 23), was aboard the SS Yomas when she was torpedoed during the great Allied invasion of Italy, on Sicily, when ten miles off the North African coast where Libya and Egypt meet . Some of the family lived for a short while at Scaldbeck Cottage (where Ned & Roberta Hamond live today) – until 1954, when Ron married Sylvia Ratcliffe of Wiveton; and the newlyweds first lived with Sylvia’s mother, and then moved to live in South Close. After Morston got its war memorial in 2002, Ron used to every year on Remembrance Day, lay the “bereaved families” wreath. Besides Fred dying in 1943, all Ron’s siblings died in the last 5-15 years. Ron is survived by his widow, Sylvia ,and their children: Nigel of Hempton near Fakenham and Richard. Richard works in Oman and is the father of Ron & Sylvia’s four grandchildren: Daniel, Thomas, Joseph and Victoria. Ron was always cheerful – even in his final illness. He had many friends and will be sorely missed.

MORSTON QUIZ By Samphire (Answers on page 27) 1. In which country do red onions originate? 2. Which Beatles’ song was banned because its initials were said to be drug-related? 3. What colour is the ribbon of the Victoria Cross? 4. Which sea has no coast? 5. Which is the largest human organ? 6. What bird can fly the fastest? 7. In Roman numerals what is MD + MD? 8. At which club did Shearer and Owen line up on the same side? 9. Which composer wrote “The Water Music? 10. Titan is a moon of which planet?

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Sat 20th Apr. PCC Talk & Lunch at Morston Hall. (See separate article below). 4-6th May. FMC Book Sale. [For book collection please contact 07947 761942]. Sat 8th June. PCC Crab Supper & Harbour Trip. 6.15 on quay. [01263-740306] Sat 22nd June. FMC AGM in Village Hall. Fri 16th Aug. Practice Oyster and Gypsy Day. Sat 17th Aug. Norfolk Oyster and Gypsy World Championship. Sat 24th Aug. Morston Regatta. Sat 14th Sep. NNDC Sponsored Bike Ride. Sat 19th Oct. Shovell Dinner 2013 at the Anchor. [Shovell biographer Dr Simon Harris on Admiral Narborough of Cockthorpe].

FMC ANNUAL QUIZ Morston’s annual quiz took place on 16th February. Scores were extremely close between the ten teams (each of 8), with Alan Sankey’s “Bale Billy-Wixe” eventually carrying away the prize. Pete Tibbetts and the Committee would like to thank all those who took part and all those who gave raffle prizes or helped in any way – especially those who helped produce and serve the super supper. The evening made £1,305 for the repairs and maintenance of Morston’s church.


LORD KILMAINE (1948-2013) Lord Kilmaine, of Warwickshire and Blakeney, died in Warwick on 12th January aged 64, and was buried on 22nd January at All Saints’, Morston. Born John D.H. Browne, he was a director of Whale Tankers Ltd, and - as an inspirational mechanical engineer - with two friends ran his own automechanical business, Fusion (Bickenhill). He succeeded as the 7th Baron Kilmaine in 1978 and in 1982 married Lindy Robinson, who as Lady Kilmaine became High Sheriff of Warwickshire in 2009-2010. Lord Kilmaine, long time Head of the Irish Peers Association, worked for many years for Remap, the Englandwide disability charity (“which makes things possible for people with disabilities”), was a founder-member and then director for over ten years of William Blake House in Towcester (the spiritually oriented community, a Steiner home serving the developmental needs of its residents: those with with learning disabilities), and he was for five years a trustee of Glasallt Fawr Camphill Centre near Landovery in Wales, a charity providing a rural (90-acre farm) residential home for adults with learning disabilities.

AUCTION OF EMMA BRIDGEWATER AND MATTHEW RICE TEAPOT AT MORSTON HALL Bid for an Emma Bridgewater “One Gallon Teapot” decorated by Matthew Rice with unique landscapes of Morston to be auctioned on 20 April at our fundraising lunch. Paper bids to be sent to Anne Rolfe, Middle Barn, Morston NR25 7AA or email your bid by: Friday, 19 April to: anne.ecr@btinternet.com.

John learnt to sail at the age of 10 in Blakeney in “Fiducia”. Later, after three very happy holidays in Norfolk, the family bought a house in Blakeney, shortly followed by buying a Norfolk Oyster. He was always a very keen sailor and was particularly thrilled when he became the Norfolk Oyster Champion in 2010. John is survived by his widow, Lindy, and their children, John and Alice.

HENRY FEILDEN(1956-2013) Henry John Feilden of Horsford, the eldest of the four children of the conservation architect Sir Bernard Feilden, CBE, and his first wife, Ruth, (both deceased), died suddenly on 12th January at Horsford, aged 56. He was cremated on February 1st at Earlham. He and his three younger siblings were brought up in the ‘60s in Cathedral Close in Norwich - with Coastguard House in Morston as a much-used holiday house –before, in the late ‘70s his parents moved to Stiffkey Old Hall. Henry later moved back to Morston, where he bought Perseverance House (now Quayside), which was where he lived in the 1990s – before he sold up and bought a new home in Horsford. He was a sometime lobster fisherman here, was for a time on the Parish Council and was also involved in importing US automobile parts and selling home movie equipment. Many local people will remember Henry with affection. He is survived by his three siblings.

“Actually, it’s rubbish at keeping the rain off while we’re eating!”



CHURCH SERVICES The Rector will take our joint Easter Day Holy Communion in Field Dalling Church at 11.00 am. The following Sunday, April 7th, the Revd Peter Bowles will conduct Holy Communion for both parishes in Field Dalling church at 9.30 am.

So far there has not been a stampede of people to my door expressing any interest in becoming the next Sharrington Lynx representative. However this will be the last edition I am going to write; if any one has any computer literacy and would be willing to give approximately 3 hours once every 8 weeks please contact me on drjhc1@gmail.com or 861667 I would be most happy to give more information on this role.



At the risk of upholding the long held view that we farming folk are never happy I will leave the wider subject of weather alone; it must however be some comfort to us all as residents of North Norfolk that we have finally seen a few days of dry weather. It is surprising how many more smiles can be seen when the sun is at least trying to shine. There is even the odd bulb trying the make an appearance albeit I’m not sure spring and sprung just yet! At last we are making good progress on preparing the land for spring establishment and I’m sure many of you will have seen the land turn quickly from a dull yellow to a fresh brown, if there is such a colour! Much to road users delight we have now completed the sugar beet harvesting campaign. This has been a very difficult season with substandard yields and lifting conditions challenging to say the least and we have tried our best to keep the highways clean and trouble free. The forthcoming spring will be a critical one for farmers in the UK with winter crop rooting zones shallow due to the wet weather. A spring drought is the last thing our crops need or yields will ultimately be low and prices high, depending on influences from other production zones around the world and of course the dreaded speculators. Fertility and crop protection plans will require careful thought with the science behind crop physiology at the forefront of our decision- making. We hope that the newly established pollen and nectar mixes will prosper once again this year when the temperature rises, providing much needed feeding grounds for our friends the bees and ground nesting birds. The wild bird population could also do with a good spring to repair some of the damage done by last year’s cool rains at hatching time. Residential projects within the estate continue with the desire to rejuvenate, renovate and renew where required to maintain the character of the local properties. Access for local people to local properties remains a key driver for the estate business where possible. Tom Dye Norfolk Farms Director, Albanwise Farming Ltd

Our prettiest garden birds must be the colourful goldfinch and if you have a holder of Niger seeds, be patient and they will surely arrive, not in huge swooping flocks but quietly in small numbers. Sadly we have not always been kind to these beautiful creatures as you will see from the following melancholy verse from Thomas Hardy’s poem “The caged goldfinch” “within a churchyard on a recent grave, I saw a little cage that jailed a goldfinch All was silence save its hops from stage to stage”. Considering its pretty song and its cheerful colours and its inclusion in some 75% of European devotional paintings we have been surprisingly unkind to these little birds. In the mid 19th century about 100,000 were trapped each year in autumn as they made their way south to warmer climes. When the RSPB was set up in the late 1880’s it was one of their first tasks to protect this species and although many are still bred in captivity, trapping is illegal. In the 1970’s and 1980’s numbers dropped alarmingly probably due to intensive farming and pesticides but since 1990 numbers have steadily increased and the goldfinch is now considered to be a garden bird. The earliest study of goldfinch breeding was carried out by a British Lieutenant Peter Conder when he was a prisoner of war in Germany. In 1963 Lt. Conder became a director of the RSPB. Legend tells that a goldfinch tried to remove the crown of thorns from Jesus’ brow and a thorn pierced it’s head resulting in the red marking on its face APG


BURNS NIGHT On the 19th January 2013 we gathered in the village hall for our third Burns Night Supper. Following extensive planning and preparation, who was cooking what item, who was helping with the setting up, flowers, tea lights, hot plates, dessert making, etc etc. We had a magnificent response to flyers sent around and word of mouth but unfortunately those coming some distance sent apologies due to the atrocious weather. The piper made it to pipe in the haggis that was carried in by Roger Dubbins in fine style in true Scottish tradition. After the Selkirk Grace we tucked into a magnificent feast three courses plus coffee tea shortbread tots of whiskey and wine. The usual toasts were made, responded to and then the tables were pushed back for the dancing to commence which was huge fun. Before that we had been filling in quiz sheets left at the tables and then Mary Lee supplied the correct answers for us to check. There was a Scottish theme and there follows an explanation from Mary to explain in which sports Scotland Has been World Champions for the past two years: Elephant Polo!! The origins and rules are interesting and amusing. Thank you very much to everyone who made the evening so successful and here’s to next year. APG

elephants used in elephant polo tournaments is of prime concern. Abuse of the elephant is considered to be the most serious offence. Thank you to all who helped and braved the weather by coming along to our Burns Night celebration; everyone must have enjoyed themselves since they came to me and said next year .... The money raised went Sharrington Church. MJL

SLOW BROADBAND? A SOLUTION A presentation from WiSpire took place in a packed Sharrington Village Hall on Friday 1st March. This was attended by residents of Sharrington Bale Brinton and Gunthorpe. WiSpire provides a local solution to the slow broadband speeds we suffer in the rural villages of North Norfolk; the best we can hope from BT is 2mb per sec at best for the foreseeable future. This is a joint venture between the company and the Norwich Diocese. It has full ecclesiastic approval as the wi-fi network is based upon transmissions from a network of church towers, beginning from Norwich Cathedral. Sharrington Church tower has been identified by the company as a good site as it is the highest point in this small area of Norfolk. The company expect that dwellings within a full 5km radius of the discrete transmitter will receive the signal. They promise there is no degradation of speed with increasing distance from the Church and are currently offering speeds of 4, 6 or 8 mb per second. Further information can be obtained from the company website on www.wispire.co.uk.

THE QUIZ As is usual at our Burns Night we have a quiz. The questions have a Scottish theme and when I was researching the quiz for this year I came across what I considered an amusing answer and decided for that reason this question should be included. “Scotland has won the world championship of which sport for the last two years?” The answer being Elephant Polo stumped everyone. I thought that I would give a short resume of the origins and playing of the sport with some interesting and amusing facts. The Duke of Argyll’s sense of adventure took him to Tiger Tops in the Royal Chitwan park in Nepal, which is the HQ of the World Elephant Polo Association established in 1982, and on to become Captain of the Scottish team and back to back World Champions. Mallets of around 2 metres are used. Ladies are allowed to use both hands. The first elephant polo games were played with a soccer ball, but it was quickly realised the elephants liked to stamp and pop soccer balls so they were quickly changed to the standard polo balls. Some players train by sitting on the top of a slow moving jeep and swinging at a ball using the actual elephant polo stick. No elephants are allowed to lie down in front of the goalmouth. An elephant may not pick up the ball in it’s trunk during play. Elephants are graded bearing in mind size and speed. Sugar cane or rice balls packed with vitamins molasses and rock salt are given to the elephants at the end of each march and a cold beer or a soft drink to the elephant drivers and not vice versa. It must be noted that the health and welfare of the .....


NATURE NOTES The Willow Warbler is one of the harbingers of summer as the Chiff Chaff is for spring. The melody of the Willow Warbler seems to sum up all that is best about our countryside. But the fact remains songbird numbers have crashed in the UK in the last 40 years; maybe by as much as 200 million. On top of these losses our wading birds no longer nest in their old numbers.

STIFFKEY WI Monthly meetings: April 15th - Ray Kimber gives an illustrated talk on ‘Marsh and river wildlife of North Norfolk.’ May 20th - Resolutions meeting. Meetings are held at The Village Hall Stiffkey on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30pm. Visitors are always welcome and refreshments are provided. Further information can be obtained from Secretary Helen Leach, Tel 01328 830349.

Take lapwings as an example. Much farmland is devoid of their prey, even in damp meadows along river valleys it is rare to see Lapwings doing their aerobatic mating flights. Why are we losing our stock of farmland birds, and some garden birds? This is puzzling ornithologists but no doubt modern farming is partly responsible – big fields, less cover, more chemicals and drainage. An increase in predators, (some protected by law), is also partly to blame. Then there is climate change, persecution by trapping and shooting in southern Europe – and of course, urbanisation. So the story is not a good one. Songbirds are particularly at risk. Many depend on insects for food. Insect populations are also in trouble.

STIFFKEY LOCAL HISTORY GROUP We are sorry that the scheduled talk in February had to be cancelled due to the speaker being ill, we hope to re-arrange the talk to a future date. On Friday 26th April Philip West will be giving an illustrated talk on ‘Farming in the Past’, which takes place at Stiffkey Village Hall at 7.30pm. All are welcome, entry £3 members £5 non-members. Proceeds will contribute to production costs of our book which will be published later this year. In June the Group will be visiting Binham Priory for a guided tour, to be followed by a picnic, full details will appear in the next Lynx. Over the August Bank Holiday we will once again be mounting an exhibition in the Parish Church. This year we will be celebrating the centenary of the extensions made to the Village School with an exhibition which will centre on the school & school life. For this exhibition we appeal for material, anything that would be useful e.g. school photographs or items of interest relating to the school. We would love to produce copies for the exhibition. Please contact myself (01328 830569) or any of our committee. Steven Bashforth (S,L.H.G.)

Not all species are in trouble. The tit family are doing quite well and of course, pigeons and the crow family – but all in all there is a problem and the dawn chorus is a pale shadow of what it was when I was a child. When was that? I’ll leave you to guess. It seems to me that mixed farming, where arable crops exist along side Cattle and Sheep, always seems to produce more wildlife. The grazing animal inter-relates with habitats that support insects, plants and rough ground. Fortunately, in our area, we have cattle herds and flocks of sheep – which also reminds us that shopping locally avoids dodgy imports in ready -meals. Dairy farmers are going out of business daily as we import 1.5 million litres of milk per week. What a scandal! Perhaps, to buy local is supporting, indirectly, all wild creatures. Pightle

STIFFKEY CAMP An exhibition about the army artillery training camp 1938 – 1955 is being set up in conjunction with the new rescue wooden boats education centre at Stiffkey. I am collating any information for this. If you have any stories, pictures or documents (sorry, no artefacts) that we may find useful could you please contact me on 01328 830323. Mark Harrison

GARDEN OPEN FOR NGS SCHEME Warborough House, Wells Road, Stiffkey will be opening its garden for the NGS Gardens Open for Charity Scheme on Monday 27th May 1-5pm. Refreshments will be available in support Macmillan Cancer Care and the Stiffkey History Group will be mounting a display about the history of the house. Admission £4 Parking is available follow the signs at the house entrance. Please don't park on the main road as this causes congestion. (There is a coasthopper bus stop very nearby.) Funds raised by the NGS enable to them support Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie Cancer Care and a number of other caring and support charities. Arabella Morgan


recorded on the meadows down stream of the village. The following surnames are given in the Census records for Stiffkey as millers and or bakers: Frankling, Dapyln, Stone, Ringwood and Wall. Can any one add to our information? Geraldine Green SLHG

STIFFKEY MILLS The first written mention of mills at Stiffkey was in the Domesday Book in 1086 where the two main land owners were in possession of 3 mills. They would have been some type of water mill although it is possible that at some time Stiffkey may have had a tide mill. A terrier for Stiffkey in the time of Edward 1 states that Stiffkey had a watermill and a windmill. The writings of Nathaniel Bacon refer several times to mills at Stiffkey. In 1572 he asks his right hand man Mountforde to check the condition of the Mill. It was obviously not good as in May1574 his father Sir Nicholas refers to the sale of Stanforde House and expresses his approval that some of the proceeds should be used for the construction of a mill at Stiffkey. The following month Nathaniel authorises the felling of six trees for the purpose of building houses in Stiffkey and also for the erection of the mill. However Stanford house was still not sold a year later but Nathaniel had allocated £40 for the erection of the mill with the use of his own timber. He berates the fact that six towns on the river Stiffkey all have mills but there is none despite the fact that Stiffkey receives the same water. The building must have taken place soon after as income from the mill is in the accounts for June 1576 -August 1577 and during a similar period payments to the miller are recorded. There is also an account book for Stiffkey mill, December 1576-January 1580, which gives the names of the millers: George Brigges, John Wilson, Thomas Shorten, William Fether, Robert Merkyn, and Henry Corye. In 1577 a mill stone is brought to Stiffkey from Yarmouth. The Tithe Map of 1838 shows a curious l-shaped ditch near the site of the last known water mill. This may have been what is known as a leet; a system for feeding the water to the water wheel. Jumping forward to 1836 we find that Felix and Samuel Frankling have built a fine tower mill with a boat cap on the site of the old post mill and at the same time he is using a two stone watermill in the centre of the village. However the fortunes of both mills and millers seem varied. The mills are offered for sale several times after the death of Felix and remain rented. Eventually the properties are broken up. By 1881 the water mill is disused and sadly the tower mill suffers catastrophic damage in the great gale of 1897 and the sails are removed. Later the workings are removed and the mill dismantled down to one story in the 1920's. The coming of the railway to Wells and the building of a large grain mill near the station probably contributed to the demise of the last of the Stiffkey mills. There is Mill Pightle in Hollow lane although there are no records of a mill there and the site of a possible tide mill is

CHURCH NOTES By the time you read this we will be celebrating Easter and spring will really have arrived. The 12th Easter Egg Hunt will take place in the churchyard at 3 pm. Children of all ages are welcome to come and bring their mums, dads and grandparents for the hunt. Our AGM for the election of PCC members and Churchwarden takes place at 6pm on Sunday 7th April in the church. All welcome. We keep it short and business like! As the grass grows so do the demands on our gallant volunteers who help mow the churchyard. Our most grateful thanks to Andy, David, Steven, Lawrence and the Buxton family who have offered to tackle their section. Also to Michael Jordan and Mick. Yet again our 6 year architects inspection of the church has revealed a whole series of important repairs and renewals – a huge sum will have to be raised over the next five years to keep our beautiful church and churchyard secure and safe. We will have to appeal to all for support. St John’s is part of our village heritage – a grade I listed building and our churchyard one of the most peaceful and beautiful in Norfolk. An appeal leaflet will drop on your doorstep. Please help! In the meantime urgent work proceeds from diminishing funds. Our PCC is rather small these days, as with the sad loss of John Everett and departures from the parish we have one or two vacancies. Please contact me if you feel you could make a contribution. We are not, as PCC, inclined towards bureaucracy! We look after the church and try to offer the village family service and, of course, every facility for baptisms, weddings and funerals. And of course, keep our lovely church in good order. Final note: teas will be served in the church on May 6th when there is a plant stall for Albaraca School with John and Margaret venturing back to the wilds of Norfolk – to keep us in mind of the wonderful venture in The Gambia. It will be nice to have them with us again. Keith McDougall

STIFFKEY CRICKET CLUB FIXTURE LIST Home matches take place at Stiffkey Playing Field, Come along and support your local team. 28th April – (Sun) – Rudham (H) 19th May – (Sun) – Marlingford (H) 2nd June – (Sun) – Burnham Thorpe (A) 7th June – (Fri Eve) – Philanders CC (H) 16th June – (Sun) – Crusaders CC (H) 20th June – (Thurs Eve) – Aylsham CC (A) 23rd June – (Sun) – Rudham (A) 28th June – (Fri Eve) – Burnham Thorpe (A) 4th July – (Thurs Eve) – Aylsham (H) 21st July – (Sun) – Blue Ball (Granchester) (A) 28th July – (Sun) – Burnham Thorpe (H) 4th August – (Sun) – ‘Wombats’/Saxlingham CC (H) 18th August – (Sun) – Marlingford (A) 1st September – (Sun) – Blue Ball (Granchester) (H) 15th September – (Sun) – Holkham (A) Evening matches are all twenty/twenty format John (the fish) Griffin


Class 2 (aged 6 – 8) have been studying volcanoes as their topic for the term. As with all topics, this allows a multi-disciplinary approach, including history (the ancient city of Pompeii); science (creating volcanic explosions and studying rocks and soils); literacy (non-fiction books) and design technology (making strawberry volcanic rock buns). While Class 1 and 2 have been looking at the soil in different ways, Class 3 (aged 8 – 11) have been looking to the clouds as part of their topic, ‘Mission to Mars’. The children made wonderful models of rockets, which are now suspended above their heads poised to burst through the ceiling into outer space. They have been learning about Mars and the other planets, and undertaking an Astronaut Training programme, including team building, numeracy and literacy skills.

ALBARACA PLANT SALE The annual Plant Sale, in aid of the Albaraca School in the Gambia, will be held at the Church Knoll on Monday May 6th 10am to1pm.30pm. Any contributions (labelled please!) would be gratefully received on the day, or before. Plants given for sale and not sold on the day will be for sale afterwards at Scaup Cottage, The Greenway during the following month. Further information or donations to Vivien Horobin (830591) Geraldine Green (830245) Sue Moore (01328711403) Gardening books, spare gardening equipment etc. will be accepted, also for Albaraca, for a ‘Garden bric a brac’ by Eva & Clive Gambrill (830709) Vivien Horobin

Spring at last After a long dark winter, the welcome arrival of spring sees the children emerging to play again on the school field after hours. They are busy preparing for exciting events including World Book Day on 7 March, promoting reading, when the children come to school dressed as their favourite book characters (pupils of a certain Hogwarts school are expected to feature strongly). The following week is Red Nose Day, where again the children can express their creative side – Class 1 will be dressing in pyjamas or ‘onesies’ (adults included) and Classes 2 and 3 will be dressing humorously or in red. The dressing up will culminate in the school’s annual Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday 27 March, the last day of school before the Easter holidays. These activities will yield some priceless images that, sadly, I cannot bring you here, but you can see lots of lively pictures on the school website at www.langhamvillageschool.com – why not take a look? Anne-Marie Coe

SCHOOL NEWS 2013 began with a cold snap that led to school closures across the UK. Langham Village School takes pride in being the ‘last man standing’ but even our school had to close for three days, when conditions were just too treacherous for parents and staff to make it in safely.

Waste not, want not Despite the chill, the children dived with gusto into ‘Switch Off, Keep Cool’ week in January, where they took over the school’s energy appliances to see where savings could be made. A small determined army of energy busters manned every light switch and window latch vigilantly to ensure no energy was wasted. The school is already very attentive to using energy efficiently, yet measurements taken at the beginning and end of the week showed that the children’s extra focus saved almost 10% more energy, showing there is always room for improvement. On the theme of avoiding waste, the school held its annual Bring and Buy Sale in January – a great opportunity to dispose of toys and books that have been outgrown, making space for all the shiny new additions from Christmas. For the younger children this is often their first independent purchasing opportunity, eagerly clutching their coins (20 pence can buy a wealth of cuddlies and books) and ably supervised by Class 1 Teaching Assistant Charlotte - an exciting and memorable experience! Again reinforcing the message of economy and self sufficiency, the children of Class 1 (aged 4 – 6) have been busy cooking each week as part of their ‘Food’ topic. Delicacies have included cheese scones, home made pizza, ‘salami scrolls’and chocolate brownies. The children also grew their own ‘magic beans’, taking them home to pot at half term.

MORSTON QUIZ ANSWERS (see page 22) 1. Italy. 2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? [LSD]. 3. Purple. 4. The Sargasso Sea. 5. The liver. 6. The homing pigeon. 7. MMM. [3,000]. 8. Newcastle. 9. Handel. 10. Saturn.




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Local Lynx 89 - April/May 2013  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...

Local Lynx 89 - April/May 2013  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...