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April & May 2014

Taken from “Norfolk Churches” by T Hugh Bryant, illustrated by C A Cormick, and published by The Norwich Mercury around the turn of the 19/20th centuries. 1

WHAT’S ON APRIL 2nd Wed. Sharrington Gardeners, Village hall 7pm 5th Sat. Langham Coffee and Table Top sale Parish Room 10am-12 noon 11th Fri. Bale Fish and Chips at Bale Village Hall 11th Fri. Binham Priory Concert, Binham Priory, 7pm 11th Fri. Langham Slide show Parish Room 7.30pm 12th Sat. Gunthorpe Moroccan Evening. Info to follow 12th Sat. Gunthorpe PCC AGM at Institute 6.30pm 17th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 19th Sat. Langham Parish Room Coffee and Hot Cross Buns 10am-12noon 20th Sun. Stiffkey Easter Egg Hunt – Parish Church 3pm 22nd Tues. Binham Village Hall AGM & Annual Parish meeting. Village Hall, 7pm 22nd Tue. Morston PCC AGM. The Rolfes’ 10am 24th Thurs. Binham Local History Group talk, Hall, 7.30pm 26th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club at Institute 10.30am 27th Sun. Gunthorpe St. Mary’s churchyard clear up 9am 30th Wed. Binham Games evening. The Chequers 7.30pm MAY 3rd-6th. Langham Exhibition Parish Room 10am-4.30pm 3rd-5th. Morston Book Sale in Village Hall 7th Wed. Sharrington Gardeners. Village hall 7pm 9th Fri Bale Fish and chips at Bale Village Hall 9th Fri. Binham Nine Chalk Rivers Project Walk 9th Fri. Morston Giant Teapot tea party, Morston Hall, 3pm 10th Sat. Binham Priory Concert, Binham Priory, 7.30pm 15th Sun. Gunthorpe and Bale Annual Parish & PC meeting at Institute 7pm 15th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 17th Sat. Langham Sale Parish Room 10am-12 noon 18th Sun. Binham Priory Concert, Binham Priory, 7.30pm 18th Sun. Stiffkey Cricket match, Playing Field 2pm 21st Wed. Binham Friends of Binham Priory event – 10.30am tour of ‘Historic Kings Lynn’ 25th Sun. Stiffkey Warborough House Open Garden 12-5pm 25th Sun. Stiffkey Albaraca plant Sale – Church Knoll 2-5pm 26th Mon. Langham Bank Holiday coffee morning churchyard or church 10-12 noon 30th Fri. Binham Parochial charities lunch, Village Hall 31st Sat. Morston FMC talk: ‘Formula1: Behind the scenes’ – Pete Tibbetts, Blakeney Village Hall, 6.30pm 31th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 club at Institute 10.30am REGULARS Mondays term time Binham Parent & Toddlers Group Village Hall 10-12 Mondays Field Dalling Keep Fit with Sally King Village Hall 6-7pm Tuesdays Binham Guild of Artists Village Hall 10-12 Tuesdays Field Dalling Village Hall Yoga with Richard Redmayne 7.30-8.30pm Wednesdays term time Binham Youth Group Village Hall 68pm 1st Wednesday in month Sharrington Gardeners Village Hall 7pm 2nd Wednesday in month Field Dalling Coffee Morning Village Hall 10.30-12noon 4th Wednesday in month Field Dalling Friends & Neighbours 2.30pm Thursdays Field Dalling Village Hall Carpet Bowls 7.30pm 3rd Thursday in month Binham & Hindringham Open Circle, Hindringham Village Hall 7.15pm

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Copy deadline for next issue: 8th May

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BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Keith Tulloch 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham Norfolk Tel: 01328 821 353 Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church) Service Times Masses: Vigil Mass Saturday 6.00pm Sunday 11.00am Wednesday 9.30am

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah Tel: 01263 712 181 Sunday Services: March 30th at 2.30pm then throughout the summer months at 6.30pm. For details of weekday services and preachers, please refer to the current issue of ‘Glaven Valley Newsletter’.

DEANERY NEWS The next Deanery Synod is on Thursday June 12th 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Watch out for posters for details of speaker and venue.


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for April and May 2014 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer 6th April


13th April Palm Sunday 9.30am HC 11.00am CFS

20th April Easter Day 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

27th April

At Field Dalling

Bale Field Dalling

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

Saxlingham Gunthorpe

9.30am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP

Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am MP At Langham

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP 11.00am Easter Celebration 9.30am HC

4th May

11th May

18th May

25th May

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

Parish Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

9.30am MP 9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Langham

At Field Dalling

11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Langham

Maundy Thursday (17th April): The Lord’s Supper, a service of Holy Communion; Sharrington, 6.30pm. Good Friday (18th April): Stations of the Cross; Morston, 10.30am; Bale, 2.00pm. Easter Eve (19th April): Family Service (with Egg Hunt); Binham, 4.00pm. Easter Eve (19th April): Service of Light; Binham, 8.00pm.

Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayer, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion

RECTOR’S LETTER Dear Friends and Parishioners, In this Season of Lent we are invited to turn our thinking to questions of deep matter, of death and resurrection. Historically it has been a time of fasting and abstinence in preparation for the Great Feast, which is the Season of Easter. Hospitality and a housewifely care are two of the strong strands which run through some of the letters in the New Testament. Hospitality builds community and Church, and this sort of sharing can even become something of a fine art. Just think of eating. You could slurp up your food from a dog bowl (well some could!), or you could use decent ordinary plates and knives. And this is where housewifely skills come in. I’d rather eat from a clean wooden bowl than from dirty finery. But housewifely and household skills and habits also have a serious side to them. Just as I shouldn’t run up bills I can’t pay, so I should also keep a short account of wrongs: ‘…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive….’ This is just one of the reasons why people down the centuries have found a daily pattern of prayer so useful. It was a commonplace to say if you’re too busy to pray, you’re too busy. But a marvellously

sensible nun who was trying to teach me when I was eight, told me, “If you’ve forgotten to pray properly than pray as you take your clothes off and as you put them on. Even you can’t forget that!” Bringing everything and everyone to God, in prayer, is the route to excellence and achievement. Do I in a natural way dedicate the ordinary things of life to God? Well, I do say grace before meals and I do commend to God people I’m visiting. Perhaps I should extend the principle to cleaning, gardening, book-keeping and even the vile ironing… And as communities who would-be better communities, are we seeking God’s wisdom and care? It might well be worth the time and trouble for we will be able to look back on our achievements – at work, in the family, at home, in the village – with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. Practising hospitality, quips the party-giver, brings pleasure at leisure. I’ll try for both, in Lent and at Easter. Yours truly, Ian Whittle The Rectory, Langham 01328 830246


Better Broadband for Norfolk Representatives of the parishes who attended our recent forum to discuss the future of BBfN across our division will be sharing information with their parishes at the Parish Council meetings. Understandably rural parishes across the county are presenting challenges but survey work is already underway and I will keep parishes up-to-date. I can add that we have now been allocated another £5.59 million for BBfN and with match funding but £11.18 million will be very useful in allowing fibre to more of our rural areas. In the next edition I hope to be able to give at least the basic time frame for improved Broadband to reach our parishes.

Iceland Banks Some readers will recall the long-standing saga of NCC money invested, along with many other authorities, in the lcelandic Banks. Since we are looking for more match funding I am sure you will be pleased as I am that we have now negotiated the return of a total of £29 million of the £32.5 invested. We have apparently retrieved more than some investors due to good and consistent work by our officers.

GLAVEN CENTRE SERVICES Toe-nail clinics 9am – 3.15pm: 7th, 21st March, 11th, 25th April

Hearing Aid clinics 10am – 12noon: 30th April, 30th May

Hairdressing Every Wednesday. Regular, occasional or casual appointments can be made. Ring 01263 740762 to make & check appointments.

National Trail I attended the very useful but thought provoking forum at Blakeney, where debate took place between residents from the division’s coastal parishes and the Environment Agency, the National Trust and other parties regarding flood damage. Whilst the major flood damage is still under consideration keen walkers will be pleased to know that NCC has agreed to fund repair of the National Trail from Blakeney to Cley. And I hope the weather is good for walkers and everyone alike. Wishing everyone the opportunity to enjoy a bright and cheerful Spring.

COUNTY COUNCILLOR NEWS from Dr Marie Strong First to congratulate the latest Parishes in the Wells Division who have worked in partnership with Norfolk County Council to the benefit their residents:

Field Dalling & Saxlingham A year and five days to the day after I had written a reference in support of the Village Hall Committee for a NCC grant, I had the privilege of officially re-opening the Hall. I mention the period of time because that is how long it took a very hard working committee to bring its grand plan to fruition. Anyone joining in the many activities which can now be held in the Hall will be more than impressed with the excellent lighting, heating and acoustics.

County Councillors’ contact details: Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division (Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes) marie.strong@norfolk. or 07920 286 597 David Ramsbotham: Melton Constable Division (Bale and Gunthorpe Parishes) 01263 577418

Brinton and Sharrington Parish Council The Council together with the Friends of Brinton and NCC brought back to life Brinton’s 200 year old Mile Stone (GPS of its time!). This project took twice as long as the Hall project because mile stones are listed as ‘roadside heritage assets’ and require the support of NCC’s Historic Environment Service. The Milestone Society took on the task of restoring the stone, which despite being damaged by vehicles retains some of the original lettering.

Binham and Blakeney Parish Councils Both Councils have just been told of their success in the latest Parish and County Partnership scheme. Binham is to receive support for a mobile speed warning system (SAM2) and Blakeney for a vehicle activated sign (VAS). (The number of applications for these types of equipment is of course indicative of rural parishes concerns regarding speeding.)


OPEN AFTERNOON AND PLAYTIME IN THE BISHOPS GARDEN Sunday 18th May 2014 1pm-5pm in aid of the PlayVan (last admission 4.30pm) The Bishop’s Garden, Bishopgate, Norwich, NR3 ISB Adults £3, Children and Wheelchair users Free. (Regret but no dogs except guide dogs allowed) This year the PlayVan celebrates 15 years of service to rural communities in the Diocese of Norwich. Come and join us, at the kind invitation of The Bishop and Mrs. James, for an afternoon of celebration in the Bishop’s Garden. Enjoy wandering the extensive 4 acre garden, stop for refreshments and visit the plant stall as well as family activities; games, crafts, stalls, music and more! All welcome. Pay on entry or purchase tickets via 01603 880853 or Please note: no parking available at the Bishop’s House. The closest P&D car park is located adjacent to the Adam and Eve pub on Bishopgate (NR3 1SB). Some free on-street parking also available in the vicinity.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S NOTES It is good to report that council tax has been frozen in north Norfolk for the third year running which means that residents in an average band D property will continue to pay £138.87 for the district council element in the tax. NNDC’s budget also emphasised the importance of financial reserves when faced with unplanned major events such as the December storm. The Council is committed to procure maximum government funding. In addition to the Blakeney post tidal surge drop-in, the Environment Agency has produced leaflets – Morston to Blakeney sea bank storm surge repairs and Blakeney to Cley sea defence bank repairs. These detail the programme of work for the area hopefully in time for the Easter break. Up-to-date developments can be obtained from sophie.fallon@environment-agency. NNDC will join the ‘Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth’ – uniting a family of nations in common purpose on 10th March at 10 a.m. His Excellency Kamlesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary -General states: “We put out flags for Commonwealth Day with gratitude and pride for our shared inheritance and dedicate ourselves afresh to progress and prosperity, with fairness, justice and opportunity for all.” NNDC also supports and has signed the Hate-Free Norfolk Pledge against hate crimes. Last year Norfolk police received about 1,000 hate crime reports, the Pledge seeks to eradicate these crimes. It was a pleasure to see the newly refurbished Field Dalling Village Hall at its Opening Party – many thanks and may I wish all a happy and peaceful Easter. Lindsay Brettle, Glaven Valley Ward

NORTH NORFOLK SPEAKERS CLUB “SPEECH! SPEECH!” How often have you been in a situation where you have been called upon to speak in front of people – to deliver a wedding speech, to give an opinion, or make a report – and quaked with nerves and fear? Whether you love public speaking or loathe it, North Norfolk Speakers Club is the place for you. North Norfolk Speakers Club offers a sociable, relaxed, friendly, constructive and supportive environment in which people can overcome the nerves and fear of public speaking. Confidence, communication skills, presentation, listening and leadership skills are all developed, whilst having fun! You may want to polish existing skills, deliver that perfect speech, or need to build confidence for that important interview, meeting or social event. Whatever you want to achieve, you will be warmly welcomed by our members. Guests may attend three meetings free of charge, and are welcome to join in or just observe.

District Councillors’ Contact Details: Jonathan Savory (01328 820719) e: & Peter Terrington (01328 711126) e: (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Lindsay Brettle (01263 710030) e: lindsay.brettle (Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston) Ann.R.Green (01328 878273) e: (Gunthorpe & Bale)


Why not come along? Find your inner voice and become the confident speaker you deserve to be. Meetings are held on alternate Wednesdays 7pm at North Walsham High School, Spenser Avenue. For further information please email, visit our website, or contact Gillian tel. 01692 650250.

RESCUE:WOODEN:BOATS 2014 Update Work is progressing well on restoring Dunkirk lifeboat ‘Lucy Lavers’. Her hull is now repaired and the deck beams restored and in place. The bulkheads are nearly complete. See the films and photos on the website or follow our facebook page. Of our six other boats, Bessie and Harvester are having restoration work done on them now by volunteers, with crab boat Pegasus later, so that they can hopefully be back afloat this year. The Visitor Centre has gone well. Phase 1 opened at the end of July 2013 and the total visitors in the first six months numbered well over 700. A very big ‘thank you’ to all the volunteers and enthusiasts who have made this possible. This year we are hoping to develop Phase 2 - more hanging panels and displays on our fishing heritage and the military camp, and are planning a number of exciting events. We also hope to develop a further room in the Visitor Centre as a multi-purpose room for school visits, talks, and cups of tea. We will need volunteer help to get this room ready, as well as further people to staff it, once up and running. We would like to be open from March 30th for weekends and most of the time during school holidays and half terms. This means recruiting LOTS more volunteers, so do sign up with Sue with your availability – even one shift a month would be great! - and pass the word amongst your friends to help us recruit more people to the team. We welcome further ideas, suggestions for events, recruiting volunteers, displays and more. Contact Sue on 07774 245810 or email The Visitor Centre is just beyond the High Sands Campsite office in Greenway, Stiffkey NR23 1QF.

YORKE TRUST CONCERTS Sacred Easter Choral Concerts Yorke Trust Chorus and Baroque Ensemble Guest Conductor: Oliver-John Ruthven Course Director: Alexander Crowe The Programme will include works by Purcell, Britten, J.S. Bach, Buxtehude, Schütz and Brahms. Friday 11 April 2014 at 7.00pm Binham Priory, NR21 0DQ Saturday 12 April 2014 at 7.00pm St. Mary’s Church, South Creake, NR21 9LX Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets £16.00 Contact details: Yorke Trust 01328 823501, Rodney’s Cottage, Church Lane, Southgate Road, South Creake, NR21 9LX, Online bookings:

POWER OF GIVING FUND UK Power Networks are currently inviting applications to their “Power of Giving Fund” for grants that range between £1,000 and £10,000. Charities, not-for-profit community organisations, educational establishments and social enterprises across their network regions can apply for projects that address climate and/or social concerns in their local area in a recognisably sustainable and cost efficient way. The Fund is looking for innovative projects designed to help local communities in a number of areas such as reducing fuel poverty, enhancing energy efficiency and promoting a low carbon economy. Eligible organisations that could benefit from the Power of Giving fund are encouraged to apply. For more information please visit the website at: power-of-giving-scheme/.

OUTREACH SERVICE The British Red Cross has launched a new outreach service in North Norfolk that aims to enable older people to live independently in their own homes. The Older Peoples Outreach Service supports older people who live in their own, privately rented, social or local authority housing. The service enables people to access the community, combat isolation and assists with other housing related needs.


The service is funded by Norfolk County Council, as the need for a community based service was identified. The North Norfolk team consists of 4 outreach workers, Marcia Solloway-Brown, Charlotte Lister, Bridget Arthurton and Caroline Purdy. The service is also recruiting volunteers, all of whom will be given the same level of training as the Outreach Workers. Team Member, Charlotte, said “The service has been up and running for just over a year but we have enabled so many older people to maintain their independence in their own homes”. Referrals are made to the Contact Centre which is based in Kings Lynn, at which point information is provided via telephone. The details are passed on to the team who will then, with permission contact the beneficiary to make an appointment for a home visit, to determine any support a person may need. The Older Peoples Outreach service can be contacted on: Tel: 0844 893 7779 or the website: www.redcross. There is also a service in South & West Norfolk.

ideally they need to know from all of you what you want, rather than the NNCT ‘thinking’ they know what you want. This is an ideal opportunity to improve the sometimes non-existent public transport links available to rural parishes such as ours. For more information, or to provide your feedback, you can contact the NNCT through their project officer Markus Hankinson on 01263 839009 (mobile 07780 767877) or e-mail him at



The NNCT has recently written to Parish Councils to update them on their plans, and to thank those people that have responded to their request for ideas on what is needed. The feedback so far is that they are already up and running in the West of Norfolk, and they also have a Medi Ride Service operating in parts of Cromer and Sheringham, which they wish to extend into the wider North Norfolk community. The NNCT presently operates a limited Dial a Ride service, for instance picking up people in Melton Constable on a Wednesday, and taking them into Holt or Cromer. What they now want to do is extend this further – to add more villages/parishes, and offer more services – perhaps daily, perhaps taking people in to work. However, rather than produce a timetable that offers what the NNCT thinks people want, they want to try to tailor the services to meet the needs of the people in these communities. So, for example, if they are told that there is no bus service to Bale, yet there are a group of people who would want to get to Holt or Cromer or Aylsham for instance, they can build a timetable around that. Thus

The newly formed Holt and District Dementia Support Group is ready to launch "The Poppy Centre", which will provide a social environment where people living with dementia and their carers can meet weekly to socialise in a friendly and supportive environment. A warm invitation is extended to all professionals, supporters and volunteers who would like to be involved in the development of this important initiative to attend an Open Meeting on Tuesday 8th April from 10:30-12:30 in the Meeting Room at St. Andrew's Parish Church, Holt. The Poppy Centre aims to provide a voluntary weekly 'well-being centre' for those living with dementia and their carers. The centre will open at the end of April. An induction training package has been put together for volunteers, and will take place on Thursdays 17th and 24th April, from 2:30-4:30 in the Meeting Room. The group is a voluntary multi-agency initiative involving the Church, North Norfolk Age UK, Holt Medical Practice and other professionals. If you would like further information please contact Wendy Richley, telephone 715950; Ann Hill, telephone 710766 or Susan Wharfe, telephone 712131. We look forward to meeting you.

MORSTON QUIZ: ANSWERS (see page 22) 1. Jamaica. 2. Market & Opinion Research International. 3. Volkswagen. 4. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K.Rowling. 5. Cyprus; Malta. 6. Web log. 7. Cuba. 8. 2015. (9th September). 9. Louis Braille. 10. Coconuts; dates.



February 2014

Carole Lee £25 Iris Croft £10 Sebastan Schofield £5 Jules May £5

Stuart Stotter-Brooks £25 Lucian Poston £10 Paul Turnbull £5 John Church £5

3rd February


Inspired by the blue sky and relative lack of wind we walked round to Bullfer Grove yesterday morning. A small wood on the slope of the last increments of the Holt Cromer ridge, where it appears that gravel has been dug out leaving two big pits, and the nearest place to Bale with wild bluebells growing under beech trees. We make a clockwise turn around one of the pits; holly and ivy provide a little green amongst the rust of dead leaves and all the bare branches. The sun shines into the wood in the winter, lighting up trunks and encouraging the woodland flowers to grow. Someone has put in a few clumps of snowdrops, and there is dog’s mercury - often seen carpeting the floor of ancient woodlands - and wild garlic later. Allium ursinum – a wild relative of chives. The Latin name is due to the brown bear's taste for the bulbs and its habit of digging up the ground to get at them; they are also a favourite of wild boar. But amongst the beeches on the southern side the bluebells are just starting to surface. We must wait until perhaps mid April for those swaying scented stems of very special blue to veil the woodland floor with the colour of yesterday’s sky.


5 January I never make New Year resolutions, because that’s just not how my year works. But it is an interesting point in the year, when the number changes, and it encourages looking back at other numbers, like the summer of 1958, when my extended family stayed at Bacton, and I have a photo of us five cousins jumping off the sea-wall that was breached and damaged in December 2013. Meanwhile the planet goes on merrily twirling round the sun, leaning here, tilting away there, and the weather seems to have purposes of its own. Now stormy with some sunshine in between, rather wet and not very cold, so Cakes Lane is greasy and hard to walk in, but always sheltered, until those biting north easterlies start in and bring us some really cold weather. This morning it was sunny first thing and we slipped out for a walk that is not very sheltered on a rare day when the wind didn’t feel like it was blowing through you. We walked across to Sharrington, past Valley Farm and round to Bullfer Grove. The sun soon got behind a thin screen of cloud that looked like silvery fish scales, reflected in the copious puddles making Swan’s Lane very unattractive to walkers. Back in the garden, snowdrops are through in places, hellebores are showing big pink flower buds, daffs coming through in the flower bed, several roses are in flower, and I proudly announce next summer’s crop of broad beans all standing present and correct.

7th March Back from a week in Paris for Fashion Week, spent taking orders for my knitwear in a very beautiful apartment high above the rue du Rivoli and the Tuillerie Gardens. Paris has also had a warm and very wet winter, but there were few signs of spring about in the city, and an awful lot of homeless and beggars; on three mornings I walked past a man lying on the pavement over a grille to keep warm, his hooded coat his only protection. Back in idyllic Bale the wild daffodils, violets and one cowslip are out in my garden, while the broad beans are already showing signs of flowering. Jane Wheeler



DIXIE MIX Sat 17th May 2014 7.30pm for 8pm Sussex Barn Burnham Market PE31 8JY Tickets £15 from Pat T 01362 693245 or Christine T 01485 572767 or email info@ Light refreshments during the interval. In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Astro Brain Tumour Fund.


risk the wrath of Richard). The 100 club draw is also made before the end of the evening. For anyone who has not been before, especially those who are new to the village, please join us! The evening begins just before 7pm, so that orders can be placed and paid for promptly. No booking required, just turn up. You will find a very warm welcome awaits you.

The Famous Fish & Chip Night As you may have noticed, the poor old Village Hall is looking a bit sorry for itself these days. Celebrating its 90th birthday this year, plans are afoot to give it a facelift (more about this in the next edition of the Lynx) but even in its current condition it does great service to the village of Bale by hosting some social events which have become practically local institutions. The Old Year’s Night party was talked about in the last issue, but that is a relatively new addition to the Bale social scene compared to Fish & Chip Night. Taking place the second Friday of each month, this event seems to be quite legendary in the area - when I told people from other villages that I had just moved to Bale, it was often the first thing they mentioned. Originally the system was that the mobile fish & chip van would park outside the Village Hall and everyone would buy their meal on their way past. However, since the sad demise of the van in a tragic accident in Fakenham about two years ago, we now place our orders on arrival and send a volunteer to Drifters (thank you Anne – surely it’s someone else’s turn soon!) to bring the food back in our newly-purchased hot box. Whilst waiting for the delivery to arrive, there’s time to have a drink - bring your own - and catch up with old and new friends, before sitting down at the beautifully laid table, complete with cutlery, napkins, wine glasses and condiments (thanks to Margaret for that). A fruitand-cream dessert is provided free of charge. No village event would be complete without a raffle, usually featuring a great many boxes of chocolates (the winners of which are almost obliged to pass around, or

BALE GARDEN FETE Early warning - Bale Garden Fete is on Saturday June 7th at 2.00pm at Manor Farm. The fete is fun for all the family with lots of garden games and competitions to play. There are lots of irresistible stalls too; cakes, produce, white elephant, tombolas and many more...... Homemade cakes and refreshing cups of tea are served on the lawn and everyone can relax listening to the live Brass Band. We hope you will come along to enjoy a really traditional garden fete.

A local resident waits for broadband…...


SERVICE FOR MOTHERING SUNDAY Binham Priory Sunday 30th March, 11.00am Come and celebrate Mothering Sunday at our Family Service which includes distribution of posies. Everyone welcome!



Dates for your diary

The next pub quiz at The Chequers will be Monday 31st March at 7.30pm. Hope to see you there, all welcome.

Wednesday 21st May: Anne Mason will lead a tour of “Historic Kings Lynn” starting at 10.30. There will be no charge for the tour but it is hoped individuals will make donation at the buildings visited. The number will be limited to 25. A lunch break has been arranged at the Dukes Head in Saturday Market where a range of refreshments and light meals may be purchased. Saturday 5th July: “Picnic2Jazz” in the Priory Cloisters, 5pm to 8pm. Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th September: Heritage Open Days, Priory with Friends on duty all day to offer a welcome and light refreshments to visitors. Friday 17th October: “A Monks Life” a presentation by Andres Hernandez-Salazzaar, Priory Church 7.30 pm. This evening is appropriate for a former Benedictine Priory and will be enlivened by his musical examples. For further details of all events please contact David Frost, Honorary Secretary, 01328 830362,

THANKS FROM THE CHEQUERS Simon and Sarah would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped with the recent redecoration at the Chequers. If you haven't already seen the changes don't forget we are open every day at lunchtime and on the evening and we now have a dartboard and other games that you are welcome to try your hand at. We look forward to seeing you soon. Simon, Sarah and the Team at the Chequers

THE CHEQUERS GAMES EVENING Wednesday 30th April 2014 at 7.30pm Following the successful initial games evening in February, all are welcome to join in for more table games of shuffleboard, shove halfpenny, dominoes, cards, draughts, jenga, cribbage and darts. Feel free to bring along any other favourite games, so come and enjoy a fun evening.



Friday 11 April, 7.00 pm The Yorke Trust Chorus and Baroque Ensemble Conductor: Oliver-John Ruthven
 Course Director : Alexander Crowe Sacred Easter Choral Concert 
Henry Purcell: The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation

The Binham Village Hall AGM will be held at the hall on Tuesday 22nd April at 7pm. The AGM will be followed by the Annual Parish meeting. Please come along, refreshments provided.

Benjamin Britten: Hymn to the Virgin
 J. S. Bach: Motet-Jesu, meine Freude S.227
 Heinrich Schütz: Musikalishe Exequien
 Heinrich Schütz: German Magnificat 
 Johannes Brahms: Maria-Lieder, Opus 22 Tickets and further information from: The Yorke Trust, 01328 823501,

Saturday, 10 May, 7.30 pm THE JAY SINGERS The Glory of the Renaissance Programme includes music by: Victoria, Monteverdi, Bruckner and Rachmaninov


Admission by programme £10 (£5 under 16) from the Box Office: 01692 538916 or from Maureen Frost, 01328 830362

Sunday 18 May, 7.30pm Anglia Ruskin Orchestra and Chorus Paul Jackson - conductor Alan Rochford - conductor Amelie Xioajun Huang - violin Harrison - Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra Anthony Scott - Violin Concerto Beethoven - Mass in C major, op. 86 Tickets: Price £8 (£7 concessions). Available from: Maureen Frost, 01328 830362.


ages up to and including the World War One Aerodrome Project. The next season covers Sunday 6th July to Friday 15th August. BLHG will be having a guided tour of the sites on 23rd July with Gary Rossin. Please contact if you are interested in joining us.

Sedgeford talk January 2014 Our illustrated January talk was about the 5,000 years of settlement at the small West Norfolk village of Sedgeford given by Gary Rossin, Project Director SHARP Project (Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project.) This amazing project was started by a chance meeting in 1995 with archaeologist Dr. Neil Falkner and Professor Bernard Campbell who lived in Snettisham and was interested in archaeology in the local area. Prof. Campbell allowed excavations to be carried out on his land and the project has grown from its humble beginnings into a world renowned project which takes place every summer attracting professional and amateur archaeologists alike. In the seventeen years the project has been going the picture of life in Sedgeford over the millennia has been built from Early Bronze age round barrows 2300 BC revealing evidence of spina bifida in human remains to evidence in the Mid Anglo Saxon Burial ground called the Boneyard field showing evidence of a healthy population whose main ailment seemed to be dental abscesses. They have also uncovered evidence of a murder victim from the period of Roman occupation. In 2003 a buried cow horn was discovered by an amateur metal detectorists working on the project. After having the horn x-rayed it was discovered to contain 39 gold coins which were minted on the continent in around 52AD. There are nine areas of excavation ranging across the

A Tonic for All – February 2014 An evening of laughter and wincing was given by local writer and historian Neil Storey covering the methods used from Middle Ages onwards to deal with ailments. Neil brought along various items to illustrate his talk ranging from the hideous blades and bowls used for bleeding in medieval times, hammers for skull trepanning to Victorian vibrating machines thought to help with encouraging the flow of blood in the veins and arteries. So despite what your view may be of our often commented on medical services today we can certainly rejoice in the fact that modern medicine has come an awful long way in its development in the modern world.

Thursday 27th March 2014 7.30pm The Care & Conservation of Historic Textiles – Elaine Owers.

Thursday 24th April 2014 7.30pm The Poor Law and the Workhouse – Gill Blanchard. Admission to talks £2 members and non-members £4. All very welcome. Contact Pennie Alford 01328 830700.

The Nine Chalk Rivers Project Walk On 9th May 2014, 2.5 mile walk through the permissive footpaths of Binham to observe River Stiffkey which forms part of the Nine Chalk Rivers Project. Binham Local History Group will accompany us and we will be looking at the impressive heritage and natural history of the River Stiffkey finishing with a drink at the Chequers Inn. The walk and coffee is free but places are limited. Dogs on leads are welcome. If you wish to come along then you need to contact Gemma Clark, Community Involvement Officer - 9 Chalk Rivers, Norfolk County Council, mobile: 07768031629 email:


BINHAM PARISH COUNCIL Tom Fitzpatrick and Steve Blatch from the District Council attended the January meeting giving information on the operation of the Council, advice on presentation to give more weight to the parish’s planning comments and recommendations on approaches to owners of homes which have remained empty for many years to encourage their return to occupation. On speeding through the village it was decided that the parish should apply to the County Council for funding to join in their Speed Awareness Scheme, based on the use of a portable speed display monitor which can be moved to locations agreed with the Highways experts. It should be emphasised this will not be a “speed camera”, there will be no recognition of the vehicle or driver. The monitor will display the actual speed to be easily visible by the driver and emphasise the vehicle is travelling in a 30mph area. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the potential for serious accidents, much reduced if speed limits are respected. Much more information will be given to the parishioners if the bid is successful. David Frost

birthday pudding. 16th Went to see the lambs at Binham in the morning. Ems and I had a farming walk in the afternoon. Finished sowing oats. 17th Attended town meeting. Went again to see the lambs and to Fakenham concert in the evening. 26th Ems walked to Walsingham in the morning, very foolishly. I went to tea in the evening and fetched her home.

SUPPORT FOR HOLT FOOD BANK Very many thanks to all of you who have contributed to the foodbank boxes. In addition to the boxes in Howells’ Superstore, the Priory Church and the Memorial Hall, Simon and Sarah have very kindly given us permission to place a cash collection box in the Chequers. Please continue to give generously because, as you may have read in the EDP, the demand locally is growing and there are ever increasing numbers of people including babies and children who need your help. If you would like any further information please contact Richard or Norah 830723.

DIARY OF A FARMER’S BOY Age 36 1858 Feb 3 Went to Fakenham, had Ems picture taken twice, neither very nice. Brought our chair home, very sharp frost. 5th Poor old “Cyclops” was taken very ill last night with inflammation and died at midnight, how we shall miss him. 10th Rode to Colkirk to look at some sows of Stronghaven which I took in exchange, they’re very ugly 12th Went hunting today, had very poor sport. They drew Bale but didn’t find anything, a great pity as it was such a good hunting day. 15th Rode around Binham farm this morning, the lambs just begging to arrive. 25th Very bad market, could only make 22/6 of wheat. Dreadfully cold sharp wind, frost. Mar 2nd This day still very cold and more severe wind with snow drifting on the roads. 8th Stronghaven brought me a horse to look at which I did not like, it being very wild. 15th There was an eclipse of the sun today but it not being clear we saw but little of it. We dined at Binham and ate my

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

OH WHAT A SUCCESS! Binham Pantomime A fun evening was had by all on Saturday 11th January. The experienced Wighton pantomime cast descended on Binham to showcase ‘Snow White’, with our own Binham girl, Zoe Able, splendidly playing the part of the leading lady. The village hall was crowded; the front row filled with a gaggle of under 8 years olds waiting to boo and hiss at the wicked witch. The hall looked the part with an impressive stage assembled and the audience sat back and enjoyed over an hour of entertainment, comedy, jokes and a few prompted lines! Delicious refreshments were provided after the performance, which were very welcome. The Wighton cast remarked on how Binham had been their best audience and there is talk of their return next year. Let’s hope the panto becomes a regular diary date in Binham.


SAVE THE DATE: BINHAM OPEN GARDENS & BOOK SALE Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th June 2014 In aid of Priory Conservation and Community Project 12 noon to 5.00pm Entry fee £2.50 per person, children free.

BINHAM VILLAGE SHOW Back my popular demand, the Binham Village Show will take place on Sunday 20th July. The categories are listed below. Full entry details will follow in the next edition of the Local Lynx. To enter, please contact Liz Brown on 01328 830519 or Andy Marsh on 01328 830178 to request an entry form. Veg: 3 red tomatoes, 5 pods of peas, 5 runner beans, 5 pods broad beans, 3 carrots, 3 beetroot, 3 onions, 3 potatoes, Box of mixed veg, Plate of any other veg. Fruit: 10 strawberries, 10 raspberries, 10 gooseberries, 3 sticks rhubarb, 5 plums, 5 strings of currents, Plate of any other fruit, Basket of mixed fruit. Flowers: 6 sweet peas, 1 buttonhole, Arrangement in a shoe, Flower heads, Wild flower arrangement. Cookery: 5 fruit scones, Fruit pie, Victoria sponge, Bread, 7 sticks of shortbread, 5 cup cakes (male), 5 cup cakes (female). Preserves: 1 jar jam, 1 jar marmalade, 1 jar lemon curd/ cheese, 1 jar chutney/pickle. Eggs: 6 chicken eggs, 6 eggs others. Children: Seed tray garden, Animal made from veg, seeds and nuts, 6 chocolate crispie cakes, Drawing or painting of favourite place, Hand written poem about school holidays, Decorated gingerbread person. Craft: Knitted booties, Stuffed toy, Cushion, Handmade greetings card, Embroidery or tapestry Open classes: Hedgerow alcoholic drink, Hedgerow non-alcoholic drink, Funniest shaped veg or fruit.

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS We meet every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12noon in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. In March Gill Baguley gave a very helpful talk and demonstration on the use of gouache, bringing with her a wide selection of work by artists working in that medium, including examples of her own designs. For further information contact James Bucknill on 01328 830651.

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP Binham Youth Group is held in Binham Village Hall on Wednesdays 6 to 8pm (term time only) ages 5-16 years. £1 entry fee, tuck shop, staff CRB checked. We have Art’n’craft, board games, table tennis, pool table, karaoke, books and 10-pin bowling. The group is held indoors during winter and in the summer we use the large playing field. It is a great place to chill out and meet new friends.



A Race Night will be held at Binham Village Hall on Friday 1st August in aid of hall funds. More details to follow. Please make a note of the date and put it on your calendar. The Village Hall is available to book for your own celebrations. If you wish to make a booking, please contact Liz Brown on 01328 830519.

November: £25 D. Tann, £10 M. Tyrell, Paddy Bartram, £5 Jane McCormac, G. Marsh, Sue Jeffery. December: £50 Glenda Sieman, Lucy Walduck, £25 Wendy Marsh, £10 Alex Bartram, Tracy Fowle, £5 Ann Griffith Jones, Alister Taylor, Paddy Bartram. January: £25 Lucy Walduck, £10 Paul Frost, S. Savory, £5 Mr G Griffiths, Richard Lewis, Ann Massingham. February: £25 K. Brown, £10 M. Ulph, Andy Turner, £5 Sue Beer, Tom Walduck, Andrew Marsh. If anyone would like to join the 100+ club, there are still numbers left. Please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

PAROCHIAL CHARITIES LUNCH There will be another parochial charities lunch in Binham Memorial Hall on Friday 30th May. Invitations will be sent out nearer the time. I look forward to seeing you all. Alex Wales




The appearance of the church remains the same with half of the building under a corrugated iron roof supported by scaffolding and wrapped in plastic sheeting which has amazingly weathered our windy climate for more than two years now. However the Norfolk Churches Trust is making progress, somewhat slowly, in obtaining funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund to repair the badly deteriorated roof structure. Malcolm Fisher, NCT Secretary explains that to secure funding a justification case has to be presented including community benefit and lots of boxes ticked. In the case of the repair of the church tower, two organisations were involved, English Heritage with their expertise and knowledge of this church partnered with the Heritage Lottery Fund who handled the funding side of things. This time English Heritage are out of the loop as the Heritage Lottery Fund now handle the complete process and things are taking even longer. The positive news is that at this stage the funding has been assured however it will probably be next year before we see any work starting on the roof. Still what’s a wait of two to three years compared to many centuries the church has been standing.

The Place to Meet, re-opened Following grant-funded renovations totalling over £90,000 the hall, which serves the communities of Field Dalling and Saxlingham, was officially re-opened as Villagers’ Hall on Saturday 15th February. County Councillor Dr Marie Strong conducted the opening ceremony which was attended by some 70 villagers. Formal presentations, food & drink and a party atmosphere marked this special event in the long history of the hall. Notable guests also attended including Lindsay Brettle from North Norfolk District Council and the project architect Paul Abbott. An attentive audience listened as Hall Committee Chairman Mark Gardner thanked everybody who had contributed to make this project so successful. Committee Secretary Jeremy Mason presented details of the works carried out explaining that Villagers’ Hall now boasts a new insulated roof, full interior redecoration, adjustable lighting, acoustic soundproofing and a new heating system - indeed Villagers’ Hall even generates some of its own electricity (so it’s not only the roof that’s green). As a result it is hoped many more clubs, groups and social events will make use of the improved facilities. The Parish Council, as owners of the hall, expressed their delight at the renovations through Council Chairman Roy Findlater, while Councillor Dr Marie Strong concluded the formalities by imploring everyone to use the hall 24/7. Villagers’ Hall certainly looks destined to be ‘the place to meet’ for any occasion! For details of how to book and a full list of the wide range of activities already in place, please visit the new website:

Pottery Classes Pottery classes will re-commence on Wednesday 2nd April and extend over the subsequent eight weeks. This is a great way to relax and enjoy expressing yourself in clay in friendly classes. You would have an opportunity to experiment with different hand building techniques or to use the potter’s wheel. The classes are suitable for all levels of experience and will take place on Wednesdays with two sessions: 2 - 4pm & 5 - 7pm. The cost is £5 per session. Places are limited in each session so book early to avoid disappointment. Contact Nadia Mason by email or telephone at nadia. or on 01328 830573.

200 CLUB The February lucky winners were Mrs C Allison £50; Bryan Williams £25 and Tracey Camilleri £15.


FOGPC 50/50 Club Draw Results January February Joy Luscombe £20.00 Diane Arthurson £20.00 Barney Broom £15.00 Richard Francis £15.00 Chrissie Whyman £10.00 Nicole Delteil £10.00 Julie Fisher £5.00 Tom Elwell £5.00 Fiona Flint £5.00 William Worsley £5.00 Daniel Good £5.00 Fiona Flint £5.00 Andrew Ryde £5.00 Annette Ward £5.00 We will continue to have the increased prize money, which started in November, from January 2014, with the next enhanced draw in May 2014 at the end of the subscription year. If you are new to the village or would like to join us please do so as soon as possible – to “borrow” from another place “you have to be in it to win it”! If you would like more information on 50:50 Club and “Friends” memberships please contact John Blakeley on 01263 861008. Cheques for membership subscriptions, including renewals for current subscriptions until May 2015 which can now be paid, should be made out to “FOGPC”.

church, and be reminded of her each time. We miss Nicolette very much and send our heartfelt condolences to her family. It was a privilege to have been her friend. The annual PCC AGM will be held on April 12 at 6.30 in the Institute.

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH The Friends Churchyard Clear-Up will take place on Sunday, 27th April from 9am. All who can come to help please arrive at the Churchyard with tools if you have them – otherwise we will have tools available. You don’t need to be a knowledgeable gardener, just be willing to help. There are jobs of all sizes and many are simple. We will stop by mid-day for sausage buns and a drink. Please do come to help even if you can only spare an hour or two – it’s all a boost to jump-starting the churchyard gardening for the season! The repair work to the Church stained glass and leaded windows has been completed and we hope to re-decorate the Church interior later this year. We are still looking for someone to help with the 50/50 Club, monthly, coffee mornings. If you can help please call John Blakeley on 01263-861008 or Myfi Everett on 01263860035. The earnings from the 50/50 club are a huge part of our annual income and your help would be greatly appreciated. Our AGM will take place at the end of June/early July. The date will be set at our March committee meeting and will be published in the next Lynx. We hope to see many of you there. Marie Denholm, Friends Chairman

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS On Friday February 28th a memorial service was held at St Mary's for Nicolette Beynon. The Reverend Ian Whittle took the service which was attended by Nicolette's family and friends. Nicolette started coming to St Mary's five years ago. She had found the climb up to Glandford church too much so she decided to try us out. How lucky we were! She quickly became very dear to us all and a valued member of the congregation. With her quick wit and tireless energy, Nicolette was an inspiration to us all. Whenever there was a church function she would arrive with wonderful nibbles and she always, very kindly, provided biscuits to go with our after church service coffee. How nice it will be to use her beautiful kneeler for the weddings in the

NEWS FROM THE VILLAGE INSTITUTE Thank you to those of you who attended our AGM on 22nd March. My short Annual Report hangs on the Institute Notice-board - together with the accounts. Also just a reminder that we have a get together for a Moroccan evening on Saturday 5th April at the Institute details in the flyer which you will have received. A future date for your diary, we plan another function on Saturday 14th June. Tony Dufour


RUBY CÉCILE YATES We were saddened to learn that Ruby Yates, a resident of Gunthorpe for almost 30 years, had passed away in Swaffham Community Hospital on 13 February following a chest infection and a stay in Kings Lynn hospital. She would have been 98 in May. Ruby came to Gunthorpe from Ascot and moved here to be close to her daughter Pip who has also been her devoted carer in Gunthorpe for many years - which allowed Ruby to live in her own home and be part of the village community almost up to the time of her death. Ruby was married to Ernest who sadly passed away in 1982 prior to the move to Gunthorpe. She was a much loved mother to Pip, Beverley, Nicola and Jeremy as well as being a grand-mother and great grandmother. She was cremated in a private family ceremony at Kings Lynn on 7th March, and her ashes will be interred in the churchyard of St Mary’s Gunthorpe - the church which she strongly supported during her life here. We send our condolences and deepest sympathy to all of her family.

The Clerk had written to the road safety department about poor visibility through hedge alignment on the north side of the A148 at the Bale Gunthorpe crossroads. The Highways Dept accepted that the layout of the junction was not ideal (and they knew that there had been accidents with “minor” injuries) - but they felt that if the hedge line was cut back to within the property boundary the visibility would be improved and the junction was “no worse” than many others in North Norfolk. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the property owners to ask them to ensure that the hedge was kept cut back. If this was still a problem Councillor Ramsbotham noted that the Highways Dept had the authority to cut the hedge themselves. If necessary a member of the Casualty Reduction Team could be asked to attend a PC meeting. The PC would investigate what had happened to the speed camera which has been taken away from its site on the A148 by Bale crossroads.

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS This item covers the major topics of discussion at the meeting of the Gunthorpe and Bale Parish council meeting held on 27 February.

Gunthorpe Green Parking The work to provide 5 off road parking spaces is now expected to take place in mid March. One of the spaces will only be suitable for a small car. The PC wished to offer their thanks to the NCC Highways Dept for their excellent support in providing this facility.

County Councillor Councillor David Ramsbotham reported that there were three major issues under discussion at the County Council, namely: Future governance of the Council and the change from a cabinet system to committee system which would provide more transparency and a more democratic approach to decision making. A further vote on the Kings Lynn Incinerator. He confirmed that the minister’s decision was still awaited Budget reductions have been save passed to save £160M over 3 years but some £20M of further savings were still needed - front line services were being protected as much as possible, but there would still need to be major staff cuts. The PC noted that recent ditch clearance activities by the Highways Dept’s contractor had been poorly carried out and in some cases had actually blocked the ditches, causing flooding, rather than clearing them. Councillor Ramsbotham agreed to follow this up. It was important that the PC notify the Highways Dept of potholes, which could be reported through the Clerk - also a reporting site covering potholes and other highway damage, which can be used by anyone, can be found at: Road_maintenance/Potholes/index.htm.

Traffic through Bale The on-site surveys still needed to be carried out for submission to the relevant authorities, and there had been some problems in getting the required forms and the format for the surveys - this matter would continue to be pursued as a matter of urgency. The surveys were essential to support any submission from the PC to improve the road safety for both traffic and pedestrians in Bale. Councillor Ramsbotham asked that he be “kept in the loop” so that he could ensure that action was being taken. He also agreed to investigate the “rules” for the use of a 20mph limit if this was one of the proposals from the PC.

Dudgeon Wind Farm Information on the Dudgeon wind farm project can be


FROM THE REGISTERS Burials Leila Gidney aged 84yrs

18th February 2014

EASTER DAY Sunday April 20th 11am

found at: The latest information on the cable route as it affects Bale is that the PC has received a planning application for a revised route of the cable between Sharrington and Field Dalling affecting a tiny part of Bale North-East of the cottages in The Meadows.

Come and Celebrate! A non-communion Service with Easter Hymns of celebration will be held in Langham Church. Children and families are most welcome. Do come and join us.

Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Report

As we are remembering the onset of the First World War this year, the Parish Council have asked me to put something together on those whose names are listed on the War Memorial in Langham, so that we can better appreciate whom they were and what they have done for their country. I have been able to trace many of their family relationships with the village and their war records, but the personal element is missing, and there is no longer anyone alive who knew them personally. But they still have family members living in the area, and I would be most grateful if they could contact me and pass on any pictures (which will be immediately returned) and family memories about them. Those listed on the memorial are (in alphabetical order): William Barnes, Frederick Sidney Bird, Frederick Peter Burton, John Henry Burton, Robert Albert Burton, William Albert Alfred Burton, James Robert Crane, Page Ernest Crane, Florance Edward Ellwood, Herbert Walter Ellwood, Cornelius Evelyn Jarvis, Willy Reginald Jarvis, Frederick Lewis, Frederick Wilfred Hugh Massingham and George Henry Turner Musk. You may contact me by email: tjfawcett@ or by phone: 01328 830415. May I thank you in advance for any information you can give me. Tim Fawcett


Since the last PC meeting there had been 2 calls to the Police for Gunthorpe and 5 for Bale. The priorities below are those being taken forward by the SNT: Target thefts from retail premises. Rural engagement - to increase engagement with rural communities. Youth engagement - active engagement with young people within the community to build relationships. These will be reported on at the next meeting SNT Action Panel Meeting which is due to be held on Wednesday 28 May at 7pm at Holt Youth Project, Old Station Way, Holt.

Dog Fouling There had recently been a significant increase in the incidence of dog fouling in Gunthorpe. More formal action to prevent the wider problems was being considered at the NNDC, but in the meantime it was agreed that the Clerk would put notices on the village notice-boards from the PC to remind parishioners of the existing penalties for allowing their dogs to foul.

Next Meeting The next meeting on 15 May at 7:00pm in Gunthorpe Institute will be the Bale and Gunthorpe Annual Parish Meeting and Parish Council Meeting, John Church Chairman Gunthorpe & Bale Parish Council


LEUKAEMIA & LYMPHOMA RESEARCH Sat March 29th Early Sale 10am – 11.30am Sat May 17th Spring Sale with plants 10am -12 noon Your support is very much appreciated. Hope to see you at Langham Parish Room on both dates. Thank you. Maureen 01328 830 731

MAUREEN’S EVENTS ‘Reflections Flower Festival’ Thu July 24th By coach from Langham and Holt to St. Edmundsbury Cathedral Church, Bury St. Edmunds. Cost including entry £21pp. Please send cheques made payable to Mrs. M Dennis, 9 St. Mary’s Lane Langham NR25 7AF a.s.a.p before April30th.

much notice as possible. This roster is also placed on the church porch and village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule, after May 9th. To avoid drivers having to do a double duty we are in urgent need of three drivers for our full complement. If anyone would like to join us please give me a call. Ann Sherriff 01328 830 605

‘Golden Years’ Fri Oct 24th – Sun Oct 26th A three day entertainment break, travelling by coach and staying at Marks Tey Hotel. Cost includes travel to and from Essex, excursions each day, half board and ‘40’s’ ‘50’s’and ‘60’s’ entertainment each evening. £169 pp. twin/double room. Non-returnable deposit of £30 pp. required before April 30th. Cheques payable to Mrs. M Dennis, 9 St. Mary’s Lane Langham NR25 7AF. Maureen 01328 830 731

MOBILE LIBRARY Please note changes to timetable below This will now visit on a four weekly basis on a Thursday: April 17th & May 15th The van will call on each of these days, for 20 minutes at: St. Mary’s at 10.25am, Old Post Office at 10.50am, The Cornfield at 11.15am. Enquiries : Wells Library 01328 710467

RVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to June 8th 2014 Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday Mar 31st T 830 605 May 5th T 830 537* Apr 7th T 830 624 May 12th T 830 731 Apr 14th T 830 605 May 19th T 830 606* Apr 21st T 830 677 May 26th T 830 847 Apr 28th T 830 605 Jun 2nd T 830 348 Rate: 25p per mile. *These drivers do not go to Norwich. If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please advise of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society 01263 711243 giving as

MAY BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY Mon 26th May 10am – 12 noon This will be held in the churchyard or inside the church if the weather is inclement. There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts, bric-a-brac or a raffle prize, all will be gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to help on a stall, do get in touch. Proceeds will be for Langham Church General Fund. Please ring for further details. Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

COFFEE AND HOT X BUNS Saturday 19th April Langham Parish Room 10am-12 noon Everyone is welcome.

SAUSAGE AND BACON ROLL COFFEE MORNING Sheila and Alison would like to thank everyone who supported the above event on 1st March and also Barbara for her help. The donation of the bacon and sausages was very much appreciated and helped to raise £100 for the Parish Room. Sheila Jenkinson, Parish Room Committee

GET WITH IT There are now Facebook pages for ‘Langham Norfolk’ and ‘Langham Street Fayre.' The Langham website is Dave Curtis


PRE-FAYRE ENTERTAINMENT Wed 23rd July Quiz Night Parish Room Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm start. Pay £2.50 at the door. To book a table please contact John Hughes on 01328 830595. LSF Committee

AVAILABLE NOW ‘A Tesco Shopping Trolley’ fun quiz £1, from John Hughes 01328 830595 or Alison 01328 830535.

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM Phillip West Slide Show & Talk Fri 11thApril 7.30pm Langham Parish Room The Friends Of Langham are pleased to welcome back Phillip, who will give an illustrated talk about the coast from King’s Lynn to Wells Next the Sea. Pay £2 at the door, to include refreshments. John Hughes Chairman

EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, CERAMICS & OTHER INTERESTING THINGS Sat 3rd May – Tue 6th May 10am – 4.30pm daily, Langham Parish Room

PARISH ROOM COFFEE MORNINGS Following the success of the coffee morning combined with the Table Top Sale in February, we shall continue to run ‘themed’ coffee mornings throughout the year on the first Saturday of the month. Some of you may have attended our coffee morning with hot bacon & sausage rolls on the 1st March. There will also be a coffee morning run on the third Saturday of the month. Please come along and support these get-togethers, whether you are a Langham resident or not. All proceeds go to the Parish Room fund to aid in running our great newly refurbished hall. Dates from April to September, all on Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon.

Free Entry. Refreshments served daily. Proceeds for Langham Parish Room. Further details please contact Pauline, 01328 830696

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE Saturday 26th July 2014 The Fayre will start at 10.00 am with entertainment for all ages from North Norfolk Radio, Pinxton Puppets, Punch & Judy, Children’s Games & competitions together with live music.

Evening entertainment From 8pm food will be available, plus music from the highly acclaimed local band Midnight Circus.

5 April Coffee Morning & Table Top Sale 19 April Coffee Morning with Hot Cross Buns 3 May No Coffee Morning as the Art Exhibition will be taking place. 17 May Leukaemia Spring Sale with plants 7 June Coffee Morning & Plant Sale 21 June Coffee Morning 5 July Coffee Morning (no extra sale as Street Fayre at end of month) July 19th Coffee Morning August No coffee mornings as it is Summer Holidays 6 Sept Coffee Morning & Table Top Sale 20 Sept Coffee Morning

Please Note: Road Closure Notice This year the main Street (Holt Road) from the crossroads at the Church to the Blakeney Road junction will be closed. The Holt Road / Hollow Lane junction will be closed. Access to Hollow Lane, The Cornfield and Swans Close will be from Field Dalling Road. The above roads will be closed from 6.30am and will reopen at 11.30pm. Emergency vehicles will have access at all times. We do hope these arrangements will not cause too much inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. LSF Committee

Signs will be posted around the village in advance of the coffee mornings with details & contact information. Christina Cooper, Parish Room Committee


DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Tue 22 Apr. 10am PCC AGM at the Rolfes’ Sat 3-Mon 5 May Book Sale in Village Hall Fri 9 May: 3pm: Giant Teapot Tea Party at Morston Hall. Sat 31 May. FMC Talk on “Formula 1: Behind the Scenes” by Pete Tibbetts, FMC Chairman, in Blakeney Village Hall. Fri 13 Jun: PCC Crab Supper & Seal Trip. Sat 14 Jun: FMC AGM (TBC). Sat 26 Jul: Langham Street Fayre (+Morston Stall) Sat 2 Aug. Morston Regatta. Sat 9 Aug. Greasy Pole Competition: Blakeney Quay. Sat 16 - Sun 17 Aug. Blakeney Regatta. Fri 29 Aug – Sat 30 Aug. Norfolk Oyster World Championship. Sat 18th Oct. Shovell Dinner at the Anchor. Martin Stephen, late High Master St.Paul’s School, London, on “Stuart Admiral Sir Christopher Myngs of Salthouse”.

Scapa Flow: 10-20 miles off the north coast of Scotland, where a long firing exercise took place on 9th July 1917. (“1914” has now been changed to “1917” in Morston’s church booklet). Unfortunately just before midnight that 9th July, HMS Vanguard suffered a huge explosion, probably caused by an unnoticed stokehold fire heating cordite stored against an adjacent bulkhead. She sank almost immediately killing 804 men, including Morston’s Allick Gray. Only two men survived, one a Japanese liaison officer. Allick’s father, George, described in 1917 as “of Bale”, was buried at Morston in 1918 aged 53. We hope to see Allick’s family here on Remembrance Day (Sunday 9th November) for our pm Service. N.B. It is not at 11am - but pm so as to ensure we get a trumpeter.

ALLICK GRAY PHOTO FOR WAR MEMORIAL Morston’s PCC and many others are delighted to now have a framed photo of Morston’s Ldg Seaman Allick Duncan Gray, RN, on the war memorial. It was presented by his niece, Jennifer Loades and her husband, Peter, of Holt.. Allick – so spelt on his birth certificate – is in some records spelt “Alick” and “Alec”. When Allick was a Leading Seaman aboard HMS Vanguard in 1917, he came back home on leave to Bale – rather than Morston. His father, George Gray, had run the Townshend Arms pub in Morston, but had lost his licence for having a Gray family “send off” after licencing hours (i.e. the drinkers filed out the front of the Townshend Arms at closing time and then quietly enter the Townshend Arms again from the back. So, George Gray moved to Bale and set up as the publican of the Bale Arms pub. Allick returned from Bale to HMS Vanguard, a St Vincent class battleship in the Orkneys’ huge harbour of

FMC QUIZ: PISHMIRE POST-PIPPING The following ten teams of eight fought it out over nine rounds in the Friends of Morston Church’s tenth Annual Quiz on February 20th at the Village Hall: (1) Bale Billy-wixes [=owls]: (Captain: Alan Sankey & the defending champions; (2) The Benefice Bottle-Bumps [=bitterns]: (Revd Ian Whittle); (3) Blakeney [should have been Cley!!] & Gunthorpe Green-Olfs [=greenfinches]: (Dave Head); (4). Cockthorpe & Morston Cockles (Carole Bean); (5). Morston Coastguards (Chenda & Neil Thompson); (6) Morston Macaroons [=fops]: (Jill Tibbetts); (7).Missing The Point (Jane & Jim Temple); (8) Morston Mouse-Hunts [=stoats]: Susy & Matthew Harrison; (9). Morston Pishmires [=ants]: Mary Athill, with Charlie Athill, Antonia Hardcastle, Nigel Starman, Jonathan & Lynne Webster, Allie Wharfe; (10) Norfolk Nattlers: [=much ado about nothing]: (David Carnwath). The Temples’ team, Missing the Point led from the start and quickly increased their lead, but in the very last round were pipped on the post by Mary Athill’s Pishmires – the new champions. Mally Bullard and her helpers laid on a great supper and much fun was had by all. Many thanks to all who attended and not least to the caterers and to the administrators – and the Metcalfe-Smith team for Scoring. Several “new starters” have already signed on for next year with their team captains. The evening made £1,328 for the Friends of Morston Church – for refurbishing and repairs to Morston Church.


JUNE 13TH CRAB SUPPER The Annual Boat Trip to the Point to see the birds and seals followed by a Crab (or Chicken Pie) Supper in the village hall will be on Friday June 13th at a cost of ÂŁ20 a head. The ticket covers the trip and the meal- including salads and delicious puddings. There will also be a cash bar with wine, beer and soft drinks. Start time on Morston Quay: 6.15pm. All proceeds go to Morston PCC.

ANNIE HAYWOOD (1942-2014) Annie Haywood of Cotgrave, Nottingham, beloved wife, mother and grannie, died suddenly at Harefield Hospital on the 5th February. She was buried with the warmest of services on 1st March at Morston Church by her family and friends. Her daughters, Gemma Rolfe and Chloe Haywood now live in Norfolk, where she felt at one with life in the beautiful surroundings. Indeed Annie and her husband Paul, were already making plans to move from Portugal to Norfolk to be with their daughters and extended families.

National Trail and the National Trust are working in partnership to find a way to enable visitors to walk the Blakeney to Cley sea defence bank in some form or other by mid-April. The National Trust is very clear in its position that in planning for the long-term future of these marshes, doing nothing is not an option. Blakeney and Brancaster marshes need the chance to respond to potential changes in conditions and we want to see options that outline what interventions are needed to allow these habitats to adapt and flourish. We have called for a full and thorough appraisal of options and would like to see a plan that works in harmony with natural processes to deliver a sustainable solution in social, ecological and financial terms that ensures public benefits are fully recognised. There are a number of organisations involved in planning the next steps for future of the North Norfolk coast and it is vital that we all, along with the local community and landowners, are able to work in partnership throughout this complex decision-making process. The Environment Agency held a drop-in session in midFebruary for the local community to share their viewpoint. The event was well attended and understandably there were a range of differing views. The Lifeboat House was badly damaged by the flooding and was a particularly sorry sight for us all following all the renovation work we had undertaken in the last 10 months. Contractors are now on site working on restoring it back to its former glory and it should open in time for Easter. At Morston, we have removed over 60 tonnes of thatch and man-made debris in and around the visitor area. One of the bridges over Morston Marshes was swept away by the tidal surge and has subsequently inhibited access to many moorings and the marshes. We are keen to re-establish access to the area and a temporary scaffolding structure will be in place by April. Dunella, the contractor appointed to undertake the actual bridge replacement project, to replace the two large bridges at Morston will be on site from April onwards, with further information available from the visitor information centre noticeboards and our website blakeney/our-work/. We have listened to representatives of the bridge stakeholder steering group and people with a commercial interest and representatives of user-groups that have an

NT REPORT The National Trust like many others, are still recovering from the damaged caused by the severe flooding following the tidal surge. We care for large areas of coastline, including Blakeney Point, Blakeney Fresh Marsh, Brancaster Beach and land adjacent to Brancaster West Marsh. All of these areas were severely flooded in December and work began immediately to plan a response that meets both local economic, environmental and ecological needs. Unfortunately, our Brancaster Activity Centre was badly flooded and this has had a significant impact on our residential schools offer. Each year some 1,300 young people stay with us at the Activity Centre so it has been with a heavy heart that we have had to cancel a number of planned visits including Langham Primary School. Flooding of freshwater marshes has presented the most complex issues after the sea defences were breached in several places, resulting in saltwater flooding. We are pleased that the Environment Agency has helped clear and repair the sluices that drain the Blakeney Freshes. The operation of the sluices is vital in ensuring seawater drains from the freshwater marshes more efficiently, mitigating the impact for wildlife and future use of the marsh. The Environment Agency, Natural England, the


bless her for the forthcoming season. We would be delighted to see anyone at either the launch or the blessing. Please contact Antonia Hardcastle on 01263 740523 for more information. Why not try rowing with us? Although some of us like racing, many in the association prefer social rowing. The boats take four oars and a cox and we are always keen for new members. There is absolutely no upper age limit, but we can’t take children under 16. We will be holding a couple of “taster sessions” over the summer when the tides allow. These are perfect times to come and try rowing. If you would like to join us or find out more then look at the website or contact Victoria Holliday on 01263740348. AH interest in the area to ensure we all work together to deliver the project whilst maintaining the access to the area where reasonably possible. We would like to thank everyone from the community who continue to give their time to help us recover – it is greatly appreciated and has certainly assisted us in progressing as quickly as we have – many thanks. IW

FROM THE GARDEN The mild and almost frost-free winter has brought a few surprises in the garden in so much that I have enjoyed my own outdoor iceberg lettuce and spring onions up till the 1st March! The spinach and kale have also been on-going crops with vigorous growth. In the herbaceous border, the geraniums have survived and are already producing young tender shoots, but let us not become too complacent and remember that frost and snow are not foreign to April. Last year I planted a row of purple carrots, which have proved very successful, good flavour and easy to prepare, so they have won their place for this year. I am also going to plant a few calendulain in the vegetable patch. They encourage pollinating insects and have culinary benefits; marigold petals being good in soups & stews and very colourful on salads. Green Pinkie

THE COASTAL ROWING ASSOCIATION OF BLAKENEY(CRAB) CRAB was started less than a year ago when we launched our first St Ayles skiff called Hoi Larntan at Blakeney. Six weeks later a small group of us went up to Ullapool to compete in the first St Ayles Skiff world championships. Despite the fact that most of us hadn’t rowed before, we came 16/32, a brilliant result. The idea behind these skiffs is for them to be built and rowed by members of the community. Hoi Larntan was built in Thurning during the winter of 2012/2013. She spent last summer on the carnser at Blakeney from where the members regularly rowed out to see the seals. We also rowed from Wells to Blakeney, on the only canal in Norfolk, the North Walsham and Dilham canal, and on Holkham Lake. She has spent the winter at Barton Broad which has proved very popular. Over 80 different people have tried rowing in her, and many of these have now become members of the group. Such is the demand for seats, that we are building a second skiff at the moment in Bayfield Brecks. She will be called Bluejacket, and will be launched on Saturday 26th April at 4.30 in Blakeney. We have chosen to name her after one of the last trading vessels that came up the Blakeney channel. These vessels, and many other ships like them carried skiffs on their decks, and whilst they were waiting for their cargos the crews would race these skiffs against each other. It has been suggested that this was the genesis of the Blakeney Regatta. We have also raised over £2000 for Prostate Cancer by rowing in the Great River Race, which is a 22-mile race along the River Thames from the Isle of Dogs to Ham, in Surrey. We will be racing in the Morston and Blakeney regattas this year, and more skiffs and Cornish Gigs will be joining us for these events. There is even talk of skiffs coming from Scotland and Holland to join in. Hoi Larntan will be returning to Blakeney on Saturday 29th March, where Rev Ian Whittle has kindly offered to

MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (Answers on p.7) 1. From what country does Red Stripe beer come? 2. What does MORI stand for in MORI Poll? 3. Audi, Lamborghini and Skoda are all makes of car within which global group? 4. In 2007, what book sold over 11 million copies in 24 hours, becoming the fastest-selling book in history? 5. Which two islands adopted the euro on 1st January 2008? 6. The term “blog” is derived from which longer, more explanatory term? 7. Where is the controversial US detainment camp, Guantanamo Bay? 8. In which year is the Queen due to displace Queen


Victoria (reigned 63 years, 7 months, 2 days - until 22nd Jan 1901) as England’s longest reigning monarch? 9. Who invented a reading system for the blind in the 1820s? 10. Which two fruits grow on palm trees?



The biggest and (we think) best Second Hand Charity Book Sale in North Norfolk will take place over three days in Morston Village Hall on the May Bank Holiday weekend Saturday 3rd May to Monday 5th May. Anyone who would like to donate books for the sale is asked to contact Sally Metcalfe on 07813 369145 to arrange collection. All proceeds go to Friends of Morston Church (Charity 1099831) for the maintenance of the fabric and furnishings of Morston’s lovely old church. FMC tries to ensure that buyers can always find a bargain, so the thousands of books for sale, which cover almost every subject under the sun and range from paperbacks to collector’s editions, and are individually priced from 20p up to several hundred pounds. So empty your shelves for spring, and then come and fill them up again!

A considerable collective debt is owed by us to the dynamic Village Hall committee who have effected great changes and improvements to our main asset, the shared hall in Field Dalling. On Saturday 15th February a very agreeable party including tasty food and various drinks followed the official re-opening of our hall by Dr Marie Strong who as our Councillor had successfully presented the Committee’s bid for funding to Norfolk County Council which generously provided over £89,000 towards the overall cost of the works; some fundraising had also been contributed. Replacements involving the roof, ceiling, insulation, plasterwork, heating, acoustics and lighting have created a much more inviting space for meetings, activities, clubs and social events. The older chiller cabinet is no more! Our thanks once again to Mark Gardner, Jeremy Mason and their team for sheer energy, commitment, organization and creativity. Our two villages now have a first class focus, aptly renamed Villagers’ Hall. John Rayner

FORMULA 1 TALK 31ST MAY There will be a Talk (with video footage and slides) and Dinner by Dr Pete Tibbetts, at Blakeney Village Hall on Saturday 31st May at 6.30pm. Pete Tibbetts, who has officiated in over 300 Grands Prix, runs the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) track-side fuel testing laboratory and is the FIA Observer in the Formula One Safety Car. There will be a raffle including signed merchandise. Tickets at £30 including Dinner are available from Beans Boats at 12 The Street, Morston or call Carole Bean (FMC Deputy Chairman) on 01263-740038. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Morston Church (Charity no. 1099831) – of which Pete Tibbetts is Chairman - for church repairs and maintenance. For more info by email contact

JAZZ IN JUNE As the next issue of Local Lynx will not appear until the end of May, we should like to advertise now that Saxlingham Church’s annual fundraising jazz Concert will take place in St Margaret’s on Friday 6th June at 7.30pm. As usual the performers will be the boys and girls of Gresham’s school offering a wide range of jazz as musicians and singers. Wine and canapés will be served in the churchyard during the interval. Tickets @ £8.00, including interval refreshments, are available from Jan Barlow (07881 405400) and John Rayner (01328 830564). Please note the date of the concert in your diaries now! Cheques payable to Saxlingham Church please. John Rayner


group has started the year with a membership of 23 (only one short of last year’s final figure). A committee of four was elected, Roger Dubbins (chairperson and treasurer) Francoise Allenby (vice chairperson), David Forrest (secretary) and Ann Abrams (minister without portfolio). The accounts for 2013 were approved showing a small surplus after charging the cost of replacing the bench by the pond in Lower Hall Lane which was funded by the group. An outline programme was agreed for the year including a talk entitled ‘Gardening for Butterflies’ in March, a visit to Thorpeland Hall in July, a demonstration of rose pruning by Peter Beales Roses in October and a willow weaving workshop to be run by Bob Lever of White House Willow in December. It was agreed that the annual subscription should remain at £5. The next two meetings will be held in the village hall and will be timed at 6.45pm for 7pm. 2nd April. A demonstration of the propagation of snowdrops and primroses with South Creake Nursery. 7th May. The planting of plug plants for sale at the village fete in July. The group welcomes new members from both inside and outside the village and anyone interested in joining should contact Roger Dubbins on 01263 862261 or RAD

CHURCH NEWS On the 18th January we gathered at the village hall to celebrate Burns Night. Unlike the previous year the weather was very clement and about 35 people were present to enjoy pre-supper drinks, chat and secure their places at the tables. We were welcomed by our master of ceremonies Martin Burkitt and then Pippa said the Selkirk grace. The haggis, carried by Roger was duly piped in by Richard Dawson, placed on the table and addressed by the piper. Everyone then tucked in to a traditional supper ending with coffee and cheese and biscuits. While the clearing up took place we were entertained by the piper before the various toasts were made, the loyal toast, toast to the lassies, reply to the toast to the lassies and finally a toast to the piper and a vote of thanks. We had also been occupied by Mary’s 20 questions quiz on all things Scottish which was difficult this year as evidenced by nobody attaining perfection. Tables were pushed back and we readied ourselves for the dancing. Over the past two or three years we have nearly mastered about three dances but this time Pippa became our “caller” having obtained some help from the internet. And very good she was too as many got to their feet and enjoyed the fun. The evening came to an end with two renditions of Auld Lang Syne and whilst the necessary tidying up was completed both the piper and his wife Glynis treated us to more music and singing. A big thank you to everyone who helped make the evening such a success from the initial planning stage, setting up the hall, food purchase and preparation and so on. A wonderful collective venture. APG

THE MEN OF SHARRINGTON The storms took their toll on many a homestead over the winter including trees and hedgerows. In particular an old willow finally shed a huge branch on Jubilee Corner smashing one of our village seats. We are very lucky in having some stalwart men around the village who just ‘go and sort it’. The ancient site at Bale Road can still be seen by modern day travellers thanks to the immaculate lawn and shrubs as well as the beautifully kept green with the village sign near Sharrington Hall. And please look out for the tulips as you enter the village from Holt as they are some of the many wild flowers maintained on our verges. So to these unsung heroes a big ‘thank you’ for keeping our verges mown, the trees pruned and the weeds in abeyance. Our village looks so much nicer for your intervention and we do appreciate it. AA

VILLAGE FETE An early notification that the fete this year is to take place on Saturday 12th July, in the gardens of Church Farmhouse. Perhaps an opportunity to set aside suitable offerings for the stalls when you start your spring cleaning. Full details and raffle tickets will be distributed nearer the time. APG

FOOD BANK The food bank box continues to receive donations for which we thank you. With Easter on the horizon we thought it might be nice to collect special treats with children in mind such as small Easter eggs, chocolate biscuits and other seasonal gifts as well as the usual tins and dry goods. If you can respond, thank you and of course the church is open every day for your gifts. APG

SHARRINGTON GARDENERS The group’s AGM was held in the village hall on 5th February. Despite a number of apologies from those who were unable to attend, 18 people were in attendance and the


NATURE NOTES An early showing of snowdrops, aconites and daffodils probably heralds another cold spring – such are the vagaries of our climate these days. Nevertheless, we must remember that “A March dust is worth a king’s ransom” and farmers will be busy planting spring barley, sugar beet & potatoes. Maybe some spring rape. Cattle will be turned out for grazing and our local sheep flocks going full tilt night and day lambing. What a joy it is to see the Cockthorpe flock so well shepherded and productive. They used to call sheep the “golden hoof” – manuring the ground between arable crops. Nothing has changed. The new book “Stiffkey with Cockthorpe – a story of local people” emphasises the historic importance of the humble sheep down the ages – on our light soils. 2013 was a good butterfly year – we need another to recover from 2012 which was a wash-out. “Butterfly conservation”, an excellent charity, surveys the whole country and, in 2012, 0ur gallant two recorders in their 1 kilometre area saw virtually nothing! (admittedly in a rather bare arable area.) Rare birds on our “patch” have included a Water Rail at Vale farm and a Glossy Ibis – mainly in the Cley area). I have not seen much in our garden this winter – why? Deer are proliferating – Roe, Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer, (White Bridges), and roaming bands of Red Deer. Much talk of the dwindling bee population and this includes species of bumble bees. Badgers dig out their nests – and diseases are on the increase. Hedgehogs are now becoming quite rare. Any answers? Pightle

and most complete – rivalling Norwich Cathedral! A very interesting read. Norfolk has more medieval churches than anywhere else in Europe. A lot built on the wool trade. Easter Sunday is 29th April. Check details in the front of the Lynx. We plan our usual children’s “Egg Hunt” for Sunday afternoon (3pm) – not to be missed! Our AGM will be in church after a short service on Sunday 6th April. All welcome. Other dates for your diaries ate: - Warborough Open Garden – Village Open gardens – 22nd June Bank Holiday Exhibition on WW1 in the Church (Stiffkey Local History Group 23rd - 25th August). The PCC would be delighted to welcome more people at our services – which we share with Langham – details in front of Lynx. Keith McDougall

SOME WWII MEMORIES I suppose my boyhood memories of WWII in Norfolk are not especially different to many others of my age group. Our home was on the cliffs near Mundesley. Stow Mill (Paston parish) is a local landmark. It was our home whilst my father was doing war work as a munitions officer in the Admiralty in the West Country. Stow Mill is still a feature on the coast road; one mile up a hill and to church at Paston involved a one and a half mile walk – petrol rationing (and all rationing) was a feature of life. But the train still ran to Mundesley from North Walsham. Two carriages with the engine having to go backwards on the return trip! Mundesley was a “terminus”! In 1940 invasion fever saw the whole coast as an encampment. Hotels, holiday camps, houses were requisitioned as army billets. Firing ranges dominated the cliff tops. The cliffs were mined and German “hit and run” aircraft flew over – my mother having to dive into the ditch one day as machine gun bullets flew. Her (ration card) shopping from Rusts (the grocer) scattered! She was furious! A land mine landed in a field about half a mile away and blew our several windows. Soldiers everywhere! The trudge of soldiers up and down the road on route marches, and battle exercises was continuous. I remember one of the units was the Cameron Highlanders. Spy fever gripped Norfolk – One day a (supposed) “Tommy”, with forage cap and clip board, appeared at our back door “to make a survey of local residents”. I called my mother from the kitchen – she answered a few questions, and asked if all the neighbourhood were being interviewed. An affirmative

CHURCH NOTES An old established inhabitant of the village Barbara Butler was buried on 31st January and a large congregation saw her to lie with her husband. It is always sad to see links with the past families commemorated, but her body rests in peace in our most beautiful churchyard; after a lovely service. The Churchyard is marred slightly by the tree felling, but all wood will be cleared up in due course and converted into domestic firewood. The Ash tree will, hopefully, recover and regenerate. We were so lucky no damage was done. Thanks to Jamie and family for clearing up the smaller ivy covered tree which narrowly missed gravestones. Really kind and helpful. Thank you so much. Repairs continue to churchyard walls and gate pillars. R & M is never ending! The PCC do hope that people appreciate how much over the last 10 years St John’s has benefited from a lot of t.l.c.! The new guide published by the Diocesan Office in Norwich entitled “ Norfolk Open Churches 2014” gives a description of our church; one of the longest descriptions


answer, “it was a military necessity. Afterwards, my mother rang the police – who bicycled up the hill and took copious notes – then reported the incident to the Military HQ (at the Grand Hotel – the result? A major spy search – and we were told that the “Tommy” was indeed caught – (and probably executed as a spy). Certainly the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts were in the front line of the invasion scare – and German infiltration. Later in the war the air was full of RAF bombers going out at evening for night raids – and in the daytime US aircraft pouring out to bomb – with vapour trails; crashed aircraft – foil on the telegraph wire, and little boys delight to find “souvenirs” – the raids on Norwich lighting up the sky, and ever increasing aerial activity as operation “Market Garden” (the Arnhem landings) saw fleets of Dakotas towing gliders going over. Incredible sight in 1944. As a little boy, all was exciting – shielded by devoted parents from reality. Every thing was rationed – but the “Eastern Counties” red buses continued to run – allowing occasional trips to Norwich. Great excitement! As the youngest of three brothers I saw the war as something exciting – not really appreciating its horrors. One day on the cliff top I saw a German aircraft flying low below cliff level; A “hit and run” raider. We bicycled everywhere especially to crash sites. We eventually saw the war end at Stow Mill and moved to Catfield. Stow Mill still stands sentinel and proud – a tourist attraction. But my memories of the 1940/41 war fever – the troops, the bombing, the drone of aircraft, and the way in which north Norfolk became a vast military camp – to resist an invasion ( which never came); but if it had, would have seen the total destruction of so much of our beautiful and peaceful Norfolk countryside. Much to be thankful for and to remember. WWI was supposed to be the war to end wars. It wasn’t. Pightle

accumulated grime of past seasons, the team aim to have changing rooms to be proud of. Jamie Lawrence is always on the lookout for volunteers to help with ongoing maintenance, if you can help please contact him. During the winter John (the Fish) Griffin has been busy arranging our fixture list: Sun 18th May - Marlingford (Home) Sun 01st June - Burnham Thorpe (away) Fri 06th June - Philanders (20/20 Home) 6pm Thurs 12th June - Aylsham (20/20 Home) 6pm Sun 15th June - Crusaders RFC/CC (Home) Sun 22nd June - Rudham & Co (away) Fri 27th June - Burnham Thorpe (20/20 away) 6pm Sun 13th July - Rudham & Co (Home) Sun 20th July - Burnham Thorpe (Home) Thu 24th July - Aylsham 20/20 6pm (away) Sun 27th July - Grantchester (away) Sun 03rd August - Marlingford (away) Sun 07th September - Grantchester (Home) Sunday matches usually begin at 2pm. We are always looking for new players; please contact any of the team if you are interested. Steven Bashforth


With the support of the PCC the Parish Church will be the venue of an exhibition to commemorate World War I to be held over the August Bank Holiday period. The Stiffkey Local History Group is currently researching the part played by the village & its people through the conflict. If you can help by loaning family documents etc for copying & possible display please contact myself (01328 830569), or any of the local history group committee. Steven Bashforth

ALBARACA PLANT SALE The annual Plant Sale, in aid of the Albaraca School in the Gambia, will be held at the Church Knoll on Sunday 25th May form 2-5pm. Any contributions (labelled please!) would be gratefully received on the day, or before. A great chance to help stock your garden ready for the Village Open Gardens Day. Further information or donations to Vivien Horobin (830591) Geraldine Green (830245) or Sue Moore (711403). Vivien Horobin


Open Gardens Day – Sunday 22nd June 2014 This is now being planned and up to 10 gardens will be open to the public from 2pm. Car parking will be at Vale Farm meadow. Teas will be served in the Village Hall, and most gardens will feature stalls / attractions. Volunteers are needed to issue entry tickets / maps at the car park, serve teas and man the stalls. Please contact Eva Gambrill who is coordinating this special day and make it the success it has been in past years. (Tel 830709). And gardeners – Would you open garden? There is so much talent among us – lets show it off!! Advertising will extend to press and radio – with posters in the area. “Traffic calming” with police support will be in place. All is in aid of much needed church funds – (especially for on-going maintenance of the church fabric). Now that we do not hold a village fete our open gardens day remains special and important. Please help us make it so. Keith McDougall

NGS GARDEN OPEN 25TH MAY Warborough House The gardens at Warborough House, Stiffkey will be open on Sunday 25th May 12-5pm. £4 Admission. There is plenty of parking at the garden signed at the garden entrance. Please do not park on the main road as this causes severe congestion. Coasthopper bus stop outside the garden. Teas will be served in aid of St Johns Church funds admission monies will go to The NGS nominated charities which include Macmillan cancer support, Marie Curie Cancer care and this year’s guest charity Parkinsons UK. Arabella Morgan

CRICKET NEWS By the time you receive this copy of the Local Lynx the Playing Field pavilion will be looking magnificent as a working party of cricketers will have attacked the



school! This was a little nerve wracking but also exciting. Presently we are learning a piece of music called “Tooty Fluty”. By Arran and Genevieve. Ramp up the Red A day to raise awareness and funds for the British Heart Foundation; everyone had to come to school dressed in red and bring a donation. After school we held a cake sale which also raised money for the Heart Foundation. By Flossie. Film Club Class 3 do Film Club every month. This time our film was chosen by the children. The most votes went to “Mr Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie”. We can definitely recommend it to all you readers of the Local Lynx. It was so funny; let me say that again…it was so funny! Not to give anything away, but Mr Bean is so silly you can hardly watch! At Film Club we have that favourite cinema snack: popcorn, and fruit if we want it, and a drink. It really is great. By Eli, Michael, Jethro and Liam. Class Two News, by Emily and Ellie Class Two have been studying the 1960s; including major events like the 1966 World Cup and 1969 Moon landing. In Science they learnt about materials. This involved lots of practical experiments. One was to test thermal insulators, predicting which material would keep an ice cube frozen longest. Very important information for space suits and the 1969 Moon landing! In Maths they learnt about symmetry, including a lovely link with symmetrical artwork also using key figures and objects from the 1960s. Literacy again linked to the 1960s: drama and role play with astronaut training, diary writing in role and non-chronological reports linked to information about planets. The older children in Class Two have been learning about Internet safety. They practiced searching the Internet and produced posters with to show how to be safe online. They have been exceptional and take Internet safety very seriously. Class One News, by Mrs Howes and the children In Numeracy we’ve been learning about surveys and charts. We found out about favourite sandwich fillings, favourite animals, and where people went at half term. We even did a punctuation survey and found out how many full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks there were in a story! On Maths Day we enjoyed making board games. We have started to learn to tell the time. In Literacy we have been looking at poems and have written colour poems and water poems.We e-mailed some questions to Rocío in Seville (Sevilla) and were pleased to receive answers and photos. In Art we have been painting and sketching indoors and outdoors (when it was fine). In Religious Education (RE) we have been learning about Jewish people. In Information & Communication Technology (ICT) we have been simulating plant growth, giving rain and light to a plant. In Science we have been planting and gardening and finding out which birds visit our school field. We have had two special days: Spanish Day and Book Day. We learn a lot and have a lot of fun in Class One. Memories of Mike Green and Vee Hopkins Head teacher Mike Green and Class 2 teacher Vee Hopkins will be retiring from Langham Village School at the end of this academic year after 23 and 21 years respectively. We would love to hear from you if you have been a pupil, parent or member of staff at the school during that time, as we are compiling an album of memories from those who have known Mike and Vee over the years. Contact me at Annemarie.coe@

It’s been a busy start to a new year at Langham Village School. Our Class 3 reporters bring you all the news. In January we had a “bring & buy” sale. People brought in things they didn’t want any more, like books, teddy bears, clothes, toys, games etc. to be sold for less than £1. It was frantic but fun! We raised almost £100 towards new play equipment. Everything unsold went to charity, but the most important thing is that everyone had a good time! By Teigan and Claire. Class Three International Primary Curriculum This term our unit is “The Natural World” and it has been fascinating! We had group research to find out about different regions and environments around the world. I wonder do you know the six major biomes? Well, we do now! There is grassland, tundra, desert, rainforest, deciduous forest and evergreen forest. Our groups prepared presentations to share what we found out. Next will be extreme weathers. By Peter. National Trust bird box building National Trust staff Ajay and George came to help us build bird boxes. We had to use screwdrivers and everything! It was great fun, but tricky to get the screws in. George and Ajay discussed with us where to place them around our school grounds. We just need to wait now for birds to come and nest in them! By Archie and William. Sport The Langham football team went to Norwich City football ground to play against Ashwicken Primary. Everyone had an epic time, and got a really nice certificate! It was possible to stay and watch Norwich v Swansea. What a wonderful day. By Teigan and Claire. Langham also played in a tournament at Alderman Peel High School. In the first match, Langham v Hindringham, we won 2-0 (goals by Charlie). Langham v Burnham Market we also won, 4-0 (goals by Joel). Two minutes later we played Wells Primary, winning 4-0 (goals by Archie and Charlie). To finish, Langham A team played Langham B team, not surprisingly Langham won! (Goal by Jethro.) Classes 2 and 3 take part in football coaching with Pavel, a Tesco-funded Football Association coach. Pavel is really nice and funny, he makes it great fun. We asked children in our class what they thought, Peter said, “It is awesome!” A good recommendation we’d say! By Florence and Chloe. A group of 12 children went to UEA for an athletic competition. The field events were: vertical jump, triple jump, chest pass, standing long jump and speed balance. The track events were: 1 x 1 relay, 2 x 2 relay and an obstacle race involving hurdles, speed bounce and doing a “roly-poly”. It was a fantastic experience and Langham are through to the County finals! By Emily. A mixed team of nine rugby players went to Holt Rugby Club on 4th March for the small schools league, playing four games. The first was a bit difficult, however, by the second we had got the hang of it all. In the third game we lost, but to a very strong team. We tried our hardest, and that is what counts! We started really strongly in our fourth game, against one of the best teams; we drew 4-4 (which we were very pleased with). Everyone really enjoyed it. By Neve, Katie and Abbie. Our netball team battled it out against Little Snoring. The final result was 8-7 in our favour with magnificent shots from Abbie and Neve. We were also really pleased to win the small schools High Five netball tournament. Miss Hunt has started a netball club; the practice really helps. Thanks Miss Hunt! By Charlotte and Poppy. Class 3 Flute lessons Class 3 have been learning the popular ABBA song: Mama Mia and recently had the opportunity to perform to the whole


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Local Lynx No.95 (April/May 2014)  

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Local Lynx No.95 (April/May 2014)  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages