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JUNE & JULY 2011



Stiffkey Red Lion

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WHAT’S ON June 4th Sat Bale Garden Fete. Manor Farm 2.00pm 4th Sat Langham F.O.L. Coffee am. Parish Room 5thSun Binham Deanery Evensong. Priory 6.30pm 10th Fri Saxlingham Jazz Concert. Gresham’s School 7.30pm 14thTue Morston PCC Crab Supper. Quay & Village Hall 6.30pm 15th Wed Langham F.O.L. Coffee am. Parish Room 18th Sat/19th Sun Binham Open Gardens & Book Sale 12-5pm 18th Sat Sharrington Fete. Church Farm 2pm 20th Mon Stiffkey WI Meeting. Old Hall 7.30pm 24th Fri Gunthorpe ‘Friends’ AGM & Supper. Institute 6.30pm 24th Fri Stiffkey Patron Saint Celebration. Parish Church 6pm 25th Sat Gunthorpe 50:50 Club. Village Institute10.30am 26th Sun Binham Local History Group Village Hall 7.30pm 26th Sun Gunthorpe Garden Party. The Rectory Langham 4 - 6pm 27th Mon/28th Tue Binham Pit Digging. Sites/times tbc

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July 2ndSat Langham F.O.L. Coffee am. Parish Room 2ndSat Morston Interiors & Antiques Fair. Bluejacket Workshop & Field 10am-5pm 9th Sat Binham Picnic Jazz. Priory from 4.15pm 14thTue Langham Coffee & Clothes Meadow Cottage from 10am 16th Sat Langham Leukaemia Research Sale. Parish Room 10-1pm 17thSun Bale School Concerts. All Saints Church 2.30 & 6pm 17thSun Binham Tea Concert. Priory 4pm 20thWed Langham F.O.L. Coffee am. Parish Room 23rdSat Binham Summer Concert. Priory 7.30pm 23rdSat Gunthorpe 50:50 Club. Institute 10.30am 30thSat Binham Summer Concert. Priory 7.30pm 30thSat Gunthorpe Friends BBQ Gunthorpe Hall 7.00pm 30th Sat/31stSun Langham Craft Fair. Parish Room 10-5 31stJuly Gunthorpe Village Fete Gunthorpe Hall 2pm

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Mondays Langham Keep Fit 10-11.30am Parish Room. Except Monday July 25th rd 3 Thurs Binham & Hindringham Open Circle 7.15pm

DEANERY NEWS Next meeting of the Deanery Synod


Date: Thursday 16th June 2011 7.15pm for 7.30pm Venue: Cley Village Hall Speaker: The Reverend Canon Jeremy Haselock Subject: ‘The Ordination of Women to the Episcopate.’ Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings for the whole evening or just for the talk, which is the first item on the agenda.

Deanery Synod congratulates our Rural Dean, Father Howard on his appointment as a Guardian of the Shrine at Walsingham.

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Michael Simison 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham Norfolk Tel: 01328 821 353

Deanery Evensong Binham Priory Sunday 5th June 6.30pm

Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church)

Churchwardens unable to attend the service on the 26th May might be registered at this service. Singers wishing to join the Deanery Choir for this service should meet at 5pm.

Service Times Mass for Sunday Vigil Mass: Sunday Mass:

Saturday 6.00pm. 11.00am.

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Reverend David Greenaway 8 St. Andrew’s Close Holt. Tel: 01263 712 181 Sunday Services at 6.30pm For weekday services and details of preachers and any change in times, refer to ‘The Glaven Valley Newsletter’.


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for June and July 2011 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked *

Parish Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

Parish Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

5th June 9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am CFS

12th June 9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC

19th June 9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC

26th June 9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

3rd July

10th July

17th July

24th July

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am CFS

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC At Langham

At Field Dalling

11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Langham

5th June: Deanery Evensong at Binham at 6.30pm 24th June: Patronal Festival Service at Stiffkey at 6.00pm, followed by light refreshments. 31st July: Holy Communion Group Service at Morston at 10.30am Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion My dear Friends and Parishioners, Lovely May and June, the season of Hope and Resurrection. Our great hope in God’s gift. We might think of it as a present: wrapped and ribboned; and given to us by the means of Jesus’ resurrection. And Hope is a practical gift, explored in the first letter of St. Peter, which forms part of the New Testament, a letter which called its first readers to the obedience of hope. Perhaps surprisingly, that hope includes judgement. The New Testament writers often affirm the finality of God’s judgement, but also that his verdict has already been pronounced: in Christ we are justified. We have passed from death to life; and the Judge at the last day is the Christian’s saviour. And so St. Peter does not call us to soul-destroying dread, but rather to reverent, hopeful fear. For our Father is the living God, and because he is holy, we too are called to be holy. And what does holiness mean, but dedication to God’s cause and abandonment to Christ’s influence, a change for the better. I wonder if you like croissants, or as an awkward and stoutly English child I used to call them, crescents? Fresh, warm, light, buttery, and eaten with much pleasure in seconds. But to make one requires time, patience, energy,

frequent rolling and folding, and no short cuts. The Christian characterised by holy love, the one who lives obediently in hope, is as welcome to the palate as the finest croissant, but takes even longer to make; and will only be made through the constant work upon us of the word of truth. The open Bible makes the best croissant. “You have been born anew, not of perishable need, but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God.” [1 Peter 1.23] Yours Truly, Ian Whittle


COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S NEWS Broadband We submitted in good time our bid to BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) for a major contribution, £10 million, towards the vast amount required to ensure Norfolk is not left behind the rest of the country – that it will not remain a county of 'not spots'. The comprehensive document Officers at County prepared was most impressive and congratulations to all those who contributed. I hope when we start the discussions everyone is aware of the necessity for second generation broadband – for entertainment, for learning, for connection to family members, for access to health information and assistance.

Environment Agency Warning System


Our coastal parishes will be interested to know that the EA finally presented its updated flood warning system to the Environment, Transport and Development Scrutiny Panel. Fellow Councillors struggled to comprehend the system and were concerned as to how vulnerable members of our communities could cope. I repeated my concern that whilst the EA has a responsibility for sending warning messages it has no responsibility to ensure these messages are received or comprehended. Further concerns were expressed as to the poor communications systems which exist along our coast and the EA was challenged to support our need for drastic improvements to communications. This situation remains on my radar.

From Lindsay Brettle for Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston First, I should like to thank those who voted for me in the Glaven Valley Ward and I will do my best to represent not only their interests and concerns, but those of everyone in the Glaven Valley. A few points: NNDC is developing an industry-led Fishing Sector Group for North Norfolk, similar to that of the already successfully established Tourism and Agriculture Round Tables. FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group) is now preparing a formal development strategy for our area aiming to attract funding. For further information contact Robin Smith on 01263 516236 or Robin.Smith@north-norfolk.gov.uk or Sandra Bush on 01263 516068 or Sandra.Bush@northnorfolk.gov.uk. I do hope some of you will have seen Environmental Protection Team Leader, Mark Whitmore, featured on BBC 1's Countryfile. With John Craven, he focused on the problem of fly tipping and how the District Council was addressing the problem of identifying the culprits. BBC's 'One' Show presented the Council's work in helping with the problems of coastal erosion, particularly with businesses, housing and caravan sites and carparks in the Happisburgh area. The new contractors, Keir, have taken over the District's waste and recycling collections, street cleansing and grounds maintenance. For any queries over the service contact them on 0300 1231163. Finally, it is the time of year to think about the Environment Awards presented by NNDC. Full details

Sure Start Children’s Centres Working with staff and fellow Councillors we concluded that the best way forward was to combine Holt/Corpusty, Stibbard and Wells Centres. This combination would result in an excellent range of staff proficiencies and an adequate number of young children to safeguard the future of the service. A decision will be made later at the Children’s Panel and Cabinet. (I would add that assurance has been given that the actual centre buildings will remain to provide a base in each area.)

Buses You must let me know of specific problems and in the meantime the County is seeking additional funds from the Government in the interest of rural transport. Dr. Marie Strong, 07920 286 597 marie.strong@norfolk.gov.uk


from www.northnorfolk.org.

lessons. The vicars were very enthusiastic, too. The Fund gave Jenny nearly £2,000, which enabled her to buy the bees, the hives and equipment, and materials for volunteers to construct more hives. There is global concern at the decline of bee populations, but we’re sure there will be five churchyards buzzing this spring. Ian wanted his local scout group to have a proper scout hall, rather than the old portakabins they’d had to make do with for years. A new hall would mean the 1st Mundesley Sea Scout group would attract new members, and they could invite other scout groups from around the country. It would also be a hall that local people could hire. Ian wanted the building to be as ‘green’ as possible to save heating costs as well as ‘saving the planet’. The Fund gave £10,000 towards the new heating system, which uses air source heat pump technology. And yes, you guessed, the building is painted green! Is my village in the AONB? How do I apply? Is my idea eligible? For more information on the Sustainable Development Fund visit norfolkcoastaonb.org.uk or call Community Officer Haidee Bishop on 01328 850530 haidee.bishop@norfolk.gov.uk.

From Jonathan Savory for Binham, Langham, Stiffkey A big thank you to everyone for re-electing me as District Councillor for Priory Ward. I am pleased to welcome Peter Terrington as my new colleague and I look forward to working with him. The Laurels Nutwood Farm, Wighton, Wells next the Sea NR23 1NX

DOES YOUR COUNTRYSIDE PROJECT DESERVE AN AWARD? “CPRE Norfolk Awards are given to a wide variety of projects – big and small – but they all have one thing in common: they all promote the beauty, tranquillity or diversity of the Norfolk countryside in some way” said Martin Walton, Chair of the Awards Panel. “We are looking for projects that have exceptional landscape or architectural merit, or those that increase understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the countryside. By recognising and acknowledging the efforts of groups and individuals who have created something special, we hope to encourage more high quality projects in the countryside.” To be considered for this year’s Awards, all applications must be received by June 17th 2011. Application forms are available from www.cprenorfolk.org.uk, or by emailing info@cprenorfolk.org.uk, or by phoning the CPRE Norfolk office on 01603 761660.

WATCH OUT FOR THIEVES! Even in this quiet corner of the country, there are still thieves about. To keep up to date with police reports and news, anyone (with a computer) can register to receive regular email reports through the Norfolk Police website. The service is called Police Direct. Those without computers can phone the usual nonemergency number (0845 456 4567) and will be put through to the Data Protection Department who will tell them how to register to receive messages by telephone. Currently, warnings are being given about a spate of thefts in this area of fuel oil (farm and domestic), of tools and equipment from ill-secured sheds and outbuildings, and of bicycles. Three bikes have been stolen recently in Langham alone. The oil thefts are particularly well organised. It is believed that thieves are equipped with a pumped tanker vehicle which can extract fuel oils in minutes. Bob Brandt. St Mary’s Homewatch Group, Langham

DO YOU HAVE A GOOD IDEA OR A PROJECT THAT NEEDS FUNDING? The Sustainable Development Fund exists for the people of the coast, to help them to put ideas into practice and find new ways to look after this special place. Its purpose is to benefit the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), but you don’t have to live within the AONB to be eligible.

Some recent examples of how the Fund has supported local people Jenny’s idea was to set up community-run beehives in five churchyards near the coast. She called her project ‘The Bees of God’s Acre’. Jenny is an experienced beekeeper, and lots of people had asked her to give them beekeeping

THE NEW BISHOP OF LYNN Jonathan Meyrick, comes to us from his post as Dean of Exeter. He is 58 and married to Rebecca, a specialist palliative care nurse. They have one son and two daughters. His interests include acting, singing, theatre, swimming, walking, travel, good food and wine, and reading. He will be consecrated bishop by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 2nd June at 11am. He will be formally welcomed to the Norwich Diocese at a special service at St Margaret’s church, King’s Lynn, on Sunday 19th June at 6.30pm and installed at Norwich Cathedral on Wednesday 29th June at 5.30pm.

NEW DEANERY YOUTH GROUP Simon Fenn, Holt Deanery’s children’s youth and family Missioner has launched a new group which will


THE PURCELL SCHOOL CONCERTS ALL SAINTS CHURCH SUNDAY 17 JULY FREE concert for Children at 2.30 p.m Followed by Main Concert at 6 p.m Tickets £8 Drinks on sale from 5.30 p.m We are delighted to welcome The Purcell School again. The level of performance of these young people is stunning. Not to be missed. Last year was sold out. It is wise to book early. All ages of children are welcome at the 2.30 p.m. performance. Please contact Alan Sankey on 01328 878 874.

be open to all young people across the deanery aged 1116 years. The group will meet at the Holt Youth Project, Old Station Way in Holt on the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month 6.30pm – 8.00pm. The broad aims of the group are to: Renew and deepen previous faith, Build and develop young peoples’ faith, Build a core group of Christian young people, Provide an opportunity to empower young people to develop leadership skills and peer discipleship. For details contact Simon on 07585801450 or simon.fenn@norwich.anglican.org.

VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW March 2011 Paul Turnbull £25 Christine Broughton £10 Ray Pointer £5 Brenda Hewitt £5


April 2011 Mary Gibbs £25 Margaret Sankey £10 Margaret Dent £5 David Ramm £5

New Poetry Event at Bayfield


On the first Sundays of June, July & August from 7 pm you can hear and read moving and evocative poetry for a summer's evening among the beauty and tranquility of the Natural Surroundings wildlife garden and reserve at Bayfield. Guest Poets and 'open mic', so bring something to read! Hosted by award-winning local poet Caroline Gilfillan. Cafe open for soup, snacks, hot drinks. For more information (and more events) see the Natural Surroundings Events Programme at www.naturalsurroundings.info or phone 01263 711091.

31st March 2011 The white broom has flowered all over the sierra, and in my olive grove, its faint bittersweet scent flavouring the air. It is fading now, as the yellow broom starts to take over, brilliant yellow and stronger smelling. The winter has been quite wet and the sound of water starts after about five minutes walking up the camino, rushing down the steep slope in a torrent which flows under the track in a culvert, from a deep valley full of bracken and scrub oak. This morning I heard a nightingale there, as well as in several other places – near the orange groves at the top, just under the castle, and amongst evergreen oak and boulders that make a rocky outcrop about halfway down. We walk in the cool of the morning, in the sun it is too hot for my fifteen year old dog. The pure chilly air is delicious. On Saturday we encountered two short toed eagles, fighting behind a rocky wall. First there were strange sounds, perhaps partridges, I thought; I looked over the wall – then came huge white wings sticking up from behind the

FAKENHAM CHORAL SOCIETY CONCERT Saturday, June 18th, 7.30pm Fakenham Parish Church A Summer Celebration: Parry - Mozart - Handel Tickets £12 (under 18 free) 01328 830639 or on the door


stones – storks? But then I could see they were eagles – as they realised they were being disturbed by humans, the two birds flew off. For a couple of weeks there has been a love triangle trying to settle and nest above the house in the steep cliffs, two males and a female. In the afternoons we can hear their seagull-like cries as they display. Nightingales and eagles, hoopoes, azure-winged magpies and cuckoos, eagle owls; a warbler I must try to identify. The bee eaters are beginning to arrive; I heard their bell-like calls this afternoon. 2nd April This morning I put on my boots and braved the muddy track that last November was impassable, all overgrown with brambles. The path zigzags around the edge of the sierra and the beginning of commercial olive groves on the right, a sea of grey green leaves, until it takes you further into the sierra again; flowery pastures, and the little stream that comes tumbling out of the hills, which you have to cross. Water as clear as glass, winding its way through, around and under granite boulders. Further along the stream bed opens out amongst big flat rocks, grass and beautiful white flowers which love to grow in water. I see them everywhere on the edges of ponds at this time of year in Extremadura, and this spring, in the pond at Morston too.

three together, all at different pitches, making an oddly musical medley with a cuckoo’s plaintive rhythm. The slipsliding, bubbling song of the nightingales predominates, often three or four challenging each other across the little grassy meadows in the hollows between crags, but the explosive buzzy crackle of Dartford warbler song emanates from several trees and bushes. Jane Wheeler

BALE GARDEN FETE Saturday June 4th at 2.00pm at Manor Farm The fete is fun for all the family with lots of garden games and competitions to play. There are lots of irresistible stalls too; cakes, produce, white elephant, tombolas and many more... homemade cakes and refreshing cups of tea are served on the lawn and everyone can relax listening to the Sheringham and Cromer Brass Band. We hope you will come along to enjoy a really traditional garden fete.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY At Bale Village Hall Social Club 29th May 7 pm cheese and wine party; tickets £ 7 on the door or in advance from Ann Ramm or Margaret Dent. 28th August 7 pm Hog Roast (more details later) 2nd October 7.30 pm Harvest Supper (more details later) All are welcome.

VILLAGE HALL NEWS At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Committee Anthony Hayward (Committee Secretary) and Ann Ramm (Treasurer) stood down from their roles. We are delighted, however, that Ann will

12th April Early spring brings some butterflies I haven’t seen here before, like the Spanish festoon, a wonderful creature of cream and black chequerboard pattern with red spots edging its wings. The Southern orange tip, is a much more gaudy version of our northern one, mainly bright yellow with orange tips to its wings, whereas ours is white with orange. Now the sierra is full of nightingales singing. Imagine this – a walk up a steep path paved with worn granite stones and smoothed boulders, studded with wild flowers and grasses, edged by yellow and white broom, in the cool morning before the sun strikes you with its heat. Each turn brings a new view – white cows hiding amongst white broom in flower; a white horse amongst yellow broom and spikes of moth mullein. And birdsong – always the gentle toot of the hoopoe in the background, sometimes two or


BINHAM PRIORY PASSION (1) The great enterprise of staging an Easter passion play, set in the priory church and relying solely on the resources of Binham and its neighbouring villages, has proved a shining success for the community. The Binham Priory Passion grew from small beginnings into a moving and memorable event - a dramatic spectacle - which played to full houses for three over-subscribed nights and, by common consent, touched the emotions of audiences and players alike. It is fair to say that it justified the faith and exceeded the hopes of all concerned. The energy of the production and its scale, occupying the full, monumental space of a priory stripped down for its dramatic purpose, clearly made an impact. One couple, writing immediately after attending a performance, spoke of the profound effect of the drama which they suspected would remain with them for life. “Perhaps it was because it radiated a genuineness; these were real people who actually knew each other in their everyday lives coming together for a very singleminded purpose. “Any one of the sixty people could have told the story, of course. But sixty people volunteered their considerable talents to present this all-important story in a way that I would not have believed possible. Whoever had the original idea and whoever had the vision to see this through to fruition deserves proper recognition for their faith and belief in being able to achieve a momentous piece of theatre right there in your local church. “Binham Priory will never be quite the same for us again. Every time we pass by, we shall remember the night that Jesus was crucified right there in front of us – but rose again as we knew he would.” The idea of a Binham passion play, recreating events in the last week of the life of Jesus, was the brainchild of David and Maureen Frost. It brought together a cast

continue to be a member of the village hall team. The committee would like to thank Anthony and Ann for their valued service over many, many years. Alastair Macorkindale will take over the role of treasurer and Carole Lee joined the committee. An announcement about the new Committee Secretary will be made in the next addition of the Lynx. As well as our regular Fish n’ Chip nights (7 pm on the second Friday of every month for those of you who don’t know) we have a number of events planned. On Saturday May 28th there is Bale’s own version of the Antiques Roadshow (courtesy of Richard and Luke Scott) followed by cheese and wine (and sorry if you missed out by the time this publication reaches you!). On the 27th August (bank holiday weekend) we have our annual hog roast; delicious! Finally the Committee would like to thank Chris and Carole Lee for having the idea and then organising a street party on April 29th to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Chris and Carole arranged for the closure of Sharrington Road and then organised the provision of food and drink. The party was well attended and greatly enjoyed. Thank you to all those who brought donations of food and also to those who made cash donations to the Village Hall funds. The committee is planning further events for the autumn, which will be announced in the next addition of the Lynx. Bale Village Hall Committee

“He’s been tired and emotional ever since The Wedding” 8

of almost entirely inexperienced amateurs who rehearsed their parts - disciples, Roman soldiers, Jewish priests, market women and raucous crowds – in a bitterly cold church through the worst of the winter. The role of Jesus was taken by Mark Fawcett, who lives in Stiffkey. The scriptwriter was local writer, Andrew Moncur. The production team was led by Grant Harrison, wellknown in Norfolk as a director of amateur drama, closely supported by Cecilia Evans, a RADA-trained acting coach with a special interest in voice production. The play was performed against a rich musical accompaniment, with a small choir. The musical director was Geoff Scott, Binham Priory’s organist. Costumes were designed and made by Beverley Taylor, assisted by Sue Jeffery and a team of local seamstresses. The production was a true community effort, with volunteers stepping forward to carry out every task, from applying actors’ make-up to directing car-parking and seating and serving refreshments to the audience. The play was also a financial success (although that was never its purpose). No charge was made for seats but almost £2,750 was donated by audience members during the play’s run. After meeting production expenses – including costume materials, lighting, sound, make-up, programme printing, refreshments and hire of the village hall – a balance of almost £500 was handed over to Binham PCC. Fiona Thompson

So Lord, we thank you God for your grace in those moments as well as your continued favour upon Binham to this day. We pray, Father, that as we commemorate this time to recognise the past, that your presence be with us and that you strengthen us as well as our countries as we endeavour to fight for truth, justice and peace. We pray God, for your blessings upon the United Kingdom, for the Queen that you give her wisdom to lead this nation and deliver this land from the perils of evil. We also pray for the United States of America, that your wisdom would also be granted to the President and that you provide divine protection upon her as well. Long may their flags wave, long may they walk in your counsel, and long may they continue to fulfil your everlasting will. Now may the light of hope, justice and strength shine from these two great lands and may their shores and their peoples be for ever far from harm. We ask these things in Christ the Saviour’s name. Amen. Prayer by John Ritter, USAF chaplain for the Binham F1-11 service

BINHAM PRIORY PASSION (2) a village drama for Easter My wife and I went to this play on Wednesday, 20th April and it was most certainly a 'drama'. I cannot claim to be a theatre critic, but I feel strongly, that this could have stood up well to any West End production. The quality, enthusiasm and sheer professionalism of everyone involved was, quite frankly, breath-taking and emotional. On our return home, I thought that I ought to check the definition of the word ‘passion' in my trusty Oxford Illustrated Dictionary 1962 edition. It is always worth having an older dictionary, because some of your favourite words may be left out on later editions or indeed re-defined, whether you like it or not. So many words have been destroyed through mis-use and other reasons, it is a pleasure to note that the word 'passion' has not been over used or lost respect in this modern world that we live in. My dictionary states many things regarding this word, but the key is 'the Passion, sufferings of Christ on the cross;..' Most reassuring. Humphrey Boon, Hindringham

BINHAM PRIORY Summer Concert Series Sat. 23 July 7.30 pm. The Classic Buskers. Michael Copley, woodwind, Ian Moore, accordion. Sat. 30 July 7.30 pm. Gough Duo. Rachel Gough, violin, Rupert Gough, organ. J S Bach, Vivaldi, Rheinberger, Liszt, Svendson Fri. 12 Aug. 7.30 pm. Xuefei Yang. Classical guitar. J S Bach, Albeniz, Goss, Barrios, Takemitsu, Jirmal.


Fri. 26 Aug. 7.30 pm Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord. Byrd, Tomkins, Couperin, J S Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Soler

1 May 2011

Sat. 3 Sept. 7.30 pm. Norwich Baroque. Corelli, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Mudge, Telemann, Handel.

Almighty God, we gather on this day to remember and reflect upon the events that took place 20 years ago when your hand of mercy and protection sheltered this village and her people from harm. Despite the damage to property, life was spared.

Tickets £14 per concert, or £12 if three or more concerts are booked in advance. Available from Maureen Frost, 01328 830362 or davidfrost226@btinternet.com.


BINHAM PRIORY GUIDED TOURS There is a Guided Tour of Binham Priory and its monastic precincts every Sunday and Tuesday afternoon starting at 2.30pm. These tours last for about an hour and run throughout the summer months from May to September. Booking ahead is not necessary. Many visitors find the interpretation panels very informative but if you like to ask questions or want the latest news about this building then do come along and join one of our tours. Group tours can be arranged at mutually convenient times by contacting Maureen Frost on 01328 830362. A donation of £2 per person will help us to maintain this magnificent priory church.

PICNIC 2 JAZZ Saturday 9th July


An event organised by the Friends of Binham Priory for a big picnic in the grounds of Binham Priory. A major social event in this countryside setting and a great opportunity for friends and families to enjoy their picnic to the sound of traditional jazz music provided by the DixieMix Jazz Band. The grounds will be open to picnickers from 4.15pm and live music will be provided between 5 and 8 pm. Car Parking is available adjacent to the grounds but allocated spaces for disabled persons are available directly adjacent to the main entrance. Advance tickets are available at a cost of £8 per adult, children free. Tickets are available on the day at a cost of £10 per adult. An application for advance tickets can be made to Mick Jeffery, Woodbine Cottage, Langham Road Binham, Nr Fakenham NR21 0DW. Tel: 01328 830886 email mj.sj@btinternet.com. Please make cheques payable to ‘Friends of Binham Priory’. DixieMix will continue to play at the event irrespective of weather conditions and the cost of advance tickets is nonrefundable.

At the June 16 meeting of the Open Circle, Sophie Edwards, a McTimoney therapist, will explain how our pets can benefit from this massage therapy. The July 21 meeting will be our garden party, held at the home of Debs Struthers, Lochter, Wells Road, Hindringham, at 6.30pm. The Open Circle Women’s Club meets at 7.15pm on the third Thursday of each month at Hindringham Village Hall and new members are always welcome. Just come along on the night or ring secretary Fiona Thompson on 01328 830639.

OPEN GARDENS AND BOOK SALE Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 12 noon to 5 pm Twelve gardens in the village will be open on both days. Some will have plant and other sales. Look for the Pink Pig signs. We need help with the Book Sale on both days – so if you can help for a couple of hours or more, do let us know. Entry tickets and maps can be bought at the hall or at any of the gardens. There will be a Book Sale in the village hall which will be open for parking and cream teas. There will be conducted tours of the Priory at 2.30 p.m. on both days. For more information call 01328 830270.

F1-11 CRASH nd

On May 2 1990 an American aircraft, on low flying exercise from Lakenheath, crashed very close to the houses on the south-west side of Binham and the Priory. The crew had ejected, landing at Wighton. Very fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured but there was some damage to property and crops were destroyed. On Sunday morning, 1st May this year a special service, lead by the Rector Revd. Ian Whittle, was held at the Priory to remember this event. Some 60 people from Binham and the surrounding villages were joined by two representatives of the USAF from Lakenheath, Capt John Ritter, the chaplain and Major Marcus Prince, an F16 navigator. It was a very joyous occasion, with many recalling the day, their reactions to the crash and the huge sense of relief that it could have been a tragic disaster. Memories were jogged by a small exhibition of presscuttings and photographs and conversation oiled by refreshments and wine. The Friends of Binham arranged the event and are very grateful to those who loaned material for the exhibition and to all who attended for their support.


well – such as recording the layers which are dug, sifting the spoil, washing the finds, providing sustenance and encouragement. So please if you would like to help in any way for all or part of these two digs, please contact Carolyn Wright at 01328 830270 or cpwrightuk@aol.com.

DIARY OF A BINHAM FARMER’S SON aged 34 April, 1855 2nd Called at Bale to present dear Ems with some music and a copy of Goldmith’s works as a birthday present. 5th Went to Tombland Fair, looked at 2 horses, bought none, dined at the Royal. 17th Mr Harrod and an American friend came from Weybourne to see the Abbey and stayed for dinner and took a bed here. 19th Sally started for Worthamstead in a fly and William Hill came to accompany her. This was our Finishing Market dinner. 20th Had bad headache after the dissipation of last evening. May 5th Drove up to London, went to watercolour exhibition, still very cold. 7th We went down to the Crystal Palace, had a long day and rather knocked Sally up. I was delighted especially with the statuary. 10th Went up to a fete at the Regents Park gardens, the flowers were beautiful. 12th Dined at Guildford Street last night and with Edmund today, then to the opera to hear The Bohemian Girl, Miss Reeve sang The Fair Maid of Poland beautifully. 15th Home by 5 o’clock train, found dear little Ems home to welcome me. 18th Eliza, Ems and I went to the church to try the harmonium, got on very well after a time. 21st We clipped the barn hoggetts. Uncle Brooke was too ill to come but I sent for Eliza, she and I went to church to the harmonium again. Norah and Richard Lewis

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The group consists of anyone interested in art or craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. In April, Kay Davis gave a very interesting and lively talk on painting the sea, using oil paints to demonstrate. For information contact James Bucknill 01328 830651.

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP A Day in the Life of Time Team Sunday 26th June Paul Blinkhorn - Paul is a medieval pottery expert and long-time member of Time Team. 7.30 pm in the Binham Village Hall. Wine, coffee & biscuits. £2 members, £3 non-members.

PIT DIGGING I Monday and Tuesday 27th and 28th June Carenza Lewis and her team from Higher Education Field Academy (H.E.F.A.) at Cambridge University, will be in Binham once again. This will be their fourth visit to dig more mini pits with students of nearby schools. 1. Would you be prepared to have a metre square pit dug in your garden? It really is very interesting watching it all happen. We do need approximately ten different sites. 2. Would you be interested in taking part yourself – as one pit will dug and recorded by members of the community?


PIT DIGGING II Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th July

Following the success of 2010, another family softball cricket match will be held at the Village Hall Playing Field on Sunday 7th August. Everybody is welcome to play or just to relax with a Cream Tea and a glass of Pimms. Admission will again be free and team selection will take place at 1.45 pm, ready for play at 2 pm. Each side will bowl 30 overs, with every team member able to bat. Prizes will be awarded to the Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman. Come and join in! Tim Walduck 01328 830775

Binham Local History Group is once again organising a COMMUNITY DIG, which will be part of the Festival of British Archaeology which aims to celebrate archaeology for all and is made up of hundreds of events across the UK. Catherine Ranson from Cambridge University will be here the whole weekend and all results will be including in the ongoing H.E.F.A. research which is being coordinated by Carenza. As in PIT DIGGING I, we are looking for sites for the actual test pits and enthusiastic diggers and other helpers as


be assured that you do not have to develop the reputation of your pre-occupiers, although it would be great fun if you did! Ernie and Daphne come to us from White Bridges, Stiffkey, where they lived for 59 years. Initially, conditions in their tied cottage were primitive by modern standards. Electricity was not connected until 1967. The electricity bill was one bill that Daphne was pleased to pay, at that time! Ernie has many fascinating stories to tell, more next time. Mike & Norma. The southern frontier of the village has changed dramatically. Charles’ little house has been demolished and replaced by ‘Wood End Barn’. The planners insisted that it should be single story and reflect the vernacular style, and the new barn is a modern interpretation of a cart shed. Wood End Barn will not be a holiday home. Mike works from home, and they are enthusiastic to play a full part in community life. You are both very welcome to Binham. Roger Newman




a new group of experienced singers based in North Norfolk

Once again there will be Teas in the Priory each Friday from 5th August and then every Friday during the month of August from 2.30 to 4.30 in the afternoon. So do please come and join us. If you would like to help on the day, or bake cakes or biscuits for us to sell, please let Marie Grange know at 01328 830374.

Sunday, 17th July, 4.00 pm Retiring Collection

GOODBYE AND HELLO Mary McEwan. Although she spent her final time in Holt, Mary had lived in The Buttlands for many years. Her house was known as a place of excellent hospitality. We are all too ready to give advice. Mary was, exceptionally, a very good listener, sometimes into the early hours. As well as her two sons, four of her grand children gave moving tributes at her funeral. She will be missed not only by her family, but her many friends. Mary played a vital role in the creation of the Memorial Hall, by which she will be remembered by many.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Very tiny grandchildren are allowed to comment on their grandparents’ whiskers, veins and funny teeth. This permissiveness, however, should not extend beyond the age of five.

BINHAM HOUSING TRUST In the last issue, I posed the question, where will all the new generation of Binham children live? For this and other reasons I think it is appropriate for Binham to follow the example of Blakeney in 1946, and ‘Homes for Wells’ and start the process whereby the village can have a number of houses exclusively for local people. This will be a long-term project, and I will provide a comprehensive report in the next edition of Local Lynx. In the meantime, I would be pleased to hear your views. Roger Newman

Peter Rayner. Known variously as the Samphire Man and the 2CV Man, and a regular at the Chequers, Peter fell down stairs, and died the next day in the NNUH. One quality of village life is looking out for each other. Peter would probably have died a lonely death, had it not been for Trevor Howell. He noticed that Peter, a bastion of regularity, had not been into the shop that morning, and contacted his daughter. The wake, following a cremation at St Faith’s, was held at the Chequers, which had closed especially for the occasion. Never before have I seen the pub so packed, with people from all walks of life. Su and I will miss Peter, upon whom we depended for our afternoon time check. The sound of Peter’s 2CV, struggling up Front Street, occasioned the remark “Ah, there goes Peter. It must be 3 o’clock already.” Hello Charlie. It’s been a grim year in Binham, but there is good news. A son for Cathy and Julian, and a brother for Alice and Jack; Charlie, bless his little cotton socks, gives us hope for the future. I hear that there are two more children on their way. Ernie & Daphne have moved to Priory Crescent, into the bungalow previously held by May, and before her, Bob Scott. A warm welcome to both of you. Please


At the earliest opportunity Mike joined the McAulay Flying Club at Little Snoring, and quickly graduated to the milestone of his first solo flight. Shortly after takeoff he attempted a turning manoeuvre, but the airspeed was not sufficiently high and the Tiger Moth side slipped into the ground. Mike was fortunate to survive. The impact was so severe that the straps of the safety harness cut through Mike’s thick leather Irvine flying jacket. Undaunted, Mike went on to become a flying instructor. The second involved “Pom” Blake, a wonderful old character, who ran a small garage in Fakenham. Pom was a great raconteur. One Saturday morning we were discussing car accidents. Pom was the black sheep of a wealthy family from Brighton and spoke with an appropriately distinguished accent (and not a hint of Norfolk). Pom says to me “You know Roger, crashing a car is not half so exciting as crashing an aeroplane, and I have done that three times!” On the third occasion, towards the end of WW1, he crashed behind German lines, but the fascinating tale about what happened next must wait for another occasion. Roger Newman

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL Flag pole Our new flag pole was kindly erected by Wyndham Spice – builder - in time to fly a Union Flag for the recent Royal Wedding. We are holding a competition open to all for the best design of a special Binham Memorial Hall flag. Designs in colour should be sent to Liz Brown, Abbott Farm, Binham by 1st November and the winning design will be announced at our Binham Christmas Supper on Saturday, 3rd December. Andrew Cuthbert

CHILDREN’S SONGS AND RHYMES We were listening to the Soldier’s Chorus from Gounod’s ‘Faust’ on the radio when Kathleen began to sing along with: “Oh, Jemima, look at your Uncle Jim. He’s in the duck pond learning how to swim. First he does the breast stroke, then he does the side, Now he’s under the water swimming against the tide.” It’s funny how you remember the songs and rhymes of your childhood, even after so many years. I don’t mean the songs we were taught in class, like “Linden Lea,” “The Ash Grove” and “Rose of England.” I mean the songs and rhymes we used in our playground and street games, like “The big ship sails on the alley, alley, ooh” and “The farmer’s in his den.” I expect they all came from that prolific source, Anon. As boys we secretly admired the girls’ skipping, as they got quicker and quicker with “Salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper,” again and again. For group skipping they chanted: “I like coffee, I like tea, I like Mandy (or whoever) in with me. I don’t like coffee, I don’t like tea, I don’t like Jeannie in with me” and so on.

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL If you would like to book the village hall for your next party please ring Liz Brown 01328 830519 for more information. We are also able to hire out tables, chairs, tablecloths, cutlery and crockery. Dates for your diary: Thursday September 8th at Binham Village Hall Cookery Demonstration by Galton Blackiston from Morston Hall. Saturday October 22nd at Binham Village Hall - Ceilidh Dance. More details about both events in the next Lynx.

ROYAL WEDDING CELEBRATIONS Around 70 guests attended the celebrations at the hall on Friday April 29th at 4 p.m. The hall was decorated, the table laden with sandwiches and cakes and lots of tea was drunk. Several ladies and gents were dressed in their wedding outfits with lots of lovely hats. A prize was awarded to John Murphy for his brilliantly worn crown and Trevor Howell for his decorated hat. We had appropriate music playing in the background with the occasional sing along. A big thank you to all who helped in any way with the event and particularly to Liz and Alan Brown. A raffle was held which funded the party.

CRASHING AEROPLANES The F1-11 crash 21 years ago reminds me of other crashes involving local people. The first involved Mike Watts, a contemporary of mine in Fakenham. His father and mine decided that, under no circumstances, would their sons be allowed a motorbike, which they considered to be very, very dangerous things. However, father Watts was content for Mike to learn to fly an aeroplane.


We had counting rhymes for choosing partners for games, like: “One potato, two potato, three potato, four” or: “Eenie, meenie, mynie, moe, catch a tinker by his toe. If he hollers let him go, eeenie, meenie, minee, moe” (only we used the ‘n’ word which did not then have today’s offensive connotation). That is a feature of child folk lore; it changes through time, reflecting events or characters of the day. One ball game went: “One, two, three, o’lairy, my ball’s down the airy, Don’t forget to give it to Mary, not to Charlie Chaplin.” In Scotland they used to say “Not to Kiltie Cauld Bum” and the word “airy” meant the yard or area. As a child I learned the songs of wartime and some were rather rude, like “My old man’s a dustman.” I remember one that made speculative, anatomical comments about the Nazi hierarchy to the tune of “Colonel Bogey.” But the vast body of children’s songs and rhymes is truly part of our folk history. Many were collected and published by a husband and wife team of folk enthusiasts, Iona and Peter Opie, bless them! Otherwise, they might have been lost, as memories dim and their owners pass on. Fortunately, we have the Opie’s works to refer to and much of this rich heritage is now on the internet which is treasure house of folk memories. I have wondered if children still continue this tradition and whether the researches of the Opies could have taken place today in our suspicious society. I expect today’s children have their own songs and rhymes, even if much influenced by our celebrity culture. But I was delighted when one of my granddaughters recited the following, which I had never heard before but now find on the internet described as a traditional children’s song: “Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick. So she sent for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick. The doctor came round with his bag and his hat And he knocked on the door with a rat-a-tat-tat. He looked at the dolly and he shook his head And he said to Miss Polly ‘Put her straight to bed.’ He wrote on some paper for some pills, pills, pills ‘I’ll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill.’” This must be an old rhyme from a time when doctors kept their stethoscopes in leather Gladstone bags and left bills, yet it was new to me. It is such a clever, observant rhyme, worthy of any collection of poetry. Ian Johnson

FIELD DALLING AND SAXLINGHAM SUMMER FETE Sat 13 Aug from 2 - 4pm in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall This year’s fete will again take place in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall, by kind invitation of Ravi and Salma Sondhi. Parking is free. The afternoon will include stalls, games, sideshows, refreshments – and the return of the popular Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo! Plans and preparations are well under way and as always your help, contributions and attendance will make a real difference to the day. The more we have to sell, the more we can donate to the two Churches and the Village Hall. If you will spare some time on the day, please join the team setting up and dismantling the equipment – for details, contact Andrew Cuthbert on 830367. If you have items you can donate, then please contact one of the stallholders listed here: Raffle Prizes: Roy & Sue Findlater 830442 White Elephants: Debbie Ladley 830582 (useful or ornamental household items) Books/DVDs: Graeme & Liz Peart 830668 Tombola: Roy & Bridget Nicholson 830614 (groceries, bottles, toiletries etc) Plants: Jeremy & Nadia Mason 830573 (including garden produce, jams etc) Gifts: Sam & Isobel Duncan 830258 Teas: John & Ginny Kirby 830211 (traybakes and cakes go down a treat) Cake Stall: Mark & Anne Gardner 830755 (lots more cakes, please – fresh not frozen). The Field Dalling and Saxlingham fete is always a lively and happy afternoon of family fun, so do put it in your diary now!

No news from Cockthorpe this time.




Hilary Craske £20.00 Klaus Ahrens £15.00 Daniel Worsley £ 5.00 David Aitman £ 5.00 Annette Ward £ 5.00 John Smith £ 5.00 Jane Lamb £ 5.00

THANK YOU… A letter from the family of David Peachey Linda and all the family would like to thank everyone in Field Dalling for their support following David’s recent death. We would especially like to thank: the Rev’d Ian Whittle for his guidance and for conducting such a wonderful service at St Andrew’s Church; Michael Kimmins for the music; the ladies who organised the beautiful flower arrangements in the church; John Kirby and Reg Rogers for preparing and arranging the use of the bier; Reg Rogers and Anthony Bowen-Woods for pulling and escorting the bier in the churchyard and John Holden for the kind use of his field for parking. We were also happy to see the west window in all of its splendour and our thanks go to Roy Findlater who worked tirelessly to ensure that it was installed in time for the service. Thanks also to Ginny Kirby and Anne Gardner for making sure that the church was well presented and to John Kirby, John Holden and Tony Ringer for their assistance in making the service run so smoothly. Above all we would like to thank all of those who attended David’s funeral. The large number of people showed us that he was a well-regarded man within the village and a friend to many.

Julie Fisher £20.00 Helen Clare £15.00 David Ward £10.00 Bea Kassapian £5.00 Sam Ford £5.00 Steve Fisher £5.00 Fiona Colman £5.00

The May draw on 21 May, the last for the current year’s subscriptions, was another “mega” draw with enhanced and additional cash prizes to “balance the books”. We are now collecting subscriptions (£12.00 per member) for the year to May 2012, so if you have not yet paid please do so as soon as possible – to “borrow” from another place “you have to be in it to win it”! If you would like more information on the 50:50 Club please contact either Peter Everett on 01263 860035 or John Blakeley on 01263 861008. We would like to thank all those members who have contributed raffle prizes or organised and provided the monthly refreshments for the 50/50 Club Meetings – your support is invaluable and much appreciated.

FRED’S GARDENING DIARY Notes for June and July Vegetable Garden You can keep sowing carrots, beetroot and all salad crops at two weekly intervals to keep a supply of young, tender, crops. Plant out leeks, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli as well as runner and French beans. If you are growing tomatoes in a greenhouse keep side-shoots nipped out and keep well watered. Hang yellow sticky fly-traps in between your plants to trap white fly and any other insects. You can plant outdoor cucumbers outside now in a sheltered spot or protect them with cloches or a garden frame. Flower Garden Plant out your dahlias and bedding plants now, making sure they have been hardened out by standing them outside for a few days. There are also many flowers seeds you can sow directly to your borders where you want them to flower – follow the instructions on the packet! Remove dead heads to keep plants flowering for longer, and keep hoeing between plants while weeds are small. This will save hand weeding which will be needed if weeds are allowed to get too big. Hanging baskets and containers can be planted, but they will need to be watered well in dry weather – add some water retaining gel to the compost before planting. Fred Morley


helpers are very welcome, just give Zena Churchill a ring on:01328 878727. Thank you for reading about the Gunthorpe Institute, and best wishes from all the Committee. Sandra Worthington, Treasurer

MEMBERSHIP APPEAL FOR THE FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH Well…here goes my annual appeal which must be a repetitive bore for most of you! So I will start by saying thank you to all who have participated and helped in the past… and encourage you all to continue this coming year. All members of the three Village Charity Committees (Parochial Church Council, Institute and “Friends”) have recently come together for a jointmeeting, and we all agreed that we are working for the total, common, Village good, and that we should all meet together a couple times a year to ensure that we are doing everything possible to maintain Village Spirit and continuity. All the Village Committees need extra help and more committee members. If you can spare the time please do come forward to help. For those of you who are new in the Village (and those who want to refresh their memories) – read on for information about the “Friends”. Please do attend the Friends AGM at 6:30pm on Friday, 24th June in the Village Institute and pay your subs for Friends Membership and the 50/50 Club – see the 50/50 Club item and below. The Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church (FOGPC) is a registered charity supported by most Gunthorpe Village residents as well as many people outside the village. The Charity is non-religious, and its purpose is to raise money to maintain the fabric of Gunthorpe Village Church. “Friends” members have a complete cross section of reasons for offering their support. Some members love old architecture, some admire and respect the history and sense of continuity of village life the Church represents, some members wish to be married and/or buried there or have relatives buried there... and some appreciate the Church for these reasons and worship there as well. Years ago when the charity was formed, at a meeting attended by most village residents, it was agreed that the major fundraising and support for this charity had to come from within the village, and people directly linked to the

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS The churchyard looks spruced up after a great clean up on Easter Saturday organised by Marie & Jeremy Denholm. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard. The Easter service was simply lovely and very well attended – many thanks to Michael Wilson and also to Verity and Freya Jacklin who performed the Easter Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana which was beautiful and most moving. We so appreciate the Jacklin family’s participation and support. On the 26th of June the Rev Ian Whittle and the Gunthorpe Parochial Church Council are holding a Garden Party at the Rectory in Langham from 4-6pm. We look forward to seeing friends and villagers alike. Penny Brough, Church Warden

GUNTHORPE INSTITUTE The Institute Committee are delighted to announce that Peter Everett will be the new Chairperson, Pippa Bunting will be the new Secretary and Julie Fisher will be joining them. A big thank you goes to departing Committee members John Blakeley and Sue Traverso for all the good work they did for the Institute during their successful time on the Committee. The Royal Wedding Tea Party was a brilliant success, well attended by both the young and more senior members of the village; great fun was had by all. A huge thank you goes to all those who donated food and wine which helped create such a lovely atmosphere. The newly refurbished Institute is a lovely venue and is available for hire at very reasonable rates, please give Sandra Warner a ring if interested on: 01263 862899. A Pie and Pint evening was held at Gunthorpe Institute on 20th May and with tickets at only £4.50 to cover a Walsingham Pie and a pint of Adnams (or glass of wine) it was a great success. We plan to do it again in the near future so if you are interested please phone Zena Churchill on: 01328 878727 for details - all are welcome. The Gunthorpe Village Fete will be held on 31st July at 2pm at Gunthorpe Hall, all are welcome. Aylsham Band can be enjoyed along with many stalls, games and cream teas. It's a great afternoon out. The Fete organising committee has had a couple of very productive meetings, but new ideas, volunteers and


May 2012) on the night, and if you have not already joined (and thanks to all who have) please bring your £12 50/50 Club subscriptions (that is assuming we have won you over as a supporter!) and you will have a chance to win the very next day as the first draw for the “new” year is on 25 June. Please also bring cash for the fish and chips and wine. It is a fun gathering, and we can give you more information at the AGM. For those existing and new members who are unable to attend the AGM you can send or drop off your membership fee(s) or donation to either John Blakeley, Hawthorns, Gunthorpe NR24 2NT (Telephone 01263-861008) or Marie or Jeremy Denholm, Gunthorpe Hall, Gunthorpe NR24 2PA (Telephone 01263-861373). Please make any cheques payable to “The Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church”. Please also give us a call if you need further information. Best wishes to you all and many thanks for any support you are able to give - from all the Friends Committee. Marie Denholm, Chairman

village, as it is our Village Church, and in this needy world is of very little concern outside Gunthorpe. We have this year completed the phased repair work to the Church tower. Dan and Ginny Worsley led the appeal to Charities and coordinated the work for the PCC, and we are truly grateful to them for their diligent and hard work in accomplishing such a fine result. There are still outstanding jobs to do and there are always future jobs and funds to replenish – so please do all help in any way you can. A great start is membership in the “Friends” and the “50/50 Club”. “Friends” membership is a minimum of £5 per year (but larger sums are gratefully received). Please DO continue your membership if you are an old member and join if you are not. The 50/50 Club, which has been recruiting separately, is our biggest fund-raising activity and costs £12 a year to join. Half of the membership subscription money comes back to the members via a monthly prize draw. The 50/50 Club meets, usually on the last Saturday of each month, in the Village Institute for a coffee morning with cakes, tea, coffee, raffle and the prize draw. Our year runs June to May, so we are now collecting for the next “Friends” year. We have a number of other functions each year which we hope you will attend, but we know 'Functions' are not everyone's cup of tea. Just your £5 membership and/or 50/50 Club membership helps greatly, and shows a willing local commitment, better enabling us to seek the external grants required for necessary, large-scale work such as the tower repair project just completed. Your membership fee(s) alone will be most gratefully received but it helps if you can give us your full name, address, phone and email (if applicable), and also confirm that you are a UK tax payer as, if you are, we are able to claim your subscription as Gift Aid and get the income tax back which is very beneficial. The “Friends” AGM will be held on Friday the 24th of June at 6:30 pm in the Gunthorpe Village Institute, followed by a fish and chips supper. Soft drinks and wine will be available. All those who are interested please do come along. We are always looking for more active helpers, so don't hesitate to volunteer, but we are most appreciative for the interest and support shown by your attendance alone. If you are new to the village - please come to see what it's all about - with no strings attached. If you are attending the AGM, please help by paying, if you have not already done so, your £5 membership fee (for the year up to the end of

BERYL FRANCES WHITE We were all very saddened to learn of the death of Beryl White, on 28th April, in St Elizabeth’s Hospice, Ipswich. Beryl, who was 87 years old, had known for some time that her illness was terminal, and had borne this knowledge with great courage and fortitude. She had only recently moved from the village to Woodbridge, to be close to her daughter Jennifer, but, tragically, had little time to enjoy her new surroundings. Beryl and her husband Ray, who died in March 2010, originally moved to Gunthorpe in 1986, following Ray’s retirement, and both had been enthusiastic and respected supporters of the village, and St Mary’s Church. Beryl’s Funeral was held at St Mary’s on 17th May, and her ashes were laid to rest there, next to Ray. Our deepest condolences go to Ray and Beryl’s daughters, Jennifer, Frances and Patricia and all of their extended families, for their sad loss.

CHURCHYARD CLEARUP On Easter Saturday, the 23rd of April, the annual Churchyard Clear-up (organized by the Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church) was held. Twelve people arrived to help and many thanks to them all. The gravel path was edged, weeded and tidied, the oak gates to the Churchyard were stained, the buddleia and yews were pruned and hawthorn and holly were planted intermediately to fill the gaps in the hedge. All in all it was a good morning’s work and sausage (and veggie) buns were enjoyed at ‘intermission’ with wine and juice. Thanks to everyone’s efforts the Churchyard was looking its best for Easter Sunday, when we were delighted to welcome some 50 worshipers to the Service.


the time I left school and his two daughters went to school here at Gunthorpe. I have particular memories of Donald J Cook who was once at Rookery Farm. He was one of the tallest men that I ever saw in Gunthorpe, being about six feet four inches. He and Jack Barnes used to make an odd pair in the old Gunthorpe football team. Cook used to play right back, and Jack Barnes, who was very much shorter, used to play left back. Cook played cricket and tennis as well, and was keen on amateur dramatics. He, with Mr. Foote the schoolmaster and Mr. Strachan the agent for the estate, used to put on plays in the old YMCA hut. Mr. Cook was a staunch Congregationalist and went to Sunday services at Briston. On the last Sunday he was here in Gunthorpe he took the service at our Methodist Chapel. From Gunthorpe he went to Breck’s Farm at Thornage. I remember well the blacksmith’s shop and the carpenter’s shop too. As children we often used to call in at the blacksmith’s shop on our way to school, and watched the horses being shod. The smell of burning hoof used to stay on our clothes for a long time. The blacksmith used to threaten us with a hot horseshoe in order to send us on our way. The smithy was in an outbuilding of “White House” and Ernest Earl from Swanton Novers was the blacksmith. Later on he was succeeded by Herbert Allcock, a relative of Fred Morley [Fred, who writes the Gardening Notes is still providing sterling support to the village, and has only recently handed over the post of Church Warden]. Billy Payne, son of Porter Payne, was the village carpenter and wheelwright and had his workshop at “‘Ashdale”. The old-fashioned saw-pit was still being used in my younger days and has only been covered over in recent years. A very long saw was used and quite long planks could be made by cutting a tree lengthwise. One man would stand on the trunk and the other stood in the pit beneath, and they worked the double-handled saw together. Coffins were made at the old carpenter’s shop at one time.

BOB’S STORY In this part of Bob’s Story he continues his story of his life in the agricultural community of Gunthorpe in the early 20th Century.

When still at school I used to do cow-keeping for John Peck on a Saturday sometimes with another boy. The cows had to be put out on the meadow near Blue Tile Farm. Occasionally, when we knew Mr Peck was not going to be about, we used to cheat a bit and not let the cows out to pasture early enough. Old Peck would then wonder why he was not getting enough milk. He was a mean old man, and often kept us boys waiting for the few pence we had earned for, maybe, several weeks work. Sometimes, instead of giving us a few coppers for our cow keeping and other jobs, he would give us some eggs from the very large heap he kept. The eggs being all mixed up you couldn’t tell how old they were. Quite often the eggs turned out to be addled, so you couldn’t really blame us for trying to get our own back on him from time to time. We used to scrump a few of his apples, and he got really angry if he caught us at it. He was quite prepared to wait all day if necessary until he managed to get us to come down from his trees. Apart from Peck, other farmers I remember well are Donald Cook, Maurice Wall, George and Fred Loads, Walter Lacey, Mr Fisher, Mr Duffield, Mr Jones, Mr Margeson, the Everitts, and John Grief and his son Frank (for whom I last worked.) There were also Henry Juby who was at White Horse Farm, and Gibson Juby who was at Woodhouse Farm and was a school manager. George Loads farmed at Valley Farm and his brother Fred was at Hall Farm. At White Horse Farm have been Mr G.H. Jones, Harry Juby, Walter Lacey, Margeson and the Duffields. Apart from John Peck, those who have been at Blue Tile have been the Everitts and the Fishers. I started working for Mr Fisher soon after he came to Gunthorpe in 1933. Mr Jones, now at Burgh Hall Farm, first met his wife at Gunthorpe, and he and Mrs Jones celebrated their Diamond Wedding in 1976. When I was young Herbert Lee Smith from Stody, owned Boundary Farm but William Jarvis, his agent, lived at the farmhouse. The Jarvis family came here from Bury St. Edmund in 1910. Walter Lacey, who was at White Horse Farm c.1930, had Rectory Farm, Bale, at about

Bob’s story of a changing life in Gunthorpe, which he told to Gunthorpe historian Ray Steffans in 1978 is published in a short booklet which costs £5.00 and is available through the Gunthorpe Lynx Representative – all profits going to the Village Institute. The booklet contains pictures that it is not possible to include with these extracts.


ANNUAL VESTRY MEETING This was held on April 12th and Mr. Edward Allen was elected as Churchwarden of St. Andrew & St. Mary Langham Episcopi Parish Church. This meeting was followed by the:

Annual Parochial Church Meeting Accounts and reports were received and accepted. Thanks were given to all those who help in the upkeep of our church. The Parochial Church Council ( PCC ) was elected and an Independent Assessor was appointed. There followed a short PCC meeting at which officers were appointed: Chairman – The Reverend Ian Whittle Lay Vice Chairman – Dr. Rex Dawson Minutes Secretary – Mrs. Diane Bannerman Treasurer – Mrs. Ann Sherriff Planned Giving Officer – Mrs. Ann Sherriff Fabric Officer – Mr. Jerry Allen Health and Safety Officer – Mr. Ian Spinks Electoral Roll Officer – Mrs. Janet Allen Deanery Synod Representative – Mrs. Ann Sherriff At the moment we have neither a Secretary nor a Child Protection Officer. If anyone feels they can help please contact one of the above. Everyone is aware of the strain that the ‘economic climate’ is putting on charities and our church is no exception. Fund raising continues in earnest but is yielding 50% less than in previous years. The running costs for our church in Langham are £188 per week. We work hard to keep our costs down and have succeeded in a small way as our running costs last year were £203 per week. We have several restricted funds which can only be used for their named purpose and a little in reserve to meet any shortfall. These apart, our balance for the Community Account year ending 2010 was only £304. Accounts and reports can be found on the church notice board. If anyone has some good ideas for fundraising and would like to help, please contact a member of the PCC. There are six parishioners who have pledged a regular contribution to the upkeep of our church and for this we are very grateful. It would be wonderful if we could have a few more. Any amount can be pledged for any period, weekly, monthly or annually and can be easily cancelled at any time. We appreciate, very much, all the support that is given to our church in so many ways. Thank you.

WELCOME We would like to offer a warm welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Hazelhurst and Roy, also to Mr. and Mrs. Price. We hope you will all be very happy living in Langham. Langham PCC

TALK ON NEPAL On March 18th in Langham Parish Room we were treated to an informative talk and slide show about a village in Nepal, [who's name we can't even pronounce let alone spell!] by Jane Whitaker. Jane, who drove across from Cheshire to be with us, has a second home in Stiffkey and has been a regular visitor for the last 15 years. Our Rector, the Reverend Ian Whittle, introduced Jane and she told us how she had come to know the village. With the help of the slides she showed us how life was being improved by a group of determined local women. Jane has done a lot of fund raising for the local school and brought a wonderful selection of goods from Nepal to sell. Thank you to those who provided the tea and coffee, served with lovely home made biscuits. This talk was arranged in connection with the Diocesan Lent Project 2011 which is supporting the Morning Star Children’s Charity in Nepal - raising money to train nurses and buying an ambulance to act as a mobile clinic. We had a retiring collection for this cause and raised a stunning £118.50 thanks to the generosity of all who attended a most enjoyable evening. Thank you Jane. Eva Gambrill and Ann Sherriff

SOUP LUNCH This event which took place in the Parish Room on the 9th April was a new venture to replace our usual ‘Joy’s coffee morning’ before Easter. We felt it was time for a change. We had four kinds of soup on the menu and a variety of cake to follow. We only had books and plants on sale as well as a raffle, so the proceeds in aid of Langham Church General Fund of £193.10 was only half the amount usually raised at a coffee morning. There was plenty of chatter and everyone seemed to enjoy the event so it was well worthwhile and may be repeated! Our thanks go to those who made the delicious soups and cakes and those who manned the stalls and helped to clear up. Thank you also to all who came to support us.


THANK YOU In response to all the kind and thoughtful friends and neighbours who have sent cards, good wishes and offers of help whilst Ken has been in and out of hospital, we have been so touched by your kindness and must say a BIG “Thank you”! Ken is now awaiting two further operations over the next few months that hopefully will improve his quality of life! Kind regards to you all. Sylvia

MOBILE LIBRARY The possibility of a change to the timetable, mentioned in the last issue has now been confirmed and visits will now be on a four weekly basis, on Thursdays: June 16th, July 14th, August 11th, calling each day for 20 minutes at: St. Mary’s - 10.00am Old Post Office - 10.25am Swan’s Close - 10.50am The Cornfield - 11.15am. Enquiries : Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE 2012 It is hoped to form a committee to arrange a Street Fayre, or perhaps something different! Would you be prepared to join a committee to provide ideas for 2012? Please let me have your name and ideas, so that I may pass these on to a new Chairman to set the ball rolling for 2012. Pauline 01328 830696 or marram@care4free.net

EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS, PHOTOGRAPHY, CERAMICS & TIFFANY GLASS 30th April – 3rd May An efficient working party transported the screens to the Parish Room on the 28th April where over 120 pictures were stacked, waiting to be hung. The daunting prospect of arranging these artistically was tackled by John Plummer, with Bob, Helen and Pauline working extremely hard to do his bidding! What a pleasing result! The popular ceramics and tiffany glass arrived on the 29th in the afternoon of course, so we could all admire ‘that dress’! We had wonderful refreshments for four days running – amazing cakes, scrumptious scones, biscuits and many other goodies. Thank you Jan and Gill, along with your helpers, for your dedication to making the refreshments something to remember. Demonstrations are always appreciated and both Ken and Bob worked tirelessly. Their calligraphy and painting was greatly admired. This has been a team effort. Thank you to all those involved. Over £1,100 was raised for the Parish Room funds, which is amazing. Pauline Bartlett

CRAFT FAIR Langham Church & Parish Room Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 10am – 5pm There is room for about 30 craft stalls for this year’s fair. Jan Hope and Gill Broom will again be organising wonderful refreshments. Do come along to enjoy a variety of crafts and take time out for coffee and cake! Proceeds from the fair will go to the Langham Church Building Trust. Further information can be obtained from Pauline 01328 830696 or marram@care4free.net.

The Parish Room Committee would like to express their sincere thanks to Pauline Bartlett, Jan Hope, Gill Broom, John Plummer and all their helpers for all their hard work in putting on such a splendid event. Apart from the magnificent sum raised towards future works at the Parish Room, the exhibition showed what a valuable part the hall contributes to the social life of the village and its surrounding area.


LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to July 31st

*NB New Rate 25p per mile Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday May 23rd Tel: 830 537* June 27th Tel: 830 696* May 30th Tel: 830 605 July 4th Tel: 830 606 * June 6th Tel: 830 847 July 11th Tel: 830 821 June 13th Tel: 830 605 July 18th Tel: 830 731 June 20th Tel: 830 537* July 25th Tel: 830 731 *These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, go to the next on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society Tel: 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also sited in The Bluebell and on the church porch and village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule after July 9th. We still have a vacancy for a driver, so if anyone is interested please give me a call. Thank you. Ann Sherriff 01328 830 605

COFFEE AND CLOTHES Thursday 14th July from 10am Meadow Cottage North Street Langham We would welcome donations of any ‘mistakes’ and up to date good as new clothes before 9th July at Meadow Cottage Tel. 01328 830198 or Reedlings, The Cornfield 01328 830417. NO JUMBLE PLEASE. Come and enjoy coffee, £1, and refresh your wardrobe. Proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Society.

STALL ON THE GREEN It is hoped that we will have this traditional fixture during August. The frequency will depend on how much energy we have! If anyone would like to help or even organise it, please do give me a call. Offers of cake and produce will be most welcome on the day. Look out for posters and details in the next Local Lynx. Thank you. Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS We have had two excellent meetings so far this year. Our ‘Mardle’ was made into a fun evening with a ‘Beetle Drive’ at which most of us had to dust our brains and remember how to play. On April 13th Paul Keates gave a really interesting ‘Photography Evening’. It was absolutely super and Paul had spent so much time and effort getting together lots of photographs taken around the world. Like most clubs, we are seeing a decrease in membership. We would welcome any ladies from Langham and surrounding villages. We have some open meetings when everyone is welcome. Next meetings: June 8th Police Community Support –Rebecca Taylor July 13th East Anglia Air Ambulance – Open meeting Both meetings in Langham Parish Room 7.30pm – plus a Strawberry Tea hosted by Jan Hope at ‘The Travis’ Holt Road on June 29th at 3pm. Hope to see lots of you at all the meetings. Maureen 01328 830 731

EL SALVADOR A huge thanks to everyone who came to our presentation in the Parish Room on March 14th about our pilgrimage to El Salvador. We divided the £125 of donations between two projects: the Fe y Allegria school in a slum area of the capital San Salvador and the Divine Providence Cancer Hospital which provides palliative care for the poor. Jutta and Roger Davis

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH GRAND SALE July 16th 10am – 1pm LANGHAM PARISH ROOM Lots of bargains – good clothes, bric-a-brac, Tombola, household items etc. Refreshments available.


RAFFERTY LOWE CHRISTENING On Sunday 27th March Rafferty Lowe, son of Kieran Lowe and Zara Bolingbroke-Kent was christened at Morston. The service – which contained some stirring hymns - was taken by the Rev. Ian Whittle. A lunch was held for the christening party at the Anchor after the service.




by Samphire (Answers on page 26)

The annual Crab Supper will be held as above. Please be on the Quay by 6.15 pm. This delicious Crab (or Chicken Pie) Supper will, as usual, be preceded by the usual fascinating boat trip to the Point to see seals and terns. After the boat trip, the main course, served at your table in the Village Hall, will be accompanied by a super side salad ; and there will be a splendid selection of home-made puddings to follow. Wine or beer will be available from the bar. The Boat-Trip-&-Supper Tickets at £18 a head are available from Mary Athill (01263-740306) or from Hope Todd (01263-740118). 6.30pm Boats depart from Morston Quay. 7.45 pm: Supper in Morston Village Hall. All proceeds go to the PCC for Morston Church.

1. What does BAFTA stand for? 2. In which book would you find Magwich? 3. In which century was Christopher Columbus born? 4. Which year was the Hiroshima bombing? 5. Which lager is the name of Britain’s second most important men’s tennis tournament? 6. What is the capital of Sri Lanka? 7. What was Mohammed Ali’s name when he was born/ christened? 8. Herm is in what group of islands? 9. Which South American country was named after Venice? 10. The Fox, Goose and Sack of Corn River Crossing Puzzle: A farmer went to market and purchased a fox, a goose, and a sack of corn. On his way home, the farmer came to the bank of a river and untied his minute boat. In crossing the river, the farmer could carry only himself and a single one of his three purchases - the fox or the goose or the sack of corn. If the fox and goose were left alone, the fox would eat the goose, and if the goose and the corn were left alone the goose would eat the corn. The farmer's problem was to carry himself and his three purchases to the far bank of the river, leaving each purchase intact. How did he do it?

MORSTON BOOK SALE 2011 The second annual Morston Book Sale, held over the May Day bank holiday weekend, raised £2,478.02 for Friends of Morston Church. Grateful thanks are due to all those who donated books, bought them, and helped to stage the sale before, during and after.

INTERIORS & ANTIQUES FAIR Bluejacket Worshop and Field Saturday 2 July 10am – 5pm 40 stall-holders representing a wide range of the very best in interior design, plus delicious food and free children’s entertainment. Further details will be posted at www.bluejacketworkshop.co.uk or ring 01263 740144.

NATIONAL TRUST Welcome to the National Trust update about the Trust’s work in the surrounding area. The Great Outdoors Eddie, our coastal warden, with support from Paul and Becky, our seasonal wardens are now in residence at the Lifeboat House on Blakeney Point for the season. In late March we started to see and hear the arrival of the first terns and so Eddie started fencing Far Point during April in preparation for the arrival of the Sandwich, Little and Common Terns that will create the ground nesting colonies. Engaging Events There are still a few weeks left to enter our Photography Competition; two broad categories ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Landscapes’ at National Trust places on the North Norfolk coast with a closing date of Thursday


30th June. If you are interested to enter then please get in touch. We also have a test of endurance, with a point to point walk from Cley beach car park to the Point and back with one of our wardens on Sat. 13th August - a great opportunity to discover something new on your door step. Points of View We are reviewing the long-term future of the wooden bridges at Morston and Stiffkey and the marsh path at Morston. Structural assessments have already been completed on the bridges and we are now looking to start a consultation phase with you in how you may like to see the bridges and path in the future. To get involved please contact us directly. On a separate note; following our previous ‘2012 and Beyond’ forums, thank you to those that have attended, we have now decided on the events to mark the past 100 years of Blakeney Point being in the care of the National Trust. Join our next ‘2012 & Beyond’ forum in July to find out about the events and how you could get involved and help make it all happen. Please let me know if you are coming to the forum. We hope to see you there. Volunteers R Us We have a unique opportunity for someone or a group of people with a real interest in the history of Blakeney National Nature Reserve and the National Trust. We need a volunteer(s) to collate, sort and catalogue our historical archives, all relating to Blakeney Point and the surrounding National Nature Reserve. If you are interested then please get in contact to find out more about this great role. Iain Wolfe (Visitor Services Manager, NT Blakeney NR25 7NW. Office/Fax: 01263 740241 Email: ian.wolfe@nationaltrust.org.uk.

SUMMER JAZZ CONCERT Our annual fundraising event for St Margaret’s given by boys and girls of Gresham’s School will take place on Friday 10th June at 7.30 in the church. The band’s programme will be as varied and arresting as ever. Soloists will join the band for certain numbers. As usual delicious canapes and wine will be served in the churchyard during the interval. They are included in the ticket price! Tickets @ £8 are available from Caroline Robson (01328 830298) and John Rayner (01328 830564).  

NEW TREASURER NEEDED We are most grateful to Maureen Sturgeon whohas served for some time as Treasurer on St Margaret’s PCC. She has performed with good humour in that role while keeping a keen eye on our finances. Increased work at Albanwise means that Maureen cannot continue to work for us, so if you can help us or know of someone who might be able to, please contact Liz Peart (01328 830668) or John Rayner (01328 830564).  

LOOKING AHEAD Please note that the date for Saxlingham’s joint fete with Field Dalling is Saturday 13th August (from 2pm to 4pm) and will take place in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall, thanks to Ravi and Salma Sondhi. It is vital that all of us contribute whatever we can gifts, prizes, help on the day (especially with stalls, games and refreshments), items for sale, etc. Please encourage friends, relations and people from other villages to come and note the date in their diaries. Some new tentage is being erected on the day and our old favourites The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo will be playing their special brand of music for us!

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Sat 25th June: Company of Servers Church Service at Morston. (The CoS is a society within the Anglican Communion for lay people whose vocation includes serving at the altar. It was inaugurated in 2009). Sat 2nd Jul: 6.30: FMC AGM in Village Hall Fri 5 Aug: Oyster Regatta Practice Sat 6 Aug: Oyster World Championships (& 1st day of Blakeney Regatta) Sat 20 Aug: Morston Regatta & Morston Fun Day [i.e. Fair] in NorfolkEtc’s field Sat 10 Sep: NCT Bicycle Ride Sat 15 Oct: Shovell Dinner


THE LONDON MARATHON Very well done to Vance and Pauline who both completed their London Marathon run and are now proud recipients of medals and tee shirts to prove THEY DID IT!!. The both really enjoyed the day. The running of more than 26 miles in 20+ degree heat with the other 36,000 runners, being cheered on by a crowd of many hundreds of thousands that lined the whole route was a very enjoyable, moving and unforgettable experience. It was a great day of camaraderie and good fellowship, for all who were present. Pauline and Vance would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who sponsored them and to say to those who did not but would still wish to, this is possible still to donate via their web page until 17th June 2011. http://ok.virginmoneygiving.com/VanceCurle Vance’s donations are going to the East Anglia Air Ambulance. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulineClarke Pauline’s donations are going to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). JHC

Farmhouse in aid of church funds and Farm Africa. Much planning had already gone into the event when the news was received that the whole village would be without electricity that day! Fortunately a successful military campaign then swung into action, the Aga was pepped up, camping stoves brought out and delicious piping hot coffee could be served to all. Visitors had a lovely garden to explore plus a variety of stalls offering plants books and cakes. A splendid raffle added to the profits, which eventually amounted to £275 for the church and £50 for Farm Africa. Many thanks to David and Lesley and all their helpers. Our Garden Fete has been brought forward this year to Saturday 18th June and we do hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us at Church Farmhouse. Bric-a-brac, books, plants, tombola, raffle, cakes, kitchen stall, good cloths, cds and games will all be in Eunice and Paul Morgan’s beautiful garden. Do come along at 2pm and enjoy homemade teas, music and all the fun of the fete. PEL

SHARRINGTON CHURCH NEWS Easter came to Sharrington in a blaze of sunshine and spring blossom and All Saints’ Church was decked out in all its glory. A fine congregation turned out to hear the Ven. Michael Handley preach and the singing was helped greatly by the sudden influx of musical families and friends. PCC member Anne Sloman was also celebrating her birthday so we even included a chorus of “Happy Birthday”. The three babes in arms behaved impeccably and were duly admired by all in their delightful Easter outfits. On the Wednesday following Easter Day, David and Lesley Forrest hosted a coffee morning at Hunts Hall

A CHAMPION SIAMESE Sharrington is fast becoming accustomed to having winning performances in 2011. The village is certainly on a roll with the exciting news from Daphne Harris that after winning 3 premier certificates and 2 Best of Breed her Seal Tabby Point Siamese has now been made up to champion status. His title is: PREMIER SHERMESE PEGASUS Many congratulations to both a most splendid cat and the proud owners. JHC


NEW ARRIVAL Many congratulations to Phil and Fen Harrison on the arrival of Heidi Heather, who was born at home on 29th March. All the family are doing well.

STIFFKEY MUSIC CIRCLE We will have completed out 2010-11 monthly programmes by the time the Lynx is distributed. Members have been very loyal. They have weathered a storm of Mahler, and a blast of Beethoven, and enabled over £200 to be raised for a young musician in the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. We will start again with the usual season’s opener supporting Unicef. The title for the evening? John is still seeking inspiration. Well! You will just have to come along to 2, Warborough Place (just behind the nationally famous Stiffkey Coffee Shop!) at 7 on Sept 1st to find out. To come you don’t have to be a Stiffkey resident, or over 60, or a musical genius, or a Strauss or Mozart fan, or prefer Radio 3 to Radio Norfolk. Anyone who enjoys a variety of music, a cosy fire, a chat and glass of whatever cheers is most welcome. We even welcome Classic FM addicts, and those who like Andre Rieu. Telephone 01328 830044 if you would like to know more. John Adnitt

and join us!! Looking back at Easter we remember with real joy a wonderful well attended Easter morning service with rousing singing from a congregation of over 50. Almost as many came for the Easter Egg Hunt at 3. We thank Beverley and Steven for organising the Hunt with copious numbers of eggs, including some lovely hand painted ones. They were so well hidden that one churchwarden is now convinced he needs to go to Specsavers. He could not find a single egg! Beverley and Steven also created the Easter garden on the knoll with the all-important message on the empty tomb “He is risen”. John Adnitt

THE SAD TREE This Spring the eastern approach to Stiffkey was particularly fine – a newly restored and refurbished village sign, resplendent on a neatly mown knoll, surrounded by a profusion of daffodils, …..and accompanied by a stunted, lonely and very depressingly dead tree (prunus rigor mortis). It’s been dead for a very long time, like a stage prop for “Waiting for Godot”, a poignant reminder of some well-intentioned project to make our village lovelier. How many people have to agree to its final demise? Perhaps one dark night it will simply disappear. John Adnitt

CHURCH NEWS On Friday June 24th St. John the Baptist’s Stiffkey will celebrate its patron saint’s special day in the church calendar. Please come to YOUR local church to help us celebrate. Our rector will lead a short Stiffkey Village Service at 6 pm followed by wine and savoury nibbles. We hope the weather will be calm and balmy and we can drift outside in the evening sunshine. All the village organisations, clubs, and activities have received invitations and we hope that they will all be well represented. We have a lovely church in a very special setting. We look forward to enjoying the early evening there with you. Set the Sky+ to record Eastenders, Wimbledon and all those TV summer repeats, and come

LAST MINUTE REMINDER HARDY ANNUAL PLANT SALE!! On the knoll, Monday May 30th - 10am onwards All proceeds to support Albaraca Nursery School, The Gambia. Refreshments and other things for sale in the Village Hall. Free gardening advice from local experts! John Adnitt

NATURE NOTES As I write the drought becomes more serious – but one supposes rain will arrive to save our crops and water our gardens. Early hot and sunny weather has meant early nesting and butterfly emergence. Orange Tips have been common in April and Bumble Bees active pollinating the heavy fruit blossom. Cold winds from the east have meant the Brent Geese have lingered – young non-breeding birds reluctant to face head winds across the North Sea – en


shotgun cartridges. Thanks go too to the National Trust who helped with the clear up and took away the huge trailer load gathered. To help look after our marsh, and if you would like to help with the next clean up and survey in July, please contact Helen Nott on 01328 831892. Helen Nott

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL The AGM for the Parochial Church Council took place on March 18th, too late for a report in the Lynx. Keith McDougall, John Adnitt, Helen Leach and Heather Harrison were voted to continue for a further year as churchwardens, secretary and treasurer, Margaret Adnitt, John and Shirley Everett, Eva Gambrill, and Chris Halford will continue as PCC members. In the annual Churchwardens’ Report thanks were recorded to those members of the village who give valuable support to the church by cleaning, working in the churchyard, providing and arranging flowers, and helping enthusiastically with events. The church belongs to the village. It is not a restricted membership club. It is good to have more villagers involved. The report acknowledged the success of the continued link with Langham Church, and the sharing of all regular Sunday services. We enjoy the larger congregations, usually more than 12, and links with another village. John Adnitt

route to Siberia, where they breed / summer. A west wind will see them disappear. A Black Kite has been seen over Stiffkey – a rare migrant from Southern Europe. Marsh Harriers are nesting these days, in arable fields. Tractor drivers have to be careful. We hear a lot these days about water resources and pollution. All septic tanks now have to be registered with the Environment Agency – bureaucratic nonsense or sensible precaution? I suppose it all emanates from Brussels. Rural Norfolk has managed its septic tanks for generations as sewage infrastructure has failed to lift us from the dark ages. All very well urban bureaucrats (with mains sewerage) imposing more restrictions – let’s have more investment in deprived rural villages and less officialdom! An interesting 10 mile chalk reef sits under the North Sea from Sheringham round to Trimingham – which is why we have the valuable crab and lobster industry. One hopes the Sheringham wind farm has not or will not disturb this marine resource. The North Sea is not dead and lifeless at all. The Terns are back on Blakeney point – and the wardens are busy day and night to protect these beautiful birds which winter in the tropics off Africa. Arctic Terns migrate between the Arctic and Antarctic—amazing! Pightle

ANSWERS TO MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (See page 22) 1: British Academy of Film and Television Arts. 2: “Great Expectations” (by Charles Dickens). 3: 16th. 4: 1945. 5: Stella Artois. 6: Colombo. 7: Cassius Clay. 8: Channel Islands. 9: Venezuela. 10. The River Crossing Puzzle. The farmer’s first step must be to take the goose across the river, as any other boatload will result in either the goose or the corn being eaten. When the farmer then returns to the original side, he has a choice of taking either the fox or the sack of corn across. If he were now to take the fox across, he’d have to then return to ferry the corn over, resulting in the fox eating the goose (on the far side). And if he were to take the corn across, he would need to return to get the fox, resulting in the beans being eaten (on the far side). To solve his dilemma, he must ferry the fox (or the corn) over and then take the goose back again to the “market side”. Now he can safely ferry the sack of corn (or the fox) over, leaving the goose behind, and finally return to fetch the goose. i.e. Take goose over. Return. Take fox or corn over. Take the goose back. Take corn or fox over. Return. Take goose over. Thus he needs seven crossings: four forward and three back.

STIFFKEY WI At April’s meeting we were treated to a practical demonstration (and tasting opportunity!) by Mrs. Pye of Corpusty. We were shown some simple techniques for arrange of tea-room favourites including soups, quiches and fruit pies and given some time saving tips on producing perfect pastry and easy fruit crumbles. Our next meeting at Old Hall on 20th June will be on the diversity of British gardens. Non members are welcome by contacting Helen Leach (secretary) on 01328 830349. Helen Nott

STIFFKEY MARSH CLEAN UP Over 30 sacks of rubbish were collected by local volunteers clearing a stretch of marsh alongside the coastal path from Greenway, westward towards Wells. Some unusual finds included a TV and a computer monitor presumably fly-tipped from the nearby car park. Other finds consisted of numerous polystyrene pieces and cups, as well as rope, netting, plastic bottles and


Enterprising green fingers Class 2 showed their entrepreneurial flair when they raised £50 from a plant sale recently. In true team spirit, the funds were used to buy a mini greenhouse and watering cans for Class 1 so that the youngsters could get the gardening bug too.

Sports highlights As always, the children are doing us proud on the sports field. Just a few highlights include: The High 5 Netball team qualified for the North Norfolk Finals and only just missed out on the County Finals by one place (we lost to the champions, Astley 1-0). We had five qualifiers for the County Cross Country Championships at Taverham, with Blue Wilson coming 6th in her Y4 girls’ race – a brilliant result. On the menu for the summer term are archery, cricket, tennis, softball and dance events for years 1 and 2.

SCHOOL NEWS The children of Langham Village School have been on their travels recently. Years 4, 5 and 6 (ages 8 – 11) had a week away at the Charterhouse Centre in Somerset in March. The children took part in a wide range of activities including caving, trekking, orienteering, archery and cliff climbing. Residential trips are a great way for them to try new experiences and get a taste of independence in a safe and fun environment. Head Teacher Mike Green says: “The children learn so much about themselves and ‘team work’ whilst away.” Huge thanks to Helen Ward, Lucy Walduck and Wyatt Earp who accompanied Mike on the trip and ensured that the children were well looked after 24/7. The rest of the school get to feel part of the trip from a fantastic photo display in the entrance hall. Also in March, children from years 3 – 6 travelled to London’s Wembley Arena to take part in a charity concert in aid of Barnardo’s. This was a fabulous experience for everyone concerned. The children left Langham at 6.30am and arrived outside the Wembley Arena at 10.00am. They rehearsed all day with 2,000 children from schools in London and the Home Counties. The concert took place in the evening – the children performing before an audience of over 3000, which made for an incredible atmosphere. The coaches arrived back in Langham very late in the evening, but it was well worth a few bleary eyes next day. The trip was made possible with the sterling support of Joanna Phelps, who organised the coaches and tickets for the parents attending. All coach travel for the children’s trips is subsidised by funds raised by the Friends of Langham Village School – so every time you buy a raffle ticket or attend a school fair, you are helping to support them.

Happy anniversary Mr Green! Hard to believe but Head Teacher Mike Green celebrated his 20th anniversary at Langham Village School on 8 April. Under Mike’s leadership the school has grown from one class to three and is a relaxed, happy and thriving environment where every child has the opportunity and encouragement to be all they can be. Many families have happy memories of their associations with the school and many more look forward to the years to come. Congratulations Mike and here’s to the next 20 years (for you know the parents will never allow you to retire!) Don’t forget to keep in touch with all the school news at www.langhamvillageschool.com. Anne-Marie Coe

Global village The value of the school’s international links was reinforced in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake. Class 1 (ages 4 – 6) corresponds with a school in Japan and the children were relieved to hear that their pen friends were not directly affected, although they have relations and friends whose houses were swept away. These international connections help bring global events home to the children much more vividly than simply hearing it on the news. Class 1 teacher Diana Howes has enjoyed an exchange trip with Mme Isabelle Fabre. Mme Fabre spent four days at Langham Village School in April while Mrs Howes paid a return visit to her school near Toulouse, and another school near Foix, during the Easter holidays.




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Local Lynx Issue 78 - June/July 2011  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...

Local Lynx Issue 78 - June/July 2011  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...