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August September 2018

Stiffkey harvest (photo Geraldine Green)

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29th Sat. Sharrington Plant & bulb sale, VH 10am REGULARS Tuesdays Binham Art Group MH 9.30am to 12.30pm Wednesdays term time Binham Youth Group MH 6-8pm Thursdays Field Dalling Carpet Bowls Club, VH 7.30pm Third Thursday in the month Binham & Hindringham Open Circle Meeting, Hindringham VH 7.15pm Fourth Thursday in the month Binham Local History Group MH 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays Langham Coffee mornings, VH 10 -12noon

Village Hall = VH AUGUST 2nd Thu. Langham Mobile library 9.55am St Mary’s & 10.20am The Cornfield 4th Sat. Binham Art Group Exhibition, MH 10am -5pm 4th Sat. Field Dalling Church clean-up/recommissioning 9.30am 4th Sat. Langham Cake & produce stall on the green 9.30-11am 5th Sun. Binham Art Group exhibition, MH 10am -5pm 5th Sun. Stiffkey Cricket 1pm 6th Mon. Binham Coffee morning, MH 10.30 – 12 noon 10th Fri. Bale Fish and chips, VH 6.45pm 10th Fri. Field Dalling Bereavement Group, Manor Farm Cottage 4pm 10th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo, VH 7.30pm 11th Sat. Langham Tabletop sale, Playing Field 9am 11th Sat. Langham Street Fair, 10am till late! 11th Sat. Langham Cake and produce stall, Playing Field 9-11am 12th Sun. Stiffkey Cricket 17th Fri. Saxlingham Bat Night, St Margaret’s, 6.45pm 18th Sat. Binham Priory Concerts, Xuefei Yang, 7.30pm 18th Sat. Field Dalling Village fete, VH 2pm 18th Sat. Langham Cake & produce stall, on the green 9.3011am 18th Sat. Morston Regatta start 11.30 am 18th Sat. Morston Regatta prizegiving & party at NorfolkEtc 7pm 19th Sun. Binham Village fete & show, MH 1 - 4pm 19th Sun. Morston PCC Stalls on Quay, 10.30am-2.30pm 22nd Wed. Field Dalling Friends & neighbours, VH 2.30pm 25th Sat. Bale Barbecue, VH, 7pm 25th Sat. Binham Priory Concerts, Trevor Pinnock 7.30pm 25th Sat. Field Dalling Church coffee morning 10.30am 25th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am 25th Sat. Langham Cake & produce stall, on the Green 9.3011am 25th Sat - 27th Mon. Stiffkey SLHG exhibition in the church 10am - 4pm free refreshments 26th Sun. Stiffkey Stalls on the knoll & tractors 10am - 12 noon. Tractors also at the Greenaway later. 30th Thu. Langham Mobile library 9.55am St Mary’s & 10.20am The Cornfield SEPTEMBER 1st Sat. Binham Priory Concerts, Jonathan Sage & Keats Quartet, 7.30pm 2nd Sun. Sharrington BBQ, All Saints Church 12 noon 5th Wed. Langham FOL Senior Citizens Mystery Trip 7th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo, VH 7.30pm 7th Fri. Bale Fish and chips, VH, 6.45pm 8th Sat. Gunthorpe, Langham, Sharrington NCT Bike Ride 9am – 5pm 12th Wed. Binham Youth Group returns, MH, 6-8pm 12th Wed. Field Dalling Coffee morning, VH 10.45am 14th Fri. Field Dalling Bereavement group, Manor Farm Cottage 4pm 15th Sat. Bale Philip West talk, VH, 7pm 22nd Sat. Binham Priory concerts, Cecilia Bernardini & Matt Wadsworth, 7.30pm 22nd Sat. Langham Autumn sale, VH 10-11.30am 26th Wed. Field Dalling Friends & neighbours, VH 2.30pm 26th Wed. Sharrington Live music night VH 7.30pm 27th Thu. Langham Mobile Library 9.55am St Mary’s & 10.20am The Cornfield 28th Fri. Sharrington Noble Rotters VH 7.30pm 29th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am

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BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Parish Priest, Father Keith Tulloch, ‘Stella Maris’ The Buttlands, Wells next the Sea, NR23 1EY T 01328 713044 Priest in Residence, Father William Wells (the house behind the church). Masses: Saturday Vigil Mass 6.00pm Sunday 11.00am Wednesday 9.30am

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH Minister: The Rev’d Cliff Shanganya, 8, St. Andrew’s Close, Holt. NR25 6EL 01263 712181 Email: CliffShanganya@methodist.org.uk Sunday service 6.30pm

DEANERY NEWS Our next Deanery Synod meeting will be on Thursday 27th September at 7pm in Weybourne Village Hall.


Church Services for the Stiffkey and Bale Benefice for August and September 2018 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer

Parish Bale Field Dalling

5th August 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

12th August 11.00am Animal Blessing Service At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

11.00am HC

19th August 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

26th August 9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am HC 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am MP CW 9.30am HC

Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP


2nd September

9th September

16th September

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

Field Dalling

At Saxlingham

11.00am CFS

At Saxlingham

11.00am MP BCP


11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

10.30am Group Thanksgiving Service At Field Dalling

11.00am MP

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

9.30am Harvest Festival 9.30am HC

At Field Dalling

9.30am MP At Langham



23rd September

9.30am HC At Langham 30th September At Field Dalling

9.30am MP BCP

9.30am HC

4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS


9.30am HC BCP


At Stiffkey

9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC

At Field Dalling


9.30am MP

At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

At Field Dalling


9.30am HC BCP

At Field Dalling At Field Dalling

Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayer, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion (no service 19th September)

RECTOR’S LETTER Dear Friends and Parishioners,

‘and that will be heaven and that will be heaven at last the first unclouded seeing

This is a time for many to make a holiday. The term comes from holy day, feasts of the Church all over Christendom, when you didn’t have to work or go to school. Some countries still keep up the tradition. Now of course it tends to mean days or weeks away from home if that can be afforded. Twenty-five years ago and for several years I would rent the gatehouse of a farm near Aubeterre in the Charente in south-west France. All around were fields of sunflowers; and it was fascinating to see the flowers facing east in the morning and south in the evening. The Tournesol. Actually every evening meant a stroll to a different small farm for a glass of Pineau de Charente; and if you didn’t visit all the neighbours in turn, next year you would be chided. But I loved the sunflowers, destined to become oil. Far nicer to my taste was local walnut oil and a drop on a lettuce leaf takes me back to lovely meals after a swim in the river. Once living there between posts for three months I often had maize and wild mushrooms – very slimming. The sunflowers though have stayed in my mind and a planting of them for game birds takes me straight to heaven.

to stand like the sunflower turned full face to the sun drenched with light in the still centre held while the circling planets hum with utter joy seeing and knowing at last in every particle seen and known and not turning away never turning away again’ ‘And That Will Be Heaven’ by Evangline Paterson (20th c.) May I wish you holy days and holidays in the weeks to come. Yours truly, Ian Whittle, Langham Rectory 01328 830246


urban areas. Generally this is more of an option for high school students not primary.” Wells Recycling Centre I know many people use Wells Recycling Centre some of whom have picked up concerns to which I have obtained a detailed response, copied below, from our Head of Waste. I would add that I have continued to work with this officer in respect of a possible ‘Re-use Shop’ – this is where useful products left at the Recycling Centre are checked for safety etc. and can then be offered for sale. You may have come across these shops at some of the larger centres and they have proved very welcome by users. “My thanks for passing on concerns to me. I can confirm that the throughput at Wells Recycling Centre has dropped in the last two months, down by an average of around 18 tonnes a month compared to the same period last year, so the information about there being a drop off is correct. This is a pattern we have seen recently across the network of sites we provide and was expected as a part of the effect of the policy change, although it is clear that in April the weather also had an effect. We know this because the tonnage of garden waste was down this April by around 6.5 tonnes compared to April last year at the Wells site and that is a pattern we have seen across the network and has been seen in Suffolk too. “To address the concern the County Council understands how much these services are valued and appreciated by householders, and to underline that point the County Council has stated that these recent changes were in clear preference to closing sites or reducing hours further at any sites. It is also worth pointing out that in these recent changes we have ensured that Wells can now accept larger volumes of construction and demolition waste – so where previously local residents would have had to visit Hempton to pay for disposal of larger volumes they are now able to use the site at Wells which will hopefully provide a more convenient and competitive alternative option for residents in the Wells area. I hope you can relay that development on to others who may not be aware of this improvement, as well as extending the reassurance that the site still accepts all household items for free – things such as fridges, sofas,


covers 10 villages in North Norfolk published every other month voluntarily produced by village members distributed to 1,200 households, pubs, churches, libraries, tourist information offices and shops  estimated readership 2,000 plus 300+ on-line readers at www.locallynx.co.uk Until quite recently, all our production costs (mainly printing) were covered by donations we receive from Parish Councils and PCCs, and by advertisements. But, perhaps due to the trend towards online selling, our advertising revenue has decreased over the past few issues. Although our overall financial position is still healthy, we need to make up the shortfall. So we are turning to you, our readers, for a little help. Firstly, if you run a local business or service, please consider advertising. Secondly, we know that you value your Local Lynx and, if you would like to help ensure its long-term future, then please think about making a small donation. Six pounds a year would be £1 per issue; ten pounds a year would be a round sum, but please give whatever you feel is appropriate. Our bank details for making a direct BACS transfer are below or you may donate by cash or cheque. Please email lynxeditor @pobox.com to arrange this. Lynx Internet Banking and Standing Orders Account number: 6500 4288 Sort code: 09-01-54 And… a special thank you to our individual doners. Ed.

COMMUNITY nEWS COUNTY COUNCILLORS’ NEWS …from Dr. Marie Strong Dear Readers - The following two topics have featured in my in-box of late so I hope the responses are of interest to you. School Buses Questions have been raised with me as to whether adults have been making use of School buses and I have obtained the following answer from NCC’s Travel and Transport section: “Thank you for the information, it’s not uncommon for us to provide transport on registered services that are open to the public. This happens in Norfolk and across the country. Home to school transport can be provided in this way under current school transport policy, and also goes some way to supporting the bus network. If the policy was to change and students were all required to travel on closed contracts, the subsidised local bus budget (which has shrunk from £8m to £3m over the past 10 years) would need further funding to support the network or we would see commercial services withdrawn as a result. I can understand the concern of some parents but students have been transported on public services for quite some time and even more so in


Great Snoring, Great & Little Walsingham, Hindringham, Holkham, Hunworth & Stody, , Langham, Thornage & Little Thornage, Morston, Sculthorpe, Stiffkey, Warham, Wells-next-the-Sea, Wighton, Wiveton.

electrical items, furniture, recyclables and garden waste etc – more information is on this link if that is useful: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling-andplanning/rubbish-and-recycling/types-of-waste-weaccept. “In terms of bin changes on site I’ve now looked in to the detail of this issue on the 2nd and 3rd of June and whilst it is a situation we try to avoid on these occasions it was a case of need. This was because the bins provided earlier were full, meaning that they needed to be replaced to allow the service to continue in the way we aim to provide it, and the only way to do this safely for customers is to clear the site for a short period. That said I have raised this as an operational issue and the transport arrangements will be planned to try and avoid the most popular site times where at all possible, for example avoiding the times just after a site is open or close to closing time. I can’t promise that will always be the case, for instance sometimes regulations that control driver hours may sometimes need an action has to be taken at a particular time and can’t be delayed, but at least you know it is a situation we will actively seek to avoid.” All good wishes, Marie

…from Cllr. Steffan Aquarone The death of Norfolk County Council leader Cliff Jordan a few weeks ago was a shock to all but his closest colleagues. Despite disagreeing with a great many of Cliff’s views, I found him to be a highly committed and authentic person who was prepared to speak out for what he believed was in the interests of Norfolk. He was a true Norfolk character and will be missed by all of us. Broadband The Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme (BBfN) has drastically improved broadband speeds across the county. However by April 2020 (when the programme ends), it is estimated that 5% of properties in Norfolk will still be without access due to gaps in the Openreach’s current infrastructure. But there is now a plan for how to offer cost-effective solutions to linking up these remote properties to super-fast coverage. Readers can contact me if they want to be informed of practical solutions as they emerge. Warm wishes, Steffan

Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division (Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes) marie.strong@norfolk. gov.uk or 07920 286 597 Binham & Cockthorpe, Blakeney, Brinton & Sharrington, Barshams & Houghton St Giles, Field Dalling & Saxlingham; Letheringsett & Glandford,

Steffan Aquarone: County Councillor Melton Constable Division ( incl. Bale and Gunthorpe Parishes) steffanaquarone@gmail.com or 07879 451608


Investment in Wellbeing Facilities As I write this Wimbledon is underway, so it seems only fitting to tell you about the significant investment which is being made into tennis provision across the District. We are in advanced discussions with the Lawn Tennis Association for investment into more indoor tennis courts at our Tennis Hub in Cromer. This would also bring investment into upgrading existing tennis provision across the District. Good news for all the budding Andy Murrays and Laura Robsons out there. The swimming facilities at Sheringham are past their sell by date and no longer economic to run. Working closely with Sports England, we are commissioning a replacement facility which will provide best in class swimming and exercise opportunities. This project is progressing well and anyone who wants to see the proposed designs can do so on the NNDC website or at the offices in Cromer. Social Prescribing Evidence has shown that individuals often end up at the doctor with symptoms of mental and physical ill health, which result from stresses in their lives. If these stresses could be tackled early and quickly, their health would not be impacted, and we would keep more people well. NNDC has received additional funding from Central Government to add resources to tackle this issue and we have recruited three Living Well Officers. These Officers can visit residents at home or in the community and support them to access existing resources within the community and resolve worries and concerns before they become overwhelming and impact their wellbeing. If you wish to access this support, you can contact the team at socialprescribing@north-norfolk.gov.uk. I hope you are coping ok with all this lovely sunshine. If you have any questions on any of these matters, please do get in touch at karen.ward@northnorfolk.gov.uk or 07946 533983.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S NEWS From Cllr Karen Ward As we head into the school holidays and high season across North Norfolk, I wanted to share with you work that is going on behind the scenes at NNDC, which will become much more visible as we move into the autumn and beyond: Emerging Local Plan We have just concluded a Scrutiny Rapid Review of the Emerging Local Plan to ensure that despite it being behind schedule, it is still on course to deliver what residents of North Norfolk tell us they need. It was a positive and constructive process which has made recommendations to ensure we continue to deliver an appropriate mix of housing; protect our beautiful environment and stimulate appropriate economic growth. Increased Community engagement is one of the key recommendations, so hopefully you will receive more information in your local area before the end of the year. Glaven Valley Conservation Area Reviews This work has been ongoing for a few months now and the emerging findings make very interesting reading. A review meeting takes place this month and again Community engagement is high on the agenda. The community consultation was due to take place in the summer, but it will now extend into the autumn to ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute. More information will be available through your Parish Council in due course.

District Councillors’ Contact Details: Vincent Fitzpatrick e:vincent.fitzpatrick@northnorfolk.gov.uk & Simon Hester e:simon.hester@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Karen Ward e:karen.ward@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston) Ann.R.Green (01328 878273) e: ann.green@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Gunthorpe & Bale)

GLAVEN CENTRE SERVICES Toe-nail clinics Wednesdays 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd August Wednesdays 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th September

Hearing Aid clinics Wednesday 22nd August and Friday 28th September

Hairdressing Every Wednesday. Regular, occasional or casual appointments can be made. Ring 01263 740762 to make and check appointments.




489 Sqn ANZAC Wing Beaufighter taking off from Langham Picture from IWM

The Dome was the “home” of the overnight clue on BBC Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest Bank Holiday Special and the popularity of this programme, and the very positive impressions of the Dome expressed by the presenters was evident in visitor comments in the visitor opening days following the programme. The Beaufighter (TORBEAU) picture above is just a tiny part of the growing records of the Dome Museum why not come along and see them for yourself? It is not going to be possible to have a full Dome Open Day on 16th September, our RAF 100 Day, but the Grand Draw will still take place at noon so please come along and see if you have won one of our stunning draw prizes. We were very pleased to receive this letter from one of the Friends of Langham Dome, Richard Polglaze, now living in Tilney All Saints, giving details of his training in a Dome very similar to ours, and which was the reason he has joined FoLD. During WW2 I served aboard a Royal Navy Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ship, HMS Aristocrat. We were part of the Thames Local Defence Force that guarded the mine swept Thames Estuary channels. Our base was at HMS Wildfire (a shore base) where there was a Dome trainer in the Dockyard. It was here that A/ A ratings from our flotilla and other went for refresher training when we came into Sheerness. We also had live ammunition shooting practice firing at nearby Barton’s Point range or at a drogue towed by a brave pilot whilst the ship was under way. We enjoyed the Dome training, or Dome shooting as we liked to call it, and another good reason for it to be enjoyed was that I could, after the shoot, have leave and go to my home “up the line” in London until early the next morning.

“The dirty rat! I knew he was holding Mr Bun the Baker…”

[Reps note: HMS Aristocrat started life as the Talisman. She was the world's first diesel-electric paddle vessel. Built in 1935, she was a passenger ferry on the Clyde before being requisitioned for war service. After wartime service as HMS Aristocrat, where as well as being an anti-aircraft ship she also served as the Acting Headquarters ship to the Mulberry Harbour Construction Force during the Normandy landings, she was re-fitted and served for 14 years with her original name as a ferry back on the Clyde on the Wemyss Bay Largs - Millport route.] If you would like more information on the Dome and how to be a volunteer please contact our Dome Manager Val Bowers on 07762 205578 or e-mail: val@langhamdome.org. For more details, including opening hours etc, you can also check our web site at www.langhamdome.org. John Blakeley

WELLS HOSPITAL HEARING CLINICS These are the dates of the hearing clinics that the NDA (Norfolk Deaf Association) will be running in Wells Hospital over the next few months. They are held between 1.00 and 3.00pm and they're the place to go for free hearing aid batteries – double rations if you show them your N&N Audiology Department card. All Tuesdays: 7th & 21st August; 4th & 18th September; 2nd & 16th October.


ambitious mixed-voice choir of 100 singers from north and west Norfolk which punches well above its weight. Whether it’s enticing the charismatic young composer Will Todd and his Trio to accompany the choir in his jazz Mass in Blue or bringing an enormous Verdi drum (one of only four in the country) to Fakenham for the Verdi Requiem, FCS does nothing by half measures. The choir performs three concerts a year of both sacred and secular music, all with professional soloists and often a full orchestra. Norwich Baroque accompanied the choir in a recent concert celebrating the stunning music of Henry Purcell, including Dido and Aeneas. Other successes include Orff’s Carmina Burana, Haydn’s The Creation, Mozart’s Requiem, Britten’s Saint Nicolas and Rutter’s Requiem. In addition to the concerts, FCS also runs a highly popular annual Come & Sing day attracting hundreds of singers from Norfolk and beyond. The choir is looking for a musical director who has both experience and empathy with traditional choral music and the courage and leadership to continue its venture into new musical territory. The successful applicant would, ideally, take over in late September. For more information, please contact Tracey Thompson, FCS secretary, on fakenhamchoralsec@gmail.com.

BURNHAM MARKET CRAFT FAIR Saturday 18 August 10am - 5pm Over 100 stalls with hand-crafted goods, plus a hog roast, refreshments, Punch & Judy and face painting. For details go to www.theburnhammarketcraftfair. co.uk.

FISHING FOR YOUNGSTERS Volunteer mentors needed “Fishing for youngsters” on Bayfield lake is a notfor-profit venture to introduce young people to the joys of fishing. We are now looking for volunteers to give two to three hours to mentor youngsters. Schools and other youth organisations book sessions of up to 8 children at a time and we try to give them all a mentor to teach them the rudiments of float fishing, etc. Equipment is provided. Please contact ursula@norfolkriverstrust.org or ring 01263 711299. The quid pro quo is that you can also enjoy free fishing as a small reward!! Robin Combe

LOOKING FOR A LOCAL MUSICAL BENEFACTOR! The Volko Trio, a family Jazz band living in Morston, are looking for a mid to long-term rehearsal space in the area from September 2018. We need somewhere ideally with natural light, a source of electricity and a door we can lock. An outbuilding, barn, garage, unused room? And obviously we don’t want to disturb any neighbours! We would be very happy to pay a ‘rent’ of sorts towards electricity consumed. Please email: rebecca.catt@gmail.com or tel: 01263 740544. Many thanks in advance. The Volko Trio

BALE Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878656 design@janewheeler.co.uk

BALE FETE Despite a grey day of heavy cloud and a low-for-thetime-of-year temperature a good queue of people was lined up before the opening. Tables were laden and as the cake is the second stall in as you enter it does attract an immediate crowd, apart from those who stop by the plants or make a beeline for the books or bric a brac. There is no predicting what cakes will be popular in any given year though; one year fairy cakes might be in demand, another it will be scones. On Saturday it seemed it was the bigger sponge cakes that got snapped up. There are always the ever popular victoria sponges, coffee and walnut, and fruit cakes (some barm brack this time) of any description are a hit and lemon cakes always go like....well, hot cakes. There was also a range of biscuits, home-baked breads, cornflake crisps, a lot of gingerbread and even some Norwegian cinnamon buns from a metropolitan donor! Requests for gluten or dairy free are occasionally made, sometimes with a sense of entitlement that is baffling, as the stall operates on voluntary donations rather than on a commissioning basis. The bookstall was very busy, with some people paying particularly close attention to the new adult section. This had been introduced to catalogue the huge

FAKENHAM CHORAL SOCIETY Janet Kelsey, Fakenham Choral Society’s inspiring Musical Director, is to leave the choir after 11 hugely successful seasons. Under Janet’s dynamic leadership the choir has grown in both membership and reputation. It is now seeking a new musical director to build upon these successes. Fakenham Choral Society (FCS) is a friendly and


quantity of risqué paperback titles, with suitably alluring covers, donated by an anonymous benefactor. Such was the sum raised those running the stall would wish to offer their personal thanks, if the person responsible will kindly identify themselves. The golf had a steady stream of would-be Major winners but, alas, there were only modest prizes for one Senior and one Junior. A similar picture was found at the other competitive events, and great fun was had by all who gave of their endeavours. Richard and his acolytes did a roaring trade in every sort of bric a brac imaginable, and some that was best left out of the imagination completely. One of the main attractions of the afternoon is to sit at a table in the beautiful gardens with a cup of tea from the tea stall and listen to the fantastic band. That before or after you’ve won a prize at bowls or croquet, or are anticipating a raffle ticket being called. Victoria Kurrein

Thanks for making the tour happen were expressed to Alison Cox from the Purcell School, with the hope that we will see the team again in 2019. Alison acknowledged her gratitude to Paula Moore for her administration and hospitality. Anne Peppitt

A COMMON RINGLET FESTIVAL Bale diary: 28th June 2018 Yesterday morning I decided to run the tick gauntlet and walk through the long grasses along the bottom of the big field ending up with boots, socks and turn-ups full of grass seed. Luckily there are none of those very dangerous barbed grass seeds that get into dogs’ ears and paws and eyes. In the long grass of the new meadow, set as conservation grassland by Henry Carter a few years ago, there are plenty of wild flowers, like tufted vetch and the common spotted orchids which are spreading around the dampest parts, invading from the woodland that used to be a water meadow. There are marsh thistles and a lovely assortment of grasses, with wildlife paths in them. I found ragged robin, a lot of orchids, and meadow vetch. There’s also masses of fleabane and hemp agrimony waiting to flower, but the main thing was that this long grass was full of common ringlet butterflies just starting to warm themselves up as the sun gradually came out. Then we waded through Cakes lane, which is not so bad at the lower end where George Harcourt cuts it often but at the top it is head high in bracken, hogweed, grass and docks with the odd bit of bramble. All us walkers are doing our best to trample a trail through it, but it’s quite

PURCELL IMPULSE OUTREACH TEAM IN BALE Once again, the students of the Impulse Outreach Team from the Purcell school came to North Norfolk in June and once again they gave their final concert in Bale church. These extremely talented and delightful young people had spent much of their visit to Norfolk in primary schools, giving the pupils access to a wide range of music and the opportunity to see and touch a broad selection of instruments. They also performed in Thursford and Fulmondeston churches before ending their tour in Bale, where the glorious summer evening allowed them to mingle with, and chat to, the audience during the interval. The music from these mature and gifted musicians was of the highest quality. They played as soloists and ensembles, introducing themselves and their choice of music, including compositions by two of their number. It would almost seem wrong to single out any individual from the string players, oboist, pianists, guitarist, drummers, flautist, harpist, singers and conductor. However, the performances of Billy on guitar and Kasparas the pianist were, as evidenced by the length and volume of the applause, quite exceptional.


particularly the Committee, voicing appreciation for the phenomenal achievement of raising around £85,000 to make it possible. This was a really enjoyable evening, eliciting very enthusiastic feedback: we are now hoping to make “Midsummer Pizza” an annual event. The August Bank Holiday Saturday will once again be Barbecue time. Alastair will have the charcoal blazing and ready to go at 7pm and tickets will be on sale from 1st August at £15. On 15th September (7pm) there will be a fascinating talk on Bale and the local area by local historian Philip West. This will be of interest to both newcomers to the area (i.e. anyone who hasn’t been here for at least two generations!) who would like to know more about their surroundings and to born-and-bred residents who would enjoy a trip down memory lane. Although not strictly in the period covered by this edition of “Local Lynx”, don’t forget the Harvest Supper, which this year takes place on Saturday 6th October. As usual, Alastair will have the evening off as our usual caterer has once again agreed to come out of retirement to look after us. Get the date in your diary now! Tickets for all the above events can be ordered from Paula on 01328 822012 or balevillagehall@gmail.com. Regular events During August and September Fish & Chips will be on Fridays 10th August and 8th September and please remember that it now starts at 6.45pm, so that we can put in our order by 7pm. Bring your own liquid refreshment. No booking required! The Book Group will meet on Saturday 15th September at 4pm. Information: 01328 822481. The Painting Group (Mondays 10am-1pm and 2-5pm) may take a break in August (to be confirmed) but will definitely take place in September. Information: 01328 822012. Paula Moore

hard work, and one knows there are ticks lurking! The council have completely stopped cutting it, although it’s a green road that’s not the responsibility of the neighbouring farmers. Luckily the Hotblacks usually take pity on us and give it a cut later in the summer. Today's walk took us past Bullfer Grove, where the uncut edge of the bank is host to plenty of insects, including speckled wood butterflies and more ringlets. In my garden there’s a bit of a shortage, despite the wild flowers. I did find a couple of beautiful brown carder bees on the knapweed this morning, a little old and faded compared to the bee identification pictures at the Friends of the Earth’s website, and there was a flower beetle – one of those beautiful shiny green creatures. I would expect to be seeing more butterflies – small copper, comma, red admiral, peacock, small tortoiseshell in my garden, but perhaps the drought or the cold May weather is making them later. We saw a painted lady two weeks ago, in Warham churchyard, and there has been an odd red admiral in the lanes, but only two gatekeepers and a ringlet or two in my garden yesterday. Now the paddock behind me is regularly sprayed to keep down the docks and nettles resulting from years of horse grazing, there is no nectar food on it for insects, except perhaps around the edges; also herbicides can be as fatal to insects as pesticides. Sadly we have few swifts and swallows as their food source has diminished. The colony of swifts that used to nest under the tiles of my neighbours' houses in Sharrington road have quite disappeared, and the swallows no longer have any barns to nest in. Even the old pond which must have some insects around it, and the ditch which has a wildflower strip, can't entice them back to twitter on the wires as they did a few years ago. Jane Wheeler


Our ‘Celebration’ event on Saturday 23rd June lived up to its name. A good number of locals and regular visitors gathered together to enjoy a glass of prosecco and a seemingly unlimited amount of pizza in the wonderful surroundings of Bale Village Hall, in celebration of the transformation that has taken place over the last two years. Martin Moore thanked all those involved in the project,


May 18

June 18

Ezra Postan £25 Jim Peppitt £10 Shona Macorkindale £5 Evan Turnbull £5

Emily Antcliffe Henry Postan Rose Jewitt Rose Jewitt

£25 £10 £5 £5


BINHAM Contact: Liz Brady 01328 830830 lizsdavenport@gmail.com

The Parish Council Defibrillator project has been live since the 23rd May. It is installed at the central crossroads, on an outside wall of The Chequers Inn, where it is highly visible and easily accessible. We would again like to acknowledge our grateful thanks to the key funding donors Broadland Housing Trust and H. Smith & Sons Ltd. Also, our very grateful thanks must go to PJ Electrics of Binham who very kindly installed the unit at no cost to the village. The unit is fully registered with North Norfolk Ambulance service, who will give out the details for unlocking the cabinet to any 999 call which involves the suspicion of a cardiac arrest. There was an excellent and informative Awareness Session in the Memorial Hall on 28th June, given by Community HeartBeat Trust trainer and first responder Jim Begley. This was attended by around 30 villagers who were given both basic life support training, including CPR, and also saw our specific defibrillator model in use. The VETS (Village Emergency Telephone Service) system will be initiated soon. This involves a pool of up to ten village volunteers, one or more of whom can be available to assist at a cardiac emergency, pending the arrival of the emergency services. The system uses a simple, memorable telephone number, unique for the village, and can be used for a cardiac emergency, where additional help may be required. Its main purpose is to bring the defibrillator to the casualty and also then have at least one extra person to assist. This is especially helpful when the initial 999 caller is alone with the casualty. The VETS system is not onerous and being a volunteer does not mean you have to attend whenever the system is activated. Full, extra training will be supplied by Community HeartBeat Trust. We now have 7 volunteers so far and it would be excellent if we could reach the full total of 10. If you are interested in any further information about or in joining, the VETS please feel free to contact Dr. Clive Brady, 01328 830830. clivetmbrady@gmail.com

BINHAM PARISH COUNCIL A fairly quiet two months, the most significant topics being the burial fees with the rights of reservation of plots in the Parish Cemetery and the possibility of producing an “information pack” to welcome the occupiers coming into the houses on the Priory Crescent as they are completed.

The Parish Cemetery The Parish Council is responsible for the ten metre strip of land on the left hand side immediately after entering the gate from the car park to the church path. Burials have taken place in this area from the 1950’s. An assessment of the remaining space for new burials or reservation of plots has suggested there is about 15 years remaining before the space will be full. While the Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep of this area the only income is derived from fees for burials and reservation of places. In comparison with Council Cemeteries in other parts of the County our present fees are low. It was decided to increase the fees and also have a protocol for deciding on rights of reservation, favouring individuals who are residents or have been in the past for a considerable number of years. The new arrangements will be displayed on the Parish notice boards. Anyone interested in the possibility of reserving a plot should contact the Parish Clerk. Keith Leesmith at keith@leesmith.co.uk.

Local Information Pack It is hoped to put this pack together with the Developer and Contractor to contain the brief outline of the village history, present amenities, organisations, schools, medical centres and a directory of suppliers and businesses. Pennie Alford will be co-ordinating this input from the Parish Council and anyone interested in providing information for inclusion should contact her by email at pennie.alford@btinternet.com. David Frost




Coffee Morning Mon 6th August from 10.30am -12.30pm at the hall Pop along for coffee or tea and biscuits and a chat. There will be a raffle, so come along and bring a friend. Village Fete and Village Show Sun 19th August, 1 – 4 pm Classes for the village show are on the Memorial Hall notice board, in the hall or on the Parish Council’s noticeboard. Entry forms are available from Liz or Andy or from inside the hall. Fun for all the family, fun dog show, tombola, raffle, cakes refreshments, bric-a-brac, Lots of games for the children. Watch out for posters for more information. If you would like to help either before the event or on the day of the fete and show, or if you have anything to donate please ring Liz 01328 830519 or Andy 01328 830178. Let’s hope for lovely weather and see you all there.

We have been having a busy time during June and July. We had a fascinating demonstration on the 12th June by Bob Crook from Cromer on painting birds. He was painting in acrylics but very much in the style of watercolour which produced some great effects. Bob has spent most of his life working with nature and this showed in his paintings. He painted a kingfisher without any reference to any other material. He said he just carries it all in his head. An amazing talent. On the 22nd June we held the launch of our Summer Collection at the Chequers Gallery. This was very well attended by members and their guests who all enjoyed Pimm’s and strawberries kindly provided by Sarah and Simon. There was a marvellous range of fresh pictures on show which illustrates the wide range and talent that we have in the Group. Roz Ulph joined us on the 3rd July for a demonstration and workshop on how to paint with pen and wash. Roz showed us her wide ranging talents and gave us great inspiration to enable us to improve our own work. Members of the Group are presently hard at work preparing for our annual exhibition which is being held over the weekend of the 4th and 5th August. The preview night is on Friday the 3rd and is by invitation only. The exhibition is open between 10am and 5pm both days so please come along and enjoy some wonderful local art. There will be a ‘have a go table’ where you will be able to rekindle that dormant talent, and encourage children to try their hand. All details of the Group and their activities can be found on our website www.binhamartgroup.weebly.com.

BINHAM PRIORY CONCERTS Summer/Autumn Series 2018 Sat 18th Aug. at 7.30pm, Xuefei Yang (classical guitar) Sat 25th Aug. at 7.30pm, Trevor Pinnock (harpsichord) Sat 1st Sept. at 7.30pm, Jonathan Sage and Keats Quartet (clarinet and string quartet) Sat 22nd Sept. at 7.30pm, Cecilia Bernardini & Matt Wadsworth (violin and theorbo) Please visit www.binhampriory.org for details. Tickets are £18 per concert. Numbered tickets are available in advance. For tickets please contact Maureen Frost 01328 830362 or email davidfrost226@ btinternet.com.



Harvest Thanksgiving Service Sunday 14th October at 11 am

May winners: £25 C Fowle, £10 Sheelin Cuthbert, David Frost, £5 June Read, Mr G Marsh, Hannah Wales. June winners: £25 Pennie and Neil Alford, £10 Jan Hewitt, S Townsend, £5 Simon Carter, Tracy Fowle, Sue Jeffery. If anyone would like to join the 100+ club, please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

Followed by a Village Harvest Lunch at the Memorial Hall from 12.30pm for 1 pm. This is a village occasion for all to celebrate with friends and family. Please let Liz Brown 01328 830519 or Maureen Frost 01328 830362 know if you will be coming. The cost is £5 each, children are free.




Binham Youth group is held in the Binham Memorial Hall on Wednesdays 6-8 pm, term time only, age 5-16 years, £1 entry fee, tuck shop. All staff DBS checked. We have art ‘n’ craft, board games, table tennis, pool table, karaoke, books, 10 pin bowling, indoors during winter and summer time we use the large playing field and play equipment or just chill out and make new friends. ‘It's a good place to come and meet your friends and make new ones' We return on Wed 12th September after the summer break, same place same time. Contact Amanda Able (01328 830828) or Andrew Marsh (01328 830178) for further information.

Contact: Maurice Matthews 01328 830350 maurice.matthews@peppard.net No news from Cockthorpe this time.

FIELD DALLING Contact: Julie Wiltshire julie_wilson75@hotmail.com

ST ANDREW’S CHURCH We are delighted to say that the re-roofing of the chancel and north aisle will be finished by the time you read this. This is a major achievement by our contractors and their hard-working craftsmen. The work they have done looks very fine. We are extremely sad that, just before it was completed, David Preston, who ran Pikestaff, died of throat cancer; he may well be known to those in other parishes. The church will therefore be re-opened in August and we will be using it for our services from then on. It will be good to return to familiar surroundings, but we are very grateful to Saxlingham church for their warm welcome during this period. It has been good to share more services with them. We are very grateful for the original grant from the Licensed Places of Worship Scheme, for a grant of £9,000 from the Norfolk Churches Trust and to those in the village who have supported our roof appeal, which now stands at just over £8,000. We look forward to welcoming the whole benefice to a Group Thanksgiving Service on Sunday September 30th, at 10.30am, when we hope you will share our enjoyment in having the use of our church once again. Ian Newton, Churchwarden

BINHAM AND HINDRINGHAM OPEN CIRCLE We are a women’s group that meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15pm in Hindringham village hall. It would be lovely to welcome new members to our group. Either come along or ring our secretary Sue Elkins 01328 878487 for more information. We take a break in August and don't meet up but we are back on 20th September when Charlotte Paton will talk to us about the life of a Victorian country woman. Sue Ellis

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Don't look back, it cannot get you anywhere. A step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. And it doesn't really matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop moving forward.

BINHAM CHRISTMAS FAIR For your diary: Sat. 17th November 9.30am – 2pm All the tables are paid for. There are lots of new exhibitors. If you have any hardback books we will store them. Tony Pepper

Animal Blessing Service Sunday 12th August, 11am Animals mean a great deal to many of us. Whether they are the sheep in the fields around us, the dog at our


feet, the cat curled up on the window ledge in the sun, or many others, there is a sense of care, affection and responsibility. We gather to thank God for them, and to ask his blessing on them and their place in our lives. They seem to enjoy being in a pew with their owners in church - so don’t hesitate to bring yours! Fiona Newton

GUNTHORPE Contact: John Blakeley 01263 861008 jbconsult@btinternet.com www.gunthorpefriends.co.uk



Annette Ward £25 Margaret Reeves £20 Sharon Lloyd £15 Lisa Rush £10 Jeremy Denholm £10 Peggy Corney £5 Mia Partridge £5 David Ford £5 John Arthurson £5

Saturday 18th August, 2 – 4.30pm The day of our traditional Summer Fete will soon be here and preparations are being finalised. A big thank you to everyone who has offered their time and/or donated items to the stalls. Additional contributions are always welcome and can be left at the Villagers’ Hall on Friday 17th August, and pledges of cakes can be made to Ginny Kirby 01328 830211 and Fiona Newton 01328 830947. The fete is the main annual fundraising event for the two villages and offers an afternoon of fun for all ages with a mixture of traditional games, stalls, refreshments and the music played throughout by the Norfolk Jazz Quartet who are returning by popular demand. Everyone is welcome and many of our visitors return each year so please come and bring your friends and families to try your luck with the games, browse and purchase something from the well stocked stalls or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere with a cup of tea and cake or strawberries and cream whilst having a chat and listening to the music. Bridget Nicholson 01328 830614

June William Worsley £20 George Brough £15 Nick Elwell £5 John Clark £5 Lindsay Worsley £5 Elaine Francis £5 John Rush £5

We finished the 50:50 Club year on 26th May with total donations to the “Friends” for the year of £1023.12 - so a very big thank you goes to all who have been members and who have contributed to the raffle prizes and the refreshments for the monthly coffee morning. If you have not already renewed can we please ask for the subscriptions for the next year, ie June 2018 to May 2019 inclusive to be paid as soon as possible. We hope that all existing members will again want to re-join and, of course, we welcome new members. It costs just £1 per month (payable in advance for the year) to join and you can get your subscriptions and more back if you are lucky enough to win a prize. The 50:50 Club usually contributes over £1,000 per annum to the “Friends” funds and 2017/2018 with some £1023.12 being raised was no exception - full details of the accounts are placed on the “Friends” Notice Board before the AGM. Payments can also include your “Friends” membership of a minimum of £5.00 per annum, and a cheque, cash or BACS payment of just £17.00 per person will cover both. Cheques should please me made out to FOGPC. BACS payments can be made as detailed below, but please inform John Blakeley (e-mail: jbconsult@btinternet.com) if you pay by BACS so that records can be kept up to date and you do not miss the chance to participate in a future draw. Most subscriptions are already “rolling in” so thanks if you have already re-joined. The Friends membership and any other donation, but not the 50:50 Club subscriptions, can be Gift Aided and if you have not already completed a form we would, be most grateful if you could consider doing this – provided you are and remain a taxpayer of course.

MOBILE POST OFFICE Wednesdays, 9.45 – 10.45am The mobile Post Office is now open each week on Wednesdays from 09.45 – 10.45am. A wide range of services is available so please use it. The van will park outside the Villagers’ Hall.

NAT WEST Bank plc Sort code 53-50-73 Account number 25727532 To once again quote the motto of a somewhat larger lottery can we remind you that “you have to be in it to win it!” Myfi Everett & John Blakeley


looked after the teaching side of things and Peggy with her usual modesty said she was just a headmaster’s wife. But there was no “just” about it, Peggy acted as bursar, made the curtains, the costumes for the school play, filled the school with flowers and found time to start clubs and read stories to the youngest boys on a Sunday night. There was still time for her hobbies and the sewing and knitting machine were an essential part of life, especially in the holidays when Beeston Hall became the family home and grandparents and friends from naval days would come and stay. The school grew and finally became co-educational. As it grew Peggy’s role also changed, others were employed to do some of the many jobs she covered. The success of Beeston Hall was a joint effort and it was a great testament that after their retirement in 1986 old boys and girls and their parents kept contact with Peggy and Martin. Retirement brought them to Gunthorpe and life was busy with meeting new friends, renewing friendships with old friends and taking up new activities. Peggy supported local charities, including Riding for the Disabled, and she and Martin became involved in village and church life. Both were instrumental in founding the Friends of Gunthorpe Church and ensuring the success that it still enjoys today. Recreation included cycling holidays with friends but then there was Bridge! There were few things more important apart from listening to the Archers at 7pm every day. Woe betides anyone who interrupted either! In 1999 Peggy was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. This had a profound impact on her life, but in true Peggy style she used her experiences not to feel sorry for herself but to help others who were in the same boat. Her initial diagnosis was not good so for Peggy every year was a bonus year, and she used the time accordingly. Apart from health issues, life in Gunthorpe was very happy for Peggy and Martin, and they fully embraced life in our small community - but the house eventually proved too large and they moved to Holt where new opportunities arose. Peggy volunteered at the Sue Ryder shop, and with Martin delivered meals on wheels– and of course the Bridge continued. Whatever she did Peggy did wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm, always finding the good in anything and anybody, no matter how trivial or insignificant. She


Peggy and Martin’s work for the Friends was recognised as they moved to Holt with these pictures presented by Marie Denholm on behalf of the village.

As readers of Lynx issue 120 will have seen Peggy Swindells, a very loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the village, sadly passed away on 21st April aged 91. Peggy Swindells’ parents were Scots who had spent some years in India where her father was a doctor in the Indian Army. They returned to Scotland and Peggy was born in Edinburgh. The family moved to Hampshire, where her father had a doctor’s practise and there Peggy spent her childhood. Leaving school Peggy went on to the University of London. Wishing to be a radiologist she went to read Physics, Chemistry and Pure and Applied Maths despite the fact she had only studied them for a year and all the others in her year had done them for 5. Unsurprisingly, Peggy struggled and after her first year she left and went to join the WRENS – which she loved. She started training as a radio mechanic but before she completed the course the war ended and she was sent to the pay department. Disappointing, but very useful later in her life. Leaving the WRENS she did a secretarial course and again how useful that was to be. Peggy met Martin, a naval officer, and they married in 1949. Peggy immediately threw herself into being a naval wife, mainly living in Hampshire but spending a year in Malta. After leaving the Royal Navy in 1958, Martin taught in a prep school in Hampshire for a year and then decided he wanted to run his own school. Peggy thought she had married a naval officer, not a headmaster, but they found and took over Beeston Hall, a school then of less than 50 boys, in 1960. Martin


thank you so much John. We are still going strong – which is a great tribute to those who support us and our events. The Fete BBQ and Fete are yet to come this summer, then on to the Harvest Supper in the Fall (Autumn) - date and time will be mentioned in the next Lynx issue. All money raised by the Friends goes towards the maintenance and repair of our ancient Village Church, St. Mary’s, which is appreciated by many be they church-goers or not. Please support us by joining the Friends and 50/50 Club and by attending our events. Enjoy the summer and many thanks to those who support us. Marie Denholm Friends Chairman

continued to support the “Friends” right to the end, and the village owes a huge debt of gratitude for the work she and Martin did supporting us. We offer our deepest condolences to her daughters, Susan, Elizabeth and Jane and her seven grand-children and five great grandchildren.

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS Regular readers will have seen the earlier reports on deaths of two of our congregation. Lady Ann Blunden passed away having been a great St Mary’s supporter, always producing lovely flower arrangements. Faith Bennell was born in the village and attended the church all her life, she certainly kept us on our toes! As is reported elsewhere in this issue we have also lost another stalwart supporter with the death of Peggy Swindells who, along with husband Martin, was a leading architect for the foundation of the “Friends of Gunthorpe Church”. Peggy moved to Holt some time ago, but continued to support the “Friends and take an interest in St Mary’s - all three will be greatly missed. The annual Churches’ bike ride will take place on September 8th. Sadly, David is away, but I will cycle for St Mary’s. Would anyone like to join me? Sponsorship would be most gratefully received! On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank all who so kindly helped with the annual church clear up which, as always, left us with a church and church yard to be proud of after what had been a harsh winter environment. A special thank you to Marie and Jeremy who organised us all and who fed us delicious sausages afterwards. Penny Brough Church Warden

WELCOME Neil & Rebecca Sturman A very warm welcome goes to Neil and Rebecca Sturman who along with their Cockapoo dog Teddy and cat Harry have recently moved into Laurel Cottage. They are both from Norfolk having been born in Hemsby, but have spent a lot of time visiting in North Norfolk, and they are very happy to have found a home in our eclectic and friendly village. Rebecca is the dental nurse Training Director for the East Anglian dental practices of John G Plummer and Associates, and Neil works with the Environment Agency on flood defences and river restoration. We wish them every success and happiness in their new home.



Contact: Christina Cooper 01328 830207 christinacooper27@googlemail.com

Fifteen gathered in the Village Institute for the Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church AGM on Friday, 6th July. We enjoyed Fish & Chips, a drink and a natter after the meeting. Seana Broom was warmly thanked for her 11 years service as treasurer of the Friends. Richard Redmayne will take her place – many thanks to Richard. John Blakeley has been successful in his diligent collection of membership and 50/50 Club fees for the new year and we have even more members –

WELCOME We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Eric Wenman who has recently come to live in the village.

LANGHAM EXHIBITION 2018 I have received many emails in praise of the 2018 Exhibition, one of which, I have chosen to share with you: “We always look forward to receiving our invitation to the Preview Party. The quality of what is on show improves each year. I am in awe or your powers to attract such wonderful works, and in such abundance. I have to say how impressed I was with the watercolours of flowers and fruit. Exquisite! Thank you to all who help and work so hard to create this wonderful annual attraction in North Norfolk.” It is always difficult to achieve an interesting mix of paintings, ceramics and other exhibitors’ work but once again, the financial results have shown people’s willingness to support us for the benefit of the Village Hall. I would like to thank: John Hughes for the excellent wine and the management of the bunting and signs. He always agrees to help! Bob for his unstinting support and organisation of the “hanging”


Although there were only 14 of us, we had a hugely entertaining evening. Watch out for further Beetle Drives in the autumn. A village hall BBQ was held at the hall to celebrate the completion of the interior decorating of the hall. There have been many compliments passed about the newly decorated hall and a massive thank you to all volunteers who helped out. The BBQ was a great success with over 50 people attending. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with the food (sausages and burgers followed by strawberries and cream) and those who provided the delicious salads to accompany the first course. Peter Adams, Chairman, Langham Village Hall

team, Jan (such wonderful cakes), Sue Page and the splendid “kitchen” team, the table/chair/piano/screen removal men, Colleen (very good with labels) and the money team of Roger, Sarah and star seller Dave, who managed to take £668 in just over one hour! The raffle again did well and the bottles were very fairly distributed between a painter, a photographer and a cake maker! I might sleep for a week but the Exhibition was again a success and was most enjoyable. Total raised for the Village Hall was £1,675.67. Pauline Bartlett

RVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to end Sept 2018 Fare: 25p/mile Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday. July 30th T 830 606 Sept 3rd T 830 624 Aug 6th T 830 847 Sept 10th T 830 345 Aug 13th T 830 348 Sept 17th T 830 773 Aug 20st T 830 507 Sept 24th T 830 348 th Oct 1st T 830 605 Aug 27 T 830 847 * These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please let the driver know! It would be helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please tell the driver of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. If no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society T 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also placed in the church porch and the village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule. We welcome new drivers, if anyone would like to join us please give me a call. Alison Murday T: 07909923058

AUTUMN SALE Saturday 22nd September Langham Village Hall 10.00 - 11.30am A bit of everything including Bric a Brac, Good Clothes, Books etc. all at great prices. Coffee & Tea Available. All proceeds to Bloodwise (Leukaemia Research) Enquiries: Maureen 01328 830731

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM 200 Club Draw May 2018 £10 14 Mrs E Wright 59 21 Mr K Brown 131 94 M Burlingham 154 147 Mr E Garrett 189 Mrs R Lambert 190 Mr & Mrs Barbrook

June 2018 Mrs R Smith Mr P Hartley Mr& Mrs Dennis


FOL Committee



Do come and support us and if you can bring along some produce or a cake, all will be gratefully received. We hope to be in operation on July 28th, Aug 4th, 18th & 25th on the Green at 9.30 – 11am, and on August 11th as it is the day of the Street Fair, we will be on the playing field about 9am until we are sold out! Proceeds are for Langham Church General Fund. Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

The AGM was held on the 24th May and was attended by a number of villagers and members of the committee. Reports were presented by the chairman and treasurer providing details of the year’s events and financial standing. The meeting was closed and an informal get together, accompanied by wine and nibbles, nicely finished off the evening. We held our second Beetle Drive on Friday June 8th.



In May we had our traditional Bank Holiday Bring and Buy in the churchyard which raised £652.87 gross for Langham Church General Fund. Molly Lees won the ‘Weight of Fruit’ with 4lbs 10ozs (actual weight 5lbs ½oz) and Jo Fawcett won the Number of Strawberries with an exact guess of 52. In June we enjoyed a concert by ‘Double Octave’ including a star performance from Linda Phelps, which raised £203.90, including donations for our General Fund. This was closely followed by a Deanery Evensong and Prayer Book Society Evensong, both of which were followed by refreshments at the Rectory. Ann Sherriff

Well would you believe it, it’s nearly time for the Friends of Langham annual Mystery Trip! This year it’s on Wednesday 5th September and again it will only be £15. But, this year, this will also include a two course lunch with a choice of menu. So if you don’t mind venturing into the unknown with us, to book your place & find out the menu choices, call Peter Barlow on 830606 or John Hughes on 830595 by August 26th latest. FOL Committee

LANGHAM STREET FAIR Saturday 11th August 2018 So, the date has been in your calendar now for quite some time, here are the planned times for the events SO DON'T MISS OUT on the fun! 9am Tabletop sale on the playing field 10am-4pm Official opening of the Fair, stalls and activities on the street 10am Cream teas in the village hall 10am Classic, Vintage and Racing cars display on MJB/Blue Bell carpark 10.30am Circus Skills (drop in anytime until 3.30pm) 11am Judging of children's fancy dress competition – theme “The Seaside” 11am-2pm Flower arranging demonstration in the church 12noon Dog show on the playing field. 10 classes, £1 per class to enter 2pm Judging of the knobbly knees, glamorous granny and wonky veg on the playing field MUSIC 3pm The Wild Rovers - on the street 5pm-7pm Ceilidh - on the street 7pm-9pm Gold Standard – on the street 9pm-11pm Skipyard – on the street Bar is open all day until LATE!! This and lots more on the street to enjoy. We hope to see you there! Langham Street Fair Committee

MORSTON Contact: Jock Wingfield 01263 740431 jocelynwingfield@gmail.com

DIARY DATES Weekend of Fri 3rd Aug. Norfolk Oyster & Norfolk GypsyRegatta. (info@neilthompsonboats.co.uk or tel: 01263-741172.) Sat 18th Aug. Morston Regatta. Start time: 1130hrs. Prize-giving and party commences at 7pm on Morston Quay at NorfolkEtc. Sun 19th Aug. 1030am-2.30pm: PCC Stalls on the Quay including bottles and bric-a-brac. Sat 13th Oct. 13th FMC Shovell Dinner with Presentation by Shovell’s biographer Simon Harris on “Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell”. – with much new information since Shovell Dinner number 1. At the Anchor. (Tickets at £40 a head from 1st Aug from Jock Wingfield, 01263-740431, Coastguard House, Morston, NR25 7BH). Sat 2nd Feb 2019. FMC Quiz 2019 in VH. Sat 12th Oct 2019. Shovell Dinner 2019 in the Anchor.

100 YEARS AGO: 1918 DIARY 28 January – a night of unusually heavy bombing in London and south-east England. 31 January – As a large Royal Navy fleet streams down the Firth of Forth this evening, submarines and a light cruiser are damaged and 104 men are killed. 6 February – Representation of the People Act gives women the vote provided they are over 30 and are (or are married to) a local government elector. It also removes most property qualifications, giving all adult (over 21) male resident householders the vote, and requires elections to be restricted to a single day. Many conscientious objectors are barred from voting for 5 years. 1 March – armed merchant cruiser HMS Calgarian (1913) is torpedoed and sunk off Rathlin Island, Ireland, by Imperial German Navy U-boat with the loss of 49 lives.

CHURCH NEWS We have had a busy few months recently. At the end of April we had our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, held in the Rectory, at which reports were received, all members of the P.C.C. re-elected and appointments of officers proposed and accepted: Chairman: The Reverend Ian Whittle Lay Vice Chairman: Mr Edward Allen Secretary: Mrs. Julia Thompson Treasurer: Mrs. Ann Sherriff Planned Giving Officer: Mrs. Ann Sherriff Fabric Officer: Mr. Edward Allen Health and Safety Officer: Mr. Edward Allen Electoral Roll Officer: Mrs. Janet Allen Deanery Synod Representative: Mrs. Ann Sherriff Child Protection Officer: The Reverend Ian Whittle


1 April – the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service are merged to form the Royal Air Force; the Women’s Royal Air Force is also founded to provide mechanics. Zeebrugge Raid, an attempt by the Royal Navy to seal off the German U-boat base here. June – standard clothing introduced. 3 June – GPO raises postage rates: the ordinary letter rate is now 1 1/2d, bringing an end to the Uniform Penny Post which has existed since 1840; and the rate for postcards doubles from 1/2d to 1d. 15 July – ration books introduced for butter, margarine, lard, meat and sugar. 17 July – RMS Carpathia is torpedoed and sunk off the east coast of Ireland by Imperial German Navy. 218 of the 223 crew are rescued. August – Education Act raises the school leaving age in England and Wales to fourteen. 1 August – British anti-Bolshevik forces occupy Archangel, Russia. On 10 august their commander is told to help the White Russians. 27 October to 2 November – 2,200 deaths in London over this period due to Spanish Flu. 3 November – armistice with Austria-Hungary signed in Padua. 9 November – British battleship HMS Britannia is sunk by a German submarine off Trafalgar with the loss of around fifty lives, the last major naval engagement of World War I. 11 November – World War I ends: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car outside Compiegne in France. George Edwin Ellison becomes the last British soldier to be killed in the War, near Mons in Belgium. 15 November – first released British prisoners of war reach Calais. 20 November – U-boats start to rendezvous off Harwich to begin surrender of the High Seas Fleet to the Royal Navy; in the following week the German warships are escorted to internment in Scapa Flow. 21 November – the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 receives Royal Assent, giving women over 21 the right to stand as a Member of Parliament.

14 December – general election polling held. It is the first national election in the UK at which women are entitled to vote of stand, and the male franchise is extended. This is known as the “Coupon Election” from the letter of endorsement given to candidates of the official (and victorious) Coalition by Bonar Law and Lloyd George.

PCC CRAB SUPPER The 2018 Crab Supper was held on 25 June in wonderful weather. Sixty-four friends went with Jim Temple and John Bean on the evening tide to see the birds and seals. Each boat had a National Trust ranger on board, this year Sabrina and Anne, to tell us about the year’s life on Blakeney Point and the reserve. Back to the village hall for supper, the two long tables, lit by candles, decorated with large jugs of cow parsley from the marsh with roses and geraniums by Alice Carnwath. Our crabs from Dawn and Willie Weston were so deliciously fresh and Mary Athill made chicken and mushroom pie for those who can’t eat crab. PCC members made their normal delicious salads and puddings. Special thanks to Sara Wingfield who was unable to join in because of her new knee but sent her rice salad and dressing. It was an excellent meal. The party became a birthday party when Anne Rolfe brought out two secret birthday cakes; one for Sarah Penrose and one for John Oxenford, who had brought their parties on the trip. Lovely singing and clapping were enlivened by drinks from the bar run by Ned and Roberta Hamond. It was a lovely evening with friends who helped us to raise £1,906 for church funds. MA

NATIONAL TRUST UPDATE Blakeney National Nature Reserve June has seen the first Common Seal pups of the year on Blakneney Point and lots of chicks appearing across the reserve. We will be continuing to carefully follow their progress throughout July. Breeding birds We are delighted to report three Bittern sightings on Blakeney Freshes in the second half of June, seen in the vicinity of the reed-bed on 15th, 25th and 28th. Also in


the reed-bed, two juvenile Marsh Harriers were noted on 26th. We are very pleased to now have two broods of Little Ringed Plovers: the original pair with three wellgrown juveniles plus a second pair with smaller chicks. Flying juvenile Lapwings were observed on the Freshes from 21st. The Black-headed Gull colony on Stiffkey Meals is doing well, with 23 chicks close to fledging. This colony has been slowly building up over the last three years, having previously been absent for some time, and is attracting Common Terns to also prospect there. The 14 pairs of Sand Martins at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse are doing well with five chicks observed poking out of nest holes on 19th. On Blakeney Point, there has been a late arrival of Sandwich Terns, with 165 pairs nesting on the tip of Far Point alongside 185 Black-headed Gull pairs. There are also dozens of Common Tern chicks, from 103 nests – more than twice as many as last year – and four pairs of Arctic Terns on the tip of the Point. Unfortunately, the Little Tern colony near the Watch House has suffered from Kestrel predation, which has been a problem at several colonies around the country this year. We are hoping the addition of diversionary feeding stations will encourage the Kestrels away from the colony. Our focus remains on looking after the remaining nests and chicks as we keep up our daily presence at this colony. Migrant birds The start of the month saw a rather sensational end to the spring migration with Moltoni’s Subalpine Warbler on 2nd and 3rd plus Paddyfield Warbler and Short-toed Lark on 5th. Passages of Swifts were observed throughout the month, peaking at 41 on 16th. Curlew arrivals have been noted, with eight recorded on 22nd. Seals The first Common Seal pup of the season was seen in the second half of the month. As is usual, June’s low tide seal counts show a definite increase in numbers from May. Invertebrates Moths trapped on Friary Hills, for National Moth Weekend, included Small Elephant, Poplar and Pine Hawkmoths and Burnished Brass. A freshly emerged female Emperor dragonfly was observed on Blakeney

Freshes on 13th. On Blakeney Point, Dark Green Fritillary butterflies were recorded from 23rd with eight seen on 28th. The end of the month also saw dozens of day-flying Silver Y and Cinnabar moths. Reserve management June saw the beginning of our annual Ragwort control. Uprooting this poisonous plant is a legal requirement on areas with grazing livestock, which includes Blakeney Freshes. We will be doing lots more of this throughout July, as well as cutting thistles in order to avoid them going to seed, spreading and outcompeting other plants of higher conservation value.

Advice If you are visiting the coast or planning to then we ask that you please leave BBQs at home and ensure cigarette ends are disposed of responsibly. The whole coastline, like most of the country, is tinder dry at the moment and a fire could quickly take hold which would be devastating for wildlife. The inaccessibility of many dune and grassland areas add to the risk and difficulty of dealing with such an event. Thank you. To keep up to date with latest news from the reserve then please check out our website or follow us on social media at NorfolkCoastNT. Alex Green, Digital Media, Marketing & Interpretation Officer

FMC SHOVELL DINNER 7-10.30 pm 13 October 2018 The Presentation by author Dr. Simon Harris, the biographer of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell at the 13th Shovell Dinner at the Anchor on Sat 13th October will contain much new information on him. It is a stirring talk. On arrival there will be a free glass of wine as a welcome, and after the talk there will be a delicious 3course Dinner and a Raffle with interesting and good prizes (including bottles!). Tickets will be available from 1st August from Jock Wingfield, Coastguard House, Morston, NR25 7BH Tel: 01263-740431.)



We then move on to replacement of the chancel roof, which has been in place for over 100 years. We are planning to keep the church in use while the work is done, with the chancel screened off and services held in the nave. D.C.

Musings by Tom Harrison If we had had a little less wind from the north and a bit less swell on the bar, then it would be very difficult to think of a finer time to be out on the water – writing this in early July. But it's just that incredible experience – and being out there for as long as you can – that brings its own dangers. There's been more than one vessel this season whose engine has packed up late on on the ebb tide and where it was, literally, the very last boats out there that came to the rescue. And a rescue it really was because they had no anchors!! Drifting, quickly, towards a big swell on the bar that really kicks up when there's a fresh northerly over a strong ebb. The consequences might have been very nasty indeed. Deploy the anchor, wait for the tide to go out, walk home! Well lots of things are going on. Trinity House has gifted BHA the big Hjordis East buoy. And a big beast it is! It's not on station while we wait for the entrance channel position to settle down. What is a real bonus is that it will withstand grounding in a way that none of our others will and so give us a very robust marker. Don't forget that starfish can be toxic for dogs – as in dogs can die if they eat them! Sadly it's happened this year. We have serviced and pressure-washed all the buoyage in the lower harbour and the Scaup Run is now buoyed – thanks to all the donors. A new weather station, very exciting (!), has been installed at Blakeney. If you go on to our website you can access it! One or two boats and bits of boats have been reunited with their owners, again using the website – and that's very rewarding when that happens. Finally, you will be pleased to know that there have been some meaningful discussions around improving access to the moorings north of the viewing platform at Morston. Hopefully by next year we will see some improvements. Last but by no means least, it's our 50th anniversary barbecue on Saturday, 1 September – a must, so put it in your diaries! Have a great rest of the summer!

MORSTON QUIZ By Samphire (Answers on Page 27) 1.Which telephone number can be used as an alternative to 999? 2. What colour are telephone boxes in France? 3. Which three cities are termini for the Eurostar service? 4. Where is a bounced email sent to? 5. What, at football, does “VAR” stand for? 6. At bungee jumping what is a bungee? 7. Barcelona is the capital of which region in Spain? 8. What word can go before “pet”, “ton” and “mine” to make - in each case - another word? 9. Which officer gives the result of a by-election? 10. How many rows of letter keys feature on a traditional keyboard?

SAXLINGHAM Contact: Caroline Robson 01328 830298 carorobson@btinternet.com

BAT NIGHT ST MARGARET’S CHURCH Friday 17th August at 6.45pm

Our first ever bat night will begin at 6.45pm with a presentation about these mysterious creatures from Philip Parker who is leading a survey of the bat colonies at St Margaret’s. This will be followed by crafts for children and the chance to observe the bats coming in to roost though infra-red cameras. Tickets will be available on the door and are £5 for adults whilst children under 16 are free. Refreshments are included and all proceeds will go towards church funds. This special evening follows the news last year that St Margaret’s is to be included in a nationwide National Lottery funded bat project. This will involve a survey of our bat colonies, which are thought to include Pipistrelles, Natterers and Long-Eared Bats. It is hoped that the researchers will then recommend ways to reduce the damage currently being caused to the fabric of the building whilst protecting the breeding grounds of these endangered creatures.

WORKS TO THE CHURCH Summary After years of wonderful fundraising by the Friends and the PCC, and generous gifts, we are at last on the point of embarking on significant, and long awaited, work to All Saints Church. We expect to start in mid-July by revamping the drainage, and hopefully, at the request of the Parish Council, putting in a safe path through the churchyard between the Langham Road car parking and the village. This will mean people won’t have to make their way round the blind bend of the main road.


spouses, only two other village residents attended the AGM undermining the possibility of making much meaningful progress. The live music night on the 30th May featured The Lighters, playing pop, rock, folk and country classics, Andy Cleveland’s Latin-American guitar and Hamish Barker with songs from the American Songbook. A pretty eclectic mix but fun as always with some members of the audience taking to the floor to dance! As with Gordon Giltrap in January, we had a full house for our concert on 23rd June featuring Magna Carta (see separate article by our impresario Chris Abrams). Our next music night is on Wednesday 26th September. So to our latest piece of good news. Largely thanks to the efforts of Gary Grunwald, our application for funding to Awards For All (part of the National Lottery) has been successful. New, lightweight furniture is on its way with easy to stack tables and padded chairs; an end to stoic discomfort for our faithful supporters. Finally, back to the future. If you are new to the village and would like to support the hall by joining the 50/50 club (only £12 pp per year) please contact Ann Abrams on 01263 861404 or annie.abrams1@gmail.com If you would like to get a feel for the work of the committee or help with a particular project like the Christmas Fayre you could become a co-opted member for the current year. Please contact me on 01263 862261 or r.dubbins@btinternet.com. Footnote: Thanks to David Forrest who served on the committee until May as representative of the PCC. His efforts, particularly in connection with the refurbishment project were greatly appreciated by the committee. Roger Dubbins Acting Chair

The Field Dalling and Saxlingham Summer Fete will be held the following day, Saturday 18th August, at Field Dalling Village Hall from 2-4.30pm, so please put both dates in your diaries!

SHARRINGTON Contact: Claire Dubbins 01263 862261 cdubbins@btinternet.com www.sharrington.org.uk

VILLAGE HALL Since I put together the article for the June/July issue, we have held this year’s AGM, continued our live music nights, hosted a concert by Magna Carta and received the result of our application to Awards For All for further funding. At the AGM the acting chair of the management committee reported that 2017 had been a good year for the hall in a number of respects. Albeit that revenue from the 50/50 club had continued to fall and that fund raising events had met with mixed success, our monthly live music nights had helped secure an annual surplus of more than £3,000. With the first part of the refurbishment programme completed, the committee was seeking funding for new tables and chairs. The trustees report and the accounts were approved and copies of both can be found on the village website www.sharrington.org.uk. The committee was re-elected and David Allison from Brinton agreed to continue as a co-opted member. The parochial church council, the parish council and the Sharrington Society did not nominate representatives to serve on the committee for the ensuing 12 months. No chair was formally appointed as there were no volunteers. In view of the trustees’ constitutional obligations, the committee wished to shift the focus of effort to securing the future of the hall by invigorating the committee with the introduction of new members. Sadly, with the exception of the committee members and three of their


Thanks to the generosity of Brinton and Sharrington parish council, a new village sign for Sharrington village was commissioned to replace the existing sign which was showing its age. The original sign was presented to the village by the Sharrington youth club in 1978 to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee of 1977 and was later replaced. The new sign is therefore the third one for the village and is in Lower Hall Lane near Sharrington Hall. Firstly, Malcolm Green of Sharrington made the mould for the new sign, replicating the original design.


The boatbuilders Neil Thompson of Glandford, now to be found in Wells-next-the-sea, painted it and cast it in fibreglass resin to ensure that it is as weatherproof as possible. The oak post to which it is attached was made from old oak sourced from Norfolk Reclaim in Fakenham. The final task was to erect it and this proved to be a difficult job resulting in many months when we were without a village sign. At last in the late spring of this year, Malcolm and parish councillor Robin Hyslop succeeded in securing it in place. The new sign has been much admired by those living in the village and visitors alike. To quote one resident ‘The sign was a much missed friend and is now happily restored to its rightful place’. Thanks are due to the parish council for funding the replacement and to Malcolm and Robin, seen in the photograph, for taking on the organisation involved in procuring and erecting our new sign, which we hope will last for many years to come. CD

career so far. The members of the band have changed several times over the last 49 years and at one point included Davey Johnstone, a hugely talented instrumentalist. Davey played with them at the Royal Albert Hall gig they performed with the the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He left the band to play with Elton John and has been his lead guitarist ever since. Many albums followed, including the brilliant ‘Lord of the Ages’ hailed by Rick Wakeman, a friend of Chris’s who plays on various Magna Carta tracks, as ‘arguably one of the greatest albums of its kind ever made’. The line up today consists of five band members, three of whom came to Sharrington. The ever present Chris Simpson was here along with Wendy Ross on electric fiddle and Ken Nicol on acoustic guitar and mandolin. Chris is a fabulous songwriter. He has the soul of a poet and his lyrics are thoughtful and perceptive. He once was a brilliantly gifted guitarist but one day while swimming was bitten or stung by something. The resultant swelling required substantial surgery and after that Chris found himself unable to play the guitar. However, determined to overcome this obstacle, like a seed growing through concrete, he battled through the pain (which he still endures) and relearned how to play. Sadly, he could not recover all the abilities he had lost but he has been able to resume his career and continues to entertain thousands all around the world. Wendy has had a notable career supporting various well known bands such as Jethro Tull. Her violin playing complements Chris’s songs perfectly and she gained great praise from the audience. Ken is undoubtedly one of the finest guitarists in the country, if not the world. He spent several years with The Albion Band, eight years with Steeleye Span and frequently accompanied the likes of Al Stewart amongst others. During the performance here he performed a solo piece where he demonstrated his remarkable skills leaving the audience spellbound and hungry for more. The band’s gentle teasing of each other was very amusing and Chris involved everyone in a rousing and thoroughly entertaining rendition of Donovan’s ‘Colours’.


An evening of laughter and top quality music was enjoyed by a sold out audience at the village hall on 23rd June. The world renowned band Magna Carta had arrived to entertain us. Used to playing big venues, often to thousands, Sharrington village hall gave those fortunate enough to attend a chance to experience the band in an intimate setting. The band was founded in the late 1960’s by Chris Simpson and quickly became popular. Their seminal album ‘Seasons’ attracted great admiration and has helped them to sell millions over the course of their


It was a truly memorable evening which was greatly enjoyed by the band too – all of whom have asked to return! Every couple of months we run a free entry music event in the village hall. These are proving ever more popular along with the concerts we are arranging such as Magna Carta’s and Gordon Giltrap’s gig here. Keep an eye on the village website www.sharrington.org.uk for more details. Chris Abrams

knowledge of plant names and habitat. We saw huge Gunnera in the bog garden, bamboo, acers and so much more. Tea and delicious cakes were provided, always an important part of gardening group visits! And our latest outing was no exception, as the Great Snoring gardening safari showed little signs of wanting to leave Rory and Averil’s garden once the pineapple upside down cake made its appearance. This rounded off a delightful sunny afternoon which began with Linda Bowden’s lovely garden and then moved down the road to admire Mary John’s entrancing borders, before finishing up amid the rambling roses of Rory and Averil’s rolling lawns. Forthcoming events include the annual big plant and bulb sale in Sharrington village hall. Please note the change of date; it’s now on Saturday 29th September, from 10am until noon. Hot drinks, croissants and bacon butties will be available so come and enjoy a snack while you pick up some lovely bulbs to brighten next year’s gardens. And on October 12th the writer and gardener Ursula Buchan will be in Sharrington village hall to talk about Scent and Sensibility – using scent in the garden. Tickets for what promises to be a fascinating evening are available at £8 for members and £10 for guests. Please contact chairman Robin Burkitt for more details of membership and events (robin@daubeney hallfarm.com) PEL

SHARRINGTON & DISTRICT GARDENING GROUP Our programme for 2018 has continued with three very different but equally fascinating visits. In May, 35 members took up the kind invitation of Catherine and Stephen Temple to visit their thriving cheese-making and farming enterprise at Copys Green Farm, Wighton. First Catherine told us how the couple built up their dairy business and showed us the cheese-making process. About a third of the milk produced on the farm goes into the award-winning cheeses, using renewable energy from the anaerobic digester. This amazing contraption was explained to us by Stephen and we saw the hopper which supplies the digester with slurry, silage and whey, and then the gas holder and solids separator which produces fertilizer for the pastures. Methane from the biogas plant generates electricity which powers the farm, dairy, house, three cottages – and still has some to go into the grid! Members got the chance to see inside the milking parlour and come up close to the enchanting Brown Swiss cows and their calves, before it was time to head back to the function room for wine and generous helpings of all Mrs. Temple’s cheeses kindly provided for us by Catherine and Stephen. June saw us off to the other end of the county with a visit to Sea Mere, near Hingham. 25 members and their guests enjoyed a fascinating tour of the gardens with head gardener Will, who explained how they were created, woods cleared and the land drained. Impressive terraces lead down to the mere, which is an ice-age kettle hole, created by glacial action and around 12,000 years old. Will was an informative guide, with a vast

CHURCH NOTES There are really no church notes this time around mainly because the major landmarks of the first half of the year have come and gone with due reporting in the Lynx. However, on this lovely Saturday as I sit with my pad and pen it gives me pause to reflect on the past weeks; a very cold and windy early spring which gave way to sunshine and the most beautiful display of may blossom, both pink and white, in all our villages and alongside the A148. Along with the acid yellow of the rape fields it was a sight to gladden the heart and eyes and also a reminder of this wonderful part of the world in which we live. In Sharrington we are gearing up for our Strawberry Tea on Saturday 14th July in the


churchyard. By the time I write notes for the next two months it will all be over but in the meantime the tennis grass court season is well and truly under way and so far what marvellous weather we are experiencing. Queen’s, Devonshire Park and now Wimbledon, a cornucopia of delights! As always, many thanks for donations and an appeal for further food bank items please. During the school holidays, extra treats for children will be welcome as well as toiletries and similar items. APG

STIFFKEY Contact: Geraldine Green 01328 830245 green978@btinternet.com

WARBOROUGH HOUSE OPEN GARDENS On a wonderful sunny day over 390 visitors came to support the NGS charities and St Johns Church Stiffkey. Thank you to all who came, helped serve teas, washed up and welcomed visitors from across the county and beyond. Thank you. Arabella and Jonathan Morgan

CHURCH BARBECUE This will be on Sunday 2nd September at 12 noon in the churchyard. I think this will be our third one. Tickets are available from Simon Poole 01328 878253 at £10 per head with suitable reductions for small children. There will be notices around the village nearer the time but please book your place sooner than later to avoid disappointment. Bring your visitors too and drinks of your choice. Delicious food and desserts will be on offer. We look forward to welcoming you. APG

CHURCH NEWS June began with the funeral of Rosemary Herbert, nee Grimes, who although did not live in Stiffkey herself, her family members are buried in the churchyard. This was followed on the 23rd by the wedding, in wonderful sunny weather, of Isabelle Campbell and Matthew Bunyan. July had two Sunday services, morning prayer on the 1st and holy communion on the 15th. There will be another Exhibition in the Church organised by the Local History Group over the August Bank Holiday weekend and the church will once again be offering refreshments during the Exhibition. It will also be holding stalls on the Knoll on the Bank holiday Sunday from 10 a.m - 12 noon raising funds towards the upkeep of the church and also the churchyard. Donations of books, cakes, fresh produce and flowers will be gratefully received and anyone wishing to help or run a stall please contact Heather on 01328830323. There are two weddings to look forward to in September, Saturday 15th, Jennifer Angus and Tony Pearse, and a week later on the 23rd Victoria Cooke and Christian Kershaw. H.H

NORFOLK CHURCHES TRUST BIKE RIDE The Norfolk Churches Trust bike ride will take place on Saturday 8th September from 9am to 5pm. The church will be open and manned all day to check riders in and fill out their sponsorship forms. We have not fielded any riders for the last two years so perhaps some of you can give it serious thought especially if there are children with you at that time. It does not have to be a bike, you can walk, drive or even choose horseback; it’s good fun and you are raising money for our lovely churches with a proportion returned for individual church funds. For further information and sponsorship forms please contact Ann Garwood on 01263 713058. APG



This is an early notice for the annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, which this year will be held on Saturday 6th October in the village hall at 11am. There will be coffee, cakes and a quiz too. Please contact Sandra Grunwald 01263 860508 with any offers of either help on the day or cakes.

The Stiffkey Facebook group is now up to 76 members - a wonderful result so far and we could be even better so the challenge is to reach 100. It really is a great way to communicate and share e.g. gardeners have been advertised for and found, we get news of the


Village Hall plans and some people are advertising their businesses. Join us on Facebook at Stiffkey Village Group! Sally Vanson

Geraldine Green and Caroline Gittens helped provide invaluable family records to support this research Bessie having been originally commissioned by, and built for their grandfather George Cox. Early in 2018, Bessie’s official status as a ‘Dunkirk Little Ship’ was confirmed by the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships and Bessie can now take her place among this illustrious company of historic craft. Bessie's restoration will use skills and materials identical to those in her building and preserve as much of her original fabric as possible – a major undertaking in time and money! Rescue Wooden Boats is seeking ‘Bessie Benefactors’ to support this work – to join the crew go to www.rescuewoodenboats.com/getinvolved/become-a-bessie-benefactor! Visit our website www.rescuewoodenboats.com for more information. Liz Hankin

STIFFKEY BOOK CLUB The Stiffkey Book Club met on 18th June, a lovely summer evening, when we enjoyed delicious home made nibbles and Pimms and reviewed The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon. Most of us had enjoyed the book although the majority felt the end was very rushed and a few struggled with the large number of diverse characters in the book, which wasn't surprising given that the author is a psychiatrist. The July book was The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyles. This was a challenging book which could have been written yesterday instead of 20 years ago. It's a gripping story with a good plot and interesting characters. A vivid exploration of the American paranoia of illegal latin immigration seen from both sides in southern California. It's surprisingly topical about building a giant wall which is presciently forecast in this book albeit on the smaller scale of one community rather than a whole country. Our morally challenged hero descends from a politically correct nature lover to a rabid racist. We are taking a break for August and so our next meeting is 17th September when we will review The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor. Sally Vanson

NATURE NOTES At a loss as to what to write, nature, as usual supplied me with the sight of a lifetime. I had pondered for a couple of weeks on what was in the bright yellow chrysalids that were adorning the wire fence and the greenhouse. On the 4th of July, they hatched when we had a nice dew and we were treated to a cloud of the most beautiful six spot burnett moths, resplendent in shiny jet black and carmine red clothing. They were whizzing about like bees. Also the clearwings were working the lavender. These are often mistaken for humming bird hawk moths but on closer inspection the difference is obvious. Enjoy the moths and butterflies that the dry weather has brought forth. Rural Ruth

STIFFKEY LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Don’t forget our annual exhibition in August at St John’s Church, Stiffkey. Held on 25th,26th,27th, over the bank holiday. The subject is ‘Listed Buildings of Stiffkey and Cockthorpe’. It’s open from 10am-4pm daily with free refreshments. Donations much appreciated. All funds raised are for the church fabric fund. Also on Sunday 26th, the Tractor Rally will be calling at midday before progressing to the Greenway to stop for lunch. There will be stalls etc., from 10am12noon on the Knoll too. SLHG



From 28th- 30th July, Rescue Wooden Boats is hosting a regatta for historic fishing boats at Wells. The boats will be on view on Tugboat Pontoon. On the 28th, commencing at 6pm, the fishing boats will depart from Wells Quay in a flotilla in the harbour. Following the successful restoration of Lucy Lavers, Rescue Wooden Boats is now working to raise funds to restore Bessie. Bessie, a former whelker built in 1935, who worked out of Wells harbour, came to the charity in 2011 with rumours of her own Dunkirk history. After months of thorough detective work, Rescue Wooden Boats uncovered several conclusive pieces of evidence which proved that Bessie played her own intriguing role in Operation Dynamo. In particular, local residents

We have had some fantastic weather recently and have really made the most of it with lots of exciting outdoor activities and trips out. Year 6 have had a twoday residential in London, which was exciting, and a great success. We took a flight on The London Eye, went to the National Portrait Gallery, The Natural History Museum and we saw Aladdin at the theatre. Last week was our annual Sports Day; it was a competitive and fun afternoon. Lovely to see so many parents and family members come to support their children. We have four House Teams, Kittiwakes who wear yellow t-shirts, Avocets in green, Terns in blue


and in red, the Cormorants. Everyone tried their best and supported each other really well. Congratulations to the Kittiwakes, who won for the second year running! Amber Class chose a beautiful sunny day to go on a Seal trip. They are learning about explorers and pirates so a boat trip was a perfect experience for this topic. They had a fantastic time. After boarding one of the Temples ferries at Morston the group headed up Morston Creek and out into Blakeney Harbour. They enjoyed the beautiful Norfolk Coastline from the shelter of the harbour and kept an eye out for resident and migrating birds. They learnt that Blakeney Point is one of the most important sites for migrating birds in Europe, there was plenty to see on their way to the Seal Colony. Passing the old Blakeney Lifeboat station the crew told them something of the local history and about the harbour before they arrived at the end of Blakeney Point where Common and Grey Seals were found hauled out. They spent time getting in close and turning to allow plenty of opportunity for photos. Inquisitive seals popped out around the boat much to the delight of the children. One child who had never been on a boat commented: “I love boats!” Jet Class were involved in the creation of an art installation on Wells Beach. This was part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Schools were invited to the woods and beach at Wells to work with facilitators from Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Holkham Estate. We had the opportunity to speak with professionals from the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which was celebrating 50 years of protection of the area this year, and meet artists from the national project ‘Wayfaring’. Wayfaring is a journey of exploration, inspired by the present landscape and ancient routes of the Icknield Way. Along these routes, artists created a series of artworks in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty inviting audiences to think about movement and migration; how we arrive at, understand, inhabit and leave a space. Using local and found materials the children and artists crafted an installation on Wells beach which audiences could move through, investigate and

contribute to. Our children took part in arts activities based on the main installation including outdoor craft activities inspired by the landscapes of the woods and beach, as well interacting with the installation. It was an inspiring and unique experience for our children in Jet Class. Quartz Class visited the Green Britain Centre as part of their topic on electricity. This was a fantastic opportunity to climb the turbine which was built in 1999. The average windmill in the UK stands at about 30m tall and this one is more than twice that height and three times the capacity, it is the UK’s first megawatt class windmill. The children learnt that it is no ordinary turbine either; it was the first one in the world with a publicly accessible viewing platform, 67 metres up and offering 360 degree views of the Norfolk countryside. The children were told that the viewing platform was designed by Sir Norman Foster; architect of the Gherkin and Wembley Stadium in London. The turbine was the big attraction of the day but the children also saw The Greenbird, the world’s fastest wind powered vehicle, one of Britain’s largest solar trackers, a wind turbine blade famously reported to have been detached by a UFO and the heritage orchard and organic gardens. The children learnt all about recycling and sustainability. We are nearly at the end of term now and would like to wish our Year 6 pupils all the best as they move on to the High School and hope that they will remember their days at Langham with affection. Langham Village: ‘A place for fun, creativity, friendship, ambition and discovery.’ Polly Kossowicz - Head teacher For further information please visit our website www.langham.norfolk.co.uk or follow us on twitter @langhamvill.

ANSWERS TO MORSTON QUIZ (Questions on Page 21) 1. 112. 2. Yellow. 3. London, Paris and Brussels. 4. The sender. 5. Video Assistant Referee. 6. A rope. 7. Catalonia. 8. Car. 9.The Returning Officer. 10. Three.



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Local Lynx No.121 - August /September 2018  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages

Local Lynx No.121 - August /September 2018  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages