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August September 2017

Delivery volunteers and reps hold up their village signs at the Lynx ‘Thank You’ tea party to celebrate the contribution of more than 90 members of the newsletter’s team. Villagers’ Hall, Field Dalling, Saturday 3 June

ADS DIRECTORY now on back page and at 1 www.locallynx.co.uk

29th Fri Langham Fish’n’Chips & Quiz Night VH (TBC) 29th Fri Sharrington Noble Rotters VH 7pm 30th Sat. Binham Priory Concerts, Priory, 7pm 30th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am REGULARS Tuesdays Binham Art Group VH 10am-12noon. Wednesdays term time Binham Youth Group VH 6-8pm. 3rd Thursday in the month Binham & Hindringham Open Circle Meeting, Hindringham VH 7.15pm 4th Thursday in the month Binham Local History Group VH 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays in month Langham Coffee Mornings, VH 10am -12noon

WHAT’S ON Village Hall = VH AUGUST 4th Fri. Binham August Friday Teas, Priory, 2.30-4.30pm 4th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo Night 5th Sat Langham Stall on the Green 9:30 -11am 6th Sun. Stiffkey Warborough House open gardens 1-5.30pm 7th Mon. Binham Coffee morning, VH 10.30am-12.30pm 11th Fri. Bale fish and chips, VH, 7pm 11th Fri. Binham August Friday Teas, Priory, 2.30-4.30pm 11th Fri. Field Dalling Bereavement Group, 4pm 12th Sat. Field Dalling & Saxlingham Summer Fete, VH 24pm 12th Sat. Langham Stall on the Green 9:30 -11am 13th Sun. Binham Village Fete, VH, 1- 4pm 13th Sun. Field Dalling Animal Blessing Service, Church 13th Sun. Stiffkey cricket home playing Saxlingham Wombats 18th Fri. Binham August Friday Teas, Priory, 2.30-4.30pm 18th Fri. Field Dalling Charity Bingo 19th Sat. Binham Priory Summer/Autumn Series Concerts, Priory, 7.30pm 19th Sat. Binham Art Group Annual Exhibition, VH, 10.005.00pm 19th Sat Langham Stall on the Green 9:30 -11am 19th Sat. Morston PCC Stalls on Quay. 12 till 4pm 20th Sun. Binham Art Group Annual Exhibition, VH, 10.005.00pm 20th Sun Sharrington Barbecue All Saints Church 12noon 25th Fri. Binham August Friday Teas, Priory, 2.30-4.30pm 26th Sat. Bale big barbecue VH, 7pm 26th Sat. Binham Priory Summer/Autumn Series Concerts, Priory, 7.30pm 26th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute 10:30am 26th Sat Langham Stall on the Green 9:30 -11am 26th Sat. Morston Regatta Prizegiving 6.45pm, Party 7pm 26th Sat-28th Mon. Stiffkey History exhibition- Women of Stiffkey. Daily free refreshments 10am-4pm 27th Sun. Stiffkey Stalls on the Knoll for Church Funds 10am12-30pm 27th Sun Stiffkey Tractor rally meeting. The Greenway from 12 -30pm 30th Wed. Sharrington Live Music Night VH 7.30pm 31st Thu. Langham FOL Mystery Trip SEPTEMBER 8th Fri. Bale fish and chips, Village Hall, 7pm 8th Fri. Field Dalling Bingo Night 9th Sat. Gunthorpe Sponsored Bike Ride - St Mary’s Church from 9am 9th Sat. Binham Priory Summer/Autumn Series Concerts, Priory, 7.30pm 16th Sat. Binham Priory Summer/Autumn Series Concerts, Priory, 7.30pm 21st Thu. Binham and Hindringham Open Circle, Patrick Allen - Langham Dome, Hindringham VH 7.15pm 23rd Sat Sharrington Macmillan Coffee Morning VH 11am 24th Sun Sharrington Harvest Festival All Saints Church 9.30am 26th Tue. Binham Art Group, Mary Thatcher on portraiture, VH, 10am 27th Wed. Sharrington Live Music Night VH 7.30pm 28th Thu. Binham Local History Group, Alaistair Murphy – Olive Edis-The first female WW1 photographer, VH, 7.30pm Fri 29th Sept Field Dalling Macmillan Coffee Morning

Local Lynx is a non-profit-making community newspaper for the ten villages of the benefice. _________________________________________________________________________

We welcome articles, drawings, photos and poetry for publication from all ages but the editor reserves the right to edit or omit submissions. A maximum of 400 words is recommended. Please contact your local rep on their email or phone number listed under your own village heading. All submissions must go through the village rep. For general information: lynxeditor@pobox.com. ________________________________________________________________________________

Deadlines for submissions to reps are: 6 January, 6 March, 6 May, 6 July, 6 September & 6 November Newsletter and Website Advertising For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, contact Maxine Burlingham tel: 01328-830375

email: maxine.burlingham@me.com Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £72 for six issues. Small Ads Panel on the back page: Available for individuals and businesses providing local services. Cost: £36 for six issues.

And please don’t forget…. Lynx 115 and all back issues are permanently available on our website at www.locallynx.co.uk. The website now has and Ads Directory, an ‘In More Detail’ page and a ‘Local Charities’ page to cover relevant articles in greater depth. (Paper copies of website articles are always available from Roberta on 01263 740188.)

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Sunday Services:6.30pm Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah T 01263 712181

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Parish Priest, Father Keith Tulloch, 12 Hindringham Road, Gt. Walsingham Norfolk T 01328 821353 Priest in Residence, Father William Wells (the house behind the church). Service Times: Vigil Mass: Saturday 6.00pm, Sunday 11.00am, Wednesday 9.30am


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for August and September 2017 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer 6th August

13th August

20th August

27th August

Bale Field Dalling

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

11.00am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am Thank God for Animals At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC

9.30am MP At Langham

11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC


9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC At Langham


3rd September

10th September

17th September

24th September

Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am CFS At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am Harvest Service 9.30am HC

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am HC At Langham

Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayer; Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion



Dear Friends and Parishioners, At last, Summer. A very busy time for many, an easy time for others. I should not like, though, being on the Underground in Summer heat. Or in a prison cell (with company) or a hospital ward. The whole Humanity, in prison, in hospital, on the beach, at home, in bed, in the garden, toasting on the Tube, is God’s Humanity: created in His image, embraced by His Son, His Christ, and open to His Eternity by the simple act of faith. One drop does it all. Are we in Christ, en christo? That drop of submission, of faith, does it all. He always answers the call, always calls back. He is always At Home. And is there a place prepared for us, London flat or Norfolk cottage? Personally, I should like a book room, a fireplace, a kitchen, room to sleep and somewhere for a visitor, and of course, a garden. Oh! I have it! Thanks be to God. Deo Gracias! Yours very truly, Ian Whittle, Langham Rectory, 01328 830246

The next Deanery Synod meeting will be held on Thurs 26th October. Please watch out for posters with further details. All are welcome for the meeting or for the talk alone, which is the first item on the agenda.


‘Faith is a living and unshakeable confidence, a belief in the grace of God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake. This kind of confidence in God’s grace, this sort of knowledge of it, makes us joyful, high-spirited, and eager in our relations with God and with all mankind. That is what the Holy Spirit effects through faith.’ From “Martin Luther: Selections from his writings” edited by John Dillinger.



Sharrington Village Hall I would like to congratulate the committee and supporters who, with a little money and a lot of work, have improved the hall beyond recognition. We recently enjoyed a great night in a friendly welcoming atmosphere with a foot-tapping mix of folk and rock music-performed by professionals and local talent. Similar events take place the last Wednesday every month check www.sharrington.org.uk.

COUNTY COUNCILLORS’ NEWS …from Dr. Marie Strong, Wells Division Life is beginning to get back to normal at county hall and the round of meetings has finally commenced. I have already attended several meetings including EDT Committee (Environment, Development and Transport) and Policy and Resources. Both important committees and they are never boring – indeed you will no doubt read in the press items we have debated and below I have provided information regarding our projected savings. (Please remember members of the public are always welcome at these meetings - check NCC website for details). In the meantime I hope you will find the following items of interest:

Reporting Highways Problems Rather than waiting to report problems to your local council you can now contact highways directly: Go on line to https://apps.norfolk.gov.uk/ HighwaysDefect/. A Highways Problem report form will ‘ask’ if you have a question about road maintenance, Public Rights of Way or Norfolk trails. Report a problem and if you want to be kept updated register your contact details. You can report issues anonymously but will not be able to track progress. (For anyone without a computer, lap top or i-Pad the very helpful staff at any of our libraries will show how you can report highways problems on a library computer).

Norfolk County Council’s projected savings A report to the council’s Policy and Resources Committee on July 3rd predicted NCC will have to save a further £100 million from 2018/19-2021/22, on top of savings of £24.9 million already agreed for 2018/19 and 2019/20. It is proposed that the committee will ask services to find the following savings over four years: Adult social care: £31.0 million; Children’s services (non-schools): £23.5 million; Community and environmental services: £31.2 million; Managing director’s department: £1.3 million; Finance and commercial services: £3.6m: Finance general (which includes pension and grant payments): £9.4 million. These Proposals are being developed on the basis of Government indications that the revenue support grant will end after 2019/20, so that the council will then have to rely on Council Tax, business rates and specific grants. Reports are available at: http://norfolkcc.cmis.uk.com/norfolkcc/ Meetings/tabid/70/ctl/ViewMeetingPublic/mid/397/ Meeting/1359/Committee/21/Default.aspx. It was noted at the meeting that the council will continue to press the government to release more financial support particularly for adult social care. This call to government is supported by all political groups at county.

Household hazardous waste days Hempton Recyling Centre will be accepting waste normally barred from centres 900am-5.00pm on Saturday 30 September 2017 and Sunday 1 October. Details of what will and will not be accepted can be found on www.norfolk.ov.uk/hazardouswaste along with details of other centres.

Libraries are offering reading support for long term health conditions: A library health and wellbeing reading scheme has been extended to include other medical conditions. The new book list has been developed for people with long term health conditions, their relatives and carers. The list will be available at all 47 Norfolk libraries and 8 mobile libraries and includes health information, memoir and self-management titles, covering conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, as well as common symptoms such as fatigue, pain, wellbeing and sleep problems. The books are free to reserve. (I hope you all read the commitment of NCC’s leader that libraries will not be closed.) All good wishes for an enjoyable summer in our beautiful division of Norfolk. Marie Strong



‌from Steffan Aquarone, Melton Constable Division

It has been a busy time on the planning front and I am pleased to see steps being taken to improve the transparency of the process, as this is something residents often mention to me. If you have any questions about any aspect of this update, please do get in touch.

I'm incredibly happy to have been elected as County Councillor for Melton Constable division thank you very much for returning me. I am here to represent all of you, regardless of how you voted. I will try to explain my decisions as I go by referring to my personal values as well as my party's policies in the hope that, even though we might disagree on some things, we will find plenty that unites us too.

Pre-application The changes to the pre-application service went live on 1st June 2017. All pre-application advice will now be provided in writing and publish on the NNDC website. This will enable local residents to see what is being considered in their neighbourhood.

Surgeries I am trying to find the best way of meeting people in the division, so anyone who lives here can raise issues and get help (a 'surgery' in political lingo). Anyone is welcome to drop in to the following surgeries: Mon. 4th Sept. 18:00 - 18:45 at the Three Horseshoes in Briston Tues. 3rd Oct. 18:30 - 19:15 in the Millennium V. Hall in Ryburgh

Local Plan The Local Plan team have published the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) on the NNDC website, so residents can now see the 'long list' of sites which are available for review for the new Local Plan. I shared this with Parish Councils a couple of months ago. Work has begun to whittle down this long list to a viable short list of sites which will be included in the final plan. In parallel the team have begun commissioning other evidence e.g. Housing need and demand; flood risk assessment.

What is the Council and What Does It Do? I've learned a lot more about this since I started campaigning, although I'm still getting to grips with things at County Hall. We have lots of different Councils in Norfolk and they each look after different things. District Councils (ours is North Norfolk) take care of planning, waste collection and a few other things. The County Council coordinates waste recycling, transport, highways, economic development, children's services, adult services, libraries, museums and more. I plan to attend each of the committees that oversee these different functions in the coming months, and will report back on what I find.

Conservation area appraisal Following a meeting in March with Friends of North Norfolk, it was agreed to undertake a comprehensive review of the current conservation areas across the Glaven Valley. A project brief is being prepared to allow NNDC to go out to tender for

How Can I Help You? I'm very happy, of course, to take matters that are to do with the Council to the relevant officers whether that's an issue with potholes or public transport. But I also hope I can be a voice to the community and make sure that the Council understands the effects of its decisions and plans on the people in our community. I'm also here to help anyone who is having difficulty dealing with any aspect of government or businesses. For a wide range of reasons we don't always know our rights, or have the confidence to enforce them. I will make it my business, supported by my colleagues in County Hall and in the North Norfolk Liberal Democrat office, to help give people a voice if they need it. Steffan Aquarone County Councillors’ contact details: Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division (Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes) marie.strong@norfolk. gov.uk or 07920 286 597 Steffan Aquarone: County Councillor Melton Constable Division ( incl. Bale and Gunthorpe Parishes) steffanaquarone@gmail.com or 07879 451608


Coast project which runs from Weybourne to Cart Gap. Although not directly related to the Glaven Valley, you might be interested to know about the plans to encourage more visitors to this part of the North Norfolk coast. Karen Ward

the specialist services required to undertake this review. This is a welcome development and provides the opportunity for local communities to share their views on buildings of importance which merit conservation. The Local Validation Checklist consultation resulted in some good ideas and feedback which were adopted by NNDC last month. The new checklist will be operational from 17th July 2017 and all new applications will need to comply with the checklist from that date. Any outstanding applications will have a transition period until 18th August to comply with the checklist. This should improve the process as currently 45% of applications are invalid on first submission. This results in delays, frustration and wasted time and effort.

District Councillors’ Contact Details: Vincent Fitzpatrick e:vincent.fitzpatrick@northnorfolk.gov.uk & Simon Hester e:simon.hester@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Karen Ward e:karen.ward@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston) Ann.R.Green (01328 878273) e: ann.green@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Gunthorpe & Bale)

THE WRONG SAX ramblings from the editor Apologies to the residents of Saxlingham for putting the wrong village shop on the cover of Lynx 114. Readers were quick to note that the photo bore absolutely no resemblance to any building in the village and so I must own up that I found it online. It is believed to be of Saxlingham Nethergate. In my defence, I am continually searching for cover photos from less represented villages such as Saxlingham, Sharrington and Cockthorpe and so… anyone with a camera – please take a snap or two that I can crop to 19 x 9cm. Archive photos and drawings are always very welcome too.

Neighbourhood plans The Neighbourhood Planning Act received Royal Assent on 27th April 2017 and on 19th June NNDC reviewed its first neighbourhood plan (Corpusty and Saxthorpe) at Planning Policy and Built Heritage Working Party. This was a comprehensive document and was well received by the planning policy members. Mark Ashwell, planning policy manager, confirmed that the new local plan is unlikely to be ready before 2018/2019. He further confirmed that if the Corpusty and Saxthorpe neighbourhood plan was adopted by the residents at referendum later in 2017, then this plan would take precedent over the current local plan and would inform the new local plan for that area. This is good news for parishes considering neighbourhood plans, as it confirms the legal status of the plans in relation to local and national planning guidelines.

GLAVEN CENTRE SERVICES Toe-nail clinics Wednesday 2, 16 & 30 August Wednesday 13, 20 & 27 September

Hearing Aid clinics Wednesday 16 August & Friday 29 September Wednesdy 18 October & Friday 24 November

Appointments Two new planners have been recruited and have already joined the team and a further appointment has been confirmed and the individual will join NNDC in September. This leaves only two vacancies, which are still being actively recruited for. The two appointments to run the Community Housing Fund have also been made. This additional resource is welcome, as it strengthens our ability to ensure appropriate development across our parishes. Moving away from Planning, NNDC has recently signed off £500,000 investment in the Deep History

Hairdressing Every Wednesday. Regular, occasional or casual appointments available. Ring 01263 740762 to make/check appointments.

CHARITY CLOTHES SALE On Saturday 9th September, there will be a clothes sale in aid of Ovacome cancer charity, www.ovacome.org.uk to be held at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Holt from 10am – 3.30pm. The sale


from the burning wreckage is recounted inside the Dome. On the ground as well as the open Dome the large number of visitors enjoyed a presence from the RAF Radar Museum, the Royal British Legion, the Norwich & District Aviation Group and the local Air Cadets plus a static Gipsy Moth aircraft and a display of military vehicles. Tara Stafford-Allen and the Blighty Belles were a great hit with their performance of a medley of WW2 hits, and amongst a very competitive field, ranging from “Bomber” Harris to a farm boy, they chose the winners for the best dressed attendees (male and female) in 1940s or WW2 costume. We also welcomed a display from the Rescue Wooden Boats at Stiffkey, a light anti-aircraft gun from the Muckleburgh collection and 2620 RAuxAF Regiment Sqn from RAF Marham who as well as exhibiting their weapons and equipment, brought along their 6.5M high climbing tower - a very popular attraction for many of the children present. The Langham Village BBQ, and the Ronaldo’s ice cream bicycle sold out of stock, and even the bar provided by the Binham Chequers looked in serious danger of becoming the pub with no beer! With some 18 prizes the Grand Draw proved to be very popular and was a major contributor to the funds raised on the day. Thank you to all, individuals and local businesses, who provided such an eclectic mix of prizes. A massive thank you also goes to all, too many to name but especially our fantastic Dome volunteers, who supported us with their time and resources and of course to all those who came along on the day and had a great time. Finally a special thanks must go to Henry Labouchere with his thrilling Tiger Moth

will be an opportunity for people to take a stall, maybe with a friend, to sell those fashion items that linger at the back of the wardrobe, maybe bought for a special event, or shoes that looked wonderful but were a pain to wear and so still look like new. Stallholders pay £15 per stall and keep all their takings but there will also be an Ovacome stall for donated clothes and accessories where all the money will go to the charity so if you have something you would like to donate please get in touch. Ovacome was established over 20 years ago to help all those affected by ovarian cancer and is now one of the leading charities in this field but like all charities depends on constant fundraising in order to continue its work. It provides emotional support, factual information, a telephone support line and with a regular newsletter is able to keep members up to date with recent research and developments in this field. To help raise awareness in the area there will also be an information table at the sale with people on hand to answer questions. To find out more or to offer help on the day please contact Claire Dubbins at cdubbins@btinternet.com. CD

EVENTS AT NWT CLEY CENTRE Cley Calling: Summer Sea Festival Thursday 3 August – Sunday 6 August As part of national marine week we will be exploring coastal wildlife, landscape and culture in North Norfolk. Join us for coastal explorations, family events, theatre, music and poetry inspired by the sea. Coastal Cameras – Pinhole Photography: Thu. 3 August, 10.30am – 3.30pm Coastal Wildlife Talk: Fri. 4 August, 2.30pm Stolen Years - James Boyd: Fri. 4 August, 6pm doors, 7.30pm performance Pimms, Pizza & Poetry: Sat. 5 August, 6.30pm doors & food readings from 7.30pm Norfolk Girl: Sun. 6 August, 11am - 12.30pm or 2.30 - 4pm Information on all Cley Calling Summer Sea Festival events can be found at: www.cleycalling.com. News of further events can be found at www. norfolkwild lifetrust.org.uk/whats-on.

RAF DOME HERITAGE DAY The planned BBMF Dakota flypast was changed to a Spitfire MkVb in 64 Sqn “D day” markings flown by Squadron Leader Mark Discombe, which was a popular substitution for a very successful Langham Dome Heritage Day held on 3 June. The event was opened by Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper KBE, and the opening ceremony was immediately followed by the presentation of a pair of flying gauntlets to the museum from David Harris. The gauntlets had belonged to David’s brother Flight Sergeant Frederick Harris the co-pilot of 524 Sqn Wellington F for Freddie which lost an engine and crashed on take-off in March 1945 - there is a special memorial at the Dome for this sad event, and the heroism of a WAAF airwoman, Ivy Cross, who pulled three of the crew


aerobatic display, and behind the scenes for his perseverance with the CAA in obtaining permission to carry it out - post Shoreham flying displays are no longer straight forward to organise! If you were unable to make it on the day the Dome is open as usual for the rest of the 2017 season so come along and see what you missed (www.langhamdome.org gives our opening times). John Blakeley

Without all our distributors the Lynx would not be delivered to every house or have achieved such a high profile in the area. The tea party was a small way of thanking you all and an event enjoyed by everyone there. CD/LB

NUISANCE TELEPHONE CALLS Telephone calls from human salespeople and robot generated voice messages even silence are extremely irritating. Unless you enjoy these types of calls there are ways to reduce them. Signing up for national Telephone Preference Service has been established for some time, now a new service makes it possible to block individual caller numbers. It is quite simple – If you receive an unwanted call, hang up then dial a number supplied by your telephone line supplier (1572 in the case of BT). It is also possible to hear your list of blocked calls and reverse a blocking. This is a free service from BT but you will need to register or check with your supplier for their arrangements and the number they supply to dial for call blocking. Maurice Mathhews

LYNX TEA PARTY On the fine sunny afternoon of June 3rd, nearly 50 people gathered in Field Dalling Villagers’ Hall for a tea party. The party was held to thank the loyal band of distributors in the nine parishes who deliver the Lynx to each house in their village. Throughout the year in all weathers, they ensure that people have a copy to hand, to read about their own villages and find out what is going on in other parishes. The hall was made even more attractive with bunting and thanks to Geraldine Green, lovely natural arrangements of flowers on every table. Thanks also to our volunteer bakers, there was a fine spread of cakes, along with tasty sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, scones with jam and cream and plentiful supplies of tea, coffee and cordials. Before helping ourselves to bowls of Sharrington strawberries and cream with meringues, we all trooped out into the sunshine to have a group photo taken which can be seen on the front cover of this issue of the Lynx. The afternoon gave an opportunity to distributors to meet each other and the Lynx production team. Following a short introduction by our chairman Anthony Smith, Roberta Hammond our editor gave an interesting insight into how the magazine is produced before introducing Roger Newman, Andrew Moncur and Robert Metcalfe, respectively our printer, popular and amusing cartoonist and proof reader who picks up any mistakes not spotted earlier. The hard work undertaken by everyone results in a professional magazine, of value to local people and visitors alike. The comments afterwards included many of those present saying that they had not realised how much effort goes into the Lynx’s production and how interesting it was to hear about the work behind the scenes.

HEARING DOGS CHANGE LIVES Hearing Dogs are trained to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals that most of us take for granted while also providing vital companionship and emotional support. Loss of hearing can lead to stress, isolation and loneliness. A hearing dog can help overcome these and change the life of a deaf person for the better. National charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People would like to tell local groups and clubs more about this life changing work. Rachel Clarke, Community Fundraising Manager for East Anglia says ‘We have a dedicated network of volunteers who are able to give an interesting and emotive insight into how hearing dogs makes such a difference to the lives of deaf people and how groups and individuals can help us in our work”. There are currently over 870 working hearing dogs assisting the lives of severely and profoundly deaf people across the UK and in Norfolk. Hearing Dogs are easily recognisable by their distinctive burgundy jackets and lead slips providing visibility to an otherwise largely invisible disability, giving confidence to their recipients when in public. The charity does not receive any government


funding and relies on the support of individuals, groups and businesses to help fund its life-changing work. For more information or to arrange for one of our speakers to come and talk to your group please contact Rachel Clarke on 07769 901291 or email rachel.clarke@hearingdogs.org.uk. Mandy Allen

BALE FETE A beautiful, immaculately tended, walled garden, orchard, bunting, sun, a fresh breeze, a brass band, cheerful and efficient organisers, a sea of familiar faces and visitors. Perfect! I am relatively new to the Bale Fete. It has all the happy elements of decades of tradition, but with contemporary standard catering, cakes and produce, and plenty of 21st century books for sale. I helped this year in a small way supporting one of the stalls. I was welcomed and inducted into the art of anchoring fly away raffle tickets, and squirreling them swiftly into our mini swing bin for safe keeping: tricks learned over many years of battling with that breeze, I guess. I am not a great salesperson, so luckily my role was back- room, with the cajoling done by others. It all went like clockwork. But we all know that the smooth running is the result of months of planning and hard work by many in the village, not least the Hammonds who give up their house and garden for the day; and that the draw of the draws (as it were) would not be the same without substantial raffle donations of all kinds. Thanks to everyone for hard work and donations. My husband came away with bottles of rose and cider (2 x 40 p bottle stall tickets). Me? I took home the great satisfaction of having beaten him at bowls...a coup given that my hand/eye coordination is generally wanting. I doubt the Hammonds’ garden looked quite as immaculate by the end of the day. The fete raised over £4,000 for church funds. Kate Chapman

BALE Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878656 design@janewheeler.co.uk

VILLAGE HALL NEWS Well, the grand project is well on the way to being completed (see Duncan’s report below) and our beloved Village Hall is back in action again. The Art Group (Mondays, contact Duncan, djt1944@aol.com) and Fish & Chips (2nd Friday of each month, 7pm) started up again in July and the Tractor Run on 16th July started and finished there, with refreshments served from our smart new kitchen. A tea party was also held on 23rd July, to say a fond farewell to Alan and Margaret Sankey, who will shortly be moving to Holt. We’ll miss you! Our next big event is the annual Barbecue, on Saturday 26th August at 7pm. We are regarding this as the “Grand Opening” so hope to have the usual big crowd to enjoy Alastair and Paul’s wonderful catering. Tickets £13 from 01328 822012 or balevillagehall@gmail.com. The following gastronomic treat will be the Harvest Supper, which this year is on 7th October. We have once again persuaded Philip Ottey to come out of retirement to cater for us, so please come along and enjoy. Tickets £13, as above. We would especially appreciate advance notice if you are coming to the Supper, as it is the only occasion where we bring in an outside caterer and like to give him as accurate numbers as possible. Just to remind you, the Hundred Club subscriptions were due in July, if you haven't renewed please do, and perhaps get a few friends and relatives to subscribe - £12 for the year; cheques made out to Bale Village Hall should be sent to our treasurer Alastair Macorkindale, Forge Cottage, Sharrington Road, BALE, Norfolk NR21 0QY. if you haven't renewed you miss your chance of winning a prize at the next fish and chips evening. Paula Moore

VILLAGE HALL REFURBISHMENT We are delighted to report that Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our refurbishment programme are now complete. This means that we now have a new toilet block - warm, clean and compliant with legislation regarding disabled access; a new bar/kitchen open to the main hall, a new store room where all of our tables and chairs can be stowed and a front porch and lobby with cloaks hanging facilities The main hall has been completely re-wired, and has new spotlights, wall lights, curtains, display boards, notice boards, and a new fire exit door. The transformation has been made without, we hope, taking anything away from the character of the ‘old hall’ that we so love.


This has cost very nearly £65,000, a sum that has been raised through grants, gifts and generous donations accumulated over the last 15 months. All who wish to be, will be acknowledged formally in a plaque in the hall, but the Village Hall Committee wish here to say thank you so very, very much to every one of you for giving a new lease of life to this very special building. Still to come are Phases 5 and 6. Phase 5 comprises new fencing around our enlarged curtilage, and a paved area along the western side of the hall. This will provide an area for outdoor dining at our annual barbecue and space for other outdoor events from to time. It will also provide a safer muster area in the event of fire. Phase 6 will entail the replacement of all of the remaining ‘original’ windows with double glazed new ones, together with the re-cladding and insulation of those sections of the hall that have not been upgraded as part of the refurbishment programme to date. Taken together, these works will enable the Hall to be used more frequently and more flexibly, and our income stream will, we hope, be enhanced accordingly. However, we will still need grant monies and donations if Phases 5 and 6 are to be completed quickly, and we will continue to be fundraising as vigorously as ever to enable this to happen. If, upon reading this, you are overwhelmed with irresistible feelings of generosity, then our account details, given below, enable you to give vent to your urges: Cheques should be made payable to BVH Development Fund and sent to our treasurer Alastair Macorkindale, Forge Cottage, Sharrington Road, Bale, Norfolk NR21 0QY, online (BACS) payments should be paid to BVH Development Fund, Account Number: 23142450, Sort Code: 20-30-81. Thank you so much. Duncan Thomas

PURCELL SCHOOL CONCERT at All Saints Church, Bale Sun 25th June For the twelfth time we welcomed pupils from the Purcell School for its annual community concert, a muchloved tradition celebrating the end of their outreach programme to the schools and villages of Norfolk, from Weeting in the Deep South to Bale in the Far North. As ever, the range of musical genres was wide, and the individual musical accomplishment of the young performers breath-taking. With so much enthusiasm and talent it would be invidious to single out any of the instrumental pieces as more deserving of praise than any other. Ibai performed miracles of virtuosity on the ‘cello; the trumpeters and saxophonists blew their hearts out; and Chris thundered from the pulpit on the tuba. But this time there was a difference. However much we all enjoyed their wonderful playing, the focus of the evening was on the voice. Whether by accident or by clever design the concert took the form of a very special vocal recital, interspersed with the instrumental pieces, from three truly remarkable girls’ voices - two sopranos and a mezzo, Sophia, Sophie and Oonagh - singing solo, or as a duet, or as a trio. The beauty and feeling conveyed by such young singers in serious pieces of “real” music by Brahms Faure and Wolf was matched by the infectious charm of their performances of lighter pieces from Lakme, The Mikado and Carousel. As always the abiding memory will be of how all the performers took, and gave, so much pleasure as an ensemble, coming together as a group to bring the concert to a rousing finale, arranged by the pianist Mark Zang. Mark also accompanied almost every soloist and performed brilliantly on his own. The audience, many of whom have not missed a single concert since the series began, responded warmly. The group’s inspirational teacher Alison Cox, to whom the whole enterprise owes everything, received a well-deserved personal ovation. They also showed their appreciation for Alan and Margaret Sankey who have been the tireless organising spirits since the beginning. They will be passing the baton on to Paula Moore when they move from the village later this summer. Worryingly, the dread hand of Local Authority austerity, and the cost of conforming to the highest standards of quality and care, may mean that there will not be enough funding for the school to return for its outreach programme

ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION COLLECTION 2017 Most grateful thanks to all villagers who generously contributed to the RNLI again this year. Yet another superb effort from our village which demonstrates peoples’ commitment to this most worthy cause. The RNLI receive no monies from Central Government and rely entirely on public funding. This particular year has broken the record for Bale with the excellent sum of £267.50. Well done to all concerned! Chris Broughton


Leeders Pightle came out on top. This was the name of most of the portion of land of the site on the comprehensive parish map of 1792. We have checked with North Norfolk District if “Pightle”, an old name for an irregular small parcel of land, will be acceptable. NNDC have replied it is. Broadland might wish to put forward a name but the final decision has to be agreed by the NNDC and the Post Office. We will do a little research of who Leeder was. In 1792 the 4 acres of arable land was in the ownership of the Lord of the Manor, Thomas Truesdale Clarke and rented out to Marsham Pigge. As a tenant he lived at what is now Abbey House and farmed almost 50% of all the land in the manor. Possibly Leeder was an earlier tenant or owner of this small field. I hope you all agree that Stanley Hewitt has made a great job of repairing and repainting the bus shelter and its seat. It is good that he was able to reuse so much of the original structure rather than the Council having to contemplate replacing it with a new shelter involving all the complications of deciding on a design and a very much more costly scheme. The possibility of having a skate park in the village was requested by a young resident and considered at the May Parish Council meeting. It was difficult to assess the usage and there were arguments for and against. The applicant has been asked to give some idea of the long term demand by asking around his friends. It might be that arranging occasional visits to the parks already at Wells, Little Walsingham and Blakeney might be easier to justify. At the last Parish Council meeting the possibility of having a Cardiac Defibrillator located fairly centrally in the village was raised. Dr Clive Brady is looking into this further and it will be on the agenda of the July meeting of the Parish Council. David Frost

next year. Sponsorship from local supporters – like John and Jean Schofield in Bale – has contributed crucially to the success of the concerts. It is greatly to be hoped that new sponsors can be found for the whole programme, so that North Norfolk can continue to enjoy, and benefit from, the wonderful work of the School in years to come. Basil Postan

HUNDRED CLUB DRAW RESULTS May Julie May Eileen Spooner Derek Clarke Angus Jones

£25 £10 £5 £5

June Adam Chapman Jim Peppitt John Allison Adam Raphael

£25 £10 £5 £5

BINHAM Contact: Liz Brady 01328 830830 lizdavenport@f2s.com

ARTHUR HUNDLEBY Arthur Hundleby died on 24th June at Hill House with his family present. There will be an appreciation of Arthur's dedication to Binham Priory in the next issue of the Lynx.

BINHAM & COCKTHORPE PC You may have noticed some activity on the Priory Close/Walsingham Road site of the proposed Broadland Housing development. This has been to assess the infiltration characteristics of the land to plan the ground water drainage scheme. Work is likely to start in the autumn on the access road from the Walsingham Road so no construction traffic will need to use Priory Crescent. The building programme is for Phase 1 to consist of the 17 houses on the east side of the site to be completed first, thus minimising the time neighbours will be exposed to a construction site. The remaining 11 houses will be completed later as Phase 2. The access road work will also involve relocating an electricity pole and the incoming main supply. Additionally, there will be new substation which will allow the power company to make improvement to the wider system. The result of the consultation on the suggested name of the new access road from the Walsingham Road was that

BINHAM OPEN GARDENS 17th and 18th June A sunny weekend, what a treat Nine lovely gardens, trimmed and neat. Scores of people walking round Wonderful blooms to be found. Refreshments in the village hall Limericks all around the wall. Children's beautiful flowers and leaves Judges busy and very pleased.


Waiting for long sunny hours Makes me want to sing Shelby Belton Age 5

Binham gardeners did not rest To make their gardens the very best, with flowers, plants and lawns just right Open Gardens - what a delight! Amanda Able Leading up to and during Open Gardens weekend, three competitions were run to get families and children involved and to create a lovely display in the Village Hall. Many thanks to the Judges, Phil Barrett, Poet and Writer and Polly Binns, Artist and Exhibition Curator, for their time and enthusiasm in judging the many entries. We had 23 flowers, 16 'Perfect Gardens' and over 70 limericks. Congratulations to the winners:-

The blowy air Is blowing everywhere Be aware about your hair Be aware about your trees Or graze your knees. Harry Green Age 7 My flowers are very pretty and very nice And there some butterfly too Some bees and grass Iris Cooper Age 6 All in all the weekend was a resounding success. Over 400 visitors enjoyed the event. Ploughman’s Lunches, Cream Teas and the Cake Stall in the Village Hall were very popular. Sales of tickets, cakes, plants, artist’s cards, and other sundries including “Guess the Weight of the Cheese”, raised a total of £2,600 for the Priory Church. Many, many thanks, to all those who took part and worked so hard to produce this marvellous result. Clare Winkley

Children's 'Decorate a flower' 1st place: Henry King (7) 2nd place: Evie Green (11) 3rd place: Herbie C (3)

Children's Creative writing 'My perfect garden' 1st place: Shelby Belton (5) 2nd place: Harry Green (7) 3rd place: Iris C (6)



1st place: John Able 2nd place: Melissa Dent 3rd place: Amanda Able Here are some of the winning and commended limericks: (more to follow in the next edition of The Lynx)

In June we had an amazing demonstration by Sally Temple from Weybourne. She paints in oils with her hands and produces lovely pictures mainly of coastal scenes. She puts her heart and soul in her work, which made her demonstration extremely entertaining. August will be a busy month for the Group as we have a demonstration and workshop on the 8th by Gareth Jones from Brinton, and on the weekend of the 19th and 20th we will be holding our Annual Exhibition. Gareth will be showing us his undoubted skills with pastels in the morning, and at the afternoon workshop it will be our opportunity to have a go. Both these sessions are open to anybody, but we do need to know numbers for the workshop. The Binham Art Group’s Annual Exhibition will be held at the Binham Memorial Hall as usual. This is our opportunity to display our work to the public and hopefully sell some pictures. Our Group covers a wide variety of styles and mediums so there will be something for everybody. Do come along and enjoy. In September we will be having a demonstration on the 26th by Mary Thatcher on portraiture. Mary is an accomplished portrait artist and we are all looking forward to learning about this branch of painting that few of us fear to tread. Details of all these events and general information about the Group can be found on our website www.binhamartgroup.weebly.com . For any other queries or help please contact John Hill 01328 830378 or Brenda/ Lionel Wilde 01328 830525. John Hill

There was a young lady from Binham Who did all her gardening in gingham Her colours were bright She gave all a fright And ended up living in Langham. Melissa Dent There was a young gardener near here Who tried feeding his plants with draught beer The cucumbers were bitter Tomatoes no better What a terrible waste of good cheer. David Frost In a garden one day, Auntie Mary Decided to dress as a fairy Whilst waving her wand She fell into a pond And then… (Oh! The language was scary.) Marie Grange And here are the winning children's entries:-

'My Perfect Garden' The first day of spring What a wonderful thing Lots of lovely flowers

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP Binham Youth Group continues to be popular and well attended. We now regularly have between 40 and 60 youngsters each week, an incredible number! They come from many local villages, also Wells and even Fakenham! They particularly enjoy being outside on the playing field and play equipment on warm summer evenings. Over the past couple of years we have been lucky to receive donations from Binham Parish Council, Warham Parish Council, Binham & Hindringham Open Circle, The


worthwhile. Three pits were dug at a metre square and one at two metres by one metre. This larger pit was the first one to start revealing pottery shards and flints almost from the start and then not too far down the evidence of a wall started to appear. Over the two and half days that we dug only a single pit actually got down to the full one metre depth. This did not reveal any wall remains but plenty of pottery shards, flints and bone. The other three all revealed the remains of a significant "robbed out" wall (meaning the large flints remained but the rest had been removed in the past for later subsequent building projects). We had plenty of visitors to our excavations and our enthusiastic digging teams were joined by people across a large age group, our youngest team member being five month old Arthur! We had an estimated one hundred people participate in digging and just visiting. Everyone had a great time and in true "Time Team" fashion the best finds were revealing themselves towards the end of the dig. Pit 2 revealed the remains of a probable Roman bowl and a coin which fingers crossed we hope will also be Roman, the metal blade of a knife and the jaw bone of a butchered animal possibly a pig. Our largest pit revealed not only the wall but the post holes that had shown up on the geophysical survey. Our finds will now be sent to an expert for analysing and we will print an update once this has been carried out. A big thank you to everyone who participated with such commitment and making it a true community event.

Chequers Pub and most recently a grant from North Norfolk Radio Kid's Trust. With this generosity we can buy toys and equipment, fund the running of Youth Group and pay for volunteer staff to be police checked, first aid trained and child safeguarding trained. Particular thanks to our wonderful helpers who give their time each week to help out - Andrew, Wendy, Sharon, Richard, Jackie and Emileen and youngsters who were members of Youth Group themselves and who now come as helpers - Helena, Laura, James, Emilie, Megan and Kaytie. We couldn't do it without you! We were delighted recently to welcome Shelby as a new member to Youth Group. Shelby (age 5) is the daughter of Adrian who used to come to Youth Group himself. Our first second-generation member! Makes all us helpers feel old!!! Lastly, with our growing numbers we are always happy to welcome new volunteer helpers. If you could spare a couple of hours on Wednesday evenings (term time) please contact Wendy or Andrew Marsh (830178) or Amanda Able (830828) for a chat. Amanda Able

BINHAM & HINDRINGHAM OPEN CIRCLE We are a women’s group that meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15 pm in Hindringham village hall. It would be lovely to welcome new members to our group. Either come along or ring our secretary Sue Elkins 01328 878487 for more information. We do not hold a meeting in August but welcome everyone back on Thursday, September 21st for a talk about the Langham Dome by Patrick Allen. Partners are welcome to come along to this event. Sue Elkins

Membership It’s that time of year when subscriptions will fall due on 1st September 2017 for the year. Membership to Binham Local History Group is £5 for a couple and £3 for single. We provide a diary of talks from September through to May, plus other events unless otherwise notified on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7.30pm start, Binham Memorial Hall. A cheque can be sent to Richard Lewis, Treasurer BLHG, 6 Buttlands Close, Binham, NR21 0DR or pay on the night of the first talk. New members are always welcome and, existing members, we welcome your return.

BINHAM COMMUNITY ARCHAEOLGICAL DIG 23rd & 24th June As the preceding weekend had offered the hottest June temperatures for 40 years, it was with some trepidation we looked at the weather forecast for our planned dig weekend. Not that we wanted torrential rain, but digging archaeological test pits ideally requires temperatures that are kind and moderate. And so on Friday 23rd morning the intrepid 20 odd amateur archaeologists gathered at Binham Memorial Hall to participate in the community dig. Our test pits locations were based on geophysical survey taken last October and with the kind agreement of landowner William Wales, Andrew Cuthbert, Chairman of the Memorial Hall and Community Archaeologist Claire Bradshaw we set about digging our pits. Using the survey data and subsequently using dowsing rods with a slight degree of doubt, we were able to map out where we felt our best chances were of finding walls that would support a Romano British occupation on the site. Test pit digging is a slow and methodical process going down to a depth of one metre after removal of the top grass layer in 20cm at a time. Each layer is photographed and the contents sifted and examined for what finds it holds which are then gently washed and placed in a tray with an index referencing. It's the anticipation that makes the hard toil so

Talk Thurs, 28th September 2017 at 7:30pm Alistair Murphy will present: Olive Edis - The first female WW1 photographer. Pennie Alford




Events coming up…

Emma Bridgewater coming to Binham Priory

Coffee morning. Mon 7th Aug from 10.30 -12.30pm, for hall funds. Village fete. Sun 13th Aug from 1 to 4pm Fun for all the family, fun dog show, tombola, raffle, cakes refreshments, bric-a-brac. Lots of games for the children. Anyone able to offer any help either before the event or on the day of the fete, or if you have anything to donate, please ring Liz Brown on 01328 830519 Harvest lunch on Sun 8th Oct at the village hall following on from the harvest festival in the Priory. Watch out for posters with more information. The hall is a great place to hold a party or celebration. If you would like to hire it or need any further information please ring Liz on 01328 830519. The village hall 100+ club has numbers available. If you would like to join, please ring June Read on 01328 830106. This club helps fund equipment for the hall. Liz Brown

The Friends of Binham Priory are gearing up for another great fundraiser - an evening with Emma Bridgewater. Emma has become a household name for her stylish and colourful pottery which is all made in England at Stoke on Trent. She has lifelong links with North Norfolk and is president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England as well as being an author, designer and businesswoman. She will be speaking about her life, business and design career in Binham Priory on October 19th at 7.30pm. Ancient Binham Priory holds a Norfolk CPRE award for a major restoration and improvement project on the north aisle and The Friends say Emma’s visit is a particularly exciting event in this year’s calendar. “We believe it will be very enjoyable for everyone. Seating is limited so we advise people to book early” said chairperson Clive Brady. The talk will be run in a relaxed “in conversation” style and in the interviewer’s chair will be Pennie Alford, secretary of Binham Local History Group. First tickets will be offered in August to the membership of The Friends of Binham Priory. Remaining tickets will be available to the general public from September at £10 per head including a glass of wine or soft drink. Ticket updates will be posted on The Friends’ new website. Visit www.friendsofbinhampriory.weebly.com C. Raymand

BINHAM PRIORY TEAS Every Friday during August 2.30 – 4.30pm Come and enjoy the delicious home-made cakes with a cup of tea with your friends in the tranquil surroundings of Binham Priory.

BINHAM PRIORY CONCERTS Summer/Autumn Series All concerts are on a Saturday at 7.30pm Tickets are £16 per concert 19th Aug: Xuefei Yang (classical guitar) 26th Aug: Lendvai String Trio 9th Sept: Britten Oboe Quartet 16th Sept: Bergamasca by Candlelight! Please see web site for details (www.binhampriory.org) Numbered tickets are available in advance from the end of May. Please contact Maureen Frost on 01328 830362, or email davidfrost226@btinternet.com.

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL 100+ Club winners May winners: £25 Peggy Wyer, £10 Jane Grange, Richard Lewis, £5 Martin Foulds, Cherie Beckham, Alex Howell June winners: £25 Mr P Frost, £10 Helena Marsh, Mrs J McCormac, £5 Jane Grange, Mr G Marsh, Andrew Marsh. If anyone would like to join the 100+ club, please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

Songs of Serenity Sat 30th Sept at 7pm Suffolk Singers. Visit www.suffolksingers.co.uk for details of the programme. Tickets are £10. Please call 01394 279907 or visit www.WeGotTickets.com - and please note the earlier start time.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence that you ever tried in the first place.


have scaffolding and may need to be closed. Services will continue, though: on Sunday 10th September the Family Service will be held in the Villagers’ Hall at 11am, and on Sunday 24th September, the service will be in St Margaret’s, Saxlingham. You may wonder why we are starting this project as late as September. The bat-breeding season lasts until the end of August; they are a protected species, and we are forbidden to start earlier. In July we held a ‘bat night’ in the church, with twilight sightings and a talk by the bat specialist who has been conducting the required pre-project surveys, to increase our understanding of bats and their reducing habitat. Margaret Smith, Churchwarden

COCKTHORPE Contact: Maurice Matthews 01328 830350 maurice.matthews@peppard.net See “Nuisance telephone calls” and “Hearing dogs change lives” on page 8 in the Community News section.

FIELD DALLING Contact: Anthony Smith 01328 830546 aesmith@pobox.com



A note from Herbie

Field Dalling and Saxlingham Sat 12th Aug from 2 to 4pm at Villagers’ Hall, Langham Road

Dear Friends, This is the moment to get your owners brushed up and well-behaved, and bring them along to church on August 13th (the day after the Fete). Sad to say, I misbehaved last year.I just got very excited, that’s all, to see so many friends. All I wanted to do was to run and say hello to everyone… But it was great.I saw some homing pigeons that can fly home all the way from France or the north of Scotland. How cool is that? I saw some really nice dogs, and a nice man read a lovely prayer writted by a dog. I wished I’d writ it myself. But I’m only 2, so my writing isn’t that good yet. See you soon, Herbie Newton (By the way, I’m a golden retriever, just in case your owners have seen me around.)

The day of the annual summer fete is now very close. Please come along with your visitors, families and friends to enjoy an afternoon of fun for all ages. Our traditional village fete has plenty of stalls to browse and buy from and all sorts of games for everyone to enjoy, as well as the children’s corner. Inside the hall there will be lots of lovely cakes, plants and produce and the raffle with excellent prizes. Not to be missed is the opportunity to sit down and have a chat, either inside or out and enjoy refreshments and delicious cakes served throughout, whilst listening to the excellent music provided by The Norfolk Jazz Quartet, returning by popular demand to entertain all afternoon. All the proceeds go towards the upkeep of the two village churches as well as the Villagers’ Hall, and anything unsold is donated to the BREAK charity. Come and help us make it a bumper fun afternoon! Bridget Nicholson, Fete Committee

VILLAGERS’ HALL All outstanding work inside has now been completed. The exterior brickwork is to be re-pointed and stains removed to improve the appearance of the Hall. Three direction signs to Villagers’ Hall have been ordered from Norfolk County Council and will be fitted in the future, hopefully before the Fete.

ST ANDREW’S CHURCH Different venues in September Major work on our lead roof starts in September. The lead on the chancel roof (the section nearest the road), despite being patched over many years, needs completely replacing. The bigger, nave roof requires repair and possibly some replacement. We have been awarded a grant of £75,000, which should cover all the work needed. While the work is going on, the church building will

Important Diary dates Bingo Nights: 4th Aug, 8th Sept,13th Oct, 10th Nov Charity Bingo: 18th August Annual Summer Fete 2017: Sat 12th Aug 2-4 pm Macmillan Coffee Morning: Fri 29th Sept Stretch & Tone Classes have ceased due to lack of attendees.


get your subscriptions back if you are lucky enough to win a prize. Payments can include your “Friends” membership and a cheque, cash or BACS payment of just £17.00 per person will cover both. Cheques should please me made out to FOGPC. BACS payments can be made as detailed below, but please inform John Blakeley (e-mail jbconsult@btinternet.com ) if you pay by BACS so that records can be kept up to date and you do not miss the chance to participate in a future draw. The Friends membership and any other donation, but not the 50:50 Club subscriptions, can be Gift Aided and if you have not already completed a form we would, be most grateful if you could consider doing this – provided you are and remain a taxpayer of course. NAT WEST Bank plc Sort code 53-50-73 Account number 25727532 To again quote the motto of a somewhat larger lottery can we remind you that “you have to be in it to win it!” Myfi Everett, Jeanette Rigby & John Blakeley

The next Villager's Hall Committee meeting is Tuesday 26th July at 7.30pm so come along and see what we are up to, you may have ideas to help us.

200 CLUB The winners for June were: £50 John Maundrell, £25 Glynn Thomas, £15 Carol Wood. Contact Susie Collins for info on 01328 830365 or steveandsusie100@gmail.com. To win it you have to be in it!

THE BEREAVEMENT GROUP… … is on holiday in July but will meet again on Friday 11th August at 4pm. Do get in touch if you would like to come along.. Contact fionanewton46@gmail.com or 01328 830947. Fiona Newton

GUNTHORPE Contact: John Blakeley 01263 861008 jbconsult@btinternet.com www.gunthorpefriends.co.uk

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS Sadly, we have had another theft from our church. The thieves got over the vestry door and stole communion wine, a small oak box and a Celtic cross. Nothing of great value, but unsettling none the less. Your help in keeping an eye open for anything unusual as you pass the church is very much appreciated. This year, the Churches bike ride is being held on Saturday Sept 9th. In Gunthorpe Dan Worsley very kindly organises this event and he holds the sponsorship forms for all who like to support this event. My husband David and I will be cycling that day if anyone wishes to join us. It usually includes a nice pub lunch! Penny Brough, Church Warden


50/50 Club Draw Results June

Ian Whittle £20 Colin Dewing £15 Isaac Buchanan £15 Brian Churchill £10 Hannah Stevenson £15 Diane Blakeley £5 Mark Jenkinson £10 Pippa Bunting £5 Janie Burton £10 Elaine Vaughan £5 Roy Marsden £5 Louisa Clark £5 Deborah O’Driscoll £5 Tom Elwell £5 We finished the Club year with the expanded May draw and with a ‘bumper’ monthly raffle. The 50:50 Club remains a key source of income for the “Friends” with some £1057.90 being donated between subscriptions and the monthly coffee mornings for the year from June 2016 to May 2017. As always we offer our thanks to all members for their support; to all who have helped with refreshments etc at the coffee mornings and to all who have contributed prizes for the monthly raffle. We have been well supported at the start of the new subscription year with 128 members in the June draw, but we are still collecting subscriptions for the year from June 2017. If you need to renew or to join - it costs just £1.00 per month (payable in advance for the year) to join and you can

SUMMER CONCERT What had started as a poor day for weather turned into a perfect evening for “The Heart Awakens” a recital of English Songs performed at Mere Place by David Aitman on the piano and Charles Johnston a baritone who performs regularly with the ENO and the Welsh Touring Opera. The songs ranged from “A Shropshire Lad” by Arthur Somervell through folk songs by Benjamin Britten to an encore including “I’m a Gnu” from Flanders and Swann, which left a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience to finish the refreshments kindly donated by the Aitmans and village residents. Altogether the Recital raised some £640 including donations from those who could not attend - this has been divided between the “Friends” and the Village Institute with a massive thank you from the village to David and Charles, not forgetting their families who provided a great deal of help in setting up the venue, for what was their fourth concert on behalf of these village charities.

GUNTHORPE VILLAGE INSTITUTE In May 1980 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Gunthorpe Village Institute village historian, Ray Steffens created some notes on the origins of the Institute and its early years. These have recently been found and are reproduced with only minor editing below. This is Part 2 - Part 1 can be found in Lynx 114.


of regulations which did not exist in 1930 or even 1980. No records of original membership survive, but it is known that there were over fifty members during the first year (about equal numbers of men and women). One striking feature is the predominance then of members aged 20 - 40 for today (1980) such members are very rare indeed. (Author’s note - little has changed since these comments were made now more than 30 years ago by Ray Steffens)

The Institute was open six days a week during its ''season" (usually autumn to spring inclusive). All members paid sixpence entrance “fee" and a weekly "subscription" of 3 pence for men or l penny for ladies. Weekly subs were collected by members of the committee who were on duty at the time. The charge for billiards per half-hour was 3 pence (two players) or 4 pence (four players). The 'billiards box" yielded £6.15s (£6.75) during its first year. It must have been in fairly constant use (probably about 250 hours in the season). The ladies had only one of the six nights a week and met on Tuesdays. Usually they played whist, and two of them took turns to organise their evenings and provide prizes and refreshments. Funds were accumulated for a ladies only Summer outing. Yarmouth was popular and a bus full would go. Free lunch would be provided. Special whist drives used to be organised for fund raising for the Institute or for some charitable purpose. It was a common occurrence in the early days for a joint whist drive to be held along with a dance. Massey and Bridges and Brock's were some of the bands providing music (for ten shillings (50p) or so), but local talent sometimes sufficed. The Institute also raised or provided money for the Children's Christmas Treat. In December 1930 it was agreed to allocate £5.7s for presents (2/- (10p) per child of 3 -7 years, 3/- (15p) for those between 7-12 and 3/6 (17½p) for the 12-14 year olds). It was agreed also that the children should be taken to a cinema entertainment in Holt. The cost quoted, £2 for 40 persons, was regarded as excessive however, and Mr Priest of Fakenham was approached instead. The 1930 Fete Committee was asked to make a grant of £3 to the Children's Christmas Fund, and this seems to be the first mention of a local fete. The Committee had much to do during the first Children’s Christmas Party, not dated year of the Institute, and met twelve times, holding its first official meeting on the 8th February 1930. At least six socials or whist drives and dances were held. Money was used to pay for the new piano, to buy card tables, thirty chairs and a tea urn, and to pay for the building running costs. The basic annual running costs (coal oil, rates, insurance etc) were about £10.10s and the income from members entrance fees and subscriptions alone was sufficient to meet these costs For those interested in prices in the 1930s the accounts show that coal was 2/2 (llp) per cwt (51kg) paraffin 1/-(5p) per gallon (4.54 litres), a dartboard cost 30/- (£1.50), six darts 1/- (5p), two dozen "ping pong" balls 2/- (10p) and second hand bentwood chairs could be bought for 3/-(15p) each. Ordinary cakes, purchased from Charles Purdy of Holt, were 9d (less than 4p) a dozen and mince pies 10p a dozen (i.e. three cakes could be bought for lp in today’s money) Rates were 11/3 (56p) a year and insurance £1.4s.6d (£1.22p). It is worth noting that by 1980 basic running costs for the complete Institute were about £100 annually including money spent on the Children’s Party etc - today it is just under £1,000 with the cost of insurance alone being almost £400 and money having to be spent on meeting a plethora

WELCOME A warm village welcome goes to Avril Peck who along with her 8 year old son Frankie, Golden Retriever Dylan and, as she puts it, a Heinz 57 variety cat Hershie, has moved into Hollyhock Cottage. Avril has lived in London for most of her life where her three grown up sons presently reside. She will be joined in a few weeks time by her mother Marie Peck. Neither are strangers to the area - Marie was born in Bale and the Preston brothers, who lived in the Sharrington Road, were Avril’s great uncles. We hope they will all be very happy in their new home.

LAND’S END TO JOHN O’GROATS In Lynx 114 we gave details of the sponsored cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats for the Norfolk Churches Trust which we plan for September. Training for this continues. My husband David, who will be doing the hard work, completed the Norfolk 100 in 6 hours cycling time (excluding rest stops). This is a very good course starting/finishing in Norwich and cycling along the coast to Holkham and then back inland via Aylsham. It can be thoroughly recommended even if you are not training for the Land’s End to John O’Groats marathon! This was followed by a 6 day more leisurely cycle from south to north in the Outer Hebrides from Vatersay to the Butt of Lewis. Yes the wind does blow and it rains there, and David found out that his wet weather gear failed the test! But we remain undaunted and depart to Land’s End for the real thing on Sept 12th. David starts his ride to Scotland on the 13th. Wish us luck! PB, Church Warden

FOGPC The Friends gathered in the Village Institute for the AGM on the 6th July. Rob Cutterham, a long-standing committee member who sadly passed away last year, was fondly remembered and thanked for his kindness in the donation of his wine for so many Village events over the years. It was fitting that his wine was used to toast his kindness. Seana Broom, treasurer, was thanked as was John Blakeley for so diligently and successfully collecting membership subs and 50/50 Club fees, and the committee thanked Myfi Everett and Jeanette Rigby for taking on the running of the coffee mornings and all who had supported this fund raising activity with refreshments and raffle prizes etc. In particular David Aitman and Charles Johnson were thanked for their delightful concert where the proceeds were split between the Village Institute and the Friends raising nearly £300 for each – how wonderful of them! The money raised continues to be of a similar level to other years, and we thank all Gunthorpe Village participants


as well as many members from outside the village for their help in supporting the maintenance of the fabric of St. Mary’s Gunthorpe Church. If you are not a member please consider joining us - your support makes all the difference. Marie Denholm Friends Chairman

FOL MYSTERY TRIP Langham Senior Citizens Thurs 31st Aug 9:30am Once again the Friends of Langham extend a warm invitation to all senior citizens, to join us on our annual mystery trip. This will take place on Thursday 31st August, leaving from outside the Blue Bell at 9.30am. There will be a choice of menu for lunch which will be available when you book your place, by contacting John Hughes on 01328 830595 or Peter Barlow on 01328 830606. Unfortunately this year, due to increasing costs we are having to ask for a contribution of £12.50 each for the day, but still good value for money for this enjoyable day out. FOL Committee

LANGHAM Contact: Christina Cooper 01328 830207 christinacooper27@googlemail.com

FROM THE REGISTERS Holy Baptisms Joel John Lees Stephanie Ellen Honey


7th May 2017 17th May 2017

Radar activated actual vehicle speed signs are increasing in local villages to make drivers more aware of the speed at which they are travelling, and thereby encourage everyone to drive within the prevailing speed limit, thus making our villages safer for both residents and drivers alike. The sign displays the actual speed of approaching vehicles, so is easily seen by drivers and, if the speed is above the legal limit, a ‘Slow Down’ message is shown. The date & time of every vehicle is recorded as is its relevant speed. All this information is collected and in this way can then be collated and reviewed, so giving a complete picture of speeds over a 24/7 period. The sign is mobile and moved to approved sites in villages to cover the main through roads on a four weekly cycle. This enables a complete record to be achieved from which patterns of activity can be detected and if necessary further action taken to combat consistent speeding. From the start of use back in November 2015 we now have quite a clear picture of speed through Langham. Sadly it is disappointing, as approximately some 30% of drivers are exceeding the legal speed limits. We’ve even had one driver who thinks it OK to come right through the village at approximately 7am at over 85mph, and that surely is a serious collision just waiting to happen. Here in Langham there really is no need to speed. We have two main roads, East/West & North/South with speedrestricted roads that affect relatively short distances, 850 yards & 640 yards respectively. At the legal speed it takes less than a minute to travel E/W and strangely the same time N/S (due to the lower 20mph limit north of the Church). This of course does not allow a need to stop at the

RVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to end Sept 2017 Fare: 25p/mile Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday. July 31st T 830348 Sept 4th* T 830537 Aug 7th T 830507 Sept 11th T 830773 Aug 14th T 830605 Sept 18th T 830731 Aug 21st T 830847 Sept 25th T 830624 Aug 28th T 830348 Oct 2nd T 830507 * These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please let the driver know! It would be helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please tell the driver of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. If no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also placed in the church porch and the village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule. We welcome new drivers, if anyone would like to join us please give me a call. Alison Murday 07909923058

STALL ON THE GREEN This popular stall will be open from 9.30am to 11.00am on the following Saturdays: July 29th, August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. All produce will be very welcome. Proceeds are for Langham Church General Fund.


crossroads. By doing 5mph more than the limit the journey is reduced by 5 seconds, at 40mph its just 10 seconds, surely not worthwhile when considering the potential of endangering someone’s life. Because facts are that if a person is hit by a vehicle doing 30mph, the chances are that they’ll survive (though no doubt with some broken bones), at 40 mph a collision will cause significant major organ damage which could cause death. So, is a 10 second time saving worth a life???? Next time you are coming into Langham, or indeed anywhere where there is a speed limit, please abide by it. It is for your benefit as a driver and for everyone living there. John Hope, Langham Parish Council

AFTERNOON TEA Due to a lack of bookings, the Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall had to be cancelled on 25th June. Undeterred, the very willing volunteers decided to meet up anyway and have some fun (and tea!) in a volunteer's back garden. Thanks to the generosity of the volunteers and some other villagers £100 was, nevertheless, raised for Glaven Caring. Thank you once again to the volunteers, both for their commitment and their delicious recipes! Sarah Bowen

FISH ’N CHIPS & QUIZ NIGHTS Resuming Fri 29th Sept All being well (and assuming we can find some quiz masters out there!) we are hoping to resume our Fish'n'Chips & Quiz Nights on the last Friday of the month, starting on Friday 29th September 2017. Please look out for confirmation of this via posters around the village nearer the time. If you would be willing to help out with these evenings in any capacity, please contact Sarah on 07768 347984 or email kiteflying@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you. Sarah Bowen

NORFOLK CHURCHES TRUST Bike ride, walk, drive… Sat 9th Sept 9am to 5pm A fun day out for all, stopping off at as many Churches and Chapels as you can! Pump up your tyres, dust off your walking boots, pack a picnic and plan a route from your own door to visit as many beautiful churches in Norfolk as you can. You can also drive if that is your preferred form of transport. Plus you can raise money en route to help your local church and The Norfolk Churches’ Trust to continue to preserve these buildings for future generations. Simply get sponsored for each building you visit or make a donation - find out more at: www.norfolk churchestrust.org.uk/bike-ride. Sponsorship forms can be obtained for Langham from Kevin Walker on 01328 831967 or email me at: kevinjohn walker@talktalk.net. Full details of participation will be available on posters nearer the date. Do come and take part. Kevin Walker

BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY Langham Churchyard 29th May £ £ Refreshments 56.50 Cake stall 118.40 Grand Raffle 81.00 Wt. of Fruit 23.00 Plant Stal 77.50 No. of Strawberries 15.00 Books&Toys 100.00 Bric-A-Brac 229.86 Donations 32.63 Tea Towels 10.50 Total: £744.39 for Langham Church General Fund

Competition results ‘Guess the number of Strawberries’ – Total 52. Won by Russell Doel who guessed 53. ‘Guess the Weight of the Fruit & Bowl’ - 6lbs 10.6oz. Won by Peter Wright who guessed 7lbs 4oz. A big thank you to all the kind and generous people who baked, donated goods and helped on the day. It was so good of you to give your time and energy to help raise funds. It is all very much appreciated. The weather could have been better but we did manage to hold the event outside in the churchyard and we were kept warm by numerous, welcome cups of coffee. We were all pleasantly surprised by the total amount raised, a good result which we could not have reached without our wonderful team of helpers. Thank you, all of you. Ann Sherriff

LANGHAM CHURCHYARD Captain Marryat's Grave It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that after nearly 170 years, 2 of the 4 chains that surround his tomb have been taken away. They are not strong enough to be of any use, only as adornment and obviously if anyone has any information of their whereabouts or can return them, the PCC would be very grateful.

Volunteer Found Following the plea in the previous Lynx, Mr Bob Smith has joined the mowing/strimming team and what a help he has been - the churchyard is looking better and better. Thank you Bob for your help. With Barbara nearly ready to start the tractor mowing, we are getting on top of the maintenance of the churchyard. E.Allen, Church Warden

VILLAGE HALL Change at the Top At the AGM, the Acting Chairman, Edward Allen stood down after some 25 years as Chairman and Peter Adams takes up the mantle. Many thanks to Edward for all of his enthusiasm and hard work over the years. The recent maintenance work to the hall is upgrading the whole of the guttering to a bigger section and better brackets. The refurbishment of the Gents loos should be almost complete when you read this report. VH Committee




The Morston Crab Supper was held on June 6th, in a full gale with driving rain: the worst supper evening ever experienced. Amazingly the 81 guests, brave enthusiastic supporters of Morston Church turned up, some in waterproof trousers especially purchased for the event, ready for the famous Boat Trip to see the seals and hear about the National Trust’s year on Blakeney Point, but alas it was cancelled. However the Village Hall was ready for the supper with candles, flowers and delicious food made by PCC members, wine from the bar and crabs from Willy Weston. It was the usual good party for friends, old and new, and work made so much easier by the layout of the new kitchen. £1,612 was raised for Church Funds. Thank you all so much for coming and we are looking forward to welcoming you all next year when the weather will be wonderful! M.A.

Contact: Jock Wingfield 01263 740431 jocelynwingfield@gmail.com

DATES Fri 21st July: Blakeney Greasy Pole. Sat 28th & Sun 29th July: Gypsy & Oyster World Championships. Sat 12th & Sun 13th August: Blakeney Regatta. Sat 19th August: PCC Stalls on Quay, 12 noon to 4pm. Bric-a-Brac and a few bottles and books. Sat 26th August: Morston Regatta. 6.45pm Charlie Ward’s Prize giving in NorfolkEtc field, then at 7pm a bring-yourown picnic. BBQ & live music provided. Sat 9th September: NCT Bike Ride. Details from Ned Hamond: 01263 740188. Sat 14th October: FMC Shovell Dinner. Jim Crossley on “Jutland: Who Won the Battle?” Tickets from The Anchor.

BRIEF MORSTON HISTORY Part 3: Buck, his brig and Morston Pints In the 20th Century the Coastguard were controlled by six government departments in turn! When war broke out in 1914, as the Naval Reserve, the Coastguard were immediately drafted into the Royal Navy, but after the disaster of the three Cressy class cruisers in September, the irreplaceable coastguard were returned to their watch-house duties. In 1925 Morston’s coastguard was closed down. Back in 1794 had come the Stiffkey and Morston Inclosures – which in Morston allocated land between the four 15-foot private ways or roads and the road-bordering estates to those who managed such lands – in this instance the Marquess of Townshend (sometime Field Marshal), and his three Morston tenant farmers, one of whom was a son of the owner of Wiveton Hall, William Buck, Jr., then “in occupation of the Marquess of Townshend’s Farmhouse”. (Built in the late 1700s, after later additions this became Morston Hall Hotel). These four farmers were required to fence their new land and to provide stiles and gates upon it. In 1817 the 62-year-old Morston farmer and Gentleman, William Buck, Jr. (1755-1835) – who was to become very rich and was to inherit nearby Wiveton Hall, registered his 76-ton brig, “the Cruizer” (Yarmouth, 1802, 9ft draft loaded with cargo, still extant 1835). Buck probably traded anywhere north of Cadiz in Spain. His surveying port in 1817 was Cork in Ireland. The Cruizer’s captains were L. Jerry until 1826, followed by R. Craske – probably kin of Morston’s William Craske (1775-1854). William Buck “coined” his own beer tokens, inscribed “ONE MORSTON PINT” with, on the reverse: “Success to the Cruizer of Morston” – which tokens he issued to his captains and crews for use in the local pubs – perhaps from Cley to Wells (which had 13 pubs) or perhaps just in Morston, which had one: the Anchor (the Townshend Arms, did not open until 1878). The fully rigged ship shown on the token was not the Cruizer of Morston – which would

BANK HOLIDAY PARTY Morston Quay, Sat 26 August from 7pm All Morston villagers, families and friends, please come and enjoy the Morston regatta evening, Saturday August 26th on Morston quay at Norfolk Etc field from 7 pm . There is no sailing requirement, this is just a village 'knees up'. We supply the cooking facilities (BBQ) - all you have to do is bring your food, drink, blankets, chairs, friends and dancing feet. We have our local musicians, the Volko Trio, an amazing family living right here in Morston, followed by local live band, Hot Squash, to entertain us, and you are all very welcome. It is a great village night, with everyone invited, young, old, and every age in between. Spread the word and make this your best night of the year!!!

EMMIE WEBB CHRISTENING Emmie Sophia Webb was christened at Morston Church on Saturday 13th May. Emmie is daughter of Kate (daughter of Charlie Ward) and Dom Webb, and was born in August 2016. A lunch for family and friends was held after the service at The Boathouse followed by a beautiful marsh walk to Stiffkey. North Norfolk at its best! Emmie’s brother Sam was also christened at Morston church – in April 2015. CW


of course have had two masts - but was probably the standard ship imprint depicted on local dyes.

It turns out that there are seven or eight sink holes around that area, caused by underground fresh water streams and new ones can suddenly pop up. So beware. And if you find yourself suddenly in a sink hole, my advice is to crawl or roll yourself away from the spot - if Jim isn’t around to save you! RH

CLEARING MORSTON POND Having now been granted a license, work has begun to clear the two invasive species, Crassula Helmsii and Parrot Feather that have overtaken our pond on Langham Road. Unfortunately, the pond will start to look very brown and it will take several treatments over the next year or so fully remove the offending plants – originally from New Zealand and South America respectively. It is important for us to stop the spread of Crassula Helmsii, as it has now begun to creep outwards from the pond and is spreading across the grass on the bank. It can be spread by dogs, birds and car tyres and once established, Crassula no longer requires pond water to survive. It is hoped that Morston pond will eventually be fully restored to its full glory and that its surrounding plants, shrubs and trees will not be damaged because of the treatment. R.Hamond, Morston PC

BLAKENEY HARBOUR ASSOCIATION What fun we had! And this time not out on the water – in the aptly named Harbour Rooms actually. The Harbour Houlie night! The band was up for going on after midnight but sadly the rules, well you know rules. Hot Squash (that's a band) kept the hard-core partygoers going. And before that an impressive buffet, silly games (very funny) and exciting auction of promises and a great finale for the raffle. All the sponsors and donors have been thanked (hope so anyway) and so it just remains to thank everybody who turned up, who dug deep both on the night and before and who contributed to the magnificent £9600 that we raised. A great result and a lot of fun in the process. By a sort of jarring contrast our security alerts procedure seems to be really working well. The possible attempted theft of a dinghy in Blakeney Cut was avoided when, whoever they were, were disturbed. That led to an email alert to members and that in turn uncovered what might have been the beginnings of planned thefts of outboards. It seems covers had been tampered with along the Cut and round the quay. Were these criminals sizing up what was worth stealing? Anyway the police took it seriously and all this intelligence adds to their ability to deal with marine crime efficiently. Just email us via the website with anything worrying you. Our inbox gets looked at every working day or contact one of the BHA numbers that are on the information boards at Blakeney and Morston and on the website too. They are in! All the new buoyage, more than 60 new named marker buoys and sinkers and you paid for them all! Fantastic. Full details are on the website. A lot of work by the volunteer team led by Charlie. That’s James Cowan, Alistair McKinnes, Guy Mathews, Henry Archer, Andy Barton, Peter Roe and Mark Gardner. Two things to think about now that boating time is upon us. The first is a gentle reminder that third-party liability insurance is a must. The second is that if you think you might benefit from a bit of a refresher on what

FRESHWATER SINK HOLES At the height of the recent heat wave, I intrepidly set off to walk from the hard stones, where smaller boats are launched just beyond the NT kiosk, up to the mouth of Morston Creek. I was trying to be clever and stay out of the sinky mud that lines the creek by walking on the hard, pebbled bottom of the creek. It was about 5 hours after high tide, and deliciously warm water was splashing over my ankles. A few yards along, where larger boats launch from the quay, I suddenly sank down over my knees in soft deep mud. At that very moment, Jim Temple, heading home in his jeep, jumped out and ran down to the shingle yelling “You’re in a sink hole!! It’s a freshwater sink hole. Are you all right? Do you want me to pull you out?!” I had by this time dropped forward on all fours, like a dog, and found I could crawl quite easily. So I headed towards him, plopping in and out of the mud. I was now smoothly coated – arms, legs and tummy (which was resting nicely on top of the mud). “Roberta!”, Jim recognised me now, “you don’t need to keep crawling, you know. You’re well out of it now.” I looked up at him like a muddy labrador in need of a pat. “That’s a new one” he continued, “discovered it last week with a mate who was wearing my new waders. I bloody made him go back for them!”


chilly ‘al fresco’ interval. Thanks to all at Gresham’s School, particularly Chris Cooper and Marc Gillingwater for their musical direction, also to Bryan Williams for kindly donating the wine, and all parishioners who gave their time and supplied the canapés. The evening raised over £1,000 for St Margaret’s whilst the raffle was donated to the Gresham’s Choir Tour Fund.

constitutes good practice in the Harbour – the dos and don'ts – then it might be worth having a look at a new 'Good Practice Guide' which has been produced jointly with the National Trust. It really is full of critical information – particularly safety information, rules of the road and so on – there’s a copy on our website and there are dispensers with them in on both the information boards. A 'must read' for anyone who is not really familiar with boats and the Harbour. Last but not least we have produced a Blakeney Harbour "Fact Sheet" that is proving popular with pubs, B&Bs and hotels. If you've not had a few and would like some email us via the website and will certainly get some to you. No charge! Summer is here !! Have fun.

HISTORICAL TOUR COMES TO ST MARGARET’S A Church Tour was given at St Margaret’s on the afternoon of Sunday 20th May. Around 30 people joined the tour, organised by Lyn Stilgoe, to learn about the church’s historical links with the Heydon family, its rejuvenation in Victorian times under Sir Alfred Jodrell of Bayfield Hall and other points of interest. The tour party kindly left some leaflets, which are at the back of the church should anybody like to learn more. Here is an excerpt: ‘The Church is under the special protection of St Margaret, the patron saint of childbirth. The legend is that when she was swallowed by a dragon she made the sign of the Cross and its side split open for her to escape! There were 58 medieval churches in Norfolk with St Margaret as their Patron Saint.’

QUIZ QUESTIONS by Samphire (Answers on page 26) 1.What is the first day of Lent? 2.What colour is an amethyst? 3.What does an altimeter measure? 4.What has Ohm’s Law to do with? 5. How many wings has a bee? 6.Where are grasshoppers’ ears? 7.How did Judas Iscariot die? 8.What element has the symbol Pb? 9.What is the freezing point on the Fahrenheit Scale? 10.What does a normal person have 46 of?



On a glorious sunny afternoon at the beginning of June, the Reverend Ian Whittle very kindly threw a tea party for Saxlingham at his home. Guests were treated to a tour of the beautiful garden at the Rectory, bursting with ranunculus, peonies, roses and a rather splendid globe artichoke, just ready for harvest! With the dining table groaning under the weight of sandwiches, cakes and strawberries, and the kind attentions of Rosemary producing pots of tea, everyone had a lovely afternoon. In fact, as the rosé was opened in the early evening sunshine, it would have been hard to find a nicer place to sit, chatting to friends and neighbours. The afternoon was also the perfect opportunity for the PCC to thank John Rayner for his many years of service to the PCC, as outlined in an earlier Lynx edition. Both John and Jenny were thanked profusely for all they have done for the village over the past twenty years and John was presented with a small token of our thanks.

Contact: Caroline Robson 01328 830298 carorobson@btinternet.com

“SWING INTO SUMMER” It was easy to regret coming up with this rather optimistic name for our annual jazz concert as the morning of Friday 19th May brought heavy rain and winds which flattened the gazebos, set up only 24 hours earlier in glorious sunshine. With true British grit, a group of hardy villagers re-congregated to tape the snapped pieces of metal together and by 7pm the churchyard was once again looking presentable. Luckily the weather behaved for the remainder of the evening and the 100 strong audience enjoyed the impressive sounds of the Gresham’s Senior School jazz band and singers during the first half of the concert, followed by the Big Band to round off the evening. As usual there was a wonderful array of canapés and both the food and wine helped to bring cheer to a rather

SHARRINGTON Contact: Claire Dubbins 01263 862261 cdubbins@btinternet.com www.sharrington.org.uk

NOBLE ROTTERS Season four opened with a tasting in June of the wines of Chile. Nine wines (four white and five red) featured nine different grape varieties from a country where the quality has been on the noticeable increase in the last five to ten years. With one exception (a chardonnay from a relatively recently planted vineyard) all the wines were well received by the members. The best: a modestly priced viognier and the most expensive red featuring four different grape


varieties. With two new members from Bale and Field Dalling we currently have 23 members. Tasting three on 29th September ‘Rioja Revisited’ harks back to our inaugural meeting in April 2014 when members tasted a number of Rioja wines from the tempranillo grape The tasting will feature both red and white wines. For more information about the Noble Rotters please visit the club’s page on the village website www.sharrington.org.uk. Chief Rotter

council and Karen Ward for their unwavering support. Roger Dubbins

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING Sat 23rd Sept 11am On Saturday 23rd September there will be a coffee morning in the village hall from 11am in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. All are welcome and for further details or to volunteer to help on the day plus any donations of cakes and prizes please contact Sand on 01263 860508. SG



Following the acquisition last year of the site, planning permission has been granted by North Norfolk District Council to the new owner, Mr Taylor, for retention of the building unlawfully erected in 2013, for works to be carried out to that building and for the retention of a further building erected in the middle of the site. At the meeting of the planning committee on 15th June 2017 the application (which was recommended for approval by the planning officer) was opposed by Peter North on behalf of the parish council, by Mike O’Kane on behalf of the residents and by our district councillor Karen Ward. At the vote the councillors were evenly split but the chairman exercised his casting vote in favour of the application. Permission has been given (in part retrospectively) for the erection of two agricultural storage buildings with associated parking and turning. The permission is subject to five conditions. The permitted works must be completed within four months. The permitted development rights which are normally associated with this kind of permission have been removed. The hard and soft landscaping scheme is to be approved before any works are undertaken and must include details of trees, shrubs etc and how the secondary entrance is to be permanently closed. Planting must take place in the next available planting season. Any tree or shrub planted in accordance with the approved scheme must be replaced if it dies within ten years. An agricultural use of the site must be implemented within 12 months failing which the buildings must be demolished. This is not the outcome which the majority of residents had hoped to see but, if conditions are complied with, the saga will be at an end. Thanks to Martin Burkitt for co-ordinating the residents’ opposition and maintaining momentum, to Mike O’Kane for his invaluable practical advice, to Derek Harris for his historical perspective and to the members of the parish

Largely thanks to our parish council which generously donated £1,500 the management committee has been able to extend the scope of the electrical refurbishment works to include more reliable outside lighting, new lighting in the kitchen area and additional switching for the stage and storage area. We have also been able to bring the emergency lighting in line with current regulations. There has been a slight delay in completing the necessary joinery works to facilitate the installation of the new kitchen appliances but, hopefully, this will have been carried out by the time of publication. At the village hall AGM in May the chair of the management committee reported that during the course of 2016, the committee had obtained a premises licence to facilitate the sale of alcohol at events, had commissioned an asbestos survey which confirmed that no works were required and had secured a grant of £8,787.00 from the Big Society Fund to assist with the committee’s refurbishment plans. The accounts for the year to 31st December 2016 showing a revenue surplus of £2,453.00 were approved. A resolution was passed to update the hall’s constitution. The committee was re-elected for 2017 with the addition of David Forrest nominated by the PCC. Copies of the minutes and the accounts can be found on the village website www. sharrington.org.uk. Historically, one of the key revenue streams for the hall has been the 50/50 club. The management committee is grateful to the majority of residents in the village who continue to support the hall by paying £12 a year to participate in the monthly draw but the revenue generated is showing signs of decline. If you are new to the village and would like to offer your support, or if you wish to renew a lapsed subscription, please contact Ann Abrams on 01263 861404 or annie.abrams1 @gmail.com.


Our illustrated art deco talk in May ‘From Architecture to Ocean Liners’ was very entertaining. Genista Davidson our speaker was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fabulously dressed in 1920’s style. It was, I thought, a bit of a shame that so few people attended. Our popular live music evenings continue on the last Wednesday each month. In June we were lucky to feature two sets by local ceilidh band ‘Compass Moon’ which went down so well that there was ‘Dancing in the Street.’ After the support she gave us in obtaining a grant from the Big Society Fund, it was good to see councillor Marie Strong enjoying one of our events. And, yes I know we are only halfway through the sand castle season, but I spy the Christmas Fayre at the end of November. If anyone would like to help on the day or with the preparations, please get in touch. It’s a fun event but we could do with a bit more help. Roger Dubbins - Chair

Following the success of last year’s BBQ we are having another. On Sunday 20th August the churchyard will be the venue again from 12 noon so put the date in your diaries and await further details by way of posters and the church page on the Sharrington website www.sharrington.org.uk in due course. On 24th September we will celebrate Harvest Festival with Holy Communion at 9.30am with our rector Ian officiating. On Saturday 21st October, in the village hall, we are laying on a Ceilidh (barn dance) with supper and live music. The cost will be £13.00, bring your own drinks and further details regarding times etc will be circulated nearer the time. Finally, with the school holidays looming please do remember the food bank donations especially with children at home, probably wanting treats and drinks. On restricted incomes this is not always easy. APG


WORLD WAR ONE Our next issue for October/November will include, as in the last three years, photos and stories from our villages of those who took part in the Great War. If anyone in the village would like to contribute to this feature with memories of their relatives, photos and in particular pieces that relate to 2017 please get in touch with me as soon as possible to discuss. My contact details are at the front of the Sharrington section. Claire Dubbins

John and I moved to North Norfolk in 2001 from Kent where we had spent our married life. John loved living in Sharrington and enjoyed his walks around the village talking to all the people who became friends, sitting with them in their gardens and homes having a cup of tea. He loved the rural coast and wild birds. His favourite place was Blakeney, which he found very relaxing. John and I had a wonderful life together, he was a very generous caring man and we had two super children who have grown into people to be proud of and three delightful grandchildren. John was a loving and fun dad and granddad who is so sorely missed. I wish to thank everyone for their kind support during his illness, spending time with him and helping me with some difficult times. Thank you all. I also thank you all for your cards and condolences and your generous donations to his chosen charities, the Alzheimer’s Society and Macmillan Cancer Support. Kathy Simpson

STIFFKEY Contact: Geraldine Green 01328 830245 green978@btinternet.com

WARBOROUGH HOUSE Open Gardens - Sun 6th Aug 1 to 5:30pm Warborough House will be opening its gardens in aid of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS). Please come and support this very worthwhile charity, which distributes over £2.7 million each year to caring charities including Marie Curie and Macmillan Cancer Care. Our May opening raised over £2000 for the NGS and St Johns Church Stiffkey. Many thanks to all who helped on the day serving tea and cake (over 250 slices!) and to the Stiffkey History Group for their contribution. Mr and Mrs JW Morgan

CHURCH NOTES The past few weeks as far as All Saints is concerned have been quiet with our usual pattern of services of two Holy Communions and two lay led services. Now we are in the season of Trinity with green being the predominant colour. We do, however have one or two treats coming up during the next few weeks as follows.


will be served during the afternoon for the visitors and the proceeds will go towards Church Funds. On Monday 7th August a Quinquennial Inspection of Church will be carried out. This is a very thorough inspection of the fabric, inside and out, and is conducted every five years by a Church Architect. An Exhibition is to be held by the Local History Group in the Church over the August Bank Holiday weekend and the church will again serve refreshments to the visitors. Volunteers to cover some of the opening hours and/or donate cakes, biscuits, scones etc. would be much appreciated, please contact Heather on 830323. There will also be stalls on the church knoll on the Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend, from 10am to 12.30pm. Holy Communion Services led by the Rector will be held at 9.30 am on Sunday 20th August and 9.30am on Sunday 17th September It is hoped to have a 9.30am Morning Prayer service on the first Sunday, 3rd September. This date to be confirmed. HJH

LOCAL HISTORY GROUP SLHG will be holding a three-day exhibition in the Church again this year: from 10am to 4pm on August 26th, 27th and 28th. Entitled ‘Women of Stiffkey’, it will feature the lives of the female half of the village. Free refreshments are planned. Monies raised will go to the Church Fabric Fund. A Tombola will be held (prizes would be very much appreciated) and on Sunday 27th August stalls will be on the Church Knoll, 10am to 12:30pm. We have sold out of our excellent book. Should any one have a copy they no longer want we would appreciate it if we could pass it on to those still wanting a copy. August has for many years been the time of Stiffkey’s annual fete. One was held in 1814 to celebrate the end of the Napoleonic war was reported as follows: “Stiffkey fete-On Friday, the 5th inst. (August) the return of Peace was celebrated at Stiffkey, by an entertainment given by General Loftus, and the chief tenants of the Townshend Estate, to upwards of three hundred parishioners. The beautiful Hills above the Old Hall was the ground chosen on this occasion, and the day being fine, the scene altogether was most captivating. There was plenty of strong beer, roast beef and plum puddings; and at each of the tables, General Loftus and his Sons, with Messrs. Buck’s and Jarret’s families presided; many loyal and appropriate toasts were given. In the evening the sports commenced, and consisted of donkey races, foot races, by men & women, for different prizes, with a jingling match, and the whole ended by a dance on the green sod, in which the Miss Loftus’s partook with the old and young in the village, but it may be said, that all were young on this joyful occasion.” The SLHG outing to Cockthorpe was an excellent success with twelve attending. Sue and Maurice Matthews were our hosts who took us on a tour of the village and its old houses. We returned to the newly and sensitively restored church where we were given a talk, by Maurice, on its history and the major families of this hamlet. Several stayed for a picnic in the breeze behind the church. Chat and laughter was enjoyed by all. Finally just a reminder that some subs are still outstanding and, for any one that would wish to join our group, it is only £5 per annum. Contact me, Geraldine, on green978@btinternet.com SLHG

STIFFKEY FACEBOOK GROUP The ‘Stiffkey Village Group’ Facebook page is slowly growing and being used for news and reviews of local activities. It would be lovely to get as many villagers as possible contributing even with photos of our lovely environment, complete with summer flowers. Please publicize your events on there as well. It has been really useful for new residents to discover the Oil Club and other village amenities. If you don’t know how to use Facebook then contact stiffkeysocial@gmail.com and someone will be able to show you. Sally Vanson

BOOK CLUB The Stiffkey Book Club continues to grow in numbers and we have met at the homes of various members enjoying great conversation, much laughter, wine and nibbles as well as reviewing a very wide variety of interesting books from varied genres, and even educating ourselves as to world geography. Our July meeting was hosted by Catherine Temple, serving ‘mocktails’ and cheese. Our book for the month was ‘Outline’ by local author Rachel Cusk, a story about the experience of loss, the nature of family life, the difficulty of intimacy and the mystery of creativity itself. Contact stiffkeysocial@gmail.com for details of the next book, date and venue. Please also let us know if you

CHURCH NEWS August will begin with a second 'Open Garden Sunday' at Warborough House on Sunday 6th August. Refreshments


As we came to Langham I got hungry and so did the others, Soon we came to a pub called The Blue Bell, We turned in and I fell off my bike but there were no seats but there were two lovers, They invited us next to them and there was a beautiful smell, After we had finished we set off… To Holt!

would like to host an evening and meet some lovely people – if only one half of your relationship wants to join us, the others have taken to meeting in the Red Lion to put the world right! Sally Vanson

NATURE NOTES The recent drought in June highlighted the importance of water in the garden. My own small ponds were visited very regularly by all sorts of birds and remained full of frogs, toads and newts who were seeking some cool respite from the exceptional high temperatures. Hatchings of dragonflies were spectacular. Don’t forget to put a little water out as well as food for the birds. Please make sure to keep it clean as such water sources can be the source of some nasty avian diseases if not kept refreshed. I hope you are enjoying the spectacle of the sea lavender in full bloom after the rain and I will be hoping that there will be some honey to be had from these super plants. Rural Ruth

We entered Holt with the sun shining, Our bellies starving, We heard a little dog whining, I started laughing. Next stop Warham, Up and down the camp, Climbing up a tree bam! I fell into a puddle; got everyone damp, We saw a little lamb, And dried off under a heat lamp.


Straight down to the quay in Wells, And also to the beach, We then got beaten at a quiz by the Wells Bells, We each ate a peach.

(Quiz Questions on page 22) 1.Ash Wednesday. 2. Blue-violet. 3. Altitude. 4. Electricity. 5. Four. 6. In its legs. 7. Hanged himself. 8. Lead. 9. 32 degrees. 10. Chromosomes.

Here comes the exciting bit, X marks the spot, Back to Stiifkey and the pit, We followed our foot prints a lot, Well at least a little bit, To the exact spot, Where we found the little bottle inside the map did fit. When I Grow Up by Abbi, Harriet, Summer and Bethany When I grow up I would like to be a politician. Me too! Why? What’s the point? You can just have a football match! To see who is pri, pri - whatever it is. Everybody has footie skills, don’t they?

LANGHAM SCHOOL NEWS This week at Langham the older children went to Sheringham Little Theatre for a ‘Poetry Slam.’ We have had a visiting writer and poet working with the children writing poems that they performed in front of the rest of the school. Three groups of children were chosen to go through to the finals and be judged against other schools. Langham Village School won the Best Writers Award. The children were so confident in their performance and the poems are original and clever. I have included them of them here for your enjoyment:

Seriously, do you know ANYTHING about politics? Yeah, do you? Pol-a- what??? POLITICS!

The Local Adventure by Honey, Eve, Theo, Mia We were walking and jumping, Over Stiffkey marsh, It was squelchy and squishy, The others couldn’t keep up, But I went ahead, And fell down a creek and found a bottle, With a buckle and a shell on top of.. ..of its metal bell. We went back home, On the way I got hit by a cricket ball, Man! I think I’ve still got the cut it made, We arrived at Langham now I’ll hand you on.


Don’t you listen at school? Yeah, look…A, B, C, D, L, N P – that’s right yeah? Of course, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,99,100! That’s school!

While the kitten jumps onto my shoulder. I realise what was outside; Why no-one was screaming, They didn’t have the time.

Which do you prefer – Lib Dem, Conservative or Labour? Ummm, I’m not sure, but I do like the Green Party. I love the PINK PARTY, with BROWN SPOTS! Same, but I like Teddy Bear Picnic parties too!

It was frightening… I opened my eyes and I was in hospital. It repeated, never ending. I’m stuck here, forever. It gets quicker and quicker… What can I do?

Don’t listen to our conversations when you don’t know what is happening. Yeah, that’s right! What do you think about Jeremy Corbin as the Labour party leader? My Mum is normally the PARTY LEADER – she makes all the food! Even the sausages on little sticks!

Recipe for Telekinesis by Amelie, Orlando, Rosie, Charlie For all you that don’t know what telekinesis is the power to move things without touching them. and as you just saw we moved both of those humans without any camera magic or without them faking it.

This is RIDICULOUS! Do you even know WHO Teresa May is? Yeah of course, in my plan she is an awesome goalie. Ha! Teresa May, Teresa may what? Teresa may score a goal!!?? Get it! She is Prime Minister of the whole country! Teresa May – what else may she do? She may go to the toilet!

If you want this power you will need 2 tsp of blood from a wizard. 150g of troll hand 25l of chicken guts 100oz of dragon heart. 1 blue fiery eye from a demon. 2000g of grounded rat bones. 3 cute bogies and 1 scary bogies And know time for the method Get a pot

Hang on a minute…Donald Trump is our Prime Minister isn’t he? Oh I GIVE UP! Do you fancy a kick about? Yeah, come on!

Heat over dead pirates spiret for 5 hours Add in ingredients stir with the bone of a dead horse. Then put in a smoothie maker and blend till a paste.

Monotonous Fear by Maria, Alex, Kasper and Amos I was walking up to the dirty Bird-poo embedded steps of the monkey bars. I jumped onto the bar Noooo! I fell into an eternal slumber.

And you will have telekinesis. Warning don’t drink more than 1 gulp. She had 2 gulps. Langham continues to go from strength to strength and we are excited about all the activities and learning we have planned for the next academic year, our vision is ‘A place for fun, creativity, friendship, ambition and discovery.’ This is certainly true and embedded in everything we do. For further information please visit our website www.langham.norfolk.co.uk or follow us on twitter @langhamvill.

What is happening to me? I am engulfed in pitch-black. Memories are floating around me… Sad memories… Messing with my mind. Are these hallucinations? Nooo! I am falling… Through some sort of vortex. I feel as if I am falling Off a colossal precipice. Vision appear in my mind: Animals are dropping dead In my head, Cat to dog all gone. I fall into a house, The fire burning bright, It turns green. Earwigs start flooding out. People attempt to escape. I grab my nun chucks


LYNX 115 ADS DIRECTORY Care Services Caring First Home Care Polka Day Care: For ages 0-5

page 21 4

Domestic Cleaning Services ACS Oven Cleaning Colin’s Cleaning Service Garden/Landscape Debra Jackson Gardening Stephen Beal Landscapes TGS Lady Gardener

10 19 15 26 front cover

Health Claire Dye: Physiotherapist Counsellor and Psychotherapist Gunthorpe Osteopaths Marianne Atherton Homeopathy Philippa Stancomb Reflexology Pilates at Binham Memorial Hall

6 14 10 12 23 15

Hotels/Cottage Rentals Blakeney Hotel Glaven Cottages: Property Management Morston Cottage

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Interiors/Art/Textiles/Furniture Nick Hamond Furniture: cabinet-maker Paul R Smith: handmade furniture

25 front cover

Sandra’s Soft Furnishings Walsingham Gallery & Framing

25 7

Leisure The Bluebell, Langham The King’s Head, Letheringsett Morston Swimming Pool Preloved Clothing Sale, Holt Church Hall R.A.F.A Social Events, Sheringham

4 23 8 5 27

Services and Suppliers Adam Sexton Washing Machine Services 16 Allied Glass: Trade and Domestic Glazing 9 Andrew Benn: PC Problems 12 Daren Betts Building and Maintenance front cover David Thompson Chimney Sweep 18 Debra’s Chimney Sweep front cover Gowards Funeral Services 20 Ju electrical: domestic and commercial 8 Keeble Roofing Contractor 11 M G Myhill Chimney Sweep 9 North & West Norfolk Log Co. 18 P J Electrics 21 Taxworx 11 Taxis Stuart’s Taxi Town and Country Cars

24 22

PTM PLUMBING & HEATING 07824 877 084 Email ptmplumbing@icloud.com

CLEARVIEW PEST CONTROL Moles Rats Mice Wasps, Etc Etc Contact Kevin 01328 829154 or 07952 750265

SIVANANDA YOGA CLASS Gunthorpe Village Institute Hall Wednesdays in Term Time 7.30-8.45pm Contact Richard Redmayne 01263 862 289

B.A. TREE SERVICES (Tree Surgeon) Free quotes available Full Public Liability Insurance held 01263 588 994 or 07748 570 121

CHIMNEY SWEEP David Thompson 01328 851 081

WOULD YOU LIKE TO ADVERTISE HERE? email: maxine.burlingham@me.com

DEBRA JACKSON GARDENING SERVICES Weeding, Grass cutting, Advice. 07811 152 590 debrajacksongardening@gmail.com

JAYNE BIRD MCFHP MAFHP Foot care in your own home Routine and Diabetic Foot Care 01328 851 332 or 07881 107 571

HAMLYN PEST CONTROL County Council Accredited—NPTA Member Control of Rats, Mice, Wasps, etc., 01263 860 112 or 861 587

ALICE MARTINEAU YOGA Tuesdays 5.30-7.00pm & 7.00-8.30pm 07973 278 895 www.alicemartineau.co.uk

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Local Lynx No.115 - August - September 2017  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages.

Local Lynx No.115 - August - September 2017  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages.