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For a very long time and since he was very young Rodrigo Santisteban Bethancourt (MorS) listens in his genes to clamor for the art, since he comes from a family of Marimba musicians. From then on he fought against the wind and tide to reach what today he offers to the whole world in his first album titled Think. "The family of this singer\songwriter stood out in the interpretation and creation of Marimba music, and during 14 years MorS looked to bring this project to life, this he yearned to do so, because you may say it was his calling." (Hilda Rodas / Prensa Libre) The singer\songwriter's first album contains six songs that expresses feelings of an entire life, and also when listening to them, they are able to incorporate together spirit, mind and feelings.

The six songs contained in this disk are connected to give pursuit to one single message "Because I think just for a little moment I believe in love but be careful with the shadow..... and remember when you were young". (MorS.)

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