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Red Lion Panel Meters And Useful Advancement That Have Been Designed Industrial companies must monitor variables all the time. Pressure, rate, current, voltage and temperature are typically concerns. Digital panel meters are capable of measuring all these variables and more. High quality solutions are available from Red Lion who offer a display panel which has more options and capabilities than most of the competitors. To help make them a viable option for businesses and various industries, important changes were necessary and in the last few years the panel meters development has been amazing. Not only where the adjustments necessary, the advanced functions were essential which involved a trend towards miniaturization where more compact and more affordable options were created. In the past, most of the panel meter sales have come from MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) customers who purchased meters for stand-alone systems and in modest quantities. For numerous applications, they were utilized to measure and display a value or reading. But the market has now expanded to include the use of panel meters to also easily provide local control. These local displays show production status information to line workers, keeping them informed and displaying production goals. Since these panels offer improved productivity, the speed with how the staff works is enhanced greatly. Workers can also make real-time adjustments to machines as they view the local Red Lion display showing any changing conditions. This will keep everything running efficiently and since maintenance workers can take care of the equipment, both time and money are saved. Where safety is a top concern, panel meters can be used as a back-up in conjunction with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller). A PLC manages the conveyor velocity in the assembly line process. If it stops working, there is no way to control the pace which can result in production breakdowns that are expensive and often significant. Panel meters can be attached to the system with a program to supply a local readout of speed to eliminate this problem. Power to the conveyor can be shut down if a certain speed is surpassed. Operations can continue safely even if one of the devices fail. A small and more efficient model was necessary with more advanced technology and capabilities hence why the panels can at this time be used in a greater number of applications. Since the miniaturization direction demands a more compact size, panel meters for temperature control as well as On/Off control are available in a 1/32 or 1/16 DIN package. The more compact display makes reading it a bit more difficult but the overall dimensions of the more compact meter are adequate. Take notice the larger 1/8 DIN was really the only possible choice for control applications. A more functional panel meter was necessary in order to meet the requirements of control and display which also related to the size used and the cost restrictions. The perfect answer to many of these shortcomings could be the recently released Red Lion's CUB5 series. 50 percent more affordable than the 1/8 DIN system, this package is in addition 30 percent smaller. It features a

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Red Lion Panel Meters And Useful Advancement That Have Been Designed fairly easy to read 46 inch screen. When placing in enclosures, this system requires less depth which saves valuable space. The same capabilities as the larger model are supplied but at about half the price. The series comes with a single and dual set point output which allows for addressing numerous control applications. Plug in option cards can be installed in the field to enhance the CUB5 capabilities as well. The Red Lion panel meter is the perfect choice for a variety of local display and control systems applications with its versatile capabilities, lower cost and efficient use of space which is superb. P E Products provides a Red Lion display that will assist you, whether you're seeking timers, counters, or even a serial slave display. To get more particulars on P E Products, explore them at their web site,

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Red Lion Panel Meters And Useful Advancement That Have Been Designed