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PRINCIPLES OF WORKING COLLABORATIVELY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A ECOLOGIST AND AN ARTIST 1) Be prepared for a step out side your comfort zone 2) Be prepared to learn a new language 3) Be prepared to lose your professional identity 4) Be prepared to be confused and uncomfortable 5) Be prepared to lose your usual objective 6) Be prepared to lose the esteem of your peer group 7) Be prepared to lose out on funding from your usual source 8) Be prepared to be seen as a bit of an outlier 9) Be prepared to be asked to do things you are not equipped to do. 10) Be prepared for your head to hurt 1) Expect to find a whole new world 2) Expect to find you can speak to others and they will understand you 3) Expect to find yourself a unique and new professional identity 4) Expect to be excited and surprised 5) Expect to find a more interesting path 6) Expect to discover a more profound understanding of yourself that will challenge your assumptions. 7) Expect new funding channels to become available to you 8) Expect people to view with suspicion and interest and ENJOY it! 9) Expect to become part of a team 10) Expect to carry aspirin