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OUR PLACE Originally opened as the Maui Prince Hotel in August 1986, Makena Beach & Golf Resort has been a haven for many employees. BY SIMPLICIO PARAGAS



REFLECTIONS Photos to remember. A collage of images that includes longtime charter employees and the resort’s various departments. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ISAAC ARJONILLA


ISLAND EMBRACE Makena will always be remembered for its tight-knit ‘ohana. COVER CREDIT

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Thirty years this August marks the time

when Makena Beach & Golf Resort was first opened. This book is a trip down memory lane with reminders of many of the significant events that have happened within the walls of the hotel. For me personally, it has been 20 delightful years, during which I have gained friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. In creating this book, we wanted to capture the essence of Makena Beach & Golf Resort, formerly the Maui Prince Hotel, and put into words and photos those memories that immediately stand out for our guests, employees and the larger Maui community. It is hard not to be touched by the beauty of Makena. When the hotel was first built, the surrounding land was a kiawe desert and over the years it has evolved into a mature tropical oasis of beautifully landscaped gardens. Visitors to the resort frequently remarked on the captivating flora, along with the picture-perfect Atrium, which includes our own waterfall, probably the most photographed spot within the hotel, a backdrop to so many weddings and occasions of celebration. It became known as the last resort because of its location. However, this isolated destination offered a rare taste of peace and serenity that is such a precious commodity in our frenzied lives. My reflections of Makena are clear and vivid; the carpet of stars in the ink black sky night; the bark of deer in the wee hours of the morning; the tail slap of a whale off of Maluaka Beach; the roar of the waterfall throughout the lobby; the sight of green sea turtles gliding through the turquoise waters; the orange sun setting between Kaho‘olawe and Lāna‘i; and the larger-than-life moon rising bright over Haleakalā. The foundation of the property has always been its employees, and their genuine sense of aloha, a caring nature that came from the heart, sewn together with attentive service. It’s something that has evolved over the many years of welcoming guests back to the resort. Countless employees have come through its doors over the years including some of the children of early employees who ended up working at the property, a testament to the positive impact the hotel has had on the community. Makena Resort’s employees, both past and present played a pivotal role in the hotel’s success, from its smiling and meticulously detailed Housekeepers to the warm welcome from our

Front Office staff who were always ready with a kind ear, and our Reservations team who just love to “talk story” to the Night Crew who can check in a planeload of guests with ease. The Bell Staff and Shuttle Drivers were renowned for those nuggets of advice, keeping our guests in the know, while the devoted Concierge produced the impossible and the Engineers, our creative geniuses kept everything working. The Recreations Attendants thrilled and pampered our guests; our charming Retail Associates kept us on trend; and the Tennis Club squad turned a sport into a social affair, and the Golf Team delivered not just a round of golf but an unforgettable experience. The Sales extroverts just wouldn’t take no for an answer, and our heroes in Security always had our backs. The Human Resources ladies heard all our woes but still managed to smile; the “numbers people” in Accounting hosted the best “potlucks,” and those relentless individuals in Purchasing kept us stocked and ready. We cannot forget the food and beverage offerings, our award-winning Sunday Brunch, our sumptuous Seafood Buffets, sushi, sashimi and other Asian delights from our Japanese restaurants, the singing Baristas, our Café Kiowai troupe who brightened our morning and helped us keep the koi fed, our Molokini Bar & Grille crew who could satisfy all our epicurean desires, the extravagant outdoor events that pushed all the limits, romantic and unforgettable weddings, and our more recent wine dinner events that were both intriguing and educating. Our culinarians have built a strong reputation over the years, establishing Makena Resort as a showcase for exceptional cuisine. For all of us who have had the privilege to be associated with Makena Beach & Golf Resort throughout its 30 years, not only will July 1, 2016 mark the closing of one of Maui’s renowned hotels, it will also solidify and recognize the bonds that we have forged among each other, and with this place of abundance that we call Makena. When the final meal is served, the last guest is checked out, we will take a deep breath and consider ourselves fortunate to have worked in Makena, if for only a brief moment in time. Me ka aloha pumehana, Makena Beach & Golf Resort —Declan McCarthy MAKENA




THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES t h r ee d e c a d e s an d a l i f e t i me o f ' o h ana text by SIMPLICIO PARAGAS



(BELOW) An aerial view of the property shows the resort and neighboring golf course. (OPPOSITE PAGE) Seibu Hawaii, Inc. built a Robert Trent Jones-designed, 18-hole golf course, which opened for play in August 1981.



ees at Makena Beach & Golf Resort have celebrated milestone occasions. There was Oktoberfest when the resort first opened, recalled Bernard Rozet, in between valeting cars. “I remember the lion dance during one Chinese New Year,” shared Iris Aguinaldo. Sandy Taniguchi’s favorite memories included the employee softball and fishing tournaments, and the golfing and tennis competitions. All friendly, of course. So it was devastating news for this tight-knit ‘ohana when it was revealed that the resort would cease operations on July 1, 2016. His voice quivering, longtime Makena employee and the resort’s general manager, Declan McCarthy, announced the closure during an all-employee meeting on March 29. “The foundation of Makena Beach & Golf Resort has always been its employees, many of whom have been working at the property for over 20 years,” McCarthy said. “Our ‘ohana has attained a level of service that has been well recognized — and justifiably so — within the islands and around the world as attentive, welcoming and sincere. You should stand proud of what you have achieved.” In the late 1970s, resort development on Maui was starting to boom with developers acquiring prime parcels of property across the island. At Makena, Japan-based holding company Seibu Hawai‘i, Inc. purchased an 1,800-acre beachfront property, which was nestled between the crescent-shaped Maluaka Beach and the verdant slopes of Mount Haleakalā. In August 1981, an18-hole Trent Jones-designed golf course preceded the opening of the resort, which later broke ground in the fall of 1983. “I can still see the dirt road when people drove up to the golf course,” said Donna Johnson, who was with Makena for 28 years. “I love the people; it’s like one big family.” Conceived by Anbe, Aruga and Ishizu Architects, Inc. of Honolulu, the hotel’s A-shaped design featured 310 rooms and suites, each offering full or

partial ocean views with private lanais. The fullservice resort also housed five restaurants and bars, swimming and wading pools, retail space, fitness center, 5,200 square feet of meeting space, a spa and seven scenic outdoor locations for receptions and weddings. The central courtyard boasted a traditional Japanese garden, a full acre in size, with elaborate waterfall and stream features and a giant koi pond. “When I first started, classical music rose from the courtyard,” recalled Gail Manibog, who was with Guest Services for 28 years. “It made me feel like I wasn’t working and it calmed the guests.” The resort officially debuted under the name Maui Prince on August 1, 1986, and was highly acclaimed. At the same time, the hotel opened a tennis club near the North golf course and plans were made to open another Robert Trent Jones 18 holes (the South Course) in the spring of 1993. For nearly two decades, the Maui Prince operated successfully until economic developments in Japan strained the Japanese owner’s investment capabilities. In 2007, the resort was acquired by a hui of U.S. investors for $575 million, the largest price ever paid for a Maui hotel. As the American economy began its own downward spiral in the late 2000s, the hotel was nearly forced into closure by September 2009. Rescued by a court-appointed receiver, the hotel’s lien holders stepped in to cover expenses. It was later renamed the Makena Beach & Golf Resort, which was subsequently sold at a foreclosure auction for $95 million in July 2010 to a group of U.S. investors led by AREA Property Partners, Trinity Investments, LLC, and Stanford Carr Development, LLC. Landmark Hotels Group, Inc. was appointed the operator and management company and remained so until the end. “I actually had hair when I started here,” quipped bell valet Bernard Rozet. “I’ve seen so many generations of families, with kids becoming adults and then their kids becoming adults.” Indeed, generations of employees have also seen

©makena beach & golf resort

Throughout the years, employ-





©makena beach & golf resort

each other age throughout the years, many of them in their early 20s when they started at the hotel. Bert Gamit, Ronnie Sim, Emery Sioson and Abraham Gaspar all started within months of each other in the engineering department and all had celebrated 30 years when the resort closed. For the four “bruddahs,” working at Makena has been a team-building experience, a major reason for their longevity at the hotel. “We’re not co-workers, we’re family,” asserted Sioson, who was hired here when he was 25 years old. “This is not like other hotels,” Sim added. “They grew up with me; they’re my ‘engineering boys,’” reminisced Amy Perez, a Makena Service agent who helped open the hotel in 1986. “I am their mom and we all look out for each other.” Her eyes starting to well with tears, Maraia Dacey was also around when the resort first opened, “when there was nothing,” she said. “There was no housekeeping department; there were just two of us.” As head seamstress, Dacey knew everyone’s first and last names. She knew who was working where and when since she was responsible for making sure that 400 uniforms per day were washed and pressed. After 29 years, Dacey said she spent more time with her ‘ohana at Makena than she did with her own family. “We came in young and now we’re old,” Dacey laughed. “We were also a lot thinner. I love the people and it will always be my place.” Three kids and 10 grandchildren later, Josie Noguchi has inspected thousands of rooms and counted more hangers and robes than she would like to remember. Having started around the same time as Dacey, the former housekeeping inspector admitted she’ll miss the camaraderie among her peers, as well as the longtime routines of making sure that televisions are set on channel 2 (the resort channel) and the volume at 20. “It will be difficult,” said Noguchi about life after Makena. “I’ve made so many friends here and it will

be hard not to see them on a regular basis.” Working out of Rainbow Mall even before the hotel opened, Iris Aguinaldo remembers dealing with a lot of vendors but never meeting them in person. “When they would call, they would ask ‘You still there?’” chuckled Aguinaldo, who was the hotel’s accounts payable clerk for three decades. “They would always recognize my voice.” Another familiar voice among guests is Ron Chapman, who has been with the company since 2000. “This has been more than a job,” says the front desk agent. “It has kept my family together. There are things that have happened to me that couldn’t have ever happened in any other place.” Chapman recounted a chicken-skin story about his ailing mother on the mainland: “My sister called me and told me my mom was in the hospital, and it was touch and go,” Chapman recounted. “I came to work and an owl swooped in, landed on the second floor and it just looked at me. I knew then that it was a sign that my mom was OK. Later on, my sister called back with an update and my mom was all OK and I told her I already knew. “This place is special; it’s the ‘āina — it giveth and it taketh,” Chapman continued. “It’s alive and despite all the transformations throughout the years, this place will always be magical.” Sandy Taniguchi will forever have a connection with Makena. She has worked in various departments with the last one being in sales. “I’ve made a lot of friends and our kids have grown up together,” she said. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of our guests, who are not just our clients but our friends. That’s the treasure of my job.” “In closing, I want to express at the bottom of my heart how much this team has meant to me,” McCarthy said. “This has been the toughest decision in my career and this has been one of the best teams to work with.” A hui hou!

(OPPOSITE PAGE) When the resort first opened as Maui Prince Hotel in August 1986, a classical string trio performed nightly in the center courtyard. (ABOVE) The Atrium Garden is surrounded by a Japanese garden, and waterfall and stream features. The A-shaped resort boasted an open-air lobby area that welcomed guests.




Through the Years

1970s – 1986 Pre-Opening 1973

Seibu Group purchases 1,800 acres from ‘Ulupalakua Ranch.

1986 – 1990s


Seibu Group breaks ground for a new 18-hole golf course.



August 1 Seibu’s Maui Prince Hotel in Makena officially opens.

August The Makena Golf Course and adjacent clubhouse opens.

1983 November Seibu breaks ground for Maui Prince Hotel with Hawaiian Dredging.

1990s – 2000s 1991

August 27 Maui Prince Hotel Executive Chef Roger Dikon invites 13 of Hawai‘i’s most prominent chefs for a weekend at the resort to discuss Hawai‘i’s culinary scene. The meeting was called the “First Hawaiian Culinary Symposium” and set in motion the Hawai’i Regional Cuisine movement.


October Maui Prince Hotel gains acceptance into the Leading Hotels lists.





Donn Takahashi becomes General Manager, replacing Percy Higashi.



August 19-22 Maui Prince Hotel hosted its first Japan/US/ Hawaii Conference with former Prime Minister of Japan Noboru Takeshita, US House of Representative Richard Gephardt, U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, Representative Neil Abercrombie and Patricia Schroeder.


February Japan’s famous sumo wrestlers and local residents Jesse Kuhaulua (Takamiyama) and Chad Rowan (Akebono) visit the Maui Prince Hotel.

January Former President Gerald Ford, Jack Ford and Pardee Erdman from ‘Ulupalakua Ranch play a round of golf at the notable Makena Golf Course.


February Japanese television stars Fuse and Bride Kimura hold their wedding in the hotel’s central courtyard. The event was televised throughout Japan.

September 11 After Hurricane Iniki sweeps through the Hawaiian Islands, the Maui Prince Hotel holds a relief drive. Employees donate truckloads of clothing, food items, linens and paper goods that were sent to Kaua‘i and other affected areas.

1993 November 23 Maui Prince Hotel and Makena Golf Course celebrate the opening of nine additional holes at the North Course.

1986 November 19 The Maui Prince

1987 September 18

1988 September

1989 March 31

Hotel continues its great relationship with ‘Ulupalakua Ranch and partners with Tedeschi Winery, now called Maui Wine, to unveil its first 1986 Vintage Maui Nouveau at the resort’s Prince Court. The opening ceremony includes the delivery of the first official cask onto Maluaka Beach via canoe and paddlers from the Kīhei Canoe Club.

America’s hit show “Growing Pains” airs its season three premier episode, featuring part 1 of a two-part Maui storyline set and filmed at the Maui Prince Hotel in July of 1987.

30 – October 2 Maui Prince Hotel hosts its first Oktoberfest Celebration at the resort’s Pu’u Olai Lawn, complete with a huge tent, polka dancers, a 10-piece German brass band and Bavarian feast. More than 1,500 attended what would become a popular annual event.

General Manager Chris Von Imhof is promoted to President & Regional General Manager of Prince Hotels, Inc., while the hotel’s Director of Food & Beverage Percy Higashi is promoted to General Manager.

1986 December 1-2 The international relations, InterAction Council holds a prestigious conference at the Maui Prince Hotel. Former heads of state in attendance include: Japan Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Nigerian Army General Olusegun Obasanjo (later the President of Nigeria), Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Colombian President Misael Pastrana Borrero, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Romanian Prime Minister Manea Manescu and United Nations SecretaryGeneral Bradford Morse.

1994 February 28 1994 July Japan’s Fuji Robert Trent Jones Jr. completes his upgrades to the golf course. The Makena Golf Course adds nine holes, to offer two separate 18-hole courses called North & South Courses.


May The hotel builds the Pu’u Olai Lawn stage featuring moss rock walls and tiki torches as a showcase for entertainment.

TV crew conducts a video shoot on property featuring a mini Olympics and such Olympic stars as Mark Spitz, Ben Johnson, Amy Benz and volleyball Olympic team members. The show aired in Japan in August.


November Makena North & South Courses receive the Silver Medal by Golf Magazine for being among the top 58 courses in the U.S.

1997 Late 1997 Paul Yokota

1998 Late 1998 Seibu

is named General Manager; Donn Takahashi is named General Manager for Prince Hotel Hawai‘i Properties.

Group announces the creation of a new company, Maui Prince Hotel LLC.


January 16 Donn Takahashi wins General Manager of the Year award on behalf of the Maui Prince Hotel/Makena Resort and Hawai‘i Prince Hotel Waikīkī and Golf Club at the Hawai’i Hotel Association Na Po’e Pa’ahana Awards.




Through the Years

2001 – 2009 2001

August 20th – 25th The hotel hosts an anniversary celebration to celebrate the Makena Golf Course’s 20th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of the hotel.

2004 Scott Ingwers is

2005 October 23 Maui

2009 The mortgage

named General Manager.

Prince hosts the Xterra World Championship for the first time. The resort continued to host the championship until 2011.

lending group forecloses on Makena Resort and the hotel goes into receivership. Under the management of Benchmark Hospitality Group, the resort is renamed the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.

2007 Seibu Railways 2004 Maui Prince Hotel partners with Norweigan Cruise Line to offer a weekly lū‘au for up to 2,000 of its passengers at the resort.

(formally Seibu Hawai‘i) sells Makena Resort to a hui of local developers and Morgan Stanley Real Estate for $575 million, the largest amount purchased for a Maui hotel at the time.


Kelly Lewis is named General Manager.

2010 – 2016 2010


ATC Makena Holdings LLC purchases Makena Resort and embarks on a multi-million beautification of the property. Shawn Sweeny is named General Manager.

Carmine Iommazzo is named General Manager.

2012 January ATC Makena completes its room makeover project.

2010 Summer 2010 Resort once again becomes a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.


Summer 2010 The Makena Ranch, Makena Day Spa's oceanfront cabanas are added to the property.




September New granite signage is placed at the front of the resort’s hotel drive.


The resort is represented in Japan by Okura Hotels & Resorts.


2013 Declan McCarthy is named General Manager.

2013 August The Hokule’a voyaging canoe arrives at Makena, in preparation for the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s multi-year-long, circumnavigational voyage aboard the vessel.

2013 Makena Golf Course closes for an extensive renovation.

Declan McCarthy is named chairman of the Maui Hotel & Lodging Association’s annual Charity Walk; the resort raises over $23,000 for Maui charities.


Makena Resort is voted as one of the Top Hawai‘i Resorts in Conde Nast Travelers’ Annual Reader’s Choice Awards.


Makena Golf Course re-opens as a private course.


March 29 After 29 years, Makena Beach & Golf Resort announces its closure.



R E F L E C T I O N S / 3 0 Y E A R S / P H OTO G R A P H Y BY I S A AC A R J O N I I L L A


Straight From the Heart The illustrious history and reputation of Makena Beach & Golf Resort can be attributed to its dedicated staff members, many of whom have been with the property since its inception. For one last time on March 29, 2016, the group gathered at the Atrium Garden for one final photo and one loud hurrah. For many, the resort’s closure represented a loss of ‘ohana and friends, and a sense of place that had played such a great role in their daily lives. A hui hou!







(Opposite page,) Kiyoshi Terada, Randy Parker, Declan McCarthy (General Manager), Jovelyn Bonilla, Sandy Taniguchi, Holly Folsom, Jeannine Fliear HOTEL MANAGER

Denise Hoopai


(From left) Gabriela Chรกvez, Sonja Spring, Kathleen Collins F&B MANAGERS

(Standing from left) Dan Egnatchik, Chef Kurt Lesmerises, Thomas Takeshita, Leo Mallari; Ann Roberts Rod Sato, Fe Sanchez






Combined, Makena staff members had more than a century’s worth of experience working the front and back of the house, making sure that resort operations always ran smoothly.


(Opposite page) Betty Miller, Vangie Constantino, Gabriela ChĂĄvez, Edie Goertz, Iris Aguinaldo, Mary Jane Molina FRONT DESK

Ron Chapman, Gail Manibog CONCIERGE

(Below, from left) Tamara Perkins, Sarah Maes, Kip Larson




(Left) Amy Perez, Madeline Hobson BACK OFFICE

(Below, from left) Erin Leiferman, Linda Chesterfield, Ly Benjamin, Donna Divina, Leanna Echiverri, Eunny Cook




(Opposite page, from left) Cherry Tom, Edgar Castillo, Bernard Rozet, John Uyeno, Daniel Aponte, Jennie Aruda








(Opposite page) Masayo Sutton, Marcia Williams BEACH STAFF

(From left) Keoki Namauu, Gabriel Ahrens, Christian Sim


(Top, from left) Eric Soriano, Derick Chee, Donna Johnson POOL BAR & GRILL STAFF (Above, from

left) Jay Protacio, John Agonoy, Brian Mullin, Robin Ernst, Edward Agatep




(Above) Working together in the back of the house, the culinary team was responsible for expediting and executing all orders. BARISTA Jenny Horne CAFE KIOWAI STAFF

(Right) Servers, chefs and line cooks have served visitors from around the world, providing them with a daily breakfast buffet. MOLOKINI BAR & GRILLE SERVERS

(Opposite page, from left) Gideon Maruquin, Edison Yadao, Liz Beth Luck, Kellie Elaban, Leila Larson, Joseph Domingo, Almie Madriaga










Responsible for the daily cleaning of 310 rooms and suites, the housekeeping department efficiently achieved its goal of ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all areas. Not only did staff members attend to guests’ needs, they also established a welcoming atmosphere. Housekeeping inspector, Josie Noguchi (wearing a blue flower behind her ear) worked at the resort for 30 years, citing ‘ohana as a reason for her loyalty and longevity at first with Maui Prince Hotel and later with Makena Beach & Golf Resort.


(Above) Maraia Dacey ENGINEERING

(Top right) Members of the engineering department agreed that there was never a boring moment at the resort. If something broke down, which often did towards closure, they were there to fix it. Thirtyyear employees, Bert Gamit, Ronnie Sim, Emery Sioson and Abraham Gaspar, said their favorite moment was the resort’s inaugural Oktoberfest. LOADING DOCK

(From left) Art Yalon, Guy Gibo, Kapua Atay, Dennis Alipio





(Above from left) Randy Gallegos, John Santos, Richard English NIGHTTIME SECURITY STAFF (Top right, from

left) Robert Shepard, Shawn Tavares, Ryan Marshell, Cassidy Moore


Edwin Balino, Leoncio Ambata, Jr., Eulogio Par, Jr., Edison Arrocena, Alexander Gaspar



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Wishing everyone the best for the future.

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Mai ka uka a ke kai, mai kāhi pae a kāhi pae o Makena, he hoʻokāhi no ʻohana. From the upland to the sea, from end to end of Makena, there is only one family.



©makena beach & golf resort


Makena 30 Year Anniversary Book 2016  
Makena 30 Year Anniversary Book 2016