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“Own Recognizance” It is late at night, and you want to get someone out of jail. You think your only option is getting a bail bond. So you get on your smart phone and punch in “bail bonds Los Angeles” or “bail bonds Van Nuys” or whatever city you might be in. Using a bail bonds company is not the only way to get someone out of custody in Los Angeles. There is something called O.R. release or Own Recognizance. To get a better understanding of O.R., you need to first understand how bail decisions are made by law enforcement and the courts. Bail decisions are often made arbitrarily. It really falls down to two key pieces of information; what the arresting officer put in his or her report and the bail schedule. In Los Angeles, Police officers know that once the arrest is made, the charge is pretty much set in stone. If the officer later changes his or her mind on what the charge should be, a convincing explanation would have to be made to the stations watch commander. Creditability of the officer’s competence could come into question and a possible peer review inquiry could convene at a later date. It is for that reason when someone gets arrested, going down to the police station and try to convince the officer to either drop the charges or even reduce it becomes, in the vast majority of cases, a complete waste of time. So it is best to dismiss the notion of getting the charges dropped or reduced through the arresting officer. To win that battle, you are better off consulting with a criminal attorney and fight it off in a court of law. The more logical way is requesting an O.R. / Own Recognizance through the local Pre Trial Services office. The phone numbers for the one in Los Angeles are (213) 351-0373 or (800) 773-5151. The Program’s hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. To be seriously considered for an O.R. / Own Recognizance release or a reduction in the bail amount, there are some factors that taken into consideration: 1.

The crime in question is not a violent felony.

This includes felony spousal, assaults with a deadly weapon or anything having to do with sexual assaults. The reality is unless the felony is considered white collar in nature, there is very little chance of getting released O.R. or a reduction in bail. 1.

This is a first time offense.

If the charge is a misdemeanor DUI or a petty theft and there are no other charges or history of the same crime being committed, then there is a good chance of an O.R. release or at the very least a reduction in bail. 1.

Are there any ties to the community?

If you have family and friends who can vouch for the person in custody, the bail reduction people will seriously consider your request as long as there was no violence involved. Those three factors are really the main points taken into consideration when a request is made to the bail deviation department. Please remember these are the opinion of a bail agents and what they have witness first hand. By no means should any of this be considered legal advice or the official policy of Pre Trial Services and the courts. One final observation made by bail bonds Los Angeles agents when trying to get a person released on their own recognizance; do not come to the jail and try to bully the jailers or officers. Threating to sue them or using veil threats or foul language will only make things worse for the person in custody. No person has ever been released from custody due to the threat of a lawsuit or any other kind of threat. If someone tells you they have, including a lawyer, they are not being truthful with you. Police officers and jailers do not get intimated. If they did, they would not keep their jobs for very long.

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