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10 September 2013 Maddern Oval was buzzing with hundreds of people as they enjoyed market stalls, amusements, competitions, demonstrations, live entertainment, food and later in the evening, a bar, fireworks and The Black Sorrows. Isaac Regional Council Deputy Mayor Dale Appleton said the celebrations were a real spirit lifter. “It is a great to see the community coming together to celebrate their town and supporting each other,” said Cr Appleton. “The event committee has done a tremendous job and I thank the volunteers and businesses who donated prizes and their time.” The Glenden Progress Association raised funds for the CQ rescue helicopter by selling raffle tickets, a CD comprising historic photos and a stubby cooler, which are now available for purchase at the Glenden library. A team of emergency services staff out-muscled mining teams to win the anticipated tug of war competition, raising funds for the Glenden Gecko’s playgroup. But the local kids were the real winners of the day enjoying a petting zoo, free face painting, a photobooth, rides, activities, ice-cream and an excellent fireworks display. “The kids flocked around the official cake which disappeared almost

instantly, while the adults congregated around the beer tent,” said Hazel Burgess, Glenden Progress Association. “The town really needed a lift and this gave people a great excuse to relax and take a break.” The Glenden 30 Year Anniversary Celebrations was proudly presented by Isaac Regional Council, Newlands Glencore and Morris Corporation. Morris Corporation ran with a BBQ themed stall for dinner with all funds raised donated to CQ Helicopter Rescue Service. A total of $ 2740.00 was achieved by our team, assisting this vital service to rural and remote communities. We also donated a pallet of bottled water to the Glenden State School P & C Association, sausages for the Glenden Swimming Club, to raise much needed funds for ongoing local projects.

Employee of the Month Award

times SEPTEMBER 2013

If you notice a workmate who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to Morris Core Values and going over and above the call of duty, why not nominate them for Employee of the Month? Ask your manager for a nomination form or visit



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By Allison Roach, Yandi HSEQ Advisor Yandi is focussing on hydration this month. Here is a snapshot of some of the crew receiving their freshly cut/chilled oranges. This is an initiative that we do every day here as a control for hydration. At approximately 1300hrs, the kitchen slices chilled oranges and places them into crib containers, which are then delivered to the workgroup. In addition to our crew wearing the sun hats wherever possible. They also undergo daily hydration testing.

By Tui Moeahu Matt and Nicole are certainly getting their ‘8 a day’! Matt Di Masi (Ground handling supervisor, Christmas Creek) came 1st place in the 12km run with Nicole O’Donnell (Check-in crew, Christmas Creek) achieving 3rd place in the 4km run. Fantastic results guys!

HSE Award

If you notice a colleague who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to HSE. Nominate them for the monthly HSE Award. Ask your manager for a nomination form or visit


By Ian Smith On Wednesday July 31st our school held a small but important ceremony in the short history of Tiwi College. After much discussion and with legal assistance from Simon Harari (Tiwi Land Council) and Robert McRobbie, Belinda Wright and Guy Reynolds (Macquarie Bank) we were able to sign off on an agreement that we believe will be of benefit both to Morris Corporation and Tiwi College. The Joint Venture is a business entity, where we come together as one enterprise to tender for Hospitality, Catering and Accommodation opportunities on the Tiwi Islands. Morris will benefit from greater exposure to business on the Tiwi Islands and our school benefits from easier pathways to jobs in Hospitality areas. We thank the people of Morris Corporation for this initiative in particular Ken Rule (Business Development Manager, pictured right), Todd Crawford (Operations Manager, WA) and an old friend Adam Clarke, an ex-employee of Morris who was instrumental in getting this concept ‘off the ground’. We hope this will be the beginning of an excellent partnership which will be of benefit to the Tiwi.


challenge the norm, this is how we can each have an impact on the world.

Where have you worked prior to Morris? I have been lucky enough to work within a lot of great and different organisations, both contractor and client. They include groups like Downer Edi, Southern Pacific Petroleum, The Department of Defence, The Spotless Group, ISS Global and most recently Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton

What do you like to do in your spare time? Family takes priority, my wife Emma and daughter Zara enjoy visiting parks beaches and finding new adventures. I also have a collection of old classic and race cars and get onto the racetrack as often as possible. Cars also need a lot of attention, so some weekends are reserved for oily hands with tinkering, to keep them running! Fishing and outdoor activities & sports are also high on the list when time permits.

Introducing Chris Fung to the Morris Executive team in the role of Executive General Manager Business Development.

So far from what you have learnt and seen what do you enjoy most about working for Morris? Morris has grown rapidly. We need to be careful we don’t outgrow our skin. We need to focus on the fundamentals of our business to ensure capability matches the promises we make to our clients. I am very, very impressed with the level of capability, experience and enthusiasm within the entire company. It will be great to work with a positive and energised team to move Morris into that next gear. What has been your career highlight to date? I can’t say there has been one standout, although there have been some memorable personal experiences, such as working within the mining houses and playing with the really big toys, like a 6000 tonne dragline or a 5000 horsepower ultra class dump truck that could fit a house in the back. Can you share any tips or challenges you’ve faced on your journey? A challenge is finding the correct work life balance. If you can get this right, your time at work and with your family will be so much more valuable and appreciated. Tip 1. Success in your job is determined by the efforts of your teammates. If we help each other to excel then we all benefit from the recognition and rewards. Tip 2. – Don’t ever be afraid to try something different or

What’s the best advise you have received? Firstly, never judge someone else’s potential based on your own ability and secondly, never assume. Name 5 people either dead or alive you would invite to dinner and why? David Attenborough – His contributions to all of us is incredible One of the astronauts who walked on the moon – To understand how it felt Steve Jobs – To ask him what else he had planned for us? Einstein- How often do you get to have a beer with a genius? The Wiggles – To ask them where they buy their clothes! If a movie was made about your life - what would it be called & who would play? That’s a tough one although it would be great to be played by ‘Mr Cool’ Steve McQueen with cars going way too fast!



If you would like to contribute to MORRISTIMES or have suggestions on how to make the publication better. Email with MORRISTIMES as the subject line.


MORRIS INDIGENOUS JV WINS $435 MILLION CONTRACT WITH FORTESCUE After close to seven years operation of Fortescue Metal Group (Fortescue) villages and camps, first on the rail camps and then Cloudbreak (a five year contract) Morris have been successful in resecuring all our current Fortescue contracts and more, for another five years! To add to our portfolio which currently includes in the Chichester Hub, the Cloudbreak, Christmas Creek and Karntama Villages and in the Solomon Hub, the Kangi, Dally and Castle Villages we can now boast that we now operate the rail camps (from the Chichester Hub to Port Hedland and the Hamilton Hotel in Pt Hedland extending the total facilities management agreement to ten villages / camps (6800 rooms) from 1 October, 2013. Our mobilisation team are working hard now to ensure this transition is as successful as our track record. The contract involves separate joint ventures (JV’s) between Morris Corporation and five Indigenous group partners; Martu Idja Banyjima (MIB), Nyiyarpli, Palkyu, Kariyarra and Eastern Gumera. Our CEO, Rodney Molla, is “thrilled with winning this contract. It is our huge credit to our operational team in the West especially our employees on the sites. Fortescue also deserves high praise for their vision in encouraging Indigenous groups to work closely with the private sector.” This success brings us a step closer to our goal of lifting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) workforce to 20%. “We will work with the groups to help them realise real commercial outcomes through these JV’s; we already have a proven track record in this area” said Rodney. The MIB people are “pleased to enter into another joint venture with Morris Corporation,” said MIB catering spokesperson Carmen Murdock. “The new venture continues to offer opportunities for local Aboriginal people and the MIB to continue developing their commercial expertise in operating catering and facilities services.”


By Glenn Smith (Business Development Manager, ESB) On a recent site visit to Anglo Village in Moranbah, I discovered that our bar manager there, Stephen Newsham has been getting creative with used cans. Stephen does this as a hobby but his creations are getting popular with residents even placing orders for them. Stephen sells them to residents and donates the money to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Here are some pictures of his fabulous creations. Well done Stephen!

About MIB Morris already works in a JV with MIB on the Soloman hub and we are looking forward to the transfer of the JV to the Christmas Creek Village in the Chichester hub. The Martu Idja Banyjima people are descendants of Martidja Banyjima and Aboriginal peoples of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Martidja Banyjima people are also referred to as the Fortescue Banyjima who live in and around their traditional country located in the eastern Pilbara region. Archaeological evidence suggests that the MIB people have lived continuously in the area known as the Shire of Ashburton in the Pilbara region of W.A. for over 35,000 years. About Nyiyaparli Nyiyaparli people traditionally come from the country located south of the town of Marble Bar and include the area around Newman and the pastoral stations of Roy Hill, Balfour Downs and Ethel Creek. Many Nyiyaparli people migrated from their traditional lands to Port Hedland during the 1980s. Nyiyaparli will partner with Morris in the management of the Fortescue Karntama Village. Their corporate entity is known as Karlka Nyiyaparli and they have an office in Port Hedland. About Palyku The Palyku people come from the Nullagine, Jigalong area of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. They have a strong cultural and heritage background with many significant Indigenous art sites on their lands. Palyku will partner with Morris on the Fortescue Cloudbreak Village and with Kariyarra and Morris on one of the rail camps. About Kariyarra The Kariyarra people have traditionally lived around the area where the town of Port Hedland is now situated. Their lands extend from Port Hedland west to the Sherlock River and south to the Yule River and are bounded by Ngarla country to the north and Nyamal country to the east. Kariyarra will partner with Morris in the management of the Fortescue Hamilton Short Stay accommodation facility in Port Hedland and two of the rail camps in their own right plus joint venture between them and Palyku with Morris for the other rail camp.

Morris Times Sept 2013  
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