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times Collinsville Extension

Collinsville Village, QLD Friday 1 March saw the official opening of the Collinsville extension (200 rooms) and new dining room. This momentous occasion was marked by an event where VIPs (including local press, council representives and the Morris Board of directors) visited the Village for a tour of the improved facilities. The tour opened with a ‘welcome to country’ by Joan O’Loughlin and was followed by a presentation by Rodney Molla (Morris CEO) and Robert McVicker (Morris Director). The presentation included an overview of Morris’ commitment to the Collinsville community with Robert recalling on highlights of the last 32 years we have been operating in the area. Jennifer Whitney (Whitsundays Mayor) was an invited guest who cut the big red ribbon, signifying the opening of the new dining room. From there, guests enjoyed an impressive luncheon provided by the Collinsville Village team.

Employee of the Month Award

times mar2013

If you notice a workmate who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to Morris Core Values and going over and above the call of duty, why not nominate them for Employee of the Month? Ask your manager for a nomination form.


Gaby Seaton (Return to work coordinator), Brisbane Office QLD I discovered the layered salad jar idea online and thought I’d share it with you. The idea is to make these yourself, have them in the fridge, and you have a delicious lunch ready to go! The trick is putting the dressing in the bottom of the jar and shaking it up before eating it. So put in your dressing, some cooked quinoa, some protein, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes (whatever you like really), with the greens on the top. They look fantastic and a great idea for picnics too.


Arm yourself against exercise excuses By Jason Anderson, Certified Personal Trainter

I got into a fight this morning. It was not a “discussion.” It was not a “disagreement.” It was a full blown fight. No, it wasn’t with my wife or kids or even the other drivers on the highway. The fight started before work and even before anyone else in the house was awake. The person I had a fight with was myself. You see, if I am going to exercise, it has to go like this: up at 4:45 a.m., running by 5:00, in the shower by 6:00, and then out the door to work. Now, I never said this routine was easy (thus the fight). Always on time, I was awakened by the shrill beep, beep, beep of my alarm, signalling the start of the fight. It was on! You must be kidding. I feel like I just went to sleep a few hours ago! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT IS DARK OUTSIDE! Another excuse jab here: I’m tired! A plea punch there: It’s dark! A surprise shot in the dark: Don’t get out of this comfy bed! I kept moving during the assault as the barrage of excuses filled my mind. I slowly made it to the bathroom to find today’s running gear where I left it the night before. Even there, the attack continued: I can’t get up and run when it gets cold in a few months. Then I was hit from behind with another jab of justification: It’s too dark. I could get hit by a car! I put on my armour to boost my strength and defend myself better. Socks on, shorts, shirt, shoes, and visor. Trusty iPod in hand. That was all it took to bring down the offender. The fight was over and I was out the door. Even then though I could roughly hear his voice from the distance telling me: Just run three miles instead of the usual five. But it was too late—I had won today by a knock-out! That’s how my battle went this morning, but in reality, it’s a battle I fight every day. I’d like to say that I am an undefeated champion, but that would be a lie. Sometimes I do lose and the voice wins. Many people think that a personal trainer never misses a workout and never struggles with eating the right things (or staying away from the not-

so-right things). But I struggle just as much as everyone else. It is not easier for me than it is for others. It all comes down to the moment of the decision—like 4:45 a.m. every morning. That is where the battle is won or lost. We all know how important exercise is to our health. We all know we should be doing it, but we allow ourselves “outs” with what we consider justifiable excuses. You can excuse yourself out of anything if you keep listening to yourself long enough. You can let those rationalizations make sense if you try. But I have come to a personal conclusion, a motto of sorts: I will do what I need to do, in order to do what I want to do. If that means getting up at 4:45 a.m. then so be it. I want to be healthy for a long time. I’ve got a long list of reasons why. I like to feel good and feel good about myself. I like the way exercise and eating well make me feel. I want to be around to spend a long, healthy lifetime with my wife. I want to wrestle with my kids and laugh and play and see them grow up and maybe even give me grandkids and greatgrandkids one day! I want to be in the “90 and up” age category in the local 5K! I will do what I need to do (exercise and eat right) in order to do what I want to do (live a full life). I’ll tell you something I don’t want though. I don’t want to cheat myself out of precious time because I didn’t do the things I should have to live that long life. I don’t want to rob my wife or kids of years they could have with me. I don’t want to stare at the ceiling in a hospital room one day thinking, “I wish I would have taken better care of myself and not allowed this to happen.” I want to encourage others to do what they need to do to be healthy. I want to encourage you to stay in the fight and not give into the excuses. Nike still has the best excuse-buster I can think of: Just Do It! Does it mean getting up early even though you’d rather sleep longer? Just do it. Does it mean staying up later to hit the gym and cook a healthy meal? Just do it. Is it hot or cold outside? Just do it. You name the reason why you shouldn’t do it, and just do it anyway. The fight will be on again tomorrow morning. Same time, same place. Wish me luck—no, wish me determination—and I’ll do the same for you! After all, we are in this fight together. SOURCE:

HSE Award

If you notice a colleague who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to HSE. Nominate them for the monthly HSE Award. Ask your manager for a nomination form.

On the road again

Fiona Berkin, Director Marketing My first site visit since becoming Director of Marketing was to Mount Carlton, near Bowen in Queensland. Not uncommon for Morris sites, access to the Village was an adventure in itself including roads that resembled tracks, narrow crossings, wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

Arriving at the Village, I was given a tour of the facilities followed by a visit to the mine site, where Village Manager, Darren Adams - had arranged for me to go for a ride in a 777. We drove in the Morris 4WD and picked up a gentleman who was the supervisor for all of the truck drivers. Once in the vehicle he directed us on the haul roads to where we would be meeting one of the drivers who was going to have me as a passenger for a few trips. The unassuming supervisor had his radio in his hand as he was directing us where to go when all of a sudden a loud, clear, abrupt message came over the two way, “Why the - - - - is there a Morris LV on the haul road?” Without missing a beat, the supervisor spoke into his radio “Because I’m in it”. I thought it was fantastic how the listener knew exactly who was in the vehicle and not to question it. It was my first ride in a “big truck” and a fantastic experience. Thank you to the driver for taking time out of his day and thank you to Darren for arranging!

A message is written on the side of a bus in a mine in northern Western Australia, after the mine crew who use the bus didn’t have to go to work because of Cyclone Rusty.


RECOGNITION AWARDS GOLD AWARD Employee of the Month (January) Jenny Gilbert of MCJV Cockatoo

The Morris management team at Cockatoo regularly get positive feedback from residents on our performance however there would not be a week go by when at least one or more resident wil stop me to tell me what a wonderful asset to Morris Jenny is, and what a wonderful job she does. The Origin HSE represenative Kim Sampson stopped me one day to say he was very impressed with how clean the laundries were kept and in particular how clean the lint filters were every time he checked. Residents leave money in their pockets all the time, Jenny folds their clothes up neatly, places the money on top of the pile and then checks with the resident, if she can to make sure they got it back. It really does blow them away. Jenny is honest beyond reproach. Often when this happens the residents will come to me and say they would like to give Jenny a small gift or reward for finding the money. Jenny always politely declines but one occasion the resident became so insistent she had to take the gift but then immediately wanted to share it with the rest of the team because she felt she was simply “doing her job”.

GOLD AWARD Care & Share (January) Paul Temple of Dyno Village, QLD

Paul’s idea is to have a spit roaster available for theme nights. This is a popular event and offers quite a different appeal / atmosphere to the dining room.

GOLD AWARD Care & Share (Februray) Julian Roberts and Nicole Faddy of Glenden SPQ, QLD

The team at Glenden now include chef’s photos and some insightful information about their kitchen team, including their favourite dishes, what they like to do when they aren’t working and also their favourite part of their job. It has been a real hit with the residents, sparking many a conversation.

SILVER AWARD Employee of the Month Nominations (January)

Employee of Month nominees are also eligible for a Silver Award. The following Morris team members will receive a $50 voucher

• • • • • • • •

Jennifer Bush of Dyno Village, QLD Joanne Grieve of Cloudbreak Village, WA Juraj Karas of Cloudbreak Village, WA Ryan Pereira of Kangi Village, WA Shaela Te Au of Kangi Village, WA Shari Mohi of the Perth Office, WA Syam Kumar of Kenya 2 Village, QLD Tania Williams of Karntama Village, WA



If you would like to contribute to MORRISTIMES or have suggestions on how to make the publication better. Email with MORRISTIMES as the subject line.



By Sue Cheeseman It was with the greatest regret that I tended my resignation to Morris Corporation for health reasons, and left on 22 February 2013. I began working with Peter Howard, Ken Rule, Sue Sutherland, Paul Montie & Greg Sims back in January 2011 when I came to Morris to fill in on a temporary basis. I must have done a reasonably good job because I was offered the position on a full time basis. We were then joined by the beginnings of the Perth HR Team with Rosie Whittle, Cait Luddy and Terry Smith in April 2011 as well as Todd Crawford as HSE Advisor. Later that month Deb Lawson joined the administration team. By now we were fast running out of room in Nedlands and eventually moved to Osborne Park. I have watched many changes at Morris and of course all the new people who have joined the team in Perth. I have loved working with Peter Howard and all in the Perth office. I have also delighted in working with all the various people on site and I would like to extend my thanks to you all for all your assistance and many conversations that we have had in the past. There have been many challenges to overcome and I believe that the team in Perth are the best. I would like to thank each and every one of you in the Brisbane office for your assistance and friendship over the past couple of years. Your assistance has been invaluable. Special thanks go to Dexter, Jennifer, Lea, Karlie, Kathleen & Dawn. If I missed your name of the list my apologies. I am going to do a bit of travelling over the next few months starting with Sydney this weekend. My next trip with my two best friends will be to Russia and the UK for about a month. Moscow, St Petersburg and London here we come. You never know I might write about my travels with a couple of pictures as well. I have left my contact details with everyone in the Perth office so feel free to contact me at any time. I can’t of course guarantee that I will be quick to reply, but reply I will. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the future, be it with Morris or elsewhere. Again, thank you for the assistance and support you have all given me.

Sue Cheeseman

Farewell from Melville

By Brad Beech So my time at Melville Island has come to an end. In the past 10 months I have been working on the island I have experienced some great things, both work related and non-work related. I would firstly like to thank Ross Gardiner and Todd Crawford for helping me get the position and for the ongoing support they’ve given me. Also I would like to thank MZI for being a great client. Working with MZI has been wonderful. Being my first management position, I could not have asked for a better place to start. This is a very special place and I’m certainly going to miss everyone.









1. My first Barra 2. Uncle Willy 3. Me with Wendall Sailor at the Tiwi Ashes 4. Melville afternoon storm 5. Myself and Crash. A Wallaby I resuced that became the camp pet. 6. Friday’s Fish ‘n’ Chips 7. Local chicldren at the Tiwi Ashes. 8. Morning fishing on the island.


Do you have suggestions that can improve the services to our customers? You can have your ideas and suggestions viewed by the Morris executives by emailing ALL suggestions acknowledged ALL suggestions taken seriously and considered J A N U A to R Ywithin 2 0 1 1 a fortnight ALL suggestions responded

Theme Nights

Indian Theme Night - MGG Village, QLD Our Indian theme night was a sensational hit, the MGG residents loved the curry feast.

You can’t miss us!

Collinsville Village Check out our laundry truck next to the Cannon truck ... there is no mistaking that Morris is in town.

Seafood Night - Dyno Village, QLD Enrique Esguerra, Richard Vicente and Katherine De la Torre having a blast at Dyno’s popular seafood night.

Clean up Australia Day

Glenden, QLD Glenden SPQ staff participated in ‘Clean up Australia Day’ activities on 3 March with staff cleaning up on the roads leading from town to the council land fill. Morris also provided a BBQ for all the volunteers following their hard work.

Bubble bath anyone?

Chinchilla, QLD Our Chinchilla sites were cut off as the river at Dalby (that runs into the Condamine River) peaked higher than expected. Chinchilla was cut off to Dalby at Brigalow & Warra and there was no access to the east from Western Downs. Our teams did well to monitor diesel, sewerage & water during this time with no critical issues taking place.


If you would like to contribute to MORRISTIMES or have suggestions on how to make the publication better. Email with MORRISTIMES as the subject line. mar2013


The phenomenon that was started in Australia and embraced by the world – is returning at 8.30pm on 23 March. Here is what some of the Brisbane Office team have planned for earth hour. Share what you did for earth hour on Morris’ Facebook page. ( Sandra Western - National Learning and Development Manager (Left) “I’m going to have a BBQ by candle light” Jennifer McColl - National Systems Manager (Right) “I’m going to play games on my mobile phone which has been solar charged earlier that day.

Jessica Klein - HR Administration ESB “I’m going to watch the footy on telly ... with the lights off though”

James Mayhew HSEQ Manager ESB “I will definitely not be using any power during this time as I will most definitely be sleeping off some jet lag as I’m travelling to the UK on Wednesday.

Helene Barry - Bid Manager “I’m having dinner at a friends place ... so all of the lights at my place will be off.”

Fiona Berkin - Director Marketing “My husband and I will be camping for the entire weekend, so we will not be using any power. Bush walking, stargazing and enjoying nature is how I will be spending earth hour!”

Yuni Lowther Recruitment Advisor “I’m going to camp in my backyard. I’m going to toast marshmallows and chill out with my dogs”

James Barbeler - Executive GM Finance “I can absolutely guarantee that there will not be a single light switch on at my house during earth hour. I know this because I will be at Suncorp Stadium watching the rugby.”

Scott Stevens-Smith - Executive GM BD “In my house we celebrate earth hour by playing cards by candlelight. My son likes to call this ‘glamping’.”

Morris Times - March 2013  
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