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times FLOODS

By Simon Hoverman (Pictured right) Chinchilla, QLD The Surat Basin sites were tested by the January floods. The swollen Condamine River meant there was no access by road to our sites west of Chinchilla and our emergency procedures and processes had to kick in. Being the eyes on the ground in Chinchilla, I was in constant contact with the procurement department (Graham Kellett) looking at ways of getting vital supplies and staff to the sites. We worked with the QGC client, who arranged cool rooms (pictured below right) and Morris set up a “base” at QGC’s Chinchilla Offices. From this temporary base, supplies could then be delivered to our sites by helicopter. Roster change around was also conducted via helicopter and for many of our employees this was the first time they had ever been in a helicopter. As one staff member noted “I can now cross that off my bucket list”. The individual even thanked the client when they saw him on their return to site. A special thanks to those who went over and above to ensure our service was uninterrupted.



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Kangi Update

Raymond Vonder (Head Chef), Kangi Village, WA This is how our HSE advisor Allison Roach (pictured right) cleans her floors! Clearly not up to speed on the mop yet! Still she was able to show off some of her sweet dance moves in the process.

MGG Village Update

Craig Warren (Village Manager), MMG QLD A great shot of the kitchen skills at MGG Village.

In other Kangi news, we celebrated Waitangi day on 6 February. The residents loved it, great feedback all round, especially on the boil up, raw fish and fry bread!

Dyno Village Theme Night

Kath De la Torre (Chef), Dyno QLD Check out these pictures of our Australia Day celebrations.


Gordon Cook (Assistant Manager) Coolabah Village, WA Kirsty and Brett of Newman in WA celebrate their engagement with a morning tea prepared by Morris. The pair were especially impressed with the spread as Kirsty’s food allergies meant all of the cakes had to be gluten and dairy free. All the best!

HSE Award

If you notice a colleague who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to HSE. Nominate them for the monthly HSE Award. Ask your manager for a nomination form.


Origin of ‘CRIB’

Anglo American (Dyno Nobel)

Historically when mining, a normal work sequence would see the working day start with the drilling / pick work. The development work used to open up a new section or work. This would then be shored, to make the workplace safe, before removing ore. The word “cribbing” is the shoring used in a mine.

Morris has been awarded an 18 month, $11 million contract to continue to manage the Dyno Nobel Village in Moranbah, this time for Anglo American. This facility will support the Grosvenor 1 Project workforce for Anglo American and further strengthens our involvement in the Moranbah region in Queensland and allows us to show this client what it is that makes us special. This is a big coup for Morris as we currently have no work with Anglo American and they have a preferred supplier arrangement with one of our competitors. Morris will deliver a full facility management scope of work on this project including accommodation management, catering, cleaning & janitorial, wet mess management, grounds maintenance services with the potential to extend our services to site based operations. As we are currently managing the facility there will be no mobilisation but a handover to the Anglo team in the coming weeks and continue for an initial term until June 2014 after which we have options to extend, pending overall project conditions. WDS Ltd (APLNG Camp Reed Creek)

Morris has been awarded a three year, $18 million contract to manage a 400 room construction camp at Reedy Creek in the Surat Basin. This facility will support the WDS workforce delivering gas gathering infrastructure for the Origin Energy, APLNG Project and further strengthens our involvement in the high profile CSG to LNG industry in Queensland. Morris will deliver a full facility management scope of work on this project including accommodation management, catering, cleaning & janitorial, wet mess management, grounds maintenance, security services and construction office cleaning. Service mobilisation will commence in early to mid-March 2013 and continue for an initial 3 year term after which we have options to extend for an additional 4 years pending overall project conditions.

We suggest that ‘Crib Time’ has a two-fold root: That it means a ‘feeding place or time’ but that the natural time to take this refreshment break, would be after the hard development work, Crib (shoring) time. Then, having made the mine safe, you can break for a pastie! If this is the origin of the word, its popularity could also be due to it being a colourful way to describe “something to shore up the insides, and stop the ribs from caving in.”

RECOGNITION AWARDS (January) GOLD AWARD Health, Safety & Environment ($200 Gift Card) Samantha Anderson of Blue Bird Village, WA

Blue Bird Village, although small, is blessed with its own gym. However we do not have the services of a healthy lifestyle coordinator. As a trained HLC that has worked in other Morris Villages, Samantha has taken it upon herself to develop healthy lifestyle activities for residents. The latest is a twice weekly boot camp where Sam in conjunction with the clients HSE and ERS team takes residents through their paces encouraging them to participate in regular activity as well as promoting Morris’ Activ8 program. She leads our team pre start stretches and encourages us to take our bodies to some unusual places whilst having a bit of fun. It’s a win-win for all, as she adds value to the service we provide to our client and our guests and along the way promotes one of Morris’ core values and programs. This is all done voluntarily in her spare time. It takes a special person to get motivated and provide motivation to others after a long shift. SILVER AWARD ($50 Gift Card Voucher) Melissa Logozzo of Kangi Village, WA

Melissa received a silver award in recognition of her outstanding supervision of the mobilisation team at Kangi Village. BRONZE AWARD ($40 Gift Card Voucher) Keith Harden of Dally Village, WA

Keith Harden was recognised with a bronze award. Keith was about to go on R&R when he was notified his back to back was unwell and wasn’t going to make it to site. Keith generously offered to stay on site to cover the shortage, which meant cancelling his flights back home to Brisbane. Kellie Minton of Dally Village, WA

Dally Village is implementing a new accommodation system and Kellie Minton has demonstrated extreme patience with the process and been absolutely pivotal in ensuring customer satisfaction remains high.


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Here is what was submitted for last month’s ‘Add a caption’ picture.

“Where’s Wally?” By Deb Hunter “As soon as Les gets here, we can start the mobe” By Rob Romano “Ummm – where was that place again? Anyone?” By Catherine Cox “Did someone say ... Free Beer?” By Glenn

ANSWERS Hobart Billy Graham Spanish Flu Coober Pedy Julian McMahon Norm Platypus Sir Macfarlane Burnet Joan Hammon Surfers Paradise Whispering Jack by John Farnham Fish

1. Which pop star played the title role in the 2006 film Hating Alison Ashley? 2. What is the Floral Emblem of Australia? 3. What is Australia’s largest inland city? 4. What Aboriginal term for a waterhole is also the name of an Australian Clothing company? 5. What do the letters of the television network SBS stand for? 6. Which bushranger did Sidney Nolan portray in a series of paintings he created in 1946 – 47? 7. What was the name of the cyclone that devastated Darwin on Christmas day and what year did it hit? 8. What song finished 2nd when choosing Advance Australia Fair in the 1977 referendum to choose a national song? 9. What natural disaster killed 13 people in Newcastle on December 28th, 1989? 10. Which eminent heart surgeon was murdered in Sydney on July 4th 1991? 11. Which former prime minister once managed a rock band called the Ramrods? 12. What does ASIC stand for? 13. In which city did Australia’s first legal casino open for

Add a caption

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

The crew here at Kenya Village held an Australia Day Trivia night on the 26 January. See how you go with the questions.

Delta Goodrem Wattle Canberra Billabong Special Broadcasting Service Ned Kelly Cyclone Tracy ; 1974 Waltzing Matilda An Earthquake Dr Victor Chang Paul Keating Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Kim MacElroy of Kenya Village QLD

business in 1973? 14. Which American evangelist visited Australia in 1959, attracting over 3 Million people to his crusades? 15. What worldwide pandemic killed more than 12000 Australians in 1919? 16. In which South Australian opal-mining town do many residents live underground to escape the heat? 17. Who was Dannii Minogue’s first husband? 18. What was the name of the overweight father in the “Life Be in It” campaign launched in 1975? 19. What is the common name of Ornithorhynchus anatinus? 20. Who became the first Australian of the Year in 1960? 21. Which opera singer also won the New South Wales Golf Championship 3 times? 22. Which Queensland City was known as Elston until 1933? 23. What was the first album to sell more than one million copies in Australia? 24. What is a Snoek?

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“Do the males or the females carry the eggs on their feet?” By James Hart “WOOHOO Morris is coming to town” By Kim MacElroy Picture taken in Glenden, QLD.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Australia Day Trivia

Morris Times - February 2013  
Morris Times - February 2013