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times INDIGENOUS EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR 5 December 2013 Held at the Bluewater Grill, Applecross on Thursday December 5, the atWork Employer of the Year Awards recognise the contributions and achievements in providing employment opportunities for numerous job seekers in the course of 2013. Morris CEO, Rodney Molla, was in attendance and was extremely proud to accept the atWork

Indigenous Employer of the Year, 2013 Award. Other organisations who were recognised include Matera Waste who received the atWork Rising Star of the Year Award and Armadale Home Help who received the atWork Innovative Employer of the Year Award. Since February 2013, Morris has employed over 50 Indigenous job seekers through atWork Australia. Using an effective combination of recruitment screening, training, mentoring and team spirit, they have maintained a 90% retention rate with these employees, overcoming numerous barriers to employment. Morris are meeting an Indigenous target of nearly 10% of staff employed at their sites while playing a crucial role in addressing labour shortages in the mining industry. Morris recruitment, mentoring and team building policies stand as a shining example to other companies in Australia - proving that with business support, mentoring and a strong belief in your workers they will often reciprocate with hard work and loyalty. atWork Australia are contracted to provide employment services on behalf of the Commonwealth Government within the Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services programmes - providing these services in Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia. atWork specialise in working with Indigenous and Job Seekers with mental health conditions as well as all mainstream job seekers who are registered as unemployed. These awards recognise the efforts of companies in employing, training, mentoring and supporting people.

Employee of the Month Award

times DECEMBER 2013

If you notice a workmate who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to Morris Core Values and going over and above the call of duty, why not nominate them for Employee of the Month? Ask your manager for a nomination form or visit


By Kim MacElroy (Village Manager) BCC began mobilising at the beginning of June this year and has come a long way with its development. Our “resort” is equipped with several BBQ areas, great landscaping (still in progress), a pool and large rooms for the residents. The amazing members of the BCC Morris team focus on safety, customer services and aim to provide this in abundance. Saturday nights are popular with our BBQ nights, barefoot lawn bowls and beach volleyball. Drop in and say G’day next time you are out this way!


By Scott Ferguson (pictured right) I just wanted to pass on a huge thanks to everyone for supporting my attempts to grow hair (yeah yeah – no jokes thanks) for Movember 2013. Here is the last snap of the ‘trucker’ mo (pictured right). I did get to see some other staff at a couple of the sites growing as well. 3 of the guys were giving it their best at Yandi last week (pictured below). From donations at the Movember website, cash donations at the Mo box in Perth office, morning teas, snacks, and a Mexican moustache day - I am very pleased to reveal that a fantastic grand total of $894 was raised for a great cause. Thank you all very much for the support ! Pictured Below: Mo Bro’s from the Morris Yandi Team.

HSE Award

If you notice a colleague who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to HSE. Nominate them for the monthly HSE Award. Ask your manager for a nomination form or visit


By Christine Maier I don’t know about you, but for me, Christmas is ALL about the food. Whilst seeking some inspiration for my family luncheon menu, I came accross these fantastic ideas that you may like to try.

TIPS TO A GREEN CHRISTMAS RECYCLE WRAPPING PAPER or better yet, forgo it altogether. Try making your own wrapping paper and trimmings from newspapers, paper bags, art projects, clothes, dish towels, etc. And if you do buy new wrapping paper, go for the kind without glossy metallic coating, which makes it harder to recycle. STAY HOME. Much of the worst impact to the environment comes from all the carbon dioxide emitted by the transportation we use to get around during the holidays. Consider limiting your plane travel (the worst offender) and long car rides. If you must drive, carpool, and try to schedule around traffic, to reduce the amount of time you idle and waste fuel. LOSE THE LIGHTS. Think about cutting back on excessive house and yard lights — is it really necessary to see your glow-in-the-dark inflatable Santa from the next town over? If you are decorating with lights, try switching to the LED variety, which can use 90 percent less energy than regular holiday lights. BUY IN BULK. Instead of purchasing cans of soda, small bags of chips, and serving-size baking supplies, stock up on bulk goods to reduce packaging waste. USE REAL DISHES. While disposable plates and silverware are easier if you’re hosting crowds, the environment will thank you if you buck up and do the dishes. SERVE LESS MEAT. Chicken, pork, and, especially, beef, take a heavier toll on the environment than veggies. Cows, in particular, produce copious amounts of methane, which is even worse for global warming than carbon dioxide. So instead of serving the turkey, the ham and the pot roast side-by-side, consider replacing some of the meat on your menu with tofu or veggies. USE A REAL TREE and then recycle it when it’s done! Though it may feel sad to cut down a tree for the holidays, consider that most Christmas trees are grown expressly for the purpose (so you’re not contributing to deforestation), and can be planted or composted when you’re done with them. Plastic trees, in contrast, require petroleum to make, and then can’t be recycled easily when you’re through with them. Source:




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