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22 - 24 October Jessica Mauboy is at the top of her game at the moment. In the past six months she has performed at the 2013 Emmy Awards in the US, appeared on the Ellen show, became the face of the NRL and released her third album ‘Beautiful’. Jessica can now add performing in the Pilbara and staying at a Morris site to this list. Mauboy delivered three consecutive concerts across the Chichester Hub incorporating Karntama, Christmas Creek and Cloudbreak Village. Hosting a class act like Jessica Mauboy at Morris sites is far from typical and really out of the box for the industrial hospitality / facilities management industry. Lea Finau (Marketing) says “We’ve heard of other acts like Jimmy Barnes and Noiseworks performing at sites before but never someone as ‘current’ as Jessica and never paid for by the caterer”. So, just how did this idea come about? Morris was re tendering on the facilities management contract for the three villages and as the incumbent, wanted to provide our customers there with an ‘energised’ offer. At first, the idea of having Jessica Mauboy seemed ambitious but after a few phone calls to the right people, we discovered that we could, in fact secure Mauboy. Morris just had to be successful in the facilities management contract - and we were! Morris arranged three concerts in total. The first being held at Karntama, the second at Christmas Creek with the final concert being held at Cloudbreak Village. The performances were amazing and the feedback of our customers was fabulous with some even saying they thought the promo posters were a hoax and Jessica Mauboy wasn’t ‘really’ coming to site. It was amazing to see Mauboy engage with the crowd encouraging them to get up and dance and sharing a joke or two with them. As if it wasn’t exciting enough having Mauboy performing live, Cloudbreak residents had to endure an evacuation (due to bush fires) only hours after the concert ended. More about the bush fires over the page.

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There are a few people who went over and above to ensure that this event went off without a hitch, these people are: • Tui Moehu - Village Manager Karntama • Phillip Martin - National Indigenous Coordinator • Ken Rule - Business Development Manager • Adam, Vinnie, Brett and the entire Karntama Maintenance Crew • Kat, Glen and the entire Cloudbreak Maintenace Crew • Greg and the entire Christmas Creek Maintenance Crew • Simon O’Rielly - Sound Engineer • Karntama Kitchen Crew

Employee of the Month Award

times OCTOBER 2013

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24 October 2013 Cloudbreak was fully evacuated on 24 October at approximately 11:00pm due to a bush fire that came within village boundaries. Most residents were relocated to Karntama with some going to Christmas Creek. It was all hands on deck with our kitchen crew preparing breakfast for 2500 residents. (That is an extra 1100) The Morris team which included a mixture of Karntama and Cloudbreak staff, worked together to ensure that the unexpected sleep over saw our guests as well looked after as possible. Mattresses were set up in training rooms and Cloudbreak people who knew someone at Karntama were asked to bunk in with them. Emergency packs for the new Karntama guests were distributed and included a bottle of water, biscuits and a couple of pieces of fruit. Despite the pictures which are quite confronting in terms of just how close the fire got to the village buildings, Lea Finau (Morris Marketing Coordinator) recalls that “everyone was extremely calm. The Morris team in the kitchen did what they do best to ensure that enough food was available for breakfast.� Rob Debenham (FMG Operations Manager) is very pleased to report that this was done without incident and every one is safe.


Source: e?channel=msite&url=http%3a%2f%2fm.perthnow.

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6 September 2013 The 2013 Morris conference and Gala Dinner was held at Seaworld on the sunny Gold Coast. The nature of our business being spread from one side of the country to the other makes the meeting of all site / village managers just that little bit more special. The conference ends with Morris’ Annual Gala Dinner where the outstanding achievements of individuals and teams is officially recognised. The 2013 Gala Dinner award winners are as follows: Above L to R - Daniel Snow, Rob Romano, Jenny Gilbert, David Goodwin, Paul Cavanagh, Donna York, Peter Filshie. i

• • • • •

Clockwise from right- Sandra Weston, Tui Moehu, Lee Jarvis

• • • •

Employee of the Year Jenny Gilbert of Kenya 2, QLD Individual HSE Award Ashvin Luchmaya of Dally Village, WA Most Improved Site of the Year Callide Village, QLD (accepted by Village Manager, David Goodwin) Manager of the Year Award Donna Yorke of Emerald Village, QLD Corporate Services Award Melissa Mason, HR Manager ESB (Brisbane Office) Contribution to Indigenous Endeavours Sandra Weston, National Learning and Development Manager (Brisbane Office) Eastern Seaboard Site of the Year Ravenswood, QLD (accepted by Village Manager, Daniel Snow) Western Seaboard Site of the Year Randalls Village (accepted by Village Manager, Lee Jarvis) HSE Most Improved Site of the Year Karntama Village, WA (accepted by Village Manager, Tui Moehu)

REFURBISHMENT AT GOLDEN GROVE By Jill Springer (Village Manager)




September was a busy month at Golden Grove in Yalgoo with residents welcoming some much anticipated village upgrades. A major refurbishment project saw the replacement of over 2000m2 of ready lawn replaced on “the oval” and swimming pool area that had been damaged earlier by drought and wildlife. The Morris team worked hard to lay the first grass which made up the first phase of the refub, which looks absolutely fantastic! The second phase which will begin next month will see a new BBQ area, all weather blinds and fencing to keep the area as pristine as possible.


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PINK RIBBON HIGH TEA 28 October 2013

The Morris finance and marketing departments worked together to deliver a Pink Ribbon High Tea in the Brisbane Office. In a bid to increase the amount of money raised, Rodney Molla, Morris CEO (pictured right) agreed to wear a pink suit if more than $1000 was raised. The plan was to sell tickets to attend the Pink Ribbon High Tea for $10 then approach suppliers and personal contacts for donations of prizes that could be raffled off at the event. A link was also set up on the Pink Ribbon website, where people could make donations directly. Karla Skow (payroll), who was in charge of sales, approached all of the buildings within the industrial complex where more than 70 tickets were sold. Karla received enough money in donations from those who couldn’t attend to well and truly meet the $1000 target. Rodney looked only slightly less than thrilled when the suit arrived but the event organisers were very happy to find that he didn’t have any appointments on the day of the morning tea, so could showcase the delightful ensemble there.

A total of $1451 was raised following raffle ticket sales. This amount doesn’t include any funds raised by Morris sites which is still being calculated. A special thanks to Jenny who took time out of her weekend to provide most of the home cooked goodies and also to Renee, Karla, Leonie and the rest of the finance team who personally paid for items that weren’t donated. The successful event wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic support of each department in the Brisbane office and the generosity of the following: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rodney Molla for wearing the pink suit Lyn, Dragos and Mohammad who helped set up the function Freshnetwork donated fresh fruit platters for the morning tea and three fruit baskets for prizes Nestle provided six desert logs and five confectionery hampers for prizes Zali’s Café who donated large sandwich platters Liquor Marketing Group who donated wine and scotch for prizes Leonie from finance prepared four dozen home made sausage rolls and also three Avon gift packs to raffle Ashleigh from finance provided a lolly jar full of pink Karla from payroll provided 100 pink scones with jam and cream Shawnee from finance baked thirty pink cupcakes for the morning tea Lyn from finance donated a $50 Nail Den voucher for a prize Jodie from payroll provided 4 bottles of wine for prizes

• •

• •

• • • •

Daniel in marketing organised Red Bull to donate cans of Red Bull Shaye Fowler (ESB relief pool manager) organised to get the wonderful theming including the pink carpet donated by Majestic DIY Weddings and Events. Graham in Technical Services organised two slabs of cake from Priestleys Jenny in finance who organised donations from her local Coles which included two cold meat platters and a $50 Coles voucher. Kathleen provided seven adult passes to Australia Zoo Lisa from Fleet Plus who made a personal cash donation Chris McGinty from BMW2 Recruitment who made a cash donation DC payments made a cash donation $200

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By Julian Roberts (Village Manager Glenden SPQ) Here is a photo of recent donation by Morris on behalf of the Glenden Community to CQ Rescue. The funds were collected as part of the Glenden 30 year Celebrations. Pictured are Cheryl Keidge from Morris and Lousie Clare from CQ Rescue.


By Renae Hudson (Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator) At Cloudbreak both myself and Jasmine organised a Quiz Night fundraiser on both the 12th and 19th October which was held at the Wet Mess. We had approx 272 residents participate over both nights, with a total of 33 teams. On the second Quiz Night, one of the Morris teams (Winner Winner Mung Bean Dinner) placed first comprising of the Maintenance, accounts and bar teams. Although we are still fundraising for Pink Ribbon Day for the remainder of October, we currently have raised approx $1,600 for Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day which supports breast cancer research. We additionally raised another $3,000 this month for Canteen’s Bandanna Day, which supports children and adolescents living with cancer, through several Cloudbreak events; namely the Open Mic Night, AFL grand final and NRL grand final nights.


11 October 2013 Matthew Hayden, Michael Kasprowicz, Glenn McGrath and Andrew Symonds were joined by Kurtley Beale from the Wallabies in a day aimed at providing increased support from the community to the students. This is the fourth Tiwi Ashes event held at Melville Island and Morris has been supporting it each year. This year, Morris Chefs provided breakfast and lunch for 600+ Tiwi Ashes attendees. This was followed up by a VIP dinner for more than 30 people and catering for a Tiwi Ashes staff event of more than 30 guests.

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times OCTOBER 2013

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Since acquiring the facilities management contract in Glenden in 1984, Morris and our people have forged strong ties with the community. Although we bid hard to retain the facilities management contract for another tenure, we were unsuccessful this time around.


Morris Corporation Founder The loss of our Glenden contract has certainly come as a surprise but not a shock, after 30 years in this contract every retender held a higher and higher possibility of a loss. Not because of anything we would necessarily have done wrong but sometimes a client simply wants to make a change. In this particular case, a focus on finances ruled the decision making over the importance of quality of service. 30 years in one contract is indeed a lifetime and this contract was for me significant as it was my second contract that I had ever bid on in Australia for Morris (Collinsville was my first). In the early days the contract was certainly not easy and there was many occasions where I went head to head with Kevin O’Rourke (our client for many years), but over time we built up a mutual respect for each other. He was just as passionate and dedicated to his company as I was to mine, this meant that we fought hard with each other when it came to retender time, Kevin was a tough negotiator but always fair and you cant ask more than that from a client.


Village Manager, Glenden SPQ By the end of the contract on November 30, I will be 1 month shy of 2 years here in Glenden having played my part in what has been a long line of Morris managers, chefs and staff, many of whom are still in our business throughout sites across Australia. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least, with 2012 at capacity every night and massive expansions planned. We added 198 additional rooms in town and an additional 80 man camp at the Newlands Village site. The merger came and then the downturn in coal and it has been hard to watch over 200 employees and contractors lose their jobs, their homes and quiet lifestyle out here in Glenden. In the last 6 months we closed the Newlands site and 136 rooms and its amazing what a difference the town is in, as it seems as though every third house now lies vacant. Morris and our managers have played a big part in the community with continuous support and fundraising, donations for all forms of community groups, the school and town infrastructure. The Morris Corporation name and the names of our managers adorn building opening plaques, accommodation units, school signage, shirts and flags and footy guernseys throughout the years and our contribution has not gone by without appreciation. To my team, I thank you for all your hard work and dedication and I am sure will we meet again at another Morris site soon.


Cheryl leaves Glenden After almost 7 years as both Cleaning Supervisor working up to Administration Manager, Cheryl departs Glenden SPQ on 30th October to take up a new role at Anglo Dyno mid November. Comment from Superintendent, Town Services for Glencore-Xstrata. Please pass on my personal regards to Cheryl as well as those from the Management Team at Newlands. It is my view that Cheryl has demonstrated loyalty to both Morris Corp and Newlands over a number of years. I wish her well in all future endeavours. Michael Solomon, Glencore

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Reedy Creek, QLD


Buffel Park, QLD


Golden Grove, WA


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Sonoma Minel

Newlands Coall


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