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For over 15 years, we have been organizing trips and incentives around the world. Throughout these years, we have been accompanying the traveler with other trade names which gradually we have changed to become what we are today, ORBEA TRAVEL. Our own brand name, ORBEA defines the type of trip, the bicycle. But our feeling and passion for nature, will lead us to offer trips open to sports of all types, provided they take place in a natural environment, in which above all, we can live experiences with those we have one thing in common . Passion for sport and respect for the environment. Similarly, ORBEA TRAVEL is made up of a large group of professionals who monitor, coordinate and design all the activities we propose so that everything is prepared down to the smallest detail. Leading them is Juan Carlos Nรกjera, a sportsman, with extensive experience in organizing and conducting adventure travel in general and cycling in particular.



Every journey requires many months of enthusiasm, training, effort. Therefore, because we have been dreaming about our perfect trip for so long and so we can live out the best experience possible, it is essential to put the job in the hands of a professional agency with proven experience. Here at ORBEA TRAVEL, with this in mind, we take care of every last detail, no detail is too small, so that you will come away with the best experiences , the best memories. For that, our team of professionals work hard to give you the best possible service, offering: • 3 groups of cyclists, with a maximum of 10 riders per group. • 1 mechanic for every 10 riders. • 1 physio per 10 riders. • 1 team truck mechanical workshop. Because we are aware that you are coming to cycle, our cycling offer does away with tedious transfers. With us, all you have to do is pedal. Guaranteed! With the same quality and care that we at ORBEA put into making our bikes, our guides design and conduct all the trips, to make you feel part of the family.

Come on in and become part of the ORBEA FAMILY!




Duly identified ORBEA TRAVEL staff members will welcome you individually at Bilbao airport. When everyone has arrived, we will take a shuttle bus for the short trip to the Capital of the Rioja Alavesa, Laguardia. To stretch your legs and get to know the area, the procedure to follow in the coming days, and each rider麓s level, we will ride an initial stage with two small ports. Ports for the Day: Rivas de Tereso and Bernedo.



SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 1st Stage. 98 km D + 1676 meters.

First contact with a first class port, Herrera. Almost at the beginning of our five-mile journey, we begin the huge ascent while crossing the Sierra de Cantabria. After conquering this first hurdle, we will be cycling through the Natural Park of Izki to arrive at the towns of Santa Cruz de Campezo and Maeztu, from where we will start the ascent to La Poblaci贸n and hence the long descent back to Laguardia. Ports for the Day: Herrera and la Poblaci贸n.




Second Stage. 138 Kms D + 2290 meters. Slowly the number of kilometers will be  increasing and they will be becoming more difficult. Today’s stage is yet another step in our particular challenge. On this occasion, we will be making inroads into the Rioja Navarra, while at the same time visiting the unique town of Viana to begin a slight but constant climb up to Aguilar de Codes and then coming down into Santa Cruz de Campezo. Once in the capital of the Alava region, we will be starting  a new climb up to the Ports of Opakua and Iturrieta from where we descend down into  the town of Maeztu, to then pass through the heart of the Natural Park of Izki. After getting a glimpse of the Sierra de la Demanda, our goal for the next day, will be to begin the descent to Laguardia. Ports for the Day: Meano, Opakua, Iturrieta, Alto de Bajauri, Herrera .



Throughout the duration, we will treat you like a professional. Every day, we will wash and overhaul your bike, support vehicles will be there to assist you, you´ll get a relaxing massage, a professional photographer be there to immortalize your pedaling .... But also because we want your experience with  ORBEA TRAVEL  to be unforgettable, not only do we want to treat you like a pro, but also we want you to “live with” them. So, on day 7 visit prior to departure, there will be a visit to the EUSKALTELEUSKADI and ANDALUCÍA-CAJAGRANADA tour bus, where we will be able to see the riders and wish them luck. We will also see how team mechanics work and on one of the days we will even be able to have dinner with them. Because only at ORBEA TRAVEL  can we offer you what no other can. Live a unique experience, live and train like a pro in the professional hands of ORBEA TRAVEL.




Stage Three. 182 kms D+ 2418 metres. On the one hand, you´ll be riding our most difficult stage, with a distance of 182 kms. climbing up to the peak of our route, La Cruz de la Demanda, with an altitude of 1839. On the other hand, this stage is the first time we get close to the Vuelta de España, with the stage finish line in Haro and where, the sprinters, will almost certainly have the main role of the day. Ports for the Day: Cruz de la Demanda.



WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 Fourth Stage. 141 km D+ 1697 metres.

After watching the departure of the second stage in La Rioja, we will begin our journey to Vizcaya. The Basque Coast will be the next port of call. Today’s stage will also have a strong mountain feel. The stage will start with the ascent up to the La Población and then pedal down to Aguilar de Codés, Maestu to start the ascent, on this occasion, on the other side to the ports of Iturrieta and Opakua. From here we head towards Salvatierra- Agurain and the Ullíbarri-Gamboa dam. Once in Landa, we´ll start a slight climb to the virtually undetectable Arlabán port, where we will set a small altar in honor of the patron saint of cyclists, Our Lady of Dorleta. From here we will descend to the towns of Mondragon and Aretxabaleta to be followed by the climb up the Kampazar port. Shortly after we´ll arrive in Durango, where without doubt a well-earned rest awaits us. Ports for the Day: Ports of La Población, Iturrieta, Opakua, Arlabán, Kampazar.



THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 Fifth Stage. 132 kms. D+ 2418 meters.

Today’s stage takes us to the Basque Coast. Beforehand, we´ll make a short visit to the ORBEA factory in Mallabia. After the visit, we climb one of the legendary ports in the Basque Country, the ascent to the Sanctuary of Arrate, which regularly hosts the Tour of the Basque Country, then we´ll be directing our pedals to the coastal towns of Ondarroa, Mutriku and Deba. The high Kanpazar ramps will again witness our progress, before arriving at Durango and starting the last climb to the port par excellence in Durango, Urkiola, where the ramps require us to put our best pedal forward. Ports for the Day: Areitio, Arrate, Kampazar, Urkiola.




Sixth Stage. 109 Kms D+ 1965 meters. A new day and one for getting closer to one of the three greatest staged race. The  Spanish Vuelta has not raced through the  Basque Country for the last 33 years. Before arriving at Vivero, where we will be waiting for the multi-colored spectacle to pass through, there will be a nice ride through the most beautiful hidden corners of Vizcaya. Ports for the Day: Trabakua, Balcón de Bizkaia, El Vivero.




Today is a special day. Time to say goodbye to our new pedaling partners. Friends whose company we have enjoyed throughout the week, sharing one of our favorite hobbies, cycling. But before this farewell, we´ll be doing something we like, cycling, a short trip in which, we will also bid farewell to La Vuelta, as it passes through the steep ramps of Urkiola. Once the cycling caravan has passed through it´s back to the hotel and after a shower, this time, it really is time to say goodbye until our next adventure.

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD ACCOMMODATION Throughout all the stages, accommodation will be in four-star hotels or so-called hotels with “character.”

SUPPLIES and WATER When the activity is being conducted on the bike, riders will enjoy full board. If the stages coincide with lunch time each rider will be given a bag of supplies. Additionally, regroupment stops will be set up where all cyclists may provision themselves with fruit, nuts and water. All water supplied during the stages will be bottled.

EXTRAS INCLUDED MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE AND MASSAGE. During the stages, riders will have a daily cleaning and mechanical service  for their bicycles. A free twenty-minute massage service is also available.

NOT INCLUDED BICYCLES. For those who request it in time and subject to availability of sizes, the organization will provide a top of range road bike for each rider at very competitive prices.

ACTIVITY OPEN TO THOSE ACCOMPANYING RIDERS The opportunity to enjoy more or less first hand, a sporting event such as La Vuelta and in the privileged setting it passes through, the route through the Basque Country, does not come along every day. Aware of this and because of the enormous tourism attraction, the Organization offers cyclists´ companions the possibility to take part. Thus, companions can enjoy one of the most beautiful trips there is through the Basque Country, and will also have the opportunity to visit wineries in the Rioja Alavesa, the stately Villa de Laguardia, Wine tasting, Golf, etc.

COST 2495 €


For registration of teams of 4 or more

2450 €


2395 €

Minimum group: 10 people. Maximum group: 30 cyclists. Supplement for occupation, from 5 to 8 pers.: 100€

PRICE INCLUDES: · Transfers airport / hotel / airport. · Daily bike servicing and adjustment. · Bottled water. · Supplies during the period. · Full board.

· Accommodation in 4* hotels and hotels with character. · Support and monitoring infrastructure. · Mechanical assistance en route. · Information Pack and Roadbook. · Trip Certificate and Jersey. · Travel insurance.

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Orbea Travel Diptych (English)  

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