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This south located Mediterranean region has a number of places to explore. Yes we are talking about Morocco! This is the place where various ethnic cultures seem to be merged together; Arab, African, Islamic, Berber and European.

Primarily this is an Islamic country and if you belong to a non-Muslim country, then you need to know some very specific things about the place. Page  2

Don'ts Do not hurt the religious sentiments of the local. Morocco natives are highly religious; hence doing anything against their religion will surely hurt them. If you are a non-Muslim, do not visit during Ramadan. It is not because they will force you to fast with them; during the Ramadan period you will be unable to find places to eat during the day time, even in big cities and towns.

Muslims are very conservative group of religious people. Apart from religion they are very much concerned about their attire too. Hence you need to dress conservatively. Do not wear revealing clothes, which may attract the wrath of the locals. Page  3

Don't enter a mosque unless and until you are a Muslim. Don't possess drugs, even having the slightest amount can lead to harsh punishments. Be it a hotel room or a cab, pay only after negotiating. Don't enter a cab without a meter or an agreed taxi fare. If you are a woman travelling alone, avoid unnecessary eye contacts and talking to strangers. Sexual harassment is very common in Morocco.

In case you face eve teasing or molestations, seek the help of any elderly woman in the area. Always maintain a low profile and don't be proactive. And lastly, do not travel to the landmine prone areas. Check for government warnings and then make your move. Page  4

Anything that is opposite to the don'ts becomes the do's. And same is the case here. Well apart from these there are several other things to do in Morocco. You need to be polite. If anyone offers you a tea, be polite to take at least one sip. With whomever you interact greet them with a friendly gesture; smile a bit and give a warm handshake. Always remain alert, if someone is approaching you and you smell something fishy!

There are many chances; the person may have come to rob you. Always make it a point to shop from road side shops rather than going to shopping malls. Make sure that you pay before taking the pictures of snakes, monkeys and dancers. Page  5

Always carry traveler's cheque instead of cash. One of the most important things is to book hotel rooms and taxis in advance, so that you don’t waste your time looking for a cab. And lastly do enjoy the camel rides and desert excursions. These speak a lot about the real Morocco.

These are the basic things; make sure that you follow all these and enjoy your Morocco trip. If you are looking for a tour agency for prior bookings for vehicles, contact Your Morocco Tour, a tour operator registered with the Moroccan government. Page  6

Your Morocco Tour LLC PO Box 168 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 Phone: +212 662 344 816 (Morocco) Email: Skype: yourmoroccotour

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Do’s and don’ts in morocco for first time travellers  

This south located Mediterranean region has a number of places to explore. Yes we are talking about Morocco! This is the place where various...

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