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Laser engraving machine Laser engraving and cutting machine can apply to all nonmetal materials. It can apply to wood,acrylic,leather,crystal, ceramic, glass, plastic, leather, fabric,wool,cloth, resin, bamboo, double colour board, marble,paper,,fur and some other nonmetal materials. You can use our machine to both engrave and cut on nonmetal materials. With high precision. For cutting materials, you can choose the most suitable laser tube power to cut on different materials thickness. Laser tube power like: 50W,60W,80W,100W,80W RECI,100W RECI, 130W RECI etc. At the same time, if you want to enhance working speed, our machine can also equipped with two laser heads together, this two laser heads can work at the same time, that doubles the work efficiency. We have customers all over the world, we have sales agent in USA market. Also we have customers like Germany,,United Kingdom, Finland, Greece,,Italy, Bolivia, Armenia, Argentina, Morocco, Ecuador,Australia, Russia,Iran,Iraq, Brazil ,Denmark and South Africa or some other countries all over the world.

Our machine can guarantee for one year, technical support by email or calling, User-friend English manual and video CD for machine using and maintaining.


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laser engraving machine  
laser engraving machine  

laser engraving machine