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Take a journey with award-winning artist KERRIE WARREN EXHIBITION ‘A Journey in Flow‘

14 JUNE – 7 JULY PREVIEW FRI 14TH JUNE 10AM – 4PM OPENING EVENT SAT JUNE 15TH 2PM – 4PM 211 Main Street Mornington 035976 8877 w w w. n i s s a r a n a g a l l e r i e s . c o m . a u Mornington | Noosa

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Celebrating six months on Main St, Mornington, Nissarana Galleries has swiftly ignited an alluring sparkle across the Peninsula art world and beyond. Directors Philip Ayres and Valerie Pasquale dare to exhibit artworks that touch upon the deeper meanings of human existence, universal truth and harmony. Culture and spirituality are explored in each artist’s individual expressions and stories, whether it is knowledge coming from their Indigenous ancestors or inspiration sourced in spectrums of sacred nature. The brave curated collections intimately invite each viewer to let time suspend and coax them closer to their own inner sense of freedom and fulfillment. This month sees Nissarana Galleries Mornington launch its inaugural solo exhibition A Journey in Flow by awardwinning Victorian artist Kerrie Warren. Kerrie is an intuitive, multidisciplinary visual artist who explores abstract expressionism, action painting and installation, as seen by her spectacular The Bonfire gracing the façade of Frankston Arts Centre. Kerrie says she “strives to evoke a sense of pause within a visually perceived momentum in order to explore life’s delicate balance, its vulnerable fragility and sublime impermanence”. Kerrie’s artworks unleash sensations of chrysalis transformation and healing, with their rhythmic transference of energy, like sensing sanctuary inside a storm. Reviewer Maureen Flynn wrote in

Gallery and Studio Magazine New York that Kerrie’s paintings “seem to undergo a magical metamorphosis from the material to the ethereal and emit actual light”. A Journey in Flow is on from June 15-July 7. You can catch a preview on Friday, June 14, from 10am-4pm ahead of the opening celebration on Saturday, June 15, from 2-4pm.

NISSARANA GALLERIES Open seven days, 10am-5pm, or after hours by appointment A: Ground Floor, 211 Main St, Mornington T: 5976 8877 M: 0474 496 222 E:

The Queen celebrates twice When my kids were little, birthday celebrations could go on for a week. Visits with the grandparents, parties with their mates. But we’ve never celebrated anyone’s birthday twice a year. Once on the actual date and then again a couple of months later.

We celebrate Queen’s Birthday on the second Monday in June each year, but The Queen’s birth date — April 21, 1926 — is observed privately with family. Most of us associate the milestone with a longweekend reprieve from the working week

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and the beginning of the snow season, but we thought you’d like to know a bit more about why there’s a double act. The Queen has just turned 92 and is the longest-serving monarch. She became queen in 1952 and has celebrated two birthdays each year over the many years she has reigned. Why? Because of tradition. A tradition that began with King George II in 1748. His birthday was in November, a time when the weather was turning towards long days of overcast skies, snowy squalls and endless drizzle in the UK. This kind of weather wasn’t suitable for the public to celebrate his birthday, according to him, so he decided to publicly celebrate the occasion during


the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which is held in June each year. Hence the double observance. Whether you’re heading up to the snow or taking it easy by the seaside with family and friends in Victoria on June 10, a public holiday is the best excuse to celebrate anyone’s birthday. Sixty-seven years is a long time to dedicate yourself to your people, so why not raise a glass to a woman with staying power and give thanks for the annual break. Schools and select organisations and post offices will be closed. Western Australians celebrate the event on Monday, September 30, and Queenslanders will be toasting Her Majesty on Monday, October 7.

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