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To Chas & the Village

Glen team,

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Village Glen, located on the magnificent Mornington Peninsula, offers independent living within a retirement village setting. Our community of older Australians, the majority of whom are retired, appreciate the safety and security on offer, including an emergency call system and a safe neighbourhood reminiscent of their childhood. There are plenty of socialisation opportunities with amenities such as golf course, bowling green, swimming pool and gymnasium, library, craft and woodwork activities as well as a communal vegetable garden. Or you could just enjoy some fresh air while wandering the walking tracks around the 120 acres of Village Glen.

Call us today on 03 5986 4455 to book your private appointment.

335 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound VIC 3940



Mornington News

8 December 2020

Profile for Mornington Peninsula News Group

Mornington News 8 December 2020  

Mornington News 8 December 2020

Mornington News 8 December 2020  

Mornington News 8 December 2020