28 May 2019

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MPRG Casa De Playa Bronx Napoli Swordfish Tapas & Wine Bar The Dubliner The Grand Beaches of Mornington God’s Kitchen Assaggini Tapas & Wine Bar

Ross Manning | Dissonant Rhythms IMA Elisha | Rhythm, blues, acoustic pop Coco Michelle | Indie singer- songwriter Sarah Gardner | Disco Inferno Green Fieldz | Festive Celtic Queen Forever Tribute Show Standing Room Only | Classic Rock covers Emma Voland Electric Band | Future Jazz-Funk grooves Jourdain | Funk grooves, singer-songwriter


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MPRG Biscottini Cafe Beleura Village God’s Kitchen The Grand (Bistro) Barmah Park Mornington Yacht Club The Dubliner Swordfish Tapas & Wine Bar Bronx Napoli Assaggini Tapas & Wine Bar The Royal Hotel God‘s Kitchen Beaches Publican The Grand

Ross Manning | Dissonant Rhythms IMA Oskar Proy | Local singer-songwriter Kelly Auty’s Blues | Awarded blues & jazz Aaron Pollack | Melb blues & country guitar & vocals Rich and Robb | Local acoustic duo Lillian Albazi Trio | Melb Jazz vocalist Kissing Harriet - Jazz with Sass | Melb Jazz vocalist Mulga Malone | Violin & guitar folk Charlie White | Hip hop, soul, reggae & funk Scot McDade | Rootsy acoustic guitar & vocals Simon Imrei | Singer-songwriter guitar & Vocals Eugene Hamilton & The Money | Funky soul Phil Para Band | Blues guitarist, songer-songwriter Sister Sister | Jazz, blues, rock, pop covers Discotheque w Mamjam live on Stage CRUZE | DJ with live Saxophone, Violin & Drums

MPRG Mornington Railway Mornington Cinema Old Post Office Museum Mercetta The Boyz 4 Breakie God’s Kitchen Assaggini Tapas & Wine Bar Barmah Park Vineyard Mornington Anglican Church Bronx Napoli The Royal Hotel The Dubliner Publican Manhattan in Mornington Swordfish Tapas & Wine Bar God‘s Kitchen Casa De Playa The Grand

Ross Manning | Dissonant Rhythms IMA Jarrod Shaw | Blues & roots The Sounds of Silent | 5 piece Jazz band to Silent film


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MPRG Old Post Office Museum The Counting House

THE PIERCE BROTHERS If you haven’t seen The Pierce Brothers perform, well this is your chance! From busking on the streets of Melbourne, their unique brand of folk music and multi-instrumental talent have taken them to venues across the world. Just back from their USA tour, we are lucky to have them before they head off to Europe. Inspiring and energetic performers! Venue: The Grand Hotel Sunday 9th June, 8pm, Tickets from $30 +bf.

KISSING HARRIET ‘JAZZ WITH SASS’ Kissing Harriet is fun jazz. It’s old school retro stuff. The songs made famous by such legends as Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Even if you don’t know the tune, you’ll find your foot tapping. Venue: Mornington Yacht Club Saturday 8th June 7pm, Tickets $20-25



‘SILENT MOVIE & LIVE JAZZ’ The 5 piece Melbourne Jazz group are a must see in the Jazz circle. Recreating the silent movie experience from the ’20s & ’30s with improvised performances. Touring nationally, its a cinematic thrill for adults and kids alike. Performing LIVE to the classic Buster Keaton movie ‘Steamboat Bill Jr.’ Venue: Mornington Cinema Sunday 9th June 1.1.5pm, Tickets $22


Mornington News

28 May 2019

Heritage listed w Telecommunication artifacts Coco Michelle | Indie singer- songwriter SugaTree | Awarded Celtic band Arandu Quartet | Melb Latin Jazz Mango Juice | Bossa Nova jazz beats Chris Commerford Band | Blues singer-songwriter Excelsis Choir | Melbourne Gospel choir Elisha | Rhythm & blues, acoustic pop Wilbur Wilde & The Troublemakers | Sax legend The Avenue | Local Irish folk to rock covers AC/DC & Angels Tribute Show Nota Bene Duo | Brazilian Jazz Sarah Gardner | Disco Inferno Malcura | Rock meets Flamenco Lady and The Tramp | Funky classy jazz, soul & pop The Pierce Brothers | Int’l touring folk legends

Ross Manning | Dissonant Rhythms IMA Heritage listed w Telecommunication artifacts Nota Bene Duo | Brazilian Jazz


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Melbourne’s most exciting and dynamic Catholic choir, performing to sold-out audiences at St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. sacred music incorporating classical European works to traditional African pieces, spirituals and gospel songs. Venue: The Mornington & Mt Martha Anglican Church Sunday 9th June 3pm, Tickets from $15 + bf

Wilbur Wilde is a multi-talented Australian saxophonist, television and radio presenter. An avid jazz enthusiast, Wilbur and his combo The Troublemakers are renowned for performing big rock and roll hits from ... Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Zep and Chuck Berry and many more. Venue: The Royal Sunday 9th June, 3pm, FREE