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Frankston post office phone stops Compiled by Melissa Walsh WITH this issue we present our readers with a sheet almanac for 1916. *** THE room heater raffled by Mrs C Grant, for the Somerville Red Cross Society, was won by Miss Nellie Bell. *** THE annual balance sheet of the Shire of Frankston and Hastings is published on the fourth part of this issue. *** “THE liquor traffic is the most powerful as it is one of the most degrading agencies for making money by the corruption of one’s fellow creatures.” —Right Hon Lord Milner, G.C.B. *** ACCORDING to our usual custom, in order that our employees may have a little relaxation at this season, there will be no issue of the Standard on 1st January, the next issue being published on the 8th. *** A public meeting will be held in the Mechanics’ Institute, Frankston on Monday evening next to consider the proposed discontinuance of the continuous telephone service at the Frankston Post Office. *** THE Fancy Fair in aid of the local Catholic Church will be opened in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on New Year’s Eve and again on New Year’s Night, when there will be any

amount of amusement for young and old. *** AT the garden fete held at Somerville, on Saturday afternoon last, Miss Mabel Clare of Melbourne, kindly gave her services as palmist. The raffles were all drawn under the supervision of Mr A. G. Carver. *** WE are pleased to note in “the Corian”, the journal of the Geelong Grammar School, that Sidney Plowman, son of Dr Plowman, won the sixth form handicap in Gymnastics and was second in the Gymnastics Senior Championship of the school. He also gained the upper sixth form prize in science, Division 11, Chemistry. *** MRS Coyle acknowledges further donations to the Langwarrin Dinner: —Mrs Deane,10s 6d ; Mrs Rimmer, 10s 6d; Mr Coxall, 10s 6d; Mrs Jacobs, 5s ; Mrs Errington, 2s ; Mrs Foster; 10s ; Mr Tipping, £1 ; Mr Lightfoot; 10s; Mrs Pidgeon, 10s; Peninsula Motor Garage Pty. Ltd., £2 2s ; Mrs Cohen, 5 tins tobacco ; Mr J. B. Jolly £1 1s; Mrs Twinning, 5s; Well wisher, 5s. *** THE official re-opening of the Somerville Mechanics’ Hall will be performed on Friday afternoon next, at 3 o’clock, by Cr Geo Griffeth, President of the Shire. A luncheon will follow, and in the evening an entertainment will be given by the past and present pupils of Somer-

ville State School, to be followed by a dance. The whole of the proceeds will go towards defraying the expense incurred in the additions to the building. *** SPLENDID entries have been received for the annual Athletic Sports to be held in the Frankston Park on New Year’s Day. In another column we publish the handicaps of the principal events, which have filled remarkably well. The wood chops should attract more than usual attention, through some of our best axmen being entered, and taking the programme as a whole a most enjoyable day’s sport should be the result. *** THE monthly meeting of the Somerville Branch of the Red Cross Society was held on Tuesday evening, December 21st, 1915. The secretary, in presenting the 9th monthly report stated that they had just completed 1,000 articles during the 9 months, besides sending £50 in cash, 72lbs weight of old linen (and 150 sugar bags to the Lady Mayoress) they had also helped in the Luna Park Carnival, by sale of tickets etc. At the close of the meeting, Mrs Barber, in a very neat speech, presented the President, Secretary, and Cutter with an appropriate present, in recognition of the work they had done in connection with the Red Cross society. The secretary, in response, thanked Mrs Barber for the kindly thought, it

was so unexpected, which made it all the more appreciated, and although they had done their best, they had not done as much as Mrs Barber, who had given her three sons. She recognised the war was only to be won by sacrifice. *** ON Wednesday evening next, the St Paul’s Dramatic Club, assisted by a number of our leading amateur vocalists and instrumentalists will produce, with complete costume and scene effects, and a full chorus, the entertaining musical comedy “A trial by jury.” As this will be the first production of musical comedy in Frankston, and the comedy has been in active rehearsal for some weeks past, an enjoyable evening is assured. The piece is being produced under the direction of Mr L. Marks, who was associated with the Lyster and Simocsen’s opera companies, so well known to old playgoers, and the instrumental work is in the capable hands of Mrs McCormack, pianist, and Mr Plummer, flautist. It is only necessary to mention that the principal parts will be sustained by such well known favorites as Miss Alice Bowell, Miss Nellie Williams, and Messrs Ellis, Wheeler, Will Gregory, C. Watson, and J. C Garrood, to ensure a good attendance. The comedy will be preceded by a concert of popular items, in which the great classical tenor, Sing Sum Soon will appear. *** A first class programme was submit-

ted by the A A B entertainers at the hall on Thursday evening 16th inst in aid of the home for adult blind at Brighton. The hall was nicely filled and patrons enjoyed themselves immensely. *** ON Friday evening Xmas eve, the usual Xmas fair will be held under the auspices of the C.E.L.G. The guild has had so much of their time taken up with Red Cross work that the work in connection with the Church fund has for some time been laid aside. Strenuous efforts have been made however, to bring this event to a successful issue, the net proceeds of which will be devoted to the church building fund. *** THE Truth About Belgium Under the Huns. Mr Carlyle Smythe, the well known writer, traveller, and entrepreneur, is just returning to Australia from a trip through the war countries, during which he has written a number of excellent articles for “Life.” The latest of these appears in the January issue of that magazine, just to hand, and it deals with a subject that is of the greatest interest, and yet is little known— i.e. Belgium under the German heel. The issue of “Life” also includes a set of four masterly articles by Dr W H Fitchett, in which as usual, he deals with the fighting of the past month and the trend of the situation as a whole. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 25 December, 1915

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