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MAY 2013 ISSUE #30

GOUZLAN INVITED TO ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EXHIBITION IN WA The Gouzlan Group in Mt Eliza are very pleased with the consistent rise in sales, repairs and remodelling over the past two and half years at our new location. We are also very proud and honoured, as a small business in Mt Eliza, to be invited by the Western Australian Museum to wholesale our unique Egyptian gold jewellery to them. The Museum is looking to set up a gift shop to accompany a forthcoming Ancient Egyptian Exhibition – Journey Through the Afterlife. The exhibition will present more than 100 artefacts on loan from the British Museum and it runs from May 17th to September 22nd this year in Perth. We would like to thank every-one involved in this project, especially Mr Trent Norris, the Commercial Manager of the Western Australian Museum. We also take this opportunity to wish all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday 12th May. Farid, Gouzlan Group


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013



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Connect to your favourite retailers and food & drink restaurants in the village with special life style deals as a valued local customer. We have got it covered. health & be auty Download this FREE app today. home & ga rden THEN: Create a profile and get started and more. .. selecting and tagging your favourite Download it today businesses. FOLLOW: Flavours of Mt Eliza Festival and other events. BUSINESS NOT LISTED? Email or call us today - SMS App@MEI to 0427 800 800 to get started now. Check out the ‘News’ tab for an update on what’s new in the village every time you open the app. When shopping, show the stores you have them as ‘favourites’ and who knows what special deals you will be offered. Businesses should contact Big Bang Media on 9708 8222 to be able to connect directly with their customers. Mt Eliza Illustrated provides every local business with a new-media avenue to communicate with their market and provide up-to-theminute info about what’s happening. Combine this with Mt Eliza Village Magazine and you have your entire local market covered. Hardworking local businesses need these online tools to bridge the gap between physical and digital. Our two Apps, ‘Peninsula Life’ and ‘Mt Eliza Illustrated’, offer local business more than just listings: Your own customer database which you can communicate directly to, An active market of interested customers (already over 1,000 subscribers), Promotional capability and a Fresh new look - all from the palm of your customers hand. Subscribe to MEI at a mere $450+gst per annum, and get on Peninsula Life App FREE - limited offer call today. SHOPPERS now have the entire local area to consider before heading out and making a shopping decision. Mt Eliza’s Illustrated, Peninsula Life - we’ve got the peninsula covered. Contact Big Bang Media on 9708 8222 for more info. Brought to

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Sell your art this winter Always on the cutting edge with innovations in art, Manyung Gallery in association with Art Buy Sell are opening their gallery to people wishing to sell off their fine artworks.

Wendy Arnold A Eurasian Experience

Exhibition opens Friday 7th June to Sunday 16th June

Conditions do apply so be sure to contact the gallery to discuss your options. This promises to be a very popular event and is mooted to be run during June or July. For details on when the exact dates will be, simply download the Mt Eliza Illustrated App and tag Manyung Gallery. You will then receive notifications via email or mobile of the dates this special exhibition will be on. There are many reasons people want to, or need to sell some of their loved and precious artworks. Maybe you are looking to downsize an Art collection as you simply have purchased too much over the years and have no hanging spaces left. Or you may be just keen to turn paintings or sculpture into cash? This is a brilliant way to fund new artwork acquisitions. Art Buy Sell in association with the Manyung Gallery Group will be running an “invitation only” sales event comprised of carefully vetted privately owned artworks. We encourage all interested parties to submit their artworks for consideration. For details please contact David Wemyss-Smith 9787 2953 or Please Note: Artworks previously bought through the Manyung Gallery Group will not be considered for inclusion in this sales event. Event is not open for the presentation of individual artist’s own work.

OUR COVER 1408 Nepean Highway Mt Eliza


also 113a Ocean Beach Road Sorrento and 248 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern or try Manyung Mobile Phone 9787 2953 Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

Gallery Bar & Grill at Manyung - see food and wine section; New Seasons Styles from Euro Collections; Kaamer Design - homewares, see story inside this issue Produced by Big Bang Media, 327 Main St, Mornington 3931 Phone 9708 8222 email:

Art workshops at Manyung Gallery Manyung at Mt Eliza will be offering a diverse range of art workshops with some of your favourite and most talented local artists. Classes will be for all levels and will be held weekly at the gallery. Monica Adams - Drawing & Painting with Teens Thursdays from May 2nd. Develop your drawing skills with figurative artist Monica Adams. Train your eye to engage with negative and positive space, experiment with line, tone, shape and form. Then transform your drawings into a watercolour, acrylic or oil painting. Terrence J Hadler - Oil Painting Thursdays from May 2nd Enhance your oil painting skills with landscape specialist and artist in residence Terrence J Hadler. Learn various techniques that will help you achieve your artistic vision. Coming soon Resin, Air Brushing, Mosaics, Print Making and Sculpture Workshops. Do something for yourself this Winter and book in or register your interest now. Phone 9787 2953

Andrew ‘Grassi’ Kelaher ‘Surf’n the Country’

Exhibition Friday 3rd May to 2nd June 2013

1408 Nepean Highway Mt Eliza also 113a Ocean Beach Road Sorrento and 248 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern or try Manyung Mobile Phone 9787 2953



Stephany Avila is passion personified. She’s what people in the acting industry call a ‘triple threat.’ She can sing, dance and act. Despite a long list of credits to her name, success hasn’t changed her down-to earth thoroughly genuine personality. While acting is her main passion, Avila is filled with ambitions beyond her own. She wants to create opportunities for people new to the industry. Born and raised in Mount Eliza, she first expressed interest in acting at the age of six. A shy person by nature, playing somebody else appealed to her. Avila comes from Argentinean parentage gifting her an exotic beauty. Being bilingual helped develop a finely tuned ear and a natural ability to learn accents quickly. Recently, Avila and an energetic young cast of newcomers have been filming a television series called Clique. It deals honestly and openly with the real life issues teenagers face. “It’s not sugar coated in any way,” Avila notes. The show centers around, Mackenzie (played by Avila), who struggles to find her own identity without much help from her workaholic single mother. Characters tackle complex personal issues realistically. Hopefully, the show will help teens facing similar circumstances in their own lives. It was particularly sweet for Avila that recent episodes were filmed on location in Mount Eliza as her work normally requires being up at 4:30 am to be on set in the city or beyond by 6 am. Film and television roles are Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

very demanding with actors routinely working 12-16 hour days. Avila isn’t fussed with the hours because she loves what she does finding the work so exciting and energizing that the hours fly by. Avila’s next passion project with her sister, Natasha, is setting up a creative collaborative that produces scripts for film and television. Their goal is to mentor aspiring young actors and artists in all aspects of film production from music scoring, jewellery and accessory design to acting, producing and directing. For more about Stephany Avila, go to: Information about Clique can be found at http:// ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

mmmm May in Mt Eliza Prepare your taste buds for the second annual Flavours of Mt Eliza Food Festival. The month of May will see Mt Eliza restaurants, retailers and cafes tempt you with a variety of special menus, tastings, cookery classes and demonstrations including some special little ‘delights’ for mums on Mother’s Day. This is an opportunity to try some where new to eat or take advantage of a special ‘one off’ themed night here in Mt Eliza. No need to travel out of the Village, this is a time to eat close to home. Bring your friends, get a table together, this is a time to support and celebrate all that is good about eating and drinking in Mt Eliza, with our ever expanding variety of quality eateries. Who can resist Manzana’s ‘Tequila, Tostaditas and Tacos Night’, Three Ducks’ ‘7 course Duckgustation’, Allegro’s ‘South African Night’, Canadian Bay Hotel’s ‘Wine Dinner’ or a ‘Seafood Night’ at Vinnie’s! For full program see pages 30-33. Throughout the 3 week period Spoon will offer a fixed price, 2 course early dinner that includes a glass of wine, and similarly Bistro Maison will focus on a 2 course duck feast with glass of Pinot. Café on the Mount will have a new autumn menu from 6pm which will include a complimentary cocktail on arrival. Maybe lunch is more your style? There will be special priced lunch menu’s at Pops Café, new ‘sharing boards’ at Village Pantry and high tea at Knapp’s Café. Maybe a family roast lunch at Three Ducks after a visit to the Farmers Market on Sunday 26th would be a perfect way to spend a lazy day. For those who enjoy spending time in their own kitchen, Shop Ate offers to increase your culinary skills and entertain you with ‘3 Men That Love Italy’, while the Something Fishy will give you suggestions of how to enjoy fish with their ‘Cool Fish Tastings’ and Mt Eliza Deli will show the capacity of a Thermomix machine. Add in some takeaway specials at Sheepstation Bakehouse, wine tastings at Ritchie’s and a very special ‘Afternoon Tea in a Box’ from Forty9 Fine Food & Catering and I believe we can say that there is something for everyone, right here in the Village. There is a full festival program available both in local eateries and on the website . For most events, bookings are essential and you are encouraged to contact the individual venues to confirm details and reserve your seat as most events have limited capacity. The festival is an initiative of the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce and the objective is to encourage vibrancy in the local food sector and give people from outside the Village a reason to visit. Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”


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Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

The Injury Update

Some of the other causes are: • Pelvic misalignment • W  eaknesses in the gluteal muscles (buttocks) causing the piriformis to overwork • Overuse – people doing lots of cycling or running • Over pronation of the foot (foot rolling in)

Sciatica and Seinfeld

Sciatica can be an issue that many people experience. The symptoms can include burning, tingling, numbness, weakness and stabbing pains in the buttocks, which can radiate down the side of one or both legs. Patients who present with this complaint generally believe it is stemming from their back but this is not always the case. For example, Piriformis syndrome is one of the causes of sciatica. The piriformis muscle (a muscle in your buttocks that rotates the hip) can irritate or compress the sciatic nerve. Piriformis syndrome sometimes is called wallet sciatica or fat-wallet syndrome. Kramer (from Seinfeld) makes reference to such a problem in an episode where he says to George – ‘I don’t like to carry my wallet. My Osteopath says that it’s bad for my spine. It throws my hips off kilter.’

Piriformis syndrome responds well to conservative treatment, which can include, massage, stretching, dry needling, manipulation and/or muscle energy technique (MET) of the pelvic joints and lumbar spine, strengthening of the gluteal and surrounding muscles. Avoiding activities that are causing or exacerbating the symptoms is recommended. Dr Daniel Comerford is the primary practitioner at VSRC and has over 10 years experience working at an AFL level in Osteopathy, Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

To make an appointment or for more information visit our website or call us on 9787 7702 Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”

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Cruise Expo on May 18th in Mt Eliza Cruiseabout Mt Eliza is a specialist cruise travel agency dedicated to the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. Our team of 5 experienced, dedicated, cruising experts aim to bring their passion for travel and enthusiasm to helping you plan your perfect holiday. We can offer exclusive deals on cruises as well as helping you with all aspects of travel. We provide you with outstanding customer service and the benefit of having the opportunity to discuss your travel needs with a consultant face to face. You can make an appointment to see one of us and we can help you plan your itinerary in our office in Mt Eliza. Our team consists of 5 travel professionals who you may have dealt with in other agencies over the years on the peninsula. They are Ali Vivien, Elise Moynihan, Tanya Horrocks, Melanie Wood and Kathryn Gregg. All of the team loves travelling and especially cruising however we are experts in all types of travel so if cruising is not your thing we

can help you with everything. Cruiseabout also offers a sail free guarantee so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are getting the best price. Mention this ad and we will give you $50 off your next cruise! We regularly run film nights on cruises to help educate our clients on the joys of cruising. We offer a diverse range of information sessions to benefit everyone , whether you are new to cruising or want to discover cruise ships that you haven’t heard of before. As cruising is the fastest growing sector of travel worldwide, there are plenty of options that you may not have thought of. We also offer an email newsletter that will keep you informed of all the deals on cruising. To hear about these deals and our film nights please email your email address to and we will subscribe you. Or have a look at our website for a wealth of information on the world of cruising.

Peninsulas first ever Cruise EXPO is to be held on 18th May at Mt Eliza Community Centre from 10am – 3pm. It will be a great opportunity to discuss with representatives from various cruise lines and also to take advantage of special cruise deals on the day. There will be film presentations and the opportunity to talk face to face to representative from the different cruise lines all in one spot . And the advantage is that is local!

Want to learn more about cruising? Peninsula Cruise Expo Come and learn all about the world of cruising, receive great advice from our cruising specialists and have access to Cruiseabout deals and prizes only available on the day. There will be representatives from Avalon, APT, Royal Caribbean International, Azamara, Seabourne, Oceania, Uniworld, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess, P&O, Carnival plus much more.


Saturday 18 May 2013


Mount Eliza Community Hall, Canadian Bay Road


10.00 to 3.00pm

All are welcome to this free event. Brought to you by Cruiseabout Mt Eliza.

Mt Eliza 62 Mt Eliza Way

1300 362 587

Applies to genuine cruise quotes from all cruise lines and registered travel agencies and websites. Quote must be in writing and must be presented to us prior to booking. Fare must be available and able to be booked by the general public when you bring it to us. Fares available due to membership of a group or corporate entity or subscription to a closed group are excluded. Quote must be for same dates and cabin category. We will beat price by minimum $1. For full terms and conditions see Flight Centre Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) trading as Cruiseabout. VIC Lic No. 31089. CAM53566


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

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26/02/13 4:51 PM

COLLECTIONS f a s h i o n s

s h o e s

a c c e s s o r i e s


Gerry Shaw

Monday to Saturday 9-6 Sunday 1-5

Mt Eliza 72-74 Mt Eliza Way 9775 4022 Mornington 5/59 Barkly St 5976 1633 Bendigo 75 Mitchell St 5442 1569 Armadale 1180 High St 9509 0633



Yoga Classes for all levels Pre-natal Yoga - Work Shops Sports Clothing

Book Online or Call 0439 132 568 Mt Eliza Studio has moved to the Village The Yoga House Mt Eliza @ Lotus Chiro,17 Ranelagh Drive Mt Eliza The Yoga House Rosebud 843- 849 Point Nepean Rd Rosebud


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

After five years of service and educating, The Yoga House has relocated its Mt Eliza studio to a new vibrant space within the Lotus Chiropractic and Wellness centre. Conveniently located within the beautiful centre recently built on Ranelagh Dve, and only a stones throw of the Village shops and cafes. The new location makes personal health and development more accessible than ever, with chiropractic treatment from Lotus available within the same building and an even wider range of yoga classes on offer from The Yoga House. From Beginners, Open and Gentle Classes through to Advanced Classes, Pre-natal and more, the Yoga House seeks to help each individual find balance in body and mind. The Yoga House teaches Hatha yoga in a flowing vinyasa style, with influences from the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages. New sequences are created on a seasonal basis, beginning with a focus on technique and alignment and eventually progressing to synchronize movement with the breath in creating a meditative flow. With roughly 14 classes on offer daily, yummy mummies, 9-5’ers, and students alike are bound to find a time that suits them. Anyone with a focus on physical posture, fitness, weight loss, meditation, relaxation and healthy eating can find practicing yoga beneficial as a part of a balanced lifestyle. The Yoga House founder Anna Jorgensen is excited to introduce trained midwife and yoga instructor Ruth Geisslinger to the team as a leader of the newly formed Pre-Natal classes on offer. Anna also suggests that newcomers may enjoy the Gentle Classes, the pace catering to personal injuries, beginners and even those who simply prefer a slower sequence. Experienced or not, you are encouraged to pop in to the Centre at any time to say hello and pick up a brochure. Whilst The Yoga House in Mount Eliiza is settling into its new space, the Rosebud Studio is still flourishing within the same location. Rosebud yogis welcome a fresh face in the form of new instructor Khai Cooke, who recently joined The Yoga House team. Also creating buzz amongst The Yoga House community is the upcoming Fijian wedding of Rosebud instructor Kirsten Naylor to David Furness. Students and teachers alike wish you all the best in your adventure together. You can join the ever-growing yoga community or simply check out the new space for self-development at the Lotus Chiropractic and Wellness Centre at 17 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza. The Rosebud Yoga House remains at 843 – 849 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud. Ph: 0439 132 568 Web: MATILDA HEGGIE

Design for the Enquiring Mind Interior decorator Ruth van Overbeek breathes design. Creating functionally beautiful spaces which are individually tailored to a client’s personality and specifications gets her creative juices flowing – she just loves sourcing eclectic and eccentric home wares and accessories from across the globe or from around the corner. ‘We like to make spaces beautiful at Kaamer Design’, says Ruth. ‘Every-one deserves to experience an environment that reflects their individual taste and lifestyle’, she goes on. With the launch of her quirky Kaamer Design Boutique, you can do just that. ‘We source goodies from Scandinavia, London, France, Australia and more’ says Ruth. ‘Buying in low volumes means each range remains fresh and on trend as new stock arrives every ten to fifteen days’.

Kaamer Design, Ruth van Overbeek Interior Decorator, Kaamer Design Boutique Mobile 0419 135 640 for design services

It is this philosophy which is reflected in the range currently on show at Kaamer Boutique. Australian hand knitted or screen printed cushions and luscious Lisa Cox tote bags fit with Dutch retro kitchen goods and Louise Camille’s resin based jewellery. Kangaroo skin wallets and 100% recycled Smencils (pencils) from the USA sit alongside Kaamer’s Eco Fair Trade range and potter Jonathon Adler’s sculptural works. Bathrobes, towels, table textiles and throws are also available. To view the Kaamer Boutique range visit http://boutique.kaamer. com (free shipping Australia wide) or drop into the ever evolving Kaamer Home Store at 269 Canadian Bay Rd Mount Eliza on Fridays from 9.00 am till 3.00pm to be inspired. Kaamer’s face book page at gives daily updates on trends and a special deal at Kaamer Boutique to those who ‘like’ their page. Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”

Ph: 9708 8222 Download our app SMS App@MEI to 0427 800 800


YOUR CHILDREN COULD BENEFIT FROM KUMON The early schooling years are critical to the long term success of your children and can help shape their future career prospects. Kumon Mount Eliza helps children to gain the confidence and skills to either catch up to their classmates or get ahead in school. This is the story of a mother who after seeing her children struggling at school decided to enrol them in Mathematics and English at Kumon Mount Eliza. The reason we started our children at Kumon was because we didn’t want them getting “lost in the public system” or left behind. I wanted to help them at home but l didn’t know where to start. Kumon has provided me with the tools to be able to help my children learn at their own level and their own pace. My daughter (age 7, grade 2) started Kumon Maths and English only 6 months ago, she started at prep level and is now 6 months ahead of the National Standard in English and at National level in Maths; and my son (age 5, prep) started Kumon English in December. In only 2 months he has developed basic reading and writing skills which has given him a great head start to school. Kumon Mount Eliza conveniently operates from the scout hall in the Mount Eliza Village on Tuesday and Friday between 3.30pm and 6.30pm. To enquire how your children could benefit from the program please call Nikki Czarnecki on 0414 695 802.

Fred Bare • One Red Fly Y mama Y • Hatley Sooki Baby • Fox and Finch Bebe • Rusty • Milky Red Bootie • Fabrik More 4 Boys • Bobux

Back to school with confidence! Your child can return to school with confidence with Like us on Facebook the help of tailored maths and English programmes and receive promotion and sales advice designed for them to enjoy reading widely and learning new maths concepts with ease. Contact your local Kumon Centre to find out more today.

KUMON MOUNT ELIZA EDUCATION CENTRE Instructor: Nikki Czarnecki tel: 0414 695 802


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

Europe’s Most Luxurious River Cruises Magnificent europe river cruise AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS



s on of peci th fer al en s ig ht

CRUISE PRAGUE berg BamCZECH m i e REP. h s Rüde ertheim rg Ceský Krumlov W ürzbu g PARIS in W nbur assauDürnste na FRANCE Rotheremberngsburg P n e i V Nu Rege Linz Melkatislava g ur also available: Br BUDAPEST Salzb AUSTRIA PaRis & PRaGUe HUNGARY eXTeNsioNs EUMCR15 14

ask us about fly free deals

inforMation night

15 Days from $8,245* per person, twin share

29 May 2013, canadian bay hotel

GUARANTEED INCLUSIONS • 14 night luxury river cruise • Explore up to 15 towns and cities with local guides • Tailor your holiday with 33 included experiences • 41 meals

FUNCTION ROOm 5.30pm for a 6pm start limited spaces bookings essential

travelscene Mt eliza 70 Mt eliza Way, Mount eliza or visit 9787 5487 • *Conditions apply. Australian Pacific Touring Pty Ltd ABN 44 004 684 619 Lic. No. 30112 MKT11515

AT MT ELIZA BEAUTY THEY ‘KNOW THEIR STUFF’ As seen on Nation al Television recently, scarring and incorrect treatments with laser and IPL machines for hair removal and vascular treatments are on the increase. Unfortunately inexperienced staff, not trained correctly, or not supervised by an experienced technician are causing problems. Many laser and IPL machines are cheap “copies” from China without the power or correct parameters to remove hair or help correct vascular damage. Some even have government approved status – to no avail.

Mt Eliza Beauty Therapy has been performing LASER AND IPL hair removal treatments and IPL skin procedures for vascular damage, sun damage and rejuvenation for over 15 years. Their experienced, well trained staff are leaders in their field. “It is not as simple as putting in a setting, and treating a client – a technician should be at least an Advanced Therapist who has extensive skin and hair knowledge to achieve the best results. This takes at least one to two years” says Sue Verheyen, who has been performing these treatments for over 15 years. “Go to someone who “KNOWS THEIR STUFF” says Sue, “you only have one skin, the person operating this type of equipments must be a skin therapist with extensive training”. Make an appointment at Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy for a complimentary patch test and consultation, and be pleasantly surprised at the cost of your treatments. ANTI-AGEING PRODUCTS – BE AWARE Skincare and anti-ageing products is a mind field from one extreme to another in advertising, ingredient promises and pricing. But there are a few very important issues to address: This is just the start. Example: 1. T he first concern must be your oil level or dehydration (water loss) . 2. Heavy moisturizers may feel “nice” but are they doing the job for you. Is your cream full of too much oil? Can it assist in increasing your hydration or will it simply block your pores. 3. Keep clear of too many promises and over use of “Anti-Ageing”


4. Cleansing at night is important, but some Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

clients can simply use Sorbolene and water for a cleaners, other, because of a concern which needs correcting eg. Clogging - a suitable cleanser it a must. The incorrect cleaner can cause your problem. 5. If you have a concern – A SKIN PROBLEM - your skin care should be “SIMPLE – EASY’ Your Therapist should assist you in improving your skin condition, then and only then, look at the essential Anti Ageing Ingredients - Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Peptides etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. 6. The less product teenagers use (especially girls) the better the skin can be. Balance is the answer – If you are a teenager and dehydrated (dry) is your cleanser the right one for you. Is it making you dry? Don’t simply moisturise just because you are dry, you will block your pores and cause more problems. We can go on and on, but it is all in the balance, not the number of products, the brand, or the promises. Start at the beginning with an Advanced Therapist with good skin knowledge and sort out where you have gone wrong. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY KEEP TRYING MORE AND MORE PRODUCT WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE - in the long term that will be more costly to you. 7. All the statements above lead to one thing – GOOD ADVICE, CORRECT KNOWLEDGE. TRUST. Phone Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy – available to you for over 30 years with the correct and honest information to assist you. – 9787 7475. - Sue Verheyan

Mt Eliza Beauty Therapy Advanced Skin + IPL Clinic IPL hair removal IPL skin rejuvenation for sun damage, freckles, red veins etc. (15 years IPL & laser experience) Facials- Anti-Ageing • Acne • Rosacea • Hydration etc

Medik 8

Treatments- Microdermabrasion Peels • Oxygen Therapy • LED (Light Emitted Diode) Eyelash extensions Waxing • Electrolysis • Manicure • Pedicure • Shellac etc Skin Tag Removal • Tattoo Removal ($50 consultation + test) Staff qualified in paramedical skin care. Mt Eliza Beauty Therapy, established over 30 years, is the perfect place to revitalize yourself.

$89 1/2 HR Peel/ Microdermabrasion

IPL FREE underarm hair removal Phone for specials

(conditions apply)

with FREE skin scanner consultation value $25

32 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza Call for an appointment on 9787 7475

Medical Centre Next Door Achieve a more youthful you, natural looking, refreshed - not frozen Featuring the latest in Anti- Ageing technology from around the world. Medical team Dr. Romero, Lara Boardman and Anita East, each with over 10 years experience, will assist to make you look and feel younger without surgery.

• Anti-wrinkle injections • Fillers • Lip Line • Botox for migrane and sweating

• Rejuvenation • Non surgical neck lifting • Volume replacement (Chest, neck, hands)

Appointments Available Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat (late Thursday nights)

Dr Juan Romero Ph: 9787 7475 5 Old Mornington Rd Mt ELiza

SPECIAL 5mls Swedish Dermal Filler (two different products) “Natural Lift Package”


Save $1000 until 30th June 2013

Noelene Brown at Beleura Village A celebration was held recently at Beleura Village in Mornington to mark the opening of new facilities. Noelene Brown, spoke as hundreds of people saw the new community centre which will be a central focus to this fabulous retirement village. Open daily 10am until 4pm.

The newest addition to fashion in Mount Eliza colourful, relaxed, easy to wear huge range of jewellery to match any outfit or occasion Shop 2, the strand (ritchies centre), 89 mount eliza way mount eliza Ph: 03 9787 6681

Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”

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ARTIST’S TALK ON RUSSIAN ICONS AT MORNINGTON PENINSULA REGIONAL GALLERY Gentle Chiropractic care...enhancing your performance for life

Lotus welcomes two more exciting therapists to their team!

Max Furness Massage Therapist offers Remedial, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports and Swedish Massage. Max is available 2-7pm Tuesdays & 8.30-12pm Saturdays

Mary Smart Lactation Consultant offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to mother & baby experiencing breast feeding difficulties. Mary is available 10am-4pm Fridays Call Lotus now for bookings or enquiries! 17 Ranelagh Drive Mt Eliza Tel 9787 8288


Friends of Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery Present RUSSION ICONS OF THE GOLDEN AGE With Marian Vickery On May 13th at 10.30 for Coffee, talk 11-12noon, (no booking required) Members $5, Non Members $7 (including a door prize) Venue: Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery Marian is an art historian who has lectured and tutored at a number of Universities, and held various senior management and consultancy roles in the Galleries and art organisations. She has also operated her own gallery and is a member of the Friends Committee. Marian will share with us her knowledge of the visual and spiritual culture of Ancient “Rus” and trace the icon’s development from Middle Byzantine style, inherited at conversion, to peak Russian style in Andrei Rublev’s icons. The icon has been an integral part of Russian culture since it came to Russian from Greek Byzantium, together with Eastern Orthodoxy in 988. Russian icons enjoyed a “golden age” in the C14th and C15th , with work of masters such as Thoephanes the Greek, Andrei Rublev, and Dionysii. In this period especially, Russian

Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

icons took on characteristics notably different from their Byzantine forerunners. For further information contact Prue Leggoe on 0434224988

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and more

Downloa Brought to

you by B

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What’s Happening at The Strand Doing Things DifferentlyThe word on the street is that something’s afoot in Mt Eliza. Myles Snow, Principal from CRS who specialise in both brown and green field development, talks. ‘Originally built in 1992 by a local builder, the Strand was sold earlier this year. New developments were announced on April 26th’, he says. So what can we expect? ‘We want the centre to offer something for everyone’ says Myles. The only under cover shopping experience in Mt Eliza means the centre is ideal for all demographics. ‘The new owners want to build on existing strengths. The refurbishment of the centre will take place over two stages’, he goes on. A major upgrade of Ritchie’s will start the first phase. The supermarket will double its size. Check outs will move from current position to opposite the (now) central play area. There will also be a glass wall travelling along the corridor from the car park entrance. Operating hours will remain the same throughout the build. Phase two will include the introduction of National brands into the centre, plus additional retailers, and a much needed coffee pit stop. A general ‘freshening up’ of the interior including new signage in the more traditional style (in keeping with a village aesthetic) will cement the deal. With a budget of approximately five million for the face lift and the possible inclusion of a lift running from the basement car park to the retail area, The Strand will soon be turning heads. Imminent removal of the firewall in the centre will trigger building which is to be completed within twelve months of the starting date. Myles Snow CRS Mobile: 0418 314 109 E:


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

Please join us for dinner Dine in or takeaway BYO Beer & Wine Cider etc. No corkage

tandoori indian kitchen Fully licensed BYO available for wine only Dinner 7 nights from 5pm until late 26 Ranelagh Drive Mt Eliza Bookings & Takeaway Ph: 9775 3111

. Fabulous menu & wine list . Tandoori Indian kitchen . Amazing Indian food using

the freshest ingredients



Vegetable Pakoras Lightly spiced vegetables dipped in chickpea batter 6.00 Onion Bhaji Spiced slices of onion rings in chickpea batter 6.00 Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) 6.00 Mushroom Pakora Mushroom dipped in chickpea batter 7.50 Chicken Pakora Chicken rolled in a light chickpea batter 8.50 Prawn Cutlets (6 pieces) Tiger prawns marinated, dipped in chickpea batter 18.50

Butter Chicken Char grilled boneless chicken with light spices & crushed cashew nuts in a pureed tomato sauce Chicken Korma Boneless chicken cooked with cashew paste & yellow gravy with a dash of light cream Chicken Tikka Masala Marinated chicken fillets, cooked with onion capsicum & a mild red gravy Saag Chicken Chicken fillets with spinach, fenugreek, fresh ginger & coriander giving authentic Punjabi taste Punjabi Chicken Marinated chicken fillets, pan fried with diced green capsicum, tomatoes & a yellow gravy Chicken Jalfrezi Tender boneless chicken pan-fried with capsicum, tomato & special spices in a light sweet and sour gravy Chicken Chickpea Masala Marinated chicken fillets, with chickpeas & a traditional masala gravy Chicken Madras South Indian dish made with curry leaves, coconut milk & mustard Chilli Chicken Chicken fillets pan-fried with onion, capsicum, green chili & chef’s special spices

Tandoori Entrees Seekh Kebab Minced lamb slightly spiced with ginger, garlic, fresh coriander & freshly ground spices skewered and cooked in tandoori oven Tandoori Mushrooms Juicy mushrooms marinated in traditional spices & roasted in the tandoor oven Tandoori Chicken Tender chicken marinated with yoghurt, special herbs & light spices, cooked in tandoori oven Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, special herbs & light spices, cooked in tandoori oven Barra Kebab (4 pieces) Lamb marinated with special herbs & authentic spices Rasoi Platter Our popular mouth watering platter has a selection of tandoori specialities, served on a sizzling hot plate

8.50 9.50 9.50 11.50 15.50 22.50

15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00


Seafood Butter Prawns (mild) Tiger prawns cooked in creamy tomato based sauce Prawn Masala (med) Tiger prawns tossed with onions, capsicum & masala gravy with a dash of coconut milk Prawn Vindaloo (med/hot) Tiger prawns cooked in our homemade spicy vinegar based curry Vindaloo Fish Curry (med/hot) Fillets of fish cooked in our famous spicy vinegar based curry, best hot ‘n’ spicy! Goan Fish Curry Fresh fillets of fish prepared with our own special spices, finished with a dash of coconut milk


19.50 19.50 19.50 19.50 19.50

Rogan Josh Lamb slow cooked with yoghurt, onion, garlic, ginger & tomato Lamb Coconut (med/hot) Tender lamb cooked in a yellow coconut gravy Kashmiri Lamb Lamb cooked in a mild creamy sauce with fennel seeds, dried fruits & nuts Saag Gosht Lamb pieces cooked with spinach, fenugreek & coriander Lamb Do Piaza A dry dish; tender lamb cooked with onions, tomato, capsicum & coriander Lamb Korma Lamb cooked with cashew paste & served in a mild yellow gravy, with a dash of light cream Lamb Vindaloo (med/hot) Tender lamb cooked with vindaloo paste Chilli Lamb (med/hot) Tender lamb cooked with onion, capsicum, green chili

17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00

Beef Beef Vindaloo (med/hot) Choice beef marinated in vindaloo paste Beef Madras (med/hot) Tender beef cooked in coconut milk with spices Kashmiri Beef Beef cooked in a cream based curry with fennel seeds, dried fruit & nuts Bombay Beef Traditional beef curry cooked with potatoes & onions Beef Korma (mild) Beef cooked in a mild yellow cashew gravy with a dash of light cream Beef Saag Wala Beef pieces cooked with spinach, fenugreek & coriander Chilli Beef (med/hot) Beef cooked with onion, capsicum, green chili & chef’s special spices

Rice & Biryani 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00

Vegetarian Dal Makhani Urad dal (black lentils) cooked traditional punjabi style 9.50 Pumpkin Masala Pumpkin tempered with onion, fennel seeds, fenugreek 10.50 & finished with chef’s own sauce Aloo Muttar Potatoes & peas cooked to a mild sauce 11.50 Shahi Paneer (mild) Home made cottage cheese served in a delicious tomato 12.50 based light cream sauce with authentic spices & crushed cashew nuts Aloo Gobi Cauliflower & potatoes tossed in spices, served with spring 12.50 onions & coriander Saag Aloo Spinach with potatoes cooked with traditional Indian spices 12.50 Saag Paneer Spinach & homemade cottage cheese cooked with 12.50 traditional Punjabi spices Mixed Vegetable Curry Fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with garlic, 12.50 ginger, coriander & light spices Aloo Baigan Eggplant, potatoes, onions cooked in light spices 13.50 Vegetable Korma Mixed (mild) Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with 14.50 mild spices in a cashew sauce and finished with a dash of cream Channa Masala Chickpeas cooked with fresh tomatoes, cumin 14.50 & traditional spices Malai Kofta Dumplings made from cottage cheese, nuts & minced 14.50 fresh vegetables, cooked in a mild creamy gravy Chilli Paneer Home made cottage cheese cooked with onion, 14.50 capsicum, green chili & chef’s special spices

Basmati rice Plain steamed rice Small 5.00 Large 7.00 Vegetable Rice Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables Small 7.00 Large 10.00 Kashmiri Rice Basmati rice cooked with mixed dried fruits & nuts Small 7.00 Large 10.00 Biryani Rice choice of Chicken/Lamb/Beef cooked with cashews & capsicum 14.00

Side Orders

Mango Chutney(mild) Mixed Pickle (hot Raita Plain yoghurt mixed with cucumber, carrots & seasoning

4.00 4.00 5.00

Tandoori Breads Roti Organic whole meal flatbread cooked in the tandoor oven Garlic Roti Roti finished with garlic spread Naan Plain Flatbread made with plain flour, cooked in the tandoori oven Garlic Naan Naan finished with garlic spread Garlic Masala Naan Plain flour tandoori bread with garlic & masala spices Aloo Paratha Naan stuffed with spicy potatoes Masala Kulcha Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes & cottage cheese Kasmiri Naan Naan filled with dried fruit & nuts Keema Naan Naan stuffed with lamb & authentic spices Cheese Naan Naan stuffed with cheese Cheese Garlic Naan Naan stuffed with cheese finished with garlic Punjabi Naan Naan stuffed with cheese, spinach & coriander,

3.00 3.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 4.50 4.50 4.50 4.50 5.00 5.00

Desserts Gulab Jaman (4 pieces) Sweet dumplings in an authentic sauce, served warm 10.00 with vanilla ice cream


THE ARCHIBALD PRIZE AT MPRG Mornington Peninsula residents are privileged to have a world-class art gallery right in their own backyard. Housing one of Australia’s leading collections of 20th and 21st century works on paper, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery also hosts and curates an amazing variety of exhibitions and public programs. In

keeping with its motto ‘Art For Everyone’ the gallery focuses on all aspects of art from contemporary to conservative and everything in between. Hard work, meticulous planning and dedication to detail over the past several years has paid great dividends bringing the prestigious Archibald Prize to the MPRG for the first time.

Business Insurance Specialists We can arrange insurance for all types of businesses, including manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, offices, trades and services. Please contact us for a free review of your insurances and an alternative quote.

Address Phone Email Web

Suite 1, 14 Ranelagh Drive, Mt Eliza 9775 2355

“Excellence Through Professionalism”


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

Congratulations to Director, Jane Alexander and her terrific team for procuring the Archibald Prize at the MPRG in 2013 and 2014 as its exclusive Victorian venue. Alexander has been the driving force in bringing consistently high standard programs and exhibitions to the MPRG. While she joked that her persistent requests to host the exhibition won out in the end, it was actually years of preparation in building a first class reputation for the MPRG that earned the trust of the Art Gallery of New South Wales notoriously particular about which galleries receive this exhibition. Established in 1921, the Archibald Prize is the most important portrait prize in the country. $75,000 is awarded annually to an artist whose work depicts a man or woman of distinction in arts, letters, sciences or politics. Just becoming a finalist is a major achievement. This year’s finalists will be on our doorstep in June. Always engaging, frequently controversial, this iconic exhibition should be on every art lover’s calendar. In anticipation of the big

event, Mornington Peninsula schoolchildren have been invited to create their own master portraits. Friends of MPRG have announced a new art prize open to students from Prep to Year 12. Winners will receive: their award at a public ceremony, a cash prize, a private viewing of the exhibition and have their own winning portrait displayed along side the Archibald Prize finalists. Bringing fresh faces to the MPRG is one way to insure the ongoing success of this vibrant gallery, one of the Peninsula’s most valuable assets. See The Archibald Prize at the MPRG from June 8 to July 7, 2013. Ring 5975 4395 or go to au to find out what’s on. There is always something worth seeing at the MPRG. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

Dental Care Mt Eliza

We live in the Community we serve. Dr Scott Robertson has lived locally since 1975 and has operated a Practice in Mt Eliza since 1989. Our aim is simple – to provide clear advice and Quality Health Dentistry. Health Dentistry is about understanding why problems happen in the first place and providing treatment to improve your entire well being – bite – breathing – balance – beauty If we can answer these three questions to your satisfaction: 1. Will it Hurt? 2. How Much will it Cost? 3. Is it Worth It? Then we are along way to achieving our goals for your and provide comfortable and effective dentistry The Decision making process is ultimately controlled by the Patient – after provision of effective, efficient and accurate advice involving a written estimate and clear direction as per options available. Complex Dentistry must be broken into simple parts so the best possible results are obtained. Choices in Dentistry must be balanced with risks and benefits – in an area where the Dental Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”

A great smile please! BEFORE

AFTER Professionals expert knowledge is provided in a way that the patient can understand so the correct choices are made! We are very hands on in supporting and coordinating your journey to dental health. We can show you what’s possible in the chair and with intraoral cameras, and in our consult room with photography and examples to help make it easier for you to understand your proposed treatments. Our Treatment Coordinator Robyn has a wealth of experience in demystifying dentistry. Costs and written estimates are always provided. Evening appointments available Call us today for an appointment 9787 4439 - Dental Care Mt Eliza

Modern Dentistry has many options to tackle the appearance of your smile. Correct understanding of the issues/impediments is essential! there is nothing more disappointing than a result less than the expectation.

The Science and Art of Smile Design requires an understanding of all the components of a smile, not just the teeth. success is dependent on this understanding and what changes are necessary and possible because... Smiley people feel better!

call US TODaY. 9787 4439 viSiT US. 126 Mount Eliza Way Caring for our Community for over 20 years

Ph: 9708 8222 Download our app SMS App@MEI to 0427 800 800


Minimbah’s ECC Nature Program It’s Great Outdoors For many parents, our favourite childhood memories are of outdoor exploration – climbing up trees and down gullies, crawling through the bush and building cubbies. Often, it’s how we grew up. Many of us also lament the fact that our children don’t have these opportunities – we mourn that safety concerns, perceived and real, have torpedoed these impromptu learning experiences where independence, resilience, leadership and communication skills flourish. In response to this, and influenced by the Forest Schools’ approach used in many Scandinavian countries, the Early Childhood Centre at Woodleigh School has established their own Nature Program.


“We found a secret place and no grown ups can come in here, only kids. It’s too small for you!” Humphrey Every Thursday, the 4 Year Old ECC students from Minimbah spend their day outdoors at the Minimbah Creek. Rain, hail or shine, ECC students engage in those activities their mums and dads did, and the learning outcomes are remarkable. Early in the program we are seeing the 4 Year Olds developing resilience by taking responsible risks, and persisting with challenging physical tasks. This is heartening. To see the same students take pride in their achievements, having overcome set, or stumbled-upon challenges – the conquering of a tree climb, the

Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

traversing of a rock gap, the climb up a big hill, is brilliant. Leaders appear, supporting and organising fellow students. Turns are taken, problems identified, discussed, and ultimately, solved. Social, spatial and physical skills, skills in judgment – the educational benefits are many, varied and importantly, interwoven. This is a learning program which truly has something for every child. More information about the ECC Nature Program at Minimbah, the Junior Campus of Woodleigh School, can be found on our website or by contacting Rod Davies – Head of Junior Campus on 9788 6488 or rdavies@

HOW TO THINK not what to think

+613 5971 6100

At Minimbah, Woodleigh’s Junior Campus, students from Early Childhood to Year 6 are encouraged to question, challenge, create, debate, reason and think. for. themselves. Visit the website, tour each campus, and see we’re not just a school for thinkers, we’re Woodleigh School, Junior Campus Minimbah 3 Minimbah Court, Frankston South p 9788 6488 f 9787 3931 e Enrol Now for Boys and Girls 2014 Entry into 3 Year Old ECC, Prep, Year 3 & Year 5

Enrolment questions? Call Sally Hicks in the Enrolments Office on 5971 6100 or visit

MONDAY 6th – SUNDAY 12th MAY Forty9 Fine Food & Catering Afternoon Tea in a Box Do something a little special for Mother’s Day, spoil the special lady in your life at a destination of her choice, with a delicious afternoon tea, pre prepared and beautifully presented in a box! Each individual serve includes delicious finger sandwiches, delicate little savoury pastries and sweet treats, all packaged up in an easy to carry box, ready to for you to simply pop on the kettle or pop the champagne and celebrate. Vegetarian options are available. Ring for more details and to place your order. $25 per person Afternoon tea boxes must be ordered in advance. 49 Mt Eliza Way 9787 3356 Allegro Café and Restaurant FREE coffee or tea with every lunch ordered. Please mention the Flavours Festival to receive this promotion. 3/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 4007

TUESDAY 7th MAY Three Ducks Restaurant 7 Course Duckgustation A 7 course duck dinner, each course matched with a different Pinot Noir wine. 6pm and 8pm seatings. $75pp includes wine. Bookings essential. 34 Mt Eliza Way 9787 0200


Manzana Tequila, Tostaditas and Tacos Night from 6pm Come down to Manzana for an exciting Mexican experience of carefully selected tequila, tostaditas and tacos! Try 3 varieties of traditional tequila, 3 of our tempting tostaditas and 3 tasty tacos. $55 pp. Must be over 18. 114a Mt Eliza Way 9787 7772 Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

WEDNESDAY 8th MAY The Canadian Bay Hotel 3 Course Dinner featuring Yalumba Fine Wines. 7pm This dinner, with matched premium Yalumba wines, features guest speaker, winemaker Jane Ferrari. Jane has an infectious passion and desire to share her knowledge on the heritage and blend of elements that makes up Yalumba and the wider Barossa region. She is a trained winemaker and a born story teller with an amazing passion for her subject. $80 pp. Reservations essential by 5th May on 35 Ranelagh Drive 9775 2331 Mt Eliza Deli Thermomix Demonstration. 7pm See Thermomix machines ‘in action’, two demonstrators, plenty of tastings. $15 pp includes a glass of wine, plus a chance to win the door prize of a delicious Mt Eliza Deli hamper. Bookings Essential. 104 Mt Eliza Way 9787 2521

FRIDAY 10th MAY Café on the Mount A la carte autumn menu available from 6pm. Building on the success of their summer dinners, Café on the Mount invites you to enjoy a hearty meal from their delicious new menu, including flavours of fresh, local, autumn produce. You will be welcomed with a complimentary celebratory cocktail upon arrival. Ring for further details. Bookings Essential. 2/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 3738

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Knapps Coffee & Chocolate High Tea in Mt Eliza Parisian style high tea with ribbon sandwiches, savoury and sweet bites, morning and afternoon servings. 10.30am & 2.30pm $20pp 40 Ranelagh Drive 9787 3377

MONDAY 13th – SUNDAY 19th MAY Allegro Café and Restaurant Book your High Tea for minimum 4 people and enjoy a FREE Red Cappuccino. This is a new South African herbal product, high in anti oxidants, grinded to make the cappuccino giving a healthy alternative without caffeine. 3/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 4007

MONDAY 13th MAY Shop Ate Café & Store Cooking class with ‘3 MEN THAT LOVE ITALY’ From 7pm There are some things that just go together. 15 hour roasted lamb shoulder with creamy polenta and eggplant, served with grated truffles. Barley all’ Amatriciana stuffed peppers. Caramelized Spanish onion, Sicilian olives and tomato crostatta. And . . . Leith Baker, Christopher Mc Leay and Guy Mirabella, 3 of the men from Shop Ate Café and Store. Leith and Guy are enthusiastic and generous cooks who care about what they eat. Chris is never happier than when he is making music. For 3 hours look, eat and listen as 3 men share recipes, stories, suggestions and tips while singing, cooking and eating together. $150 pp. Limited Spaces. Bookings Essential. Price to include a taste of all food prepared and matching wine. 8/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 0288

Ph: 9708 8222 Download our app SMS App@MEI to 0427 800 800


WEDNESDAY 15th MAY Vinnies Pizza Boys Ristorante Seafood Night. 5pm – 10pm Mix and match your own seafood extravaganza (each item individually priced) choosing from 2 entrees and 3 mains, including Hervey Bay Scallops, Lobster Natural and Lobster Mornay, Whole Baby Snapper and seafood stew. Bookings Essential. Fully Licensed. 59 Mt Eliza Way 9787 4111 Mt Eliza Deli Thermomix Demonstration. 7pm . See Thermomix machines ‘in action’, two demonstrators, plenty of tastings. $15 pp includes a glass of wine, plus a chance to win the door prize of a delicious Mt Eliza Deli hamper. Bookings Essential. 104 Mt Eliza Way. 9787 2521

FRIDAY 17th MAY Ritchies Liquor 4 – 7pm Phaedrus Estate Wine Tastings Phaedrus is a local Mornington Peninsula winery that believes in minimum intervention and natural techniques to produce fine varietals. A reputation has been made for producing excellent wine at fantastic prices, be it our signature Phaedrus range or our Mister Wolf range. The Strand Centre 89 Mt Eliza Way 9775 2611

SATURDAY 18th MAY Something Fishy Cool Fish Tastings. 10am – 12pm Come and sample luscious winter seafood ideas, grab a recipe and chat with the seafood experts about ways to enjoy fabulous seafood during the cooler months. There will also be festival specials in store. Rear 100 Mt Eliza Way. 9708 8350


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

MONDAY 20th MAY – FRIDAY 24th MAY Pops Café Pasta & Risotto Lunch Special 11am – 3pm. A choice of main serve pasta or risotto dish for $15. If you include a glass of wine or a beer, meal and drink is $20. 34 Ranelagh Drive 8743 1120

TUESDAY 21st MAY Three Ducks Restaurant Wine Dinner featuring Moorooduc Estate. 3 courses with wine. $75pp. Bookings essential 34 Mt Eliza Way 9787 0200

FRIDAY 24th MAY Ritchies Liquor 4 – 7pm Phaedrus Estate Wine Tastings Phaedrus is a local Mornington Peninsula winery that believes in minimum intervention and natural techniques to produce fine varietals. A reputation has been made for producing excellent wine at fantastic prices, be it our signature Phaedrus range or our Mister Wolf range. The Strand Centre 89 Mt Eliza Way 9775 2611 Allegro Café and Restaurant South African Night from 7pm Come and experience a special South African night with us. We will treat you with South African hospitality, a 3 course meal and wine to match in true African spirit! Kom geniet ‘n lieflike aand saam met ons! Meaning, come and enjoy a lovely evening with us! Bookings essential. 3/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 4007



Something Fishy Cool Fish Tastings. 10am – 12pm Come and sample luscious winter seafood ideas, grab a recipe and chat with the seafood experts about ways to enjoy fabulous seafood during the cooler months. There will also be festival specials in store. Rear 100 Mt Eliza Way 9708 8350

Valid from 6th May to 26th May Spoon Flavours of Mt Eliza @ Spoon. Serving early dinner. 5.30pm – 6.30pm Enjoy a hearty two course dinner, from our winter warmer menu, with a glass of wine. Must be ordered by 6.30pm. $37pp. Available Tuesdays to Saturdays. Bookings Essential and must mention the ‘Flavours’ deal when booking. Restaurant closed Sundays and Mondays. 1/84 Mt Eliza Way 9787 7710

SUNDAY 26TH May Mt Eliza Farmers Market. 9am – 1pm Ever wondered what delightful meals can be concocted from farmers’ market produce? Come to the market this Sunday and experience the ‘Flavours Stage’ where there will be cooking demonstrations, tastings and information about how to best store, prepare and cook your market produce. $2 Entry – children free. Proceeds to local charity groups. Three Ducks Restaurant Family Roast Lunch. 12pm and 1.30pm sitting. Traditional roast dinner and dessert $35 per adult and $15 for kids under 12 yrs. Kids entertainment provided. Bookings essential. 34 Mt Eliza Way 9787 0200.

Bistro Maison Enjoy the flavours of Europe with a two course inspired feast of duck ie house duck pate and duck a la orange. Price includes a glass of peninsula Pinot Noir. $40pp Available every day. Bookings Essential. 45 Mt Eliza Way 9787 6111 The Village Pantry Mondays – Fridays only. Enjoy the Flavours Festival Sharing Boards, sweet & savoury options. Prices starting from $ 15 Newly licenced, Village Pantry is now serving wine with meals daily. 88 Mt Eliza Way 9787 1008 Sheepstation Bakehouse Festival Specials valid weekdays of the festival Mention this promotion to receive the following special deals: 1. Buy a large quiche and receive FREE 6 bread rolls, wholemeal, white or multigrain. 2. Upsize your small smoothie to a large for FREE, choosing from the following flavours; Berry Mango, Easy Morning Mash or Razzle Dazzle 3. Take away coffees – FREE upsize to the larger 110 Mt Eliza Way 9787 9565

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3 MEN THAT LOVE ITALY Love is part of the fabric at ShopAte Cafe & Store. It goes into the cooking and preparation of every dish, it gushes from the patrons as they indulge in the flavours. As part of the Flavours of Mt Eliza Festival you can learn how to put that love into your own creations, with Italian cooking sessions. However this is no ordinary ‘learn how to cook session’ For 3 hours look, eat and listen as 3 men share recipes, stories, suggestions and tips while singing, cooking and eating together. There are some things that just go together. 15 hour roasted lamb shoulder with creamy polenta and eggplant, served with grated truffles. Barley all’ Amatriciana stuffed peppers. Caramelized Spanish onion, Sicilian olives and tomato crostatta.


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

And . . . Leith Baker, Christopher Mc Leay and Guy Mirabella, three of the men from Shop Ate Café and Store. Leith and Guy are enthusiastic and generous cooks who care about what they eat. Chris is never happier than when he is making music. ‘3 Men That Love Italy’ is the name of the night which starts at 7pm on Monday 13th May $150 pp. Limited Spaces. Bookings Essential. Price to include a taste of all food prepared and matching wine. This will be a sensational night. Early bookings recommended. 8/87 Mt Eliza Way 9787 0288

Shop Ate Cafe and Store Good Food Simple, handmade food for everyday Kitchen open since Wednesday August 14 2002 and still six days a week for breakfast & lunch Breakfast is served until 11:30am. Saturday until 3.30pm Lunch is served between 12pm – 3.30pm Coffee and sweets available all day until 4pm Hours: Monday to Friday 8.15am – 4pm Enoteca Wine Bar every Friday night (no bookings required) The last Friday of every month is open for Dinner only. Bookings essential Pina’s (mum’s) sugar dusted sfinci (doughnuts) every Saturday


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FARMER’S MARKET - HEART OF THE VILLAGE Mt Eliza Farmers Market has flavoursome and quality products lined up for you on the 4th Sunday every month!!! New faces to Mt Eliza market include Black Leather Creek Farm who are selling both delicious nashi fruit plus chestnuts. Chestnuts are easy to roast and enjoy as a yummy hot snack on colder days... but before you pop them into the oven be sure to make a cross shaped incision on their flat side with a small, sharp knife, otherwise they explode! Roast at 200C for 6 minutes, or until soft and then peel. Farmer Dan and Farmer Cath are new meat providers at Mt Eliza. They are beef and lamb producers from Gippsland and have a variety of tender meat products to compliment the pork products from regular stall holders Pacdon Park and Grasser Farms.

Have you ever had a good look at Pacedon Park stall?? Using authentic age-old British recipes,they craft traditional Melton Mowbray style pork pies, gala pies, gourmet free range pork sausages, incredible black pudding and award winning haggis! Certainly worth a taste. Check out with Andrew and Pauline at the Victoria Organic Vegetable stall for their Acorn Squash. When baked, the yellow flesh becomes meltingly soft, sweet and nutty! Simply delicious. Music is provided by several groups of buskers and there is always kids entertainment.. remember to throw a few coins their direction if you like what you hear! Looking forward to seeing you at Mt Eliza Farmers Market.

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4th Sunday of the mon th

Sun 28th April Sun 26th May Sun 23rd June Sun 28th July




Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

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Exciting new restaurant for Mt Eliza Mt Eliza will soon see the opening of a new and highly anticipated restaurant, 1001 Nights. The restaurant, owned and operated by Mark and Nina Syawish, will feature traditional Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, bringing a fresh new dining opportunity to the region. Mark and Nina are well-known members of the Mt Eliza community, being current owners of Mt Eliza Chickenow Charcoal Chicken and Café. The couple have lived in Mt Eliza for many years and are proud of their involvement in the local community and support of clubs through their chicken shop. The restaurant will be located centrally on the main corner of Mt Eliza’s shopping precinct, where Vogue House was previously located. As chef, Mark will bring inspiration from his experiences in working internationally to the table, and believes the restaurant will be a popular choice for locals. Making the venture to establishing the restaurant was an easy choice for the couple. “We wanted to bring something new and special to people from the area,” Mark said. “There are no restaurants that will be like it on the whole Mornington Peninsula, it will be a great surprise”. The restaurant is set to open in the coming months, and is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience for locals and tourists alike. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the official opening night, an event not to be missed! - Pip Rust


O P E N I NG SO O N ! S H O P 3 / 8 6 M O U N T E L I Z A WAY W W W.1 0 0 1 N I G H T S R E S TAU R A N T. CO M . AU

Right on at Ranelagh Nothing is left to chance when it comes to your special event at The Ranelagh Club in Mt Eliza. The Ranelagh Catering Team has got every detail covered, from point of contact to the impeccably smooth running of the day. Weddings, engagements or corporate events have never been easier to enjoy – sit back and relax knowing the Ranelagh Catering Team has prepared for this day with one thing in mind; your satisfaction guaranteed. ‘We make sure our client’s experience lives up to the mesmerising view’, says Lisa. Imagine your wedding on the beach or deck overlooking Port Phillip Bay, or your corporate function with ‘breakaway’ areas and a relaxed bar atmosphere contributing to its success. ‘Our wedding packages are complete’, she goes on. ‘We work hard at working with our client’s services, but we also have a large pool of trusted local people’– think photographers, entertainers or celebrants. There are three Wedding Packages at $155, $185 and $195 per head respectively at Ranelagh, (besides winter and weekly wedding deals). All include a delicious three course meal and beverages. The Post Celebration Package includes a lawn or beach ceremony while the Complete Celebration Package sees your ceremony held on the beautiful Ranelagh Club deck. For your next special occasion, check out the discounted five hour party package for $75 per head including venue hire, finger food,


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

beer/wine and soft drinks. Offer valid from May till September - be quick, as dates are filling fast! The Ranelagh Catering Company at The Ranelagh Club 3 Rosserdale Crescent, Mt Eliza Ph: 9787 0265 Facebook: The Ranelagh Restaurant


Join by May 31 and get 13 months membership for the price of 12! Memberships start from $8 a week. ~Sailing ~ Tennis ~ Yoga ~ Golf ~ Beach ~ Social ~ Bayside Dining ~ Kids Club ~ ~Live Music ~ Book Club ~ Weddings ~ Private Functions ~ Ski & Sailing Camps ~ Bridge ~ Wine Club ~ Soccer ~ Film Club Coming Up: Mothers Day, Kids Club, Robbie Williams tribute dinner & show, The Eagles dinner tribute dinner & show Become a member now! 9787 0265 Find us on Facebook

special offer


ths et 13 mon y 31 and g a ! M 12 y f b o in e Jo ric ip for the p membersh Memberships start from $8 a week.

Become a member now!

Coming Up: Mothers Day • Kids Club The Robbie Williams tribute dinner & show The Eagles story tribute dinner & show

Sailing • Tennis • Yoga • Golf Beach • Social • Bayside Dining Kids Club Live Music • Book Club Ski & Sailing Camps Bridge • Wine Club • Soccer Film Club

conferencing weddings functions •

Stunning waterfront location Equipped for all year round celebrations, with fire place & an outdoor decking enclosed with heating! Great winter celebration rates

Enquire Now!

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3 Rosserdale Cres, Mt Eliza

ph 9787 0265

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Afternoon Tea in a Box Forty 9 Catering have come up with a delicious idea to spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day.

It’s Afternoon Tea in a box. A real treat and something quite special to spoil the special lady in your life, at a destination of her choice. This delicious afternoon tea is pre prepared and beautifully presented in a box! Each individual serve includes delicious finger sandwiches, delicate little savoury pastries and sweet treats, all packaged up in an easy to carry box, ready to for you to simply pop on the kettle or pop the champagne and celebrate. Vegetarian options are available. Ring for more details and to place your order. $25 per person Afternoon tea boxes must be ordered in advance. Only available from Forty 9 Catering phone 9787 3356.


Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

Special Gifts for Mother’s Day including

‘Afternoon Tea in a Box’

See what’s cooking

Open Monday to Friday until 6pm Saturdays until 2pm

Three Duck’s May ‘Duckgustation’! Chef David Morley is creating seasonal delights for May as part of the Flavours of Mt Eliza Festival. If you’re yet to dine at the restaurant or perhaps need an excuse to dine out, Three Ducks is hosting three culinary delights for the Flavours of Mt Eliza Festival. The first of which, on Tuesday May 7th, is a 7 course ‘duckgustation’ – a seven course duck dinner, with each meal matched with local and international pinot noir. For $75pp, this night is sure to sell out quickly so make sure you book early. Alternatively, on Tuesday May 21st, be tempted by a four course wine dinner featuring Moorooduc Estate wines, $75pp. Why not take mum to Three Ducks for Mother’s Day (that’s Sunday May 12th) and treat her to a full a la carte lunch or dinner? And then there’s the autumn comfort food – the Sunday roast. Sunday May 26th will

see a family roast lunch – including dessert – for just $35 per adult and $15 per child. Children’s entertainment will be provided for a lovely day out for all members of the family. Since Three Ducks’ opening in early December last year, the restaurant has been a popular food and wine destination. Heading into the cooler climate of autumn, dishes will reflect seasonal flavours and feature the signature duck dishes the restaurant has come to be known by. And for those looking for a Monday night indulgence, Three Ducks will soon be opening for dinner seven days, so keep your ears peeled for the exciting announcement! See pages 30-33 of this issue for a full rundown of the Flavours of Mt Eliza Festival or call 9787 0200 to snap up a place at one of Three Ducks’ events. - Pip Rust


An extravaganza of seafood delights including: Hervey Bay Scallops, Lobster Natural or Mornay, Whole Baby Snapper, Seafood Stew and much more. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL 5pm - 10pm One Night only

Or on any night enjoy Traditional Pizza's, Home Made Pastas, Main Meals, Steaks, Seafood, Freshly Made Salads, Desserts & Drinks. A feast for all the family! Trading Hours Sun-Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm

Dine or Take Away Fully Licenced



Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

FREE HOME DELIVERY 57-59 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza

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We cater for parties & functions of any size! FUNCTION ROOM NOW AVAILABLE

Pasta, Pizza, but wait there is more! A Seafood Extravaganza We all know Vinnies has the best pizzas and pastas around but on Wednesday 15th May, Vinnies Pizza Boys Ristorante is having a Seafood Night from 5pm – 10pm you can

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mix and match your own seafood in this extravaganza. Each item will be individually priced, you can choose from 2 entrees and 3 mains, including Hervey Bay Scallops,

Lobster Natural and Lobster Mornay, Whole Baby Snapper and seafood stew. Bookings are essential. Fully Licensed. 59 Mt Eliza Way 9787 4111

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Good times and great food


The Gallery Bar and Grill is a real paradise for the senses with a light, fresh and creative menu, plus many of the classic’s Rob Licciardo is famous for. Chef Rob Licciardo’s influence is obvious, boasting the latest trends in food from his recent stint in the UK. Rob helped open the stylish restaurant The Cocktail Club and befriended top celebrities from the UK show The Restaurant which, in the end, was won by Aussies. They have several areas for your dining pleasure, you can sit back and enjoy the latest sporting events on Foxtel in the cocktail bar or enjoy fine dining in the brasserie. For the past three years he has been cultivating his craft in the UK, with successful chefs Raymond Blanc, JJ Goodman and Aussie export Shane Osborn. Licciardo was head chef opening Blanc & Goodman’s London Cocktail Club, he was also head chef at The Moat located in Port Isaac, Cornwall and frequently featured in the UK TV series Doc Martin. After returning to Australia, Licciardo decided he wanted to bring a city-feel to Mount Eliza. “I’ve lived in Mount Eliza all my life,” Licciardo explains, “it’s a great place to be. I love surfing, horse riding and competing in triathlons. I just wanted to give this place a fresh modern look; the sophistication of London nestled amongst the beauty of Mount Eliza.” Start the night at the gallery bar and grill with some decadent, price-friendly cocktails or choose from the extensive

Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

wine list, then head over to the restaurant where your tastebuds will be titillated. Perhaps you could start off with raw yellow kingfish with accents of lime, green chilli and coconut cream. Licciardo recommends the flamed grilled duck with blackberry sauce and celeriac purée for mains. Then you could finish off with a chocolate marshmallow soufflé with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Tapas is available, for those who enjoy grazing and sharing. Paella can be ordered for groups who will enjoy the combination of flavours only found in this classic Spanish dish. And if you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, the gallery bar and grill has an expansive menu of delicious finger food. Come in for lunch or dinner from Wednesday onwards; breakfast is offered on Saturdays and Sundays; or if you’re in a rush, order takeaway food and a coffee from the kiosk. Licciardo describes the warm atmosphere: “This place is definitely friendly, everyone feels welcome.” Licciardo isn’t afraid of a slightly younger crowd, “I love the youth, they bring in energy and I tap into that.” Trying to create harmony in his food is what Licciardo enjoys most by using the freshest ingredients. “I want to create flavours which will heighten a person’s tastebuds. ” Open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner plus available for weddings, functions and takeaways. 1408 Nepean Hwy Mt Eliza ph 9787 2001.

just like a london cocktail club . . . mt eliza style

Rob Licciardo with Raymond Blanc and David Moore from The Restaurant

tapas & gourmet pizzas cocktail bar fresh creative menu try Rob’s classics in the brassierie

foxtel sports in bar Happy diners at The Gallery Bar & Grill

nightly movies under the elm tree

phone 9787 2001 1408 nepean highway, mt. eliza available for weddings, functions, takeaways open Wed-Sun Lunch and Dinner, plus Weekend Breakfasts Facebook “The Village Mt Eliza Magazine”

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Professional, Personal and Satisfaction Guaranteed MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza is in the business of customer satisfaction. This attitude is reflected in the rapid growth of this unique home cleaning service which is currently celebrating its 200th customer. ‘MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza is proud to be bringing better awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy living space’, says Marlon. ‘Did you know that people spend more time and money maintaining their car than on the condition of their biggest asset?’ ‘We specialise in spring cleans and regular cleans’, he goes on – although the MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza team can handle any


situation. ‘We love getting down to the nitty gritty of making sure your home is as environmentally safe as it can be, with our Tri Colour System’, (a colour coded system of red, blue and green cloths to reduce the risk of cross contamination from wet to dry areas) ‘ensuring this’. With winter just around the corner, meaning less fresh air being let into the house, now is the perfect time to let the MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza team prepare your home for the cooler months ahead. ‘We know what we are doing and are proud of doing it well - if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll come

Issue 30 • May, June, July, August 2013

back and go it again!’; a motto which should bring a breath of fresh air to any home. Your satisfaction is MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza’s mission, and oh, of course, so is having a safe and sparkling beautifully clean home – the MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza way. MyHome Cleaning Mt Eliza Operating Monday to Friday during business hours for your convenience For a free estimate call today on 1300 334 663

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All property services catered for. Reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed. Fully insured - lives locally.

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