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Cereal Killers shoots straight at the heart

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here for the screening of Cereal Killers, an hour long documentary directed by Yolanda Barker chronicling the twenty-eight day journey of Irish (ex) international high jumper Donal O’Neill through the maze that is health, nutrition and the multi-national monopoly of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. O’Neill wrote and produced the film. Everyone is excited. Everyone is talking transformation. Everyone is keen to see how a diet consisting of 70% fat and no sugar or grains can result in perfect cholesterol readings, weight loss and feeling as Donal puts it ‘like a spring lamb’ on a four thousand calorie a day regime. Yes you heard right, four thousand calories (and up to five thousand for some) A DAY!!!!! We talk a lot about food these days. It’s on our minds, in our living rooms, moving around us on billboards and seeping into our psyches. Don’t eat fats! Do eat that! Perhaps the more frightened we are the less informed choices we will make? Donal O’Neill reveals this to be true in Cereal Killers – at least for himself and his circle of supporters. Meticulously monitored by health professionals throughout the documentary, he embarks on a quest to find out why his fit ex professional football player father had a heart attack and his healthy uncle contracted type two diabetes and what

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this means for him. The results are surprising. The familiar food pyramid is thrown out the window and eggs, meat and full fat become the heroes. Shot mostly in Cape Town South Africa, the documentary debunks many dietary and exercise theorems through a series of interviews with leading sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes at the University of Cape Town, English author of ‘How to Escape the Diet Trap’ and ‘Waist Disposal’ Dr John Briffa, and Australian National Cricket Team physician Dr Peter Brukner, (all of whom support the Paleo real food lifestyle which aligns us with our primitive forefathers) and Donal’s amazing results. The documentary also discusses how the medical world treats illness rather than prevents it and reveals how political, commercial and monetary agendas dictate our dietary guidelines and are keeping us ill. Many of the audience members tonight have already begun their Paleo (low carb, high fat) journey. They are hungry

for taking charge of their own health rather than waiting for others to do it for them. Mornington locals Mark and Prue Griffith are part of the real food revolution. ‘My energy levels went up just five days after I started’, says Mark. ‘And I began to think more clearly’. Two women up the back describe how they’ve lost kilos without feeling hungry. Melbourne general practitioner Zeeshan Arain talks about how the diet has transformed his and his patients’ lives. You can make up your own mind by viewing Cereal Killers at www. Real food for thought. Note: Shae Wheeler from You Are What You Eat Eats (see March edition of Mornington Peninsula Magazine) organised this event. Next screening of Cereal Killers at the Mornington Cinema is April 10 at 7.30pm. Book at https:// Contact Shae at shae@ for more information. - by Liz Rogers

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