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Doing the Towns Together Politicians’ claims irrelevant in wake of storms, high gas prices

LAUREL AND DELMAR SOCIALS SARAH MARIE TRIVITS • 875-3672 Karla and Luis Gomez, with daughters, Nikki and Sami, from Indianapolis, Ind., spent an enjoyable two- and a-half-week summer vacation here with Karla’s parents, Janet and Derby Walker. They took trips to the beach and visited Sesame Street and, of course, the Sharptown Carnival. Recently the Walkers had another visitor, Carsten Stybalkowski, who graduated as an AFS exchange student from Laurel High School in 1990. The year he was here he lived with the Walkers and the Richard Smith family. Returning this summer, he brought his wife and two children to renew memories of those times here. While here they spent some time at a cottage in Oak Orchard, enjoying the sun and sea breezes. Golda and Harry Williamson have recently returned from a trip west to Oklahoma where they attended Golda’s Sellars family reunion. They then visited her father, Vernon, and his wife, Jo, in Texarcana, Texas. They came home by way of Branson, Mo., to soak in some of that town’s famous music. In total, they traveled about 3,900 miles and Golda had the wheel all the way out and back again. Take note! Class of ‘52 members, you will meet for lunch at the Georgia House, noon, Sept. 10. Don’t forget — it’s a date! The Basket Bingo party on Aug. 25, sponsored by the Laurel Historical Society, was a huge success. The fire hall was full of avid players and refreshment tables were full of fruits, cheeses and delicious desserts. The society expresses deep and sincere appreciation to those who played, donated, or contributed in any way. On Aug. 26, at the Georgia House, the annual luncheon was held for the past presidents of the Laurel New Century Club. Those attending were: Ruth Hickman, Anne Tracey, Addie Haddock, Eleanor Paradee, Juanita Stone and Dianne Thompson. Those unable to attend were: Sharron Shulder, June Benson Powell and Lillian Wootten. Adrian Selby LeBlanc and daughter, Jayden, spent three weeks in the area. They divided their time between in-laws in Pennsylvania and immediate family in Dover and Sussex County. Adrian’s oldest daughter, Miranda, resides in Dover and teaches in Bear. Adrian is an elementary teacher in Anchorage, Alaska. Her husband, Roger, begins at a different school this fall as principal. He still has a position with the Air Force. Adrian will be remembered as a graduate from the Laurel High School. She later taught home economics until she married and moved to Anchorage in 1982. She is the daughter of Cora Norwood Selby and the late Paul M. Selby Sr. Steven Meade and Matthew Trivits left last Sunday to spend the coming school year in N. Troy, Vt. They will live with Matt’s aunt and uncle, Anne and Irving

Fellows. The boys are eagerly anticipating snow boarding and skiing, plan to visit relatives in Cape Cod and, since the Fellows live only three miles from the Canadian border, they will have numerous trips into that area. They have passports in hand and “just can’t wait.” Their families hosted the two at a farewell dinner, on Aug. 27, at the Imperial Gallery in Salisbury. Use your math to figure out the age of this trio of birthday celebrants in Delmar — Lisa Conley, Aug. 24, Beth Pope, Sept. 4, and Carol Porter, Sept. 16. Now if I tell you that they all were born in ‘58, could you figure it out? Clifford and Phyllis Beach of Delmar recently entertained their three grandchildren, Peyton, Gabby and Cambell, from Graysonville, Md. We express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of: Amy H. Windsor, Vivian Shute Lombardo, Mary Virginia Truitt and Niyam A. Mano. We continue with prayers for all of our servicemen and servicewomen and for our friends who are ill: Rosalie Mutchler, June Williams, Patrick Starr, Ted Clark, Eliza Davis, Philip Lowe, David Phillips, Martha Windsor, Harriett MacVeigh, LeRoy Messick, Robert D. Whaley, Herman Cubbage, Hattie Puckham, Donald Layton Sr., Pete Henry, Alvin Lutz and Steve Trivits. Get well wishes from their Delmar friends are sent to: Lib Figgs, Louise Foxwell, Gloria Adkins, Joyce Lord, Bob Christian, Darryl Haggar and Bob Horn. A very special happy birthday wish with love, from Donna Cecil, to grandson Ethan Elliott as he celebrates five big years on Sept. 5. Happy September birthday wishes to: Denise Frye on Sept. 5; Mattie Duncan, Sept. 6; Jean Conaway and Etta Morris, Sept. 7; Charles Gordy, Sept. 9; Edward Dubinski and Nola Hearn, Sept. 10; Anna Hall and Barbara Simon, Sept. 11. “Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.” See you in the Stars.

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This has been a summer of high gasoline prices. Anyone who drives any type of vehicle fully understands that even filling the gas tank to the half-full mark means emptying one’s wallet. The high dollar gasoline has meant that lots of folks could not afford a trip to some of the most interesting places in our nation this past summer. Places very close to home but places that play an important role in our daily life. Between the high prices of gasoline, increasing costs of electricity and the unbelievable soaring prices of food, Mr. Average Citizen has definitely not had a good summer. In the past few weeks the price of gasoline has begun to drop, a fact that made all of us happy. But, now the heavy hurricane season is upon us and the threat of these severe storms approaching our shores has made for increased pressure as oil rigs out in the ocean are hard hit by the fierce winds, bringing increased pressure to the mainland areas in the path of the storm. People in some areas who have only just begun to live a somewhat decent life once again after months of shelter living are now faced with going through the same frustrating and heartbreaking days once again. These poor souls could not care less who is running for president or vice president of our nation in the upcoming elections. Those who survived the hurricane damage in New Orleans and other places suffering severe damages are not the least bit concerned about whether the candidates for the top offices in our nation are male or female, black or white, protestant or Catholic, or graduated from a community college or one of the top 10 universities in the country. Those who are just beginning to enjoy a bit of a decent life are not the least bit interested in reading about or listening to someone blow their own horn as they tell us how important they have been in a candidate’s life, all the while inflating their own super ego. Those who still live in shelters after witnessing their homes being totally destroyed by winds, rain and flooding face daily living conditions most of us cannot

875- 2055

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VIRGINIA ‘MIKE’ BARTON imagine. Here in Laurel, here in Sussex County, most of us know where our next meal is coming from, where we will lay our head at night, what we will be doing each day. Most of us know that even through we face increased costs of practically everything, we will find a solution to our problem. Most of us have a basically secure life. Even with health problems we know that we can face the daily life we have. But, for those who have been displaced for reasons totally beyond their control, we cannot possibly imagine what they face day after day. The rest of us have just survived the Democratic National Convention. Millions of dollars were spent on this extravaganza, millions of shallow words spoken. Lots of promises made that cannot possibly be kept. And now we brace ourselves for more of the same from the Republican National Convention. We have heard the same old “If elected I will —” words over and over. We will hear the same thing from the Republicans. Makes the rest of us wonder if these political leaders are so great and been in office for such a long time, why haven’t they already changed some of the problems the rest of us face? Most of all I find it difficult, actually impossible, to understand how a major candidate can end up with a debt of more than $20 million, yet still be a party leader. How can that be explained to Mr. and Mrs. Average American Citizen? And, like it or not, understand it or not, that is the Great American Way. Next time you meet up with a politician, collar them and try to get an answer. The response should be very interesting.

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