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MORNING STAR • SEPTEMBER 4 - 10, 2008 scrap the Delaware Student Testing Program, make our funding system more responsive to the needs of students in each school, recruit and retain quality teachers and make college more affordable. You can also read the details of my education plans at Would you support a school voucher system? No. Vouchers drain money from public schools at a time when we must increase our investment in public schools. I believe Delaware parents and students have a full range of choices available to them in the public sector through local community public schools, magnet schools, charter schools and inter-district and intra-district choice options. Should the state set limits on the amount that can be awarded in malpractice lawsuits? No, because Delawareans deserve to be fairly compensated if they are harmed. I understand there is still a serious problem with affordable medical liability insurance. Preventing frivolous lawsuits has helped, but physicians still pay too much. We must attract the most-talented doctors and design a system that places a heavy emphasis on reducing medical errors. Do you favor parental notification for teens seeking an abortion? Yes. I would want every child to notify their parents, but for some children that’s just not possible. In those cases, the child should be allowed to notify a judge or another adult. Do you support the death penalty? Yes. Should Delaware have tougher penalties for those convicted of crimes against children? Yes. The state government’s biggest responsibility is to protect the health and safety of Delawareans, especially our youngest residents who cannot defend themselves.

John Carney (D) Why are you interested in holding this office? I want to be Governor because I have the vision and experience we need to make change a reality in Delaware. We face some real challenges, but we have great opportunities as well. We need to change the way John Carney we do business in Dover to create high-paying jobs and a 21st century economy, build world-class schools, and make healthcare more affordable for everyone. All this will take leadership from a strong governor, and I have the vision and record of working hard to make these changes a reality. Why should voters elect you over your opponent? Changing the way we do business requires more than political promises or a glossy book. At the end of the day, real change means bringing people together and achieving what is best for Delawareans. I have a track record of doing just that throughout my career in public service, and I continue to do it today. In just the

last six months, I worked with legislators to pass the Cancer Right to Know Law and worked with Sen. DeLuca to bring Bluewater Wind and Delmarva to negotiate a deal to build the nation’s first offshore wind farm. That’s the type of leadership we need to change Delaware, and as Governor, I will continue working hard to make the changes we need a reality. What do you feel is the top issue facing the office you are seeking? Economic development and job creation How will you address this issue? Creating jobs and strengthening Delaware’s economy will be my top priority as Governor. I will work every day to find new opportunities, and will never be satisfied with the state of our economy, even when it is healthy and robust. My approach to economic development will be a hands-on one that brings together people from Delaware’s business, labor, and higher education communities. I will create the Delaware Business-Labor Council to bring leaders from business and the labor communities together to solve problems and identify opportunities to make our economy stronger. This is a new way of doing business in Delaware, and it allows us to use our experience and expertise to create opportunities for all our citizens. I will also help turn Delaware into a leader in science and technology industries. As Chair of the Delaware Science and Technology Council, I’ve worked hard to expand opportunities in emerging new industries, such as renewable energy, and I will continue to bring state government, Delaware’s businesses, colleges, and universities together to accomplish this goal. My record on jobs and the economy is unmatched in the race for Governor. As Tom Carper’s Secretary of Finance, thanks to sound fiscal management and an aggressive economic development policy, we earned the state’s first AAA bond rating and cut taxes every year. I will bring that same energy, vision, and leadership to economic development as Governor. Would you support a school voucher system? No. Parents deserve the opportunity to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs and interests, and I think that our “school choice” and charter school systems give parents this important opportunity. Should the state set limits on the amount that can be awarded in malpractice lawsuits? I served on the Medical Liability Task Force, and at that time, we didn’t see any evidence of excessive punitive damages being awarded in Delaware. However, this is an issue that certainly needs to be monitored by the Insurance Commissioner, and we recommended stronger accounting and reporting requirements to do this effectively.


mined on a case by case basis. I have the utmost confidence in Delaware’s judiciary and its criminal protections and procedures. As Governor, it is very unlikely I would seek to overturn a death penalty sentence. Should Delaware have tougher penalties for those convicted of crimes against children? Yes.

William Swain Lee (R) Why are you interested in holding this office? I don’t seek the Governorship for personal gain or a career in politics. I seek the Governorship because I love this state. It pains me to see Delawareans suffering because their government is broken and their leaders are out of Bill Lee touch. I believe I have the experience to solve many of the problems we face. Why should voters elect you over your opponent? If I earn your vote and am elected to the office of Governor I will put nothing before the welfare of Delawareans. I will change course by doing things differently than they have been done before. We can do better. As your Governor, I will do better for Delaware’s families. I am uniquely qualified to do this job because of my legal, judicial and public service background.

What do you feel is the top issue facing the office you are seeking? How will you address this issue? All issues are interconnected so it is impossible to choose just one. My focus will be on the following: • Special interests and growth of government I will take on the special interest and sacred cows that cost taxpayers money and cause government to be inefficient. I will reverse the growth of government with performance audits that allow us to target what is not working. I will hold the line on taxes that drive business away and cost us jobs. I will create the most open, honest, and accountable administration in state history, restoring the faith of the Delaware people in their government following years of scandal and incompetence. • Education I will fix our educational system by empowering teachers and principals, and by devoting 20% more of the money we spend on education in the classroom for instruction. • Economy I will reverse the course of our economy by investing in retraining Delawareans who are looking for a better life, creating a next-generation workforce prepared for the high-paying jobs of tomorrow. • Environment I will commit to cleaner air and water. I will hold polluters accountable and I will level with the people about cancer clusters. Would you support a school voucher system? Philosophically I support the idea, but, I


A Fundraiser For State Representative

Clifford G. “Biff” Lee OD GO KS, IN DR OD GO D, O FO & OD O G ES TIM


September 13 th, 4 to 7 pm



Laurel Fire Company Banquet Hall 10th Street

$15.00 per person

Do you favor parental notification for teens seeking an abortion? I oppose efforts to expand the parental notice requirement to include 16 and 17 year olds.

Children Under 12 Free when accompanied by an adult

Do you support the death penalty? Death penalty cases are a very serious matter, and I believe they should be deter-

Tickets available at Richard Small Insurance, Central Ave. or At The Door

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