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MORNING STAR • SEPTEMBER 4 - 10, 2008 pend on diplomatic and peaceful relations as a primary course, not on military intervention. Continued militaristic activity is not in the best interest of either America or our world.

Karen Hartley-Nagle (D) Why are you interested in holding this office? I was raised with the belief that if you live in this great country of ours, you have an obligation to serve it. A direct descendent of George Clymer, an original signer of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Hartley-Nagle Rights, I have a deep seated belief that we all have a responsibility to those who have sacrificed to protect our rights, freedoms and liberties. Since my 2006 campaign, I’ve continued traveling across the state talking with Delaware families and listening to your concerns. I want to take real solutions and common sense ideas straight from the people of Delaware to the halls of Congress. I’m running to offer the voters of Delaware a choice, and an opportunity. An opportunity to rethink our leadership, reclaim our government and reach our goals. Why should voters elect you over your opponents? I am the candidate with vision, forward thinking ideas, and experience necessary to lead. My drive to bring a voice to all citizens can be seen in my advocacy on behalf of children, work to pass familyfriendly legislation, work with others to bring the offshore wind park and jobs to Delaware, landmark child predator legislation, healthcare for Delaware’s Native Americans, extended bus service and my commitment to open and accountable government – all successful. My efforts have earned me the reputation of a strong vocal leader who puts the interests of children, families and community above that of special interests and partisan bickering. I bring that same unwavering spirit and common sense leadership to Congress. I will continue to work tirelessly to stand up for what truly matters to the people of Delaware, not just offering a lot of grandiose talk and political posturing. Additionally, I have received numerous endorsements; Democratic committees, labor, elected officials, organizations and community leaders – Why? They know I am the only candidate that can win against Mike Castle. What do you feel is the top issue facing the office you are seeking? How will you address this issue? President Bush and Congressman Castle sold us a trickle down economy and as a result, we have watched jobs trickle out of Delaware and the U.S., with China recently surpassing us for the first time in manufacturing. We have a trillion dollar national dept burden our children and grandchildren will have to repay. Federal budget surpluses have turned into unprecedented deficits and cheapened the value of the dollar. We can start by fighting for fair trade and amending NAFTA, pioneer the first wave of green technologies that will be in high demand throughout the world, be proactive in and support the Employees


Free Choice Act. Mike Castle voted against it last March when he had the chance. I am sure that investing in America and good education, training and jobs for working men and women right here in Delaware can save the standard of living for us all and once again stabilize our nation’s finances. Furthermore, I support Federal funding for a rail system running the length of Delaware that will provide jobs, affordable public transportation, emergency evacuation, limit traffic congestion, and open up our tourist trade. Name one or two things the nation should do now to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. My interest is in making sure we have a comprehensive energy policy that can bring down gas prices. I support the position of Senator Obama and Speaker Pelosi requiring oil companies to use existing drilling leases. The 68 million acres of stockpiled leases can produce an additional 4.8 million barrels of oil each day, nearly doubling the U.S. oil production. I support legislation forcing oil companies to either produce or pay a fee on unused federal onshore and offshore leases they are stockpiling, opening portions of the (offshore) Outer Continental Shelf for drilling — with appropriate safeguards, without taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil and releasing supplies from the U.S. emergency oil stockpile to help lower gasoline prices. I support requiring utilities to generate a portion of their electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind and wave energy and rein in excessive energy market speculation that has run up crude oil and gasoline prices. This comprehensive approach will ensure energy independence essential to our national security, create millions of good paying jobs here at home in a new green economy, and will take major steps forward in addressing the global climate crisis. Should the federal government provide a national health care plan? The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care and we are seeing jobs going overseas as a result. Moreover, as you put your children through school and college, do you want to face the prospect that one of your children happens to get a job with an employer which offers a good health care plan and your other child works somewhere that doesn’t? Why should the life and health of one of your children be “worth more” than the other one? Human dignity in America requires that we assign value to every American because they’re American not to only certain Americans because they “lucked out.” Should we keep a military presence in Iraq? We can begin a safe, phased withdrawal from Iraq, move toward diplomacy in the Middle East, and stop the massive hemorrhaging of lives and dollars which comes from patrolling other people’s streets. Mike Castle is joined at the hip with George Bush and John McCain on the war and, in fact, has voted with President Bush 93% of the time. He’s a bad Bush enabler. In nearly five-and-a-half years in Iraq we’ve spent too much money and way too many lives and it’s time to go now. Instead of our spending more of our money building their schools in Anbar Province,



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Lewes Fire Hall Rehoboth Fire Co. - Sta. No. 2 Rehoboth Fire Hall Rehoboth Elementary School Beacon Middle School Indian River Fire Co. Sub Station Cape Henlopen High School

347 Savannah Rd., Lewes 4407 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth 219 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth 500 Stockley St. Extd., Rehoboth 19483 John J. Williams Hwy., Lewes 25375 Banks Rd., Long Neck 1250 Kings Hwy., Lewes

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Milford Middle School

612 Lakeview Ave., Milford

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Milford Middle School Milford Middle School

612 Lakeview Ave., Milford 612 Lakeview Ave., Milford

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Greenwood Fire Hall Bridgeville Fire Hall Woodbridge High School Del Tech Higher Ed Bldg. Sussex Tech High School Redden Community Hall Ellendale Fire Hall

12611 Sussex Hwy., Greenwood 315 Market St., Bridgeville 308 Laws St., Bridgeville Seashore Hwy., Georgetown 17099 County Seat Hwy., Georgetown 18192 Redden Rd., Georgetown 302 Main St., Ellendale

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Lulu Ross Elem School Lulu Ross Elem School Slaughter Neck Comm Center Morris Early Learning Center Del Tech - Jason Bldg Mariner Middle School H.O. Brittingham School Ellendale Fire Hall

310 Loverʼs Lane, Milford 310 Loverʼs Lane, Milford 22942 Slaughter Neck Rd., Lincoln 8609 Third St., Lincoln Seashore Hwy., Georgetown 16391 Harbeson Rd., Milton 400 Mulberry St., Milton 302 Main St., Ellendale

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Ninth Grade Campus Shields Elementary School Zoar Church Hall Harbeson Church Hall Georgetown Elementary School N. Georgetown Elementary Georgetown Middle School DOT Transportation Bldg.

820 Savannah Rd., Lewes 910 Shields Ave., Lewes 24463 Gravel Hill Rd., Millsboro 18636 Harbeson Rd., Harbeson 301-A W. Market St., Georgetown 664 N. Bedford St. Extd., Georgetown 301-A W. Market St., Georgetown 23697 Dupont Hwy., Georgetown

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New Indian River High School Millville Fire Hall Lord Baltimore Elementary Bethany Beach Fire Hall Fenwick Island Town Hall Roxana Fire Sub Station Roxana Fire Hall Selbyville Fire Hall

29772 Armory Rd., Dagsboro 316 Atlantic Ave., Millville 120 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View 215 Hollywood St., Bethany Beach 800 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island Lt. House Rd., Selbyville Zion Church Rd., Roxana-Frankford 30 N. Main St., Selbyville

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Seaford Middle School Seaford Senior High School Seaford Senior High School Seaford City Hall West Seaford Elementary Blades Fire Hall Blades Elementary

500 E. Stein Hwy., Seaford 399 N. Market St., Seaford 399 N. Market St., Seaford 414 High St., Seaford 511 Sussex Ave., Seaford 200 E. Fifth St., Blades-Seaford 900 S. Arch St., Blades-Seaford

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North Laurel Elementary Laurel Ctrl Mid Sch Fieldhse Laurel Fire Hall Laurel High School Laurel High School Delmar Fire Hall Delmar High School

499 Wilson St., Laurel 801 Central Ave., Laurel 205 W. 10th St., Laurel 1133 S. Central Ave., Laurel 1133 S. Central Ave., Laurel Grove & Bi-State Blvd., Delmar 200 N. 8th St., Delmar

37030 Millsboro Hwy.,Gumboro-Millsboro 01 41 21 05 Gumboro Fire Hall 02 41 20 05 E. Millsboro Elementary 29346 Iron Branch Rd., Millsboro 03 41 20 05 Frankford Fire Hall 7 Main St., Frankford 04 41 20 05 Dagsboro Fire Hall 200 Waples St., Dagsboro 05 41 20 05 Millsboro Fire Hall 109 E. State St., Millsboro 06 41 20 04 Millsboro Civic Center 322 Wilson Hwy., Millsboro 07 41 20 04 Indian River Fire Hall 32628 Oak Orchard Rd., Millsboro 08 41 20 04 Long Neck Elementary Sch. School Rd., Long Neck 09 41 18 04 Mid Sussex Rescue Squad 31378 Indian Mission Rd., Long Neck ABSENTEE BALLOT DEADLINE: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2008, 12 NOON POLLS ARE OPEN 7 AM - POLLS CLOSE 8 PM DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS FOR SUSSEX COUNTY 119 North Race Street, Georgetown, DE 19947 • Phone: 302-856-5367

September 4, 2008_L  
September 4, 2008_L