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MORNING STAR • AUGUST 14 - 20, 2008

Education Del Tech classes to start Aug. 25 And it’s not too late to register for classes

Sam Brittingham, automotive technology department chairman; Michael Love, community traffic safety program coordinator for the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service; and Huey West, automotive technology faculty, in front of the new trailer that was purchased with grant funds to transport ‘Ima Hirtin’ and her car to various sites to demonstrate the supplemental restraint system (seat belts).

Trailer makes spreading the word about seat belts easier The Automotive Technology department at Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown, takes a proactive role in promoting car safety, both for drivers and passengers. A major focus of students and staff is the supplemental restraint system (SRS), commonly known as seat belts. Much time and effort is expended to demonstrate driver and passenger safety and the correlation between the improper fit of seat belts and the resulting injury that can be caused by air bag deployment in an accident. Staff and students assembled various pieces of equipment — mannequin, steering wheel, dash board, etc. — to simulate a driver and car. After piecing together all the parts to make a demo that helps the public understand what happens in a car crash, it was then necessary to transport the equipment. And that was almost always a problem as the automotive department didn’t have the proper means.

Michael Love, community traffic safety program coordinator for the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service, decided to help. “It was quite a contraption that had been put together to emphasize the importance of the SRS,” Love commented. “But it needed to be more realistic and easier to transport from site to site.” So Love applied for a grant from the Safe Kids Delaware for Sussex County program to purchase a new trailer to transport the air bag demonstration to various events. Bridgeville Auto Center, which supplies the airbags used in the demonstrations, donated seats, a dashboard and steering column to give the demo a more realistic appearance. Now, with the support of students and staff in the automotive department at Delaware Tech, mannequin “Ima Hirtin” and her car can relay the message that seat belts save lives.

Web site school profiles are easier to read Delaware’s Department of Education has a new look on its Web site for school profiles. The Web site was first developed in 1997. Delaware was one of the first states in the nation to publish school profile information both on the Internet and in hard copy form. In the 11 years since, constantly changing state and federal requirements have caused the school profiles to be modified but never completely redesigned. Last year, DOE decided to redesign the school profiles in order to meet state and federal requirements while incorporating suggestions from Vision 2015.

“The goal was to make it more understandable, easier to read, and reduce the number of printed copies of school profiles,” said Robert Czeizinger, director of technology management for DOE. The new school profiles contain easy to read graphs and data, term definitions as well as access to more detailed educational data. Data is categorized through the use of tabs and drop down fields into school, staff and student graphs, tables and charts, making it easier to access information users are seeking. To view online school profiles, visit

If you haven’t decided what you are going to do this fall and the availability of jobs seems dismal, it’s not too late to consider becoming a student at Delaware Technical & Community College. Fall semester classes begin Monday, Aug. 25. There are more than 100 associate degree, certificate and diploma programs that provide specific preparation for employment in the field of your choice. Knowing that many of its students are employed and have family responsibilities, Delaware Tech, Owens Campus, continues to broaden its scope of offerings. In addition to the classes offered Monday through Friday during the day and evening, there will be an increased num-

ber of Saturday and weekend classes. Various science, commercial transportation, education, math, and English classes will be offered on Saturdays; courses addressing U.S. history, general psychology, and ethical issues in health care will be the focus of entire weekends. Delaware Tech also offers students the option to take classes on campus and via distance education, including online, telecourses and interactive classroom courses. Registration for the fall semester is in progress now. For more information, call Student Services at 302-856-5400, ext. 6010.

CFM top producers Kathy Farnell, broker and vice president of Callaway, Farnell and Moore in Seaford announces the firm's top producers for May. Fran Ruark was the top listing agent for the month, and Terry Scott was the top selling agent.



August 14, 2008_S  
August 14, 2008_S  

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