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MORNING STAR • AUGUST 14 - 20, 2008


Good Samaritan Shop provides clothes for fashion show What do you do on a Friday evening after getting off work? AT URPHY You go to a fashion show! Yeah, that’s what I did this Need clothes for those past Friday as the Lighthouse youngsters going back to Church put on a fashion show to school and under the benefit the Good Samaritans Aid gasoline crunch? Some Organization. Models included Miss Laurel, Lauren Hitch; Miss outfits the models were Harbeson, Sara Penny and many wearing cost as little as members of the church. They $1.25 to $3. raised $243 from donations and received more later. What was so neat about the event was unteers at the shop. It has lost five volunteers in the last several months. how nice everyone looked in their If you have an hour a week or even a clothes that came from the Good Samaritan Shop. Need clothes for those young- month, put your name on the volunteer sters going back to school, but under the list. I would be terribly remiss if I did not gasoline crunch? Some outfits the modmention the similar good work done by els were wearing cost as little as $1.25 the Soroptomist Club in Seaford and by to $3. Good Will Industries in Bridgeville, but Can you imagine this? Your children in this case we are talking about the will look every bit as good as someone Good Samaritans, whom I have not diswith a $30 pair of pants and an $8 shirt. cussed in a while. The show was entitled, “Fashions at The Good Samaritans have been there low prices,” and they certainly were, since 1978 and Henrietta Koch has been whether it was for a youngster or adult. the director for most of those years. As you probably know, all money Midge McMasters has more than 15 taken in at the Good Samaritan shop years and both work hard for the organigoes to help those with needs within the zation. community. It could be for doctor bills, As pastor Tim Jones’ wife Rebecca, medicines, heat and electric, phone or other special needs through the organiza- who was master of ceremonies, said at the end of the fashion show, “This is tion’s outreach program. very exciting for us to be able to do this. There is a never-ending need for vol-


Internet connection free at The Circle Georgetown's historic Circle has long been the scenic gateway to Delaware's resort communities, a gathering spot for outdoor lunches, even a backdrop for the occasional wedding. Now it's a Wi-Fi hot spot for computer users to connect to the World Wide Web. Sussex County Council and the town of Georgetown have joined to provide free, wireless Internet access. The Wi-Fi broadcast, with coverage immediately over The Circle at the center of town, has been in place for more than six months. Town and County officials want to remind residents and visitors that the connection is there. All people have to do is connect. "A lot of business goes on here on The Circle everyday, and the Internet has fast become an essential means to do business, both locally and around the world," Georgetown town manager Gene Dvornick said. "We want the public to know the Internet is here, and we want them to use it. Best of all, it's free." Eddie Sparpaglione, director of the County's Information Systems office, said an early offering of the public wireless connection was made available in 2007. The service piggybacks on the county's computer network. With The Circle such a high-traffic area, the town and county wanted to promote the Wi-Fi availability. Users must have a wireless capable computer, and agree to terms of use. The broadcast is identified as "The-Circle" and will appear on any wireless computer.



CD RATES B ank-issued, FDIC- insured to $100,000




Minimum deposit $5,000

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 8/11 /08. CDs are federally insured up to $100,000 (principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) per issuing institution. CDs are also federally insured up to $250,000 (principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) in qualified retirement accounts per issuing institution. Subject to availability and price change. CD values may decline in a rising interest rate environment, and the market value may fluctuate if sold prior to maturity. The amount received from the sale of a CD at current market value may be more than, less than or equal to the amount initially invested, FDIC Insurance does not cover losses in market value in these instances. Early withdrawal may not be permitted. Yields quoted are net of all commissions. You pay no additional commissions, annual fees or periodic charges. The estate feature allows heirs to redeem the certificates of deposit upon the death of an owner at face value, interest earned, subject to limitations, CDs require the distribution of interest and do not allow interest to compound. CDs offered through Edward Jones are issued by banks and thrifts nationwide. $5,000 minimum investment per issuing institution. All CDs sold by Edward Jones are registered with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC)

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This may not be the last time they do it, as much fun as the members seemed to be having.” John H. Benson, who was tragically injured in a diving accident, is getting a lot of community support and prayers from the community. There is to be a chicken barbecue on Saturday, Aug. 16, at Bargain Bills Flea Market from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., and the cost is $6. John , who just turned 21, certainly can use our support. The Laurel Chamber of Commerce began moving into its new building on Monday, Aug. 11. It is in the old Conner’s Drug Store building on East Market Street. New chamber secretary is Joyce Ramsey. More on this later. The Delmar VFW opened for breakfast Monday morning and the old “round table” was fully occupied. Life goes on but Linda, you are missed. Friday, Sept. 12, the Laurel Alumni Sports and Fans group will meet for dinner again, at the Georgia House in Laurel at 4 p.m. for social and 5 p.m. for dinner. Of course, you can call Craig Littleton to be included in the group. Last year, 50 or so people showed up and all had a good time, some more than others, as Craig was in top form. Or if

you are like me, you might think that it was low form. His number to make reservations is 462-7450. The other day I was in The Insurance Market Financial Center in Laurel, waiting for a brief chat with John Downes. For those of you who do not know, the financial center is in the old post office building, on Central Avenue in Laurel. What a beautiful, beautiful building inside. Memories came back to me of visits to that post office as a mere kid of perhaps 10 or 11. I was always selling something seeds, TV Guides, greeting cards or magazines, and I was always anxious for my shipment to arrive. My patience was not always the best, as I often made several trips, sure that today it would arrive. One thing I forgot to do in those younger years was to enjoy the beauty of that historic post office. Am I trying to tell you something? Do we get older and wiser? I had better not go there as I will get plenty of replies on that one, but I do know we appreciate things more as we get older. Now, I should appreciate Dick Whaley a whole lot!

L au r e l Am e r i c anL e g i o nPo s t #1 9 pr e s e n t s

Y o u t hF i s h i n gT o u r n am e n t S at u r d ay,Au g u s t 23 rd Re g i s t e rat A & KT ac k l e Fishing Areas: Records Pond & Broadcreek to the R/R Bridge PRIZES AWARDED 4 to 7 years 8 to 11 years 12 to 15 years

Any child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


T OU R NA MENT H OU R S9 am - 1 2 pm NoT ac k l eP r o v i d e d American Legion and A&K Tackle are not responsible for any accidents.


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August 14, 2008_S  

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