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GENERAL EDUCATION & EXCHANGE “Home was where my values were formed. Morningside, or more specifically, the freshman seminar, Current Dilemmas and Their Historiess, was where I first learnt to identify and think carefully about my values – where they stemmed from, whether they are valid, and how they fit into the broader picture of our roles in the history of humanity.”



GENERAL EDUCATION Morningside once again provided two College General Education courses in 2012-2013 – GEMC1001 (Current Dilemmas and Their Histories) and GEMC3001 (Service Learning). Both courses are supervised by the Dean of General Education, in collaboration with Fellows and Junior Fellows. The Master of Morningside, SIR JAMES MIRRLEES (Economics), along with College Fellows COLIN GRAHAM (Medicine), DAVID PARKER (Research Centre for Human Values), JACK QIU (Communication & Journalism), ANTHONY SPIRES (Sociology), and XI CHAO (Law) lectured on dilemmas in their fields. Tutorial instruction was provided by four Junior Fellows, chosen via a rigorous application and interview process. Morningside’s 2012-2013 Junior Fellows (counterclockwise from bottom left) were: MARISA CANNON (University College London, BA, 2012), EDWIN CHAU (CUHK, BSSc, 2011; LSE, MSc, 2012), HARRISON KELLY (University of Edinburgh, MA, 2012), and BRIAN SKERRATT (Princeton University, AB, 2004; Harvard University, PhD, expected 2013). In addition to leading GEMC1001 tutorials and supervising student service projects, the Junior Fellows organized a range of cultural and service activities for Morningsiders this year. In collaboration with Resident Tutor ANNEMARELLE VAN SCHAYIK, Edwin Chau coordinated a weekly Film Club. He also led 25 Morningside students on a service


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Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013  

Morningside College Master's Report 2012-2013