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Special Anniversary Edition 1961 - 2011 IN THIS ISSUE Message from the President


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Past, Present, Future... A History of Morningside Ministries


Giving from the Heart: Celebrating our Volunteers


Senior Living Communities Morningside Ministries is San Antonio’s oldest and largest not-for-profit, faith-based, senior care organization, dedicated with the specific mission of “Caring For Those Who Cared For Us�. Morningside Ministries has served the San Antonio community since 1961 with Morningside Ministries at The Manor, Morningside Ministries at The Meadows, and Morningside Ministries at Chandler Estate. In May of 2004, Morningside Ministries extended the ministry to include Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs in Boerne.

Today we continue to serve over 800 residents in retirement, assisted living, memory care, nursing care, rehabilitation and a senior community center. We are also dedicated to educating our staff, residents, family members and caregivers to provide the highest quality of care and services through online training at

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Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


















Alvin Loewenberg, President

Our belief that aging is a gift from God and should be embraced and celebrated at every opportunity still guides our every move. adults is still paramount in our decisions and the actions we take. Our commitment to ministry as a church-related organization is as strong as it was in 1961. The Board of Directors remain faithful to the belief that a not-for-profit, church entity should lead the way and be the bellwether in the provision of services to older adults in our communities. Morningside Ministries is that leader and our plans are to remain the leader. Our belief that aging is a gift from God and should be embraced and celebrated at every opportunity



o many people, fifty years does not seem like a long time. For others, it may seem like forever. Time seems to fly past very quickly, no matter who we are. Time moves on and so has Morningside Ministries. Over the past fifty years, we have changed and grown and done things differently because that was needed to be the best we could be. Time passes, things change, people come and go in our lives, old programs and policies give way to new and better ones. Older buildings are refurbished, rebuilt, torn away to make room for new ideas and new ways of serving people. Leadership changes, strategic plans are written, and rewritten and implemented. No two days in time are ever exactly the same. Certainly, Morningside Ministries is not the same place it was in 1961 when we opened Morningside Manor with only eight residents and a very limited staff. Our money was tight. Every penny had to be accounted for and spent wisely. There was no room for fluff. Management staff and employees and members of the Board of Directors were not well-equipped or trained to handle the challenges of running a retirement community. Their intentions were good, but their understanding and knowledge were lacking. Over the past fifty years growth and change have come slowly, but it has been a progression. We have never stopped working and striving to become better and to do more, to be more creative and innovative and to offer services and accommodations older adults and families wanted. Throughout our 50 years, some things have not changed. Our belief in the value of older


still guides our every move. We encourage all people to recognize that age does not determine the value of life. Life at every age can be filled with possibility, hope, excitement, love, and new ways of being and doing. We still recognize the great honor that is ours to work with older adults and to be a part of their lives. To share the human experiences that we share with residents, families and employees is an opportunity whose value none of us can measure.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011









To preserve our legacy of ‘Caring for those who cared for us’ it’s really about managing change. Mike Novak, Chairman of the Board


o doubt it is fun and appropriate to pause at such a significant milestone to celebrate and reflect on our past successes. It is good to seize the moment to count our blessings and give thanks, and congratulate each other for achieving 50 years of excellence in being true to Morningside Ministries’ original mission statement: “Caring for those who cared for us.” It is also an appropriate time to reflect on Morningside

Ministries’ future. We have a lot more birthdays ahead of us and a legacy to preserve and to serve future generations of senior citizens. In our strategic planning sessions we often refer to the “tsunami” of baby boomers rapidly approaching the season of their golden years. This tidal wave of seniors will be unprecedented. By any account there will be a shortage of senior care facilities like Morningside Ministries to serve the next generation of seniors. Many families caught in the tidal wave will not have the

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

financial resources to afford the rising cost of living in facilities with our standard of excellence in senior care. We are planning and preparing for these issues, and more. To preserve our legacy of “Caring for those who cared for us,” it’s really about managing “change”. For the past 50 years the Morningside Ministries Board of Directors, executive team, and countless dedicated personnel, have successfully navigated “change”. Lot’s of change. Our current generation of leadership is most certainly doing the same as we are very much aware that change is happening now, more is inevitable, and that the changes will be significant. We are not the first generation facing the challenges of uncertainty. We can’t predict the depth of economic cycles, but we do know that there will be cycles. We can’t predict the political winds affecting our funding resources, but we do know that the winds will shift from time to time and sometimes blow at gale forces. You can be assured that Morningside Ministries has a comprehensive and pro-active strategic plan in place which will guide us through the rapidly changing conditions. We are managing change now and will continue to do so. Our highest priority is to be true to our original mission statement, and to continue Morningside’s legacy of excellence in senior care for another 50 years. So, Happy 50th Morningside! Look for some innovative and creative initiatives in the near future.

Past... Present...


The story of

Morningside Ministries

The Beginning The origin of Morningside Ministries dates back to the mid-1950s with a resolution by the Southwest Texas

Conference of the United Methodist Church on May 27, 1957 to create a board of managers for the establishment, maintenance, operation and management of homes for the elderly. The San Antonio board included 30 members, 12 of whom were ministers, and began searching for land and developing plans for a home and a hospital in the area. The hospital was later developed as Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital, and the home, Morningside Manor.

Opening On September 11, 1961, Morningside Manor officially opened. Members of Travis 6

Park United Methodist Church served a formal dinner to honor the first ten residents. Just as the festivities were beginning, winds and rain from Hurricane Carla, battering the Gulf Coast at the time, caused the electricity to go out in the building. Thus, residents were served dinner on delicate china and longstemmed crystal glasses by the light of candles, starting a candlelight dinner tradition that continues to this day. Surrounded by acres of open, green, grassy plain, early residents played golf and pitched horseshoes on the open lawn. However, after two months of operation, only 31 residents had moved in and the community began to experience financial difficulties. Dr. Ted Richardson, the Methodist District Superintendent, approached Rev. Harold Gosnell of St. Mark's Episcopal Church about spreading the word about Morningside Manor. Within two months, 47 new residents had moved in. Next, Richardson met with Dr. George Mauze and the board at First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio about joining in partnership with Morningside. In April 1967, a new ecumenical charter was formalized and approved and Morningside Manor, Inc. had three sponsors – The

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, The West Texas Diocese of the Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio.

Early Expansion It soon became apparent that the 12-bed infirmary would not meet the needs of Manor residents or the community. In 1967, with a bequest from Crystal A. Powell and the San Antonio Presbyterian Foundation, construction began on the 140-bed D.A. Powell Memorial Building. Additional funding from a $400,000 Hill-Burton Grant, individual gifts and a bank loan provided for the building, later to become known as Powell I. The Moore Chapel was Morningside's next big project. Ms. Rowena Brown, a Morningside resident, desired to leave some of her estate to build a chapel, named in honor of her sister, Harriet Brown Moore. Opened in 1968, the chapel stands in front of the original building's main entrance. Planning for a major addition to the Powell building began in November 1968 and the doors to Powell II opened in 1971.

In April 1968, an active volunteer group was organized for the facility. Volunteers called themselves Morninglories and Manor Men and carefully planned activities and gifts for the enhancement of the residents lives. In 1971, a gift shop was added in the Powell building to raise money for activities and gifts. In 1975, 40 cottage apartments, in 12 buildings, were completed west of the Manor. The one-and-twobedroom cottages were built with an anonymous $1 million gift and provided an independent living option to residents. A clubhouse, mailboxes and laundry rooms were also added. Morningside Manor now housed more than 400 residents.

Moving Beyond Babcock Road In the early 1970s, the Morningside Board was approached by the Chandler Memorial Home Board of Trustees about assuming ownership and operation of the Chandler Memorial Home. Built in 1885 as a private residence on West French Place, the home was incorporated as "The Chandler Home for Gentlewomen in Needy Circumstances" in December 1923, after the death of Mr. & Mrs. Chandler. This facility was closed in

1968 due to stricter state regulations on retirement and nursing homes. It was then that Morningside agreed to accept the home, along with the land, some furnishings and a cash gift to begin new construction. A 120-bed nursing home was completed behind the Chandler House in 1977. The addition of a 39unit apartment building and the renovation of the house for a senior center were completed in 1978.

organization. Long-term goals were developed and a solid financial footing was established. Over $1 million was spent renovating the original main building when the heating and air conditioning system was replaced and the nursing unit was completely rebuilt.

A Period of Growth Between 1967 and 1981, Morningside Manor, Inc. grew from 100 residents to more than 600 and from one building to two campuses with numerous buildings and into a $7.5 million organization. In 1980, the Charitable Endowment Fund

was created to provide for those residents in need of financial assistance. An office for development and public relations was set up in 1980 to grow the donations and publicity for Morningside. During the early 1980s, the number of staff began to increase and the organization went from a "mom and pop" operation to a large

In June of 1981, the board of directors appointed a building committee to plan for additional facilities on the undeveloped land west of Morningside Manor. It was decided to build additional retirement apartments and in December 1984, Morningside Ministries at The Meadows, four-story independent living center opened with 116 apartments. Again, an anonymous $1 million donation provided for the construction of the building. A professional fundraising team succeeded in raising $1.95 million to help finance the project. The cottages, which until now were considered an extension of Morningside Manor, were transferred to the management of The Meadows. The new

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


community offered cafeteriastyle dining, a beauty shop and a convenience store. In 1984, Morningside Ministries began Chandler InHome Care as an outreach to the community. That service grew into Morningside Home Health Care, providing private pay homemaker/companion service as well as nursing, therapy and infusion services to residents of the San Antonio community for a couple of decades.

In 1986, on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Morningside Manor, the name Morningside Manor, Inc. was officially changed to Morningside Ministries. The Administrative Center was added to the Babcock Road campus in 1989. Before then, the corporate offices for Morningside had been located in the health care center of Morningside Manor. The opening of a new corporate office freed up valuable room at Morningside Manor and provided much-needed space for a rapidly growing staff.

converted into pharmacy space and a pharmacist and technician were hired. Although it took almost two days to fill the first prescription, the pharmacy now easily fills thousands of prescriptions each week. In January 1997, a new assisted living center opened on the Chandler Estate campus, providing 24 beautiful suites, and adding an additional 12 beds to the health care facility. A rehabilitation gym, administrative offices, a thirdfloor dining room and two private dining rooms were also added to the health care center. Morningside Ministries at The Manor underwent extensive renovations again in 1998-1999, providing improvements to Unit Seven. The admissions office was refurbished, the assisted living dining room was improved and a new nurse's station and beautiful outdoor atrium were added. The Eden Alternative was adopted at The Manor that year, incorporating more living plants, resident animals and more inter-generational

The board voted to open an in-house pharmacy at Morningside Ministries at The Manor in 1990 to provide medication, information and other services to residents and employees. The old classroom at The Manor was 8

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

activities with youth to provide a more naturalistic and homelike atmosphere. The first Celebration of Life Fall Festival was held at The Manor in 1999 to provide residents, families and employees a day of outdoor fun, games, food, music and togetherness. In March of 2000, the board accepted one of the most substantial gifts in its history, $450,000 from the Jeramiah Fund in honor of Bitsey and Cy Kaulbach. This resulted in the renaming of the assisted living at Morningside Ministries at The Manor to The Kaulbach Assisted Living Center.

Growing For The Future After many years of planning and deliberating, the board of directors voted to move forward with a plan to expand services to the Boerne area. A contract was signed for the purchase of 23 acres of land near Highway 46 and Interstate 10 in September 2001 and ground was broken for the community in 2002. The beautiful, new, state-of-the-art

community was opened in April of 2004 along the banks of Menger Creek. Once again designed by Marmon Mok Architects, 95 independent living apartments, 13 assisted living and 13 memory care apartments were added to Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs. Chandler Estate Health Care Center began offering inpatient hospice care in January of 2002. The hospice unit was open for several years consisting of five Medicare-certified, private rooms dedicated to improving the quality of a patient's last days by offering comfort and dignity. The unit also opened up a new aspect of Morningside's ministry - it was no longer strictly for older adults. For the first time, men and women of all ages were admitted to the facility for hospice care. A new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym was opened at The Manor in 2004. Named in honor of Bishop Harold C. Gosnell, the gym greatly enhanced the rehabilitation space and equipment making the facility more attractive for older adults throughout the

area who need rehab services on a short-term basis. A large, new dining space and physician examination room were also added. The St. Cloud entrance and gallery were also modernized and named in honor of Rev. Louis Zbinden, retired pastor of First Presbyterian Church and a 32-year Morningside board member. A $150,000 gift was given to Morningside Ministries by the SBC Foundation (now the AT&T Foundation) in 2004 to open an employee-health clinic using tele-medicine technology. Through a partnership with The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (UTMB), employees at Morningside Ministries were able to visit with a physician in Galveston without leaving the workplace. This provided a much-needed health benefit to the uninsured and underinsured employees allowing them to get first-rate medical care. An additional $150,000 was given by AT&T to support the continued operation of the clinic in 2005. In the fall of 2004, the first Career Ladder Class offered advanced skills training to

certified nursing assistants (CNAs) at Morningside Ministries. This class was the outcome of a 2003 Recruitment and Retention Study of the CNAs, who expressed concern about the lack of advancement opportunities for them. Upon completion of the 16-week course, CNAs gained 32 hours of advanced training, the designation of resident care specialist and a monetary bonus.

Two additional parcels of land, one of 7.8 acres and the other of 2.874 acres, were purchased in late 2006 adjoining the Menger Springs campus, growing the site to almost 34 acres and giving the campus access to Upper Balcones Road. The year 2006 ended with the notification that Morningside Ministries had received the largest gift ever in its history. $4.6 million was left to Morningside from the estate of Lt. Col. Charles Williams, whose mother lived at The Manor in the early 1970s. Through this gift, Morningside was given a significantly stronger financial foundation on which to build for the future of aging services. Ground was broken for the cottage development at Menger Springs on February 20, 2007. The Cottages Under The Oaks provided another independent living

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


option on the Menger Springs Campus, adding 30 singlefamily homes, ranging in size from 1475-1800 square feet. Originally, the development was only planned for 25 cottages, but the homes sold so quickly, another five homes were added and sold immediately. Residents began moving into their homes in November of 2007 and the development was fully completed by the spring of 2008.


In 2007, the Elizabeth McGown Training Institute at Morningside Ministries was opened to provide state-ofthe-art educational programs for family, professional and pastoral caregivers who minister to the needs of frail older adults in Central and South Texas. The goal was to meet one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century: preparing our society to provide for the millions of older adults who will need personal care. Using the latest distancelearning technology available, the Training Institute offers real-life training to those looking for practical ways to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of older adults in their care. By midyear, over $2 million had been raised for this project from individuals, corporations and foundations.

A $500,000 gift from Gov. Dolph Briscoe in 2007 allowed for the expansion of the Training Institute to rural South Texas. The Uvalde hub began offering programming out of the former home of Briscoe's mother in 2008. The August 3, 2007 edition of the San Antonio Business Journal named Morningside Ministries as the largest not-for-profit organization in San Antonio, topping other well known organizations such as Goodwill Industries of San Antonio and the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. Construction began in February of 2008 on a new skilled nursing rehabilitation center at Menger Springs. The new rehab facility completed the continuum of care on that campus. Featuring 40 beds, with a mix of private suites and showers, the 26,000square-foot-community encompasses two wings of 20 beds and looks similar to the Cibolo House.

The Auxiliary of Morningside Manor celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2008, continuing to provide resident activities and parties and gifts to the Manor through funds raised through the gift shop. Vitas Hospice at The Manor opened in the spring of 2008, a 13,000-square-foot facility,

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

providing 15-inpatient hospice beds. The $1.5 million project included a complete renovation of the space and garden area and added family rooms, dining areas, a kitchen, TV room and children's play area.

Morningside Ministries Today After 50 years of service to the community, Morningside Ministries is a nondenominational organization operating three communities in Bexar and Kendall Counties. Open to all people regardless of faith, Morningside Ministries provides a continuum of care to over 800 older adults on any given day. After 50 years of service to the community, Morningside Ministries continues to grow and be recognized as one of the premier continuing care retirement organizations in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Expansion of Menger Springs in Boerne is fast underway, partnership with OASIS and Jefferson Outreach at The Manor began in January 2012, and receiving the 2011 Innovation in Care & Services award from Leading Age is an overall testament that Morningside Ministries is gearing up for the next 50 years. We invite you to watch us, walk with us, guide us, and continue to be our partners.

Giving from

Heart the

The Auxiliary at Morningside Ministries at The Manor was established in 1968. The Auxiliary was originally created to help defray the cost of providing care to residents in nursing care, provide personal attention to each resident, and create volunteer opportunities to community members wanting to work with older adults in nursing care. Today, there are 85 volunteers in the Auxiliary

Celebrating 50 Years of Volunteerism

the “welcome wagon” presenting all new residents with a gift bag and also prepare gifts for residents on their birthday, Christmas or other special occasions.

Morningside Ministries communities. These volunteers are part of an informal volunteer program which includes one-time, short-term The Auxiliary also operates and long-term service projects. a gift shop at The Manor that While many volunteers come is open to all residents, family members, and employees. All as part of a corporate volunteer project, church profits of the shop are group, scout troop, school donated to The Manor to be class or other organized effort, used for renovation of the other volunteers come on their facility, purchase of needed own wanting to help minister equipment and furniture, books, materials and supplies to the needs of residents. that improve the quality of life Volunteer activities include for residents. Since 1994, the driving residents to church or on errands, visiting with Auxiliary has donated residents, helping with hundreds of thousands of recreation activities, musical dollars to Morningside performances, computer Ministries at The Manor from gift shop proceeds. Volunteers lessons and many other are recruited at area churches, activities. These volunteers work under the direction of an through Parent-Teacher Activities Coordinator at each Associations, from community. presentations made by a speaker’ bureau, and through referrals made by volunteers, residents, family members and staff. Most volunteers spend many years volunteering at Morningside Ministries with many leaving the Auxiliary only after retiring or when their own health fails.

providing more than 6,000 volunteer hours per year. They undertake a wide range of activities that free the nursing staff to concentrate on assisted living resident care, including visiting with residents, making rounds with “hydration carts” to ensure residents drink plenty of fluids which is so critical to continued good health, and running errands for the residents to nearby pharmacies, supermarkets, and department stores. Volunteers also read to residents who can no longer In addition, hundreds of hold a book or whose vision other volunteers throughout has failed. They also help the year participate in a wide organize musical entertainment variety of activities at all of for them. Volunteers operate


Searching for

Volunteers To become a volunteer. please call (210) 731-1000.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011



Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

From the active lifestyle of Independent Living to Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, Morningside Ministries has been your source for senior communities for 50 years!


ith two continuum of care campuses in San Antonio and one in Boerne, Morningside Ministries residents can easily move from one level of care to another as their needs evolve. Morningside Ministries is committed to being the best place for seniors to call home. This requires retaining the best employees committed to providing the highest quality of care to older adults. We view our mission to serve as first a ministry and secondly as a business. As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, we strive to touch the lives of our residents by providing innovative, life-enriching programs, warm and comfortable surroundings, and loving and capable employees. We are also dedicated to educating our staff, residents, family members and caregivers to provide the highest quality of care and services through online training at Morningside Ministries provides the care you need to live the life you want.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011



n tree lined streets, amid the distinguished and elegant architecture of San Antonio’s “Gilded Age“ is one of San Antonio’s most gracious retirement communities. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the beautiful Monte Vista Historic District is located just north of downtown San Antonio, and is home to Morningside Ministries at Chandler Estate. The centerpiece of Chandler Estate is the Victorian-style home, built in 1887 by San Antonio Financier and Philanthropist E.B. Chandler and his wife, which has been lovingly restored. The one-time family mansion became a home for senior citizens in the 1940s. The grand staircase, polished mesquite and cherry woods, hand-painted and hand-carved detailing and beautiful stained glass windows create a warm and inviting atmosphere that takes you back to a rich and vibrant past. Now, we are continuing their vision as a Continuum Care Retirement Community. Morningside Ministries at Chandler Estate offers an active adult community center, retirement apartments, assisted living, nursing care and rehabilitation services. •Chandler Estate Retirement apartments are designed for independence and convenience and the intimate community brings friends and neighbors together. Residents have founded the “Reader’s Theatre” acting group showcasing the many talents that have been cultivated within our community. •Chandler Estate Center offers lifeenriching programs, from educational programs to more leisurely pursuits. Participants also enjoy recreational and social opportunities, including travelogue presentations, guided tours to destinations around Texas, cultural-enrichment classes, workshops and lectures.

•Chandler Estate Assisted Living apartments provide peace of mind. It bridges the gap between independent living and nursing care, offering services and amenities in an intimate; home-like atmosphere. Recently remodeled, the Chandler Estate Assisted Living residents receive personal attention tailored to their individual needs. •Chandler Estate Health Care provides services and rehabilitation to adults who require full-time nursing care, offering a variety of nursing services from custodial, skilled care, rehabilitation, hospice and respite care.

Nurtured by a loving staff of caregivers blessed with a calling to serve older adults, Morningside Ministries at Chandler Estate staff has tenure that is synonymous with outstanding care. We live our mission of “Caring For Those Who Cared For Us”. 14

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


he flagship for the organization for many years has been Morningside Ministries at The Manor. Once the second largest nursing home in South Texas, Morningside Ministries at The Manor was licensed for 328 beds. Built much like a hospital, the community was clean and efficient and very sterile. In the 1990’s a movement began across the country to change the culture in long term care communities to make them more like home and to give our residents we serve more choices and more involvement in decisions that affected their daily lives. In response to these culture changes, we now have expanded our mealtime serving hours to allow residents to eat when they want. Restaurant-style meals are now served on most of our nursing units which allows our residents more choices. The most obvious result of culture change is the addition of pets as permanent residents of our home. Several cats, birds, fish, and a single dog call Morningside Ministries home as they interact with our adults and staff and are a delight to our visitors and children. Along with changing services came changes to our physical plant. Gone are the shiny hard floors, bright fluorescent lights, and all white corridors. In their place is soft lighting, subtle patterned carpet and vinyl

planking designed for healthcare, and a myriad of non-white wall colors. Also gone are the vinyl chairs and sofas, replaced with rich textured fabrics. While we have some resident room areas still to complete, the changes in appearance is striking. It looks and feels more like home. More than culture is changing at Morningside Manor. The most profound change is in the residents that we serve and the services that we now offer them. This past month we had a special event honoring our residents 100 years of age or older. We entertained 12 residents with our oldest being 106. Our adult population is older and much more frail when they come to live in our community. Probably the most significant change in our services is in our geriatric rehabilitation. More and more adults come to us from the hospitals after some type of acute illness or accident and, after rehabilitation, are able to return home. The length of stay after admission to Morningside Ministries at The Manor is not counted in years anymore, but in days. 50% of our residents that come to us for rehabilitation and skilled nursing care are able to return home in 30 days. The first 50 years is behind us! Morningside Ministries at The Manor will continue to be a leader in providing healthcare to older adults into the next 50 years.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011



n 1975, twelve cottage buildings, housing 40 apartments became homes for new residents of The Meadows. The doors of Morningside Ministries at The Meadows atrium building opened in December, 1984. It is a part of the original Morningside Ministries campus which began in 1961, 50 years ago, completing a continuum of care—serving residents from independent living to skilled nursing care and now in-patient hospice. The Cottages and Atrium are in a continual cycle of renovating and updating—the latest being in the Atrium first floor common areas completed in spring, 2010. The next major renovation will include the hallways and upper floor common areas. A former office space was converted into a comfortable coffee café, complete with sofa, comfortable chairs, fireplace, tables and chairs that quickly became popular for playing bridge. It is our commitment to analyze spaces and adapt them to what our residents request. Activities have also changed with the times. The days of ceramics have made way for a focus on fitness and wellness. A fitness room with treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike, and upper body strengthening machines is a busy area. Yoga, Matter of Balance and Texercise classes are on the daily calendar, along with drumming, laughter


Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

exercises and brain fitness which all boost mental fitness. Morningside Ministries at The Meadows is proud to be the first retirement community in San Antonio to offer the ¡Por Vida! program; a restaurantrecognition program that helps people make healthier eating choices by identifying menu items that meet national guidelines developed by the Healthy Restaurant Coalition. While many things we mentioned are dynamic and changing with the times, one thing that stays stable is our staff. Future residents who are planning to move in are always impressed with the longevity of many of our staff. It is a measure of stability that most retirement communities cannot boast about. Energized with keeping up with what our new residents want and need, means our job is never done. Every day presents new opportunities and challenges for us. The baby-boomers are reaching retirement age and housing with services for seniors will be important in the future for those who need transportation, support and for those who want to be surrounded by friends and enjoy activities. It is our goal to meet the needs of this approaching demographic group and be ready to make them want to live here with us at Morningside Ministries at The Meadows.


ight years ago, Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs opened its doors to residents in the picturesque environment of the Hill Country. Since then, we have grown offering services and amenities to meet the changing needs of our community. Among those needs is the physical health and wellness of our residents. Our newly renovated fitness center offers ample space to workout, state of the art exercise equipment and a ballet bar for stretching. Residents can also take part in water aerobics held in the heated indoor pool. To enhance mental acuity, residents can participate in our weekly iPad class or visit our library which has an expansive selection of books. Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs allows retirees more time to delight in their life, lifestyle, community and surroundings. From inspired dining options to weekly housekeeping services, residents enjoy their freedom from routine home maintenance and upkeep. This free time is filled with great daily events and activities hosted by the community or nearby in the city of Boerne. Throughout the year, the city offers great concerts and festivals, wine and brewery tours, golfing,

fishing and picnicking in any of the city’s nine parks, shopping and so much more! From the arts and entertainment to dining, Boerne offers it all. Residents can partake in the many activities in Boerne on their own or together with fellow residents coordinated by our wonderful activities director. Residents can also sit back and relax on the expansive flagstone patio overlooking native deer that graze on the grounds, have their hair done at the salon or listen to the piano played in the community center. Strategic planning initiatives have begun to expand Cibolo House Assisted Living and Menger House Independent Living apartments. Additionally, the second phase of expanding The Cottages Under The Oaks is currently underway. Retirees who wish to make Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs their home will have peace of mind knowing that their continued health needs can be cared for with our assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and respite care. Our expansion, coupled with the services and amenities that our community has to offer continue to provide retirees with the great care they deserve in the beautiful city of Boerne. Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Through theYears... David Carranza

40 Years, The Manor

Windy Morgan

39 Years Administrative Center

Kathy Hernandez

Theresa Eureste

38 Years, The Manor

Naomi Bethany

32 Years Administrative Center

31 Years, The Manor

31 Years, The Manor

Linda Gonzales

Josephine Hernandez

Sonya Cortinas

29 Years, The Manor

Mary Scruggs

26 Years, The Manor 18

Pat Andrede

29 Years, The Manor

Rose Lilly

25 Years, The Manor

29 Years Administrative Center

Gloria Perez

25 Years, The Manor

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

Linda Fuentes

36 Years, The Manor

Vickie Brown

30 Years, The Manor

Eloise Ramirez

28 Years, Chandler Estate

David Alvarez

25 Years, The Meadows

“Our staff ’s commitment to ministry as a church-related organization is as strong today as it was in 1961.”

- Alvin Loewenberg

Evelia Valdez

36 Years, The Manor

Estela Magallanez 30 Years, The Manor

Irene Olsson

27 Years, Chandler Estate

24 Years Lucy Mendoza, The Manor Leticia Ozuna, The Manor Connie Sanchez, The Manor Gabriel Salazar, The Manor

Barbara Wilson

32 Years, Chandler Estate

Jaime Lopez

30 Years, The Manor

23 Years Laura Medellin, The Manor Gloria Silva, The Manor

22 Years Verdie Alexis, The Manor Francisca Escobedo, The Manor Marcia Katz, The Manor Mary Martinez, The Manor Cynthia Miranda, Chandler Estate Margaret Monfrey, Administration Center Eugenia Shinn, The Meadows Jil Utterback, The Meadows Ana Zuniga, The Manor

21 Years Oralia Gonzalez, Chandler Estate Alvin Loewenberg, Administration Center Roger McGraw, The Manor 20 Years Ada Arch, Chandler Estate Michelle Golla, The Manor Alicia Pena, The Manor

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27 Years, The Manor

...we are here for you. Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Over the last 50 years, the founding and expansion of Morningside Ministries has been made possible by the generous donations of many people and institutions. This includes contributions made by individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations made in the form of cash donations, estate gifts, stocks, insurance, annuities and grants. Since 1981, almost 5,200 donors have made contributions totaling over $28 million. This includes a contribution from 33 cents made by the 6-year-old great-granddaughter of a resident in nursing care concerned about the needs of the elderly people who lived with her “Nana”, to a completely unexpected $4,550,000 bequest made by a retired army officer in gratitude for the care his mother received at Morningside Ministries at The Manor over 30 years earlier.

Celebrating 50 Years Morningside Ministries



1968 Harriet Brown Moore Memorial Chapel A $50,000 gift from Miss Rowena Brown, in memory of her sister, was designated for construction of a chapel which has served as a place of worship for thousands of older adults and their families and soon became a well-known landmark to three generations of passer-bys.

1971 - Phase II D. A. Powell Memorial Building $234,000 matching grant from the Powell Fund at the San Antonio Presbyterian Foundation. In addition, 1960 a $700,000 federal government grant Morningside Ministries that helped reduce the cost of at The Manor financing a 140-bed expansion of the $110,000 was raised from Methodist Powell nursing facility. Churches throughout San Antonio at Sunday collections on both Mother’s 1975 Day and Father’s Day that helped Morningside Cottages provide the down payment on the $1,000,000 anonymous gift designated for the construction of 40 construction of the Morningside cottages adjacent to the original Ministries first building located at Manor building for older adults the corner of Babcock and St. Cloud, providing retirement housing living independently. for 107 residents. 1977 Morningside Ministries 1966 at Chandler Estate D. A. Powell Assets of the Chandler Memorial Memorial Building Home Foundation- today valued at $100,000 grant provided by the San $3.6 million was donated to Antonio Presbyterian Foundation Morningside Ministries. Funds from from a gift made by Mrs. David A. the foundation were used to help Powell in memory of her husband. with the construction of Chandler In addition, a $400,000 federal Health Center, a 120-bed nursing facility, and Chandler Apartments, a government grant helped guarantee 39-unit apartment building on a new the loan for the construction of a 140-bed nursing facility next to The Morningside Ministries campus in Laurel Heights. Manor. The following is a brief history of the role that donations have made in the development of Morningside Ministries during the last 50 years.


Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

1980 Covenant Endowment Fund $80,000 in 1980 directed to Morningside Ministries by Bishop Harold Gosnell, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, for the provision of charity care to the elderly from an estate gift left by Mrs. Naomi Dinsmore of Aransas Pass, established the Covenant Endowment Fund to provide charity care to older adults. $1,000,000 from the Endowment Campaign initiated in 1981 with the goal of increasing the Covenant Endowment Fund to $1 million by Morningside’s 25th anniversary in 1986.

$6,659,000 in Major Contributions to the Covenant Endowment Funds since 1980 from the following major contributors: William C. and Verna Alder Charitable Foundation Lt. Col. and Mrs. Vernon E. Ball Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James M. Carnes Major Edith W. Crow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Dew Estate of Maxine May Dwyer Ms. Ruth Fike First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio Miss Josephine Forman Miss Martha L. Grothaus The Rev. and Mrs. Seaborn Kiker Mr. Henry B. “Cy” Kaulbach Larnard Enterprises Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lovell Mrs. Courtenay W. McAlpin Morningside Ministries Employee Contributions Mr. Kenneth Reynolds Mrs. Marie G. Schumann Dr. Milton Smith and Dr. Martha Smith Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church Mr. Forrest H. Taylor The Vernon and Ruth Taylor Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Travis, III Maida Davis Turtle Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Williams Irene Wischer Charitable Remainder Trust Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wiseman

1985 Morningside Ministries at The Meadows $1,000,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor given for the construction of a new apartment building for retirees on the Babcock Road campus. $1,950,000 received from 960 families responding to the challenge grant which allowed for the construction of a 4-story building housing 116 retirement apartments.

1989 Administrative Center $1,000,000 anonymous contribution made possible the construction of a building centralizing all of Morningside Ministries administrative departments, including the president’s office, accounting department, human resources office, and other support staff. 2004 Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs $150,000 was donated by Mrs. Dorothy C. Jones in memory of her husband Rev. J. Wesley Jones that helped spur the development of a new 34-acre campus in Boerne that first opened with 93 retirement apartments and later included retirement cottages, an assisted living center and a skilled nursing facility. 1994 - 2011 Major Gifts $11,456,000 has been contributed by the following major donors between 1994 and 2011:

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ash AT&T Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Austin Auxiliary of Morningside Manor Mr. and Mrs. William D. Balthrope Ms. Lillie E. Baskett Ms. Muriel S. Bates Mr. and Mrs. James Cavender Mr. and Mrs. William Cavender Christ Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. Van Clark Ms. Eunice Connell Davidson Family Foundation Ms. Ethel G. Dubowsky

Bonnie Ellison Charitable Fund Mr. Ray Ellison Ray Ellison Charitable Fund Episcopal Diocese of West Texas First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio Mrs. Dorothy W. Fogwell Mr. Robert Freestate Frost Bank Ms. Mildrena Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Gosnell, Jr. Maxine Graham Trust Mr. Theodore C. Graham Ms. Florence S. Green Gunn Family Foundation G.A.C. Halff Foundation Ewing Halsell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Houston Harte Mr. John Herman Hasenbeck John Herman Hasenbeck Charitable Trust H-E-B Faye L. Hislop Rev. Robert P. Holdt Jeremiah Fund Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson Bishop and Mrs. Everett Jones Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr Ms. Roberta Knowlton The Otto and Marcia Koehler Foundation Mr. Alvin Loewenberg Mr. and Mrs. Porter Loring Mrs. Virginia Martin The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Gerald McAllister Gen. and Mrs. Robert F. McDermott Louise L. Morrison Trust Ms. Elizabeth Maddux Mr. Ralph Nelson Genevieve & Ward Orsinger Family Foundations Mr. Scott Petty Myra Stafford Pryor Trust Ms. Marjory Jean Ragsdale Mrs. Margaret A. Richards The Estate of Lorene B. Robbins Mr. Jack Rodgers Beverly M. Roerink St. Luke’s Lutheran Health Ministries The Women of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church St. Mark’s Episcopal Church The Women of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church San Antonio Area Foundation Mr. E. Lon Scharff Mr. and Mrs. Ladd Scharff Mr. Robert Scharff

Segrest Family Trust Semmes Foundation Ms. Caroline Shelton Shield-Ayers Foundation Miss Roberta Shumard Mrs. Elizabeth J. Simpson Mr. Dan Sullivan Tobin Foundation University United Methodist Church Ms. Evelyn Vanstrom Lucile and Mary Vaughan Trust Von Scheele Company Dr. and Mrs. Robert Walden Ms. Christine Warden Dr. Herbert W. Wicher Col. Charles A. Williams Mr. Robert Wilson Miss Vivien L. Word Wortham Insurance & Risk Management The Zachry Foundation Mr. Liston Zander

2000 - 2011 $3.2 million in major contributions, to the Elizabeth McGown Training Institute and Georgie Briscoe Resource Center for at Morningside Ministries; a Caregiver Education and Support Program.

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Anonymous Donation given through the San Antonio Area Foundation AT&T Foundation Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio Gov. Dolph Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cavender First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio Golden Manor Jewish Senior Services Mr. and Mrs. Houston Harte McCombs Foundation Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas Myra Stafford Pryor Trust Semmes Foundation Sheild-Ayers Foundation Silver Eagle Distributors University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio USAA

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Morningside Ministries Planned Giving Endowment Campaign

Join us. Step into a circle of care. Like us, you know the difference Morningside Ministries has made in our community over the last five decades. You’ve seen the care and compassion that creates a circle of hope for “those who cared for us”… offering them a home of comfort, security and concern.

Our goal now is to increase our endowed funds to $25 million by 2015. We need your help to raise the additional $10 million that will allow us to continue to expand Covent Care to our residents who have outlived their resources.

Building a Legacy of Care

The Circle. Morningside Ministries ongoing legacy is a circle that started five decades ago and that has grown larger as concerned people like you joined. Its legacy is one you share with Morningside Ministries and with our community. It reaches from those first days to us, to our children, their children and those who follow.

Even as more and more seek assisted living or nursing care, longer life spans increase the likelihood that residents will live beyond their ability to pay. In such instances, Morningside Ministries’ Covenant Care steps in to help. It covers ongoing costs when private funds run out, so that residents need not fear losing the care they need.

In the future, it will become more expensive than ever to support Covenant Care. Without a safety net of care, how can our community continue to provide reliable, compassionate care for those who are most in need?

Morningside Ministries has a plan We have been planning for the future. Over 20 years ago, the Covenant Endowment Fund was created to provide for the continuation of care to residents who outlive their resources. Since then, Morningside Ministries has raised $15 million in endowed funds.


With your help, the circle of care can continue unbroken. Join Morningside Ministries in Building a Legacy of Care that reaches from Morningside Ministries staff, and the San Antonio community, to those in need.

What happens if we don’t reach our $25 million goal? The unthinkable. A break in our circle. Having to say “no” to someone in need. Join us in keeping the circle of care strong and unbroken.

Your gift or pledge to the Building a Legacy of Care campaign can help Morningside Ministries meet the critical $25 million endowment need for funds to cover care for today and tomorrow.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

Rev. Harris Shinn

From 1997 to 2003 Reverend Shinn was a regular contributor to Morningside Ministries Covenant Endowment Fund which provides assistance to residents no longer able to pay for their care. Little did Reverend Shinn know that he would one day be a temporary beneficiary of this fund. Facing mounting health care costs, Reverend Shinn had to look to Morningside Ministries and its generous contributors for help.



Sharing His Exuberance for Life

Today, Reverend Shinn is once again giving to Morningside Ministries from his treasure, time and talent. But, then again, giving has always been a way of life for him. After a career of helping others as a sixth-grade teacher and a minister, Reverend Shinn continues today to deliver sermons at a church mission and participates in activities that enrich the lives of residents here at Morningside Ministries.

Life is good... so 92.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Pat and Charlie Wiseman have often expressed their passion for the work of our ministry to the elderly in a variety of ways.

Pat and Charles Wiseman

Making Giving a Family Affair

Pat and Charlie Wiseman have found a spiritual home at Morningside Ministries. Donors since the year 2000, they have often expressed their passion for the work of our ministry to the elderly in a variety of ways. Pat served on the Board of Directors at Morningside Ministries for six years and today continues to serve as member of our Fund Development, Public Relations and Marketing Committee. Pat is also the founding chairperson of the Building a Legacy of Care Campaign Cabinet, which seeks donations to the Covenant Endowment Fund. 24

Not to be outdone, after retiring from his veterinary practice, Charlie recruited his sister, Mary Ann “Tootie� Simpson, to find a project at Morningside Ministries that would make a significant impact on the lives of our residents. Charlie and Tootie decided to help fund the development of a wellness center at Menger Springs in Boerne in memory of their parents, Ed M. Wiseman and Blanche Rogers Wiseman. Residents have access to a place where they can safely exercise, get tips on nutrition and aging, and find out about meaningful educational and spiritual resources available in the community. In addition, Pat and Charlie are also members of our Legacy Society remembering Morningside Ministries in their estate plans.

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

We feel strongly about the need to give back to Morningside Ministries.

Janet and Frank LaCava Giving Back

Both of Frank and Janet’s mothers lived at Morningside Ministries between 1989 and 2001. When financial resources to provide care for Frank’s mother ran low, Morningside Ministries stepped in to help. In gratitude, Frank and Janet began making charitable donations to Morningside Ministries a regular part of their household budget. Since 1991, they have faithfully sent a monthly donation to help provide care to older adults who have exhausted their funds before the end of their lives.

“We feel strongly about the need to give back to Morningside Ministries. Whatever we give is not nearly enough to repay Morningside Ministries for the difference they made in our lives and the lives of our mothers. There are so many people who are in need and those who can help, should help. Morningside Ministries made it possible for us to just have a life during a very challenging time.” Wanting to take their commitment and gratitude even further, Frank and Janet became members of Morningside Ministries’ Legacy Society, a group of donors who have designated Morningside Ministries as a beneficiary of their wills or estate plans. Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Building a Legacy of Care Benefits of Giving

When you donate to the Building a Legacy of Care campaign, you also receive in return. Your contribution allows you to be a part of a legacy of concern that lives on from generation to generation. A Legacy of Your Choice Tax Advantages Legacy Society Membership

Ways of Giving

Morningside Ministries offers many ways for you to share in the mission to care. Wills and Bequests Cash Gifts Appreciated Securities Gifts and Properties Life Income Gifts: Charitable Gift Annuity Charitable Remainder Trust Charitable Lead Trust Real Estate With Retained Life Use Life Insurance

For more information, contact Jack Rodgers, Director of the Building a Legacy of Care campaign, at (210) 734-1050


Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

The Founding Ministries The Southwest Texas Conference has more than 120,000 members in 350 congregations across the southern third of Texas. Our Vision—Offering Christ to All. Our Mission—Radiating God's love. The Southwest Texas Conference empowers ministries to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

At First Presbyterian Church San Antonio, Christ’s legacy calls us to renew minds and redeem lives with the steadfast love of Jesus Christ. We demonstrate this not only in the way we worship, grow and serve in his name, but also in the way we work to transform our city, merge the biblical with the social Gospel, show spontaneous compassion to others, devote ourselves to service within this community and beyond our borders, and equip families to bond together in Christ.

The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Founded as Missionary Diocese of Western Texas in 1874, it was originally part of the Diocese of Texas, which was established in 1852. It then became the Diocese of West Texas in 1904 as an independent diocese of the Episcopal Church. Headquarters is in San Antonio at the Bishop Jones Center.

Morningside Ministries / Lifetime Living 50th Anniversary Edition


a program of Morningside Ministries

FREE Online Training for CAREGIVERS of Older Adults In Keeping with Morningside Ministries mission of “Caring for those who cared for us,” The Elizabeth McGown Training Institute was opened in 2007 to provide accessible training for Morningside Ministries staff. Out of this initiative, it was decided to expand the reach of The Elizabeth McGown Training Institute and offer on-line training for all caregivers.

videos, conferences and other offerings are ‘webcast’ over the internet. Without any additional software, caregivers are able to see and hear the instructor, view and download presentation materials as well as submit or ask questions of the presenters. presenters are professional leaders in the field of aging. Many of them are geriatric physicians from

The mission of The Elizabeth McGown Training Institute and is to provide on-line training and education that improves the quality and care received by older adults. This is achieved through distance learning on the internet. uses interactive webcasting and web presentation technology to provide training and support to healthcare professionals, family caregivers and pastoral care providers. Lectures, workshops, how-to 28

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

the University of Texas Health Science Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. In 2009, to address the needs of rural caregivers, the Georgie Briscoe Resource Center (GBRC) was opened in Uvalde, Texas. Activities at the GBRC include support groups, video presentations and Virtual Dementia Tours.

Since was launched, the handful of videos produced in 2007 has increased to a catalog listing over 200 on-demand videos in 2011. Videos have been viewed over 60,000 times (through October 2011).

We look forward to continuing to care for caregivers in the future through the resources and programs offered by The Elizabeth McGown Training Institute, and the Georgie Briscoe Resource Center.

For more information: or (210) 734-1215



Special Anniversary Edition 50th Anniversary celebration at Chandler Estate

Veterans Day at Menger Springs

Santa visits The Manor

Celebration of Life Festival at The Manor 30

Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011

Celebration of Life Festival at The Manor

Chandler House Players Theatre Group Drumming Circle at The Meadows

iPad Club at Menger Springs Chandler Estate residents on Corpus Christi trip

Menger Springs Market shopping

Fiesta at The Manor

Luau at The Manor Celebration of Life Festival at The Manor Morningside Ministries / 50th Anniversary Special Edition 2011


Morningside Ministries 50th Anniversary Magazine  

Morningside Ministries 50th Anniversary Magazine 2011