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Authentic Summer

Morning Dream July 2015, The Netherl ands Id e a & G r a p h i c D e s i g n : M o r n i n g N o m ad s s t u d i o Dre ss: Naděžd a Bernkopff Flower Stylist & Model: Bára Procházka P h o t o g r a p h e r & Wo r d s : A n n a D u m o n Sensitive Guide: Silvia Malankievicova


This is a story of one soft morning in the mist, when the sun is rising through on the horizon. It is a story of a gentle, natural light, sounds of awaking nature. A story of inspir ation, authentic and memor abl e. A morning nomads’ tale. A celebration. “ We h a v e t o b e q u i c k t o r e a c h the best spot, which is just in a middle of the way around lake, where a great number of water birds are living. Some of them still sleeping, s o w e t r y t o w al k q u i e t l y, around their nests, still in a partly gray light. On a wooden duckboard, we unpack our treasure for the cover session. We g o t s o m e f r e s h f l o w e r s , s o f i r s t Bára makes a simple wreath. The

b e autiful bohemian d re ss waiting to be worn.


It is designe d especially for this occasion, by our friend, fashion artist Naděžd a Bernkopff from Prague.”


“We believe in stories behind.” “In between the natural light and colors, seasons and feelings, we try to note the precious moments.” The first Morning Nomads journal, the Authentic Summer Issue is dedicated to the celebration of wandering on miraculous meadows, sands by the sea, of the life in Bohemian c abin under the weir or hostel in Patagonia. Come with us on the journey with first touch of sun, when the fading stars a r e a p p r o ach i n g t h e n e w ch a p t e r. The journal is create d and curate d with re sp e ct for the re aders, and the authors, who are great artists, and personalities who mostly prefer the slow way of living.


Content Morning Dream


Miraculous Meadow Old & New



Rituals Fabrics & Patterns


Tabl e & M a g a z i n e s


Hair & River


Wandering D i a Tak รกc s o v รก Aliis Pikk

33 38

Bรกra Prochรกzka Summer in Patagonia

43 47


“A l s o o u r c o l l e a g u e , the amazing painter and therapist Silvia Malankievicova is awake in her Slovakian home and thinking of us. Later on we can see her greetings in special shades of pink and orange o n t h e s k y, w h i ch s h e u s e s o f t e n o n her aquarelles. I just lay down the wreath on B a r a ’s h a i r, a n d s o m e e a r l y walker passing with a “Good morning!”. But then everything goes quiet again and the sun is starting to rise behind the forest. T h e a i r i s f i l l e d w i t h w at e r, t h e m i s t is making every shade soft, and the milky layers over the miraculous meadow let us sense the fairies floating in between the wild flowers. I t r y t o t ake t h e p h o t o s q u i ckl y, but cannot get enough of the scene through the v i e w - f i n d e r. ” “Everything is in balance as a water-t abl e around us.” “Every moment matters, p r e c i o u s l y. ”


Miraculous Meadow Inside of

Fr agil e He al er

I. Feeling that blossoms in my heart, draws th tours of my loving world.

I feel its growing. I feel its softness and its touch. It grows in me gorgeous surrounding tenderness o to which I can dive, Scoop depth of infinite be


A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova

To u ch t h e w o rl d . To u ch i n g o f m y o w n s t o r y.

he con-

I walk through the miraculous m e ad o w. I see my love in the glow o f t h e f i n e s t b e au t y. Meadow stems sway in the wind a n d c al l m e o v e r. They reawaken happiness and the actual experiencing of myself. T h e p i l g r i m’s p u r e a n d h o n e s t s o u l catches healing energy and compassion around in the breath of nature. What it had collected, surrounds her patience and faith and then releases to the world.


of being eauty.

I know about exp erienc ing strength inside the fragility that vibrates every moment of a new life. I can hold her in faith of goodness, and when the old faith is falling apart, old memories will fly with butterfly wings. Gentle touch. Catch a velvety feel. Curl up in love. More live, more feel and perceive more uniqueness. The b e auty is growing. Where can I find myself i n t h e m i r ac l e o f d a w n o f e v e r y d ay. In humility face d with a miracle.


How much meadow has stems, so many lives you can create, so many feelings you can feel a thousand times can grow into a n e n d l e s s b e au t y. so many magnificent feelings you can feel towards yourself. Again, again touching your own soul, truth soul Spring, which spurts out dive into his own truth dive into his own healing.

Wal k s t o w a r d s l o v e and the desire of the heart. Maybe you cannot yet reveal all the secrets of your heart. poetics of truth true intimacy sincere prayer of soul It travels and touches. It travels and finds dew of joy on every blade of grass. I s w ay i n t h e b r e e z e o f c l a r i t y. Every veil once to take the wind to disappearance As it flying to the sky transfigured and it will return as a breeze of blessings a n d s o o v e r.

A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova

Catch and give. Fill and donate. E n t e r a n d w al k a n y f u r t h e r. S l o w. Scoop of healing energy and see the infinite horizon. I fully blossom.

Within each dew on the stem the sun shimmers. I touching the sun in dewdrops. Breathe with feet. thousands of stems thous ands of b e autiful fe elings thousands of creativity a n d a o n e b o t t o m l e s s s i n c e r i t y. Truthfulne ss of he art, truthfulne ss of our b e auty blossomed once again and again. It dawns in heartbeat.

Tiny campanula in a meadow rings ting-a-ling Melody of love, The meadow singing sensations: Do not worry do not worry become honest being, Sincerely straightened in humility of being. Front of the mir acl e. Do not wait for anything, b e c ause every stem is your rustling feeling. I’m walking into the world, like the first time. Pure and innocent, like a child who has not yet been affecte d by the pain of others.

A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova

E ach s t e m i s d a n c i n g w i t h j o y. None is omitted nor forgotten. Each one is important for me.

again and again. continuously on the infinite meadow of the miraculous tenderness My private celebration of truthfulness when I can caress t h e h a n d o f a n o t h e r. Softly ... II. Healing summer caressing fingers and opens the door of m y m y s t e r y. I n t h e c l e a r g l o w I see blooming scents, invisible caress of soft subtle e n e r g y.

Summer breeze of flying veils of secrets Crystal clear love Purity of heart. As if an ordinary word trembles (with)love: “how big is your embrace, open to infinite full of belief, the first breath of child mist the soul I feel again my grace to me Being, I am again, where I am miracle...

A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova

I caress each memory that I meet on the way I sprinkle with see ds from the heart new happiness to germinate.

I am

guide of he aling and spiritual fulfillment of meaning of unique life. I see therapy in connection between spiritual and emotional feeling.

I h e l p in diseases, unalter abl e c ircumst ance s after the tr auma and psychic pain of sensitive children. Again to recognize and further develop their own worth and respect for themselves. Which is essentially infinite. Helping vulner abl e kids and their moms at the time when the old feeling of falling apart when they cannot even af f o r d t h e n i c e r, e x ac t l y at the time they have already better sense of themselves, but b e autiful feeling does not come.

Life is like natural movement of nicer and nicer feelings. I f i t i s n o t , i t ’s n o t r i g h t .

My personal truest truth

is in fine unique spirituality Our little ones are spiritual beings who need to express themselves uniquely as well as to uniquely feel and create without any templates. And children need to create their own unique spiritual meanings and so have a deep contact with purity and goodness in their heart. For the good feeling within themselves.

I b e l i e v e in fine spiritual right belonging directly and easily to the perception of life and ourselves.

A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova


I l o v e the path of the development and gradation of emotions still in nicer form. Even with pain, you can feel yourself b e autifully and with intrinsic worth. I c r e a t e b e c ause I c an expre ss more about the world as I authentic ally see and feel. In art I enjoy just the contrast of my perception of things in their fine etheric mode, their poetics and their sensitive and invisible touch.

A q u a r e l l e s / Te x t Silvia Malankievicova

I believe in the subtle perception of life that so ars above contr adictions and stereotypes in society and moves with a piece of miracle. This piece of miracle can be protected.

It is important for me, b e c ause only so it is harmonized, as a person who sees much pain, too much from the talking about ne gative things everywhere. But even b e autiful st age s are real and important part of life, as well as de grees of pain.

My vision is

dignity of children in perception of themselves. This can happen only through internal changes made with feeling, not through changing external circumstances. That is what makes energy changes i n s o c i e t y. T h e w o r t h of children can no longer be influence d by tr aumatise d experience of adults,

appearing as curtailing and self-conflicting perceptions. Only in this internal way we will b e abl e to create a unique space for the c h i l d ’s s p i r i t u a l sensibilities that helps children accept themselves. To m o v e t h i s to the real world, which is already here. A n d e s p e c i al l y, i t h e l p s with self-fulfillment of c h i l d ’s f u t u r e l i f e . It is safe to be myself.

“I throw myself off a cliff into the ocean of most beautiful feelings that I can feel. And will be even more beautiful. Yes.“

Old & New

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio 15

On shades of brown, white and the softest pink, falling.

Fille d with dreams, f u l l o f j o y, flying. P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

Yo u n g a n d g e n t l e , fragile blossoms, P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

touching the wrinkle d wood, P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

talking and whispering, o n e b y o n e , s o f t l y, until the next Blue moon.

Rituals Fabrics & Patterns

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Anna Dumon

The first look on the yet sleepy garden and shut windows just before the season starts. The scents of old and b e autiful, appearing memories from the last year or a decade.

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Anna Dumon

Now and then the patterns on fabrics, colors, the dust on the half broken dotty cup. I am hanging tea towels and wondering about the b e autiful designs from the seventies.

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Anna Dumon

The home anywhere, freedom of observing, learning and celebrating.

Tabl e & M a g a z i n e s

1 cup of sugar 3/4 cup of butter 1 teaspoon of grated lemon rind 2 eggs 1 1/4 cup of sifte d all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, ground 1 t abl e spo on of co co a 1/4 cup of red currant or raspberry jam *recipe for four portions

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

Linz cake*



of fresh mint


0,5 l hot water 2 teaspoons of brown sugar or honey *recipe for two cups

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

Fre sh l emon mint te a*

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

Chanterelle mushroom soup* 400 grams of Chanterelle mushroom 1 garlic clove 250 milliliters of water 1 dash of salt 1 sprig of thyme 4 teaspoons of cream *recipe for two portions

Summer is fully in a row and it is the great time for enjoyment of colorful dishe s on simpl e styl e d t abl e. I n a c ab i n u n d e r t h e w e i r, where the air is constantly filled with tiny drops bringing the chance slow down and enjoy the August menu. For t abl e retre ats we use d a few old photographic magazines.

Hair & River

The river water is on its way f o r e v e r. Floating, falling, mumbling, whispering... The precious time, in early m o r n i n g , w h e n a l l a r o u n d i t ’s quiet, you can see the mysterious fish and the poplars are bringing the summerish snow fall, it is the right moment to have a bath and wash your hair with natural ingre dients.

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Morning Nomads studio

Ayurve dic so ap with jasmine Cleansing naturally with lovely scent, brings balance Herbal shooting tonic with birch and nettle Strengthening and refreshing the hair and skin Te a t r e e o i l Naturally antiseptic, refreshing Argan oil Moisturizing and gently caring with warm feeling and scent




D i a Tak รกc s o v รก

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t D i a Tak ác s o v á

D i a Tak ác s o v á i s a n e x c e p t i o n al young photographer and traveler from Slovakia, who takes you to the forgotten places. Her storytelling through the l ense s is authentic and memor abl e. H e r s t y l e s o f t a n d d r e a m y. We t a l k e d w i t h h e r b e t w e e n h e r Parisian project and journey to Georgia. Morning Nomads: “Do you remember the moments and feelings once you realize d that you are “on the road”?” Dia: “The feeling itself always reminds me of how small we a r e a n d w h at m e s s a ge w e c a r r y. Yo u a r e b e i n g c o n f r o n t e d with colors, cultures and all those people and situations you meet on the way and you have t o „ a b s o r b “ . I t ’s a q u e s t i o n o f o u r i d e n t i t y, c u l t u r e a n d e v e n the past: the fact where you are coming from can affect you more than you think, especially on the road. The time I spend with traveling is usually quite unsure and far beyond my comfort zone but in the same t i m e i t ’s a l w a y s v e r y e x c i t i n g and something I learn from, like a „big kick“.”

Morning Nomads: “A s a c o l l e c t o r o f b e a u t i f u l s u n n y scenes and mysterious misty stories, what would you suggest to anyone to start a personal coll e ction of remarkabl e memories?”



P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t D i a Tak รกc s o v รก

Morning Nomads: “Where do you wish to go in the next six months?”

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t D i a Tak ác s o v á

D i a : “ I t h i n k i t ’s i m p o r t a n t t o follow your curiosity and look with an open mind and respect. My choice is the way of capturing moods but this may apply to any kind of photographs you take (not only) on the road. I personally try to avoid well-known sights and tourist places and create my own picture of the place itself instead; the one which has more than a sentimental value of my personal memories. But on the other h a n d , d o n’t f o r ge t t o al w ay s take something more than just a picture- this world has so much to offer us.”

D i a : “ I u s u al l y d o n’t p l a n i n advance and my destinations depend on my mood, possibilities and the season. I’m generally intereste d in untouched places and not so touristic destinations – they are fascinating and they might change their face any time. My next stops will be Georgia a n d A r m e n i a b u t I d o n’t k n o w what the following one is and w h e n i t w i l l b e . A c t u al l y, I d o n’ t t h i n k i t ’s n e c e s s a r y to wander especially far in my case - I’m usually traveling around Europe as some of its countries have stories and past I am definitely interested in.”


P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t D i a Tak ác s o v á

Dia: “I recently attended Les 400 vues, an international p h o t o p r o j e c t i n P a r i s . Yo u n g photographers from five countries spent two weeks documenting each quarter of the city with the main topic of Urban territories/Human territories, avoiding all the tourist places. I knew that it would be a huge challenge right after being selected: we d i d n’t k n o w w h at t o e x p e c t a n d how we will work. I’m also not really a city girl and to be h o n e s t , P a r i s h a s n’t b e e n o n the first places of my “must visit” list. Those two weeks were very intense, with hours s p e n t o n t h e s u b w ay, ch at t i n g with Parisians who became our tour guides and on editing workshops where professional photographers guided our work. For the first time I experience d the feeling of blending in a multicultural, c o l o r f u l c i t y w h e r e , p r o b abl y, everything is possible. Paris has many faces and to work on a series each day for two weeks was an inspiring experience. Les 400 vues will be exhibited in each district of Paris in March 2016.” 37

Aliis Pikk

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Aliis Pikk

As soon as sun has had its morning stretch and swept a w ay s n o w, E s t o n i a n s a r e already packing up their BBQ gear – ready to face the endless summer nights. Big cities are no go zones and weekends are spent either some place next to the sea or countryside. Käsmu Captains Village Since Estonia is located right by the Baltic Sea, water has always been a big part i n p e o p l e ’s l i v e s . A m o n g t h e b e st exampl e s of authentic easy-going lifestyle are the c h a r m i n g l i t t l e f i s h e r m a n’s villages scattered around the coastline. Although most of them have their own rhythm of life, one of them stands out – Käsmu captains’ village. Busy festival place during the s u m m e r, o f fe r i n g o p p o r t u n i t y to enjoy best of Estonian music right next to the seaside and to cruise around in various garden cafeterias set up by locals.


P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Aliis Pikk

This idyllic setting is even more charming since you get to experience endless sunsets around eleven o’clock that is fallowe d up by sunrises right after that – during the summer period Estonia has only few hours of darkness. Viljandi Although the fifth biggest city in Estonia you will be surprised about the homey fe eling this place has managed to keep. Ve r y w e l l k e p t O l d To w n a n d colorful wooden houses around the area will make any visiting h i p s t e r h a p p y. Most of the cafes are set up in an eclectic style and offer local organic dishes. Or if you choose to pack your own picnic basket - go and lunch by the glimmering Viljandi Lake or enjoy the view from top of the Castle Park.


One of the most important festivals that takes place in the city is Viljandi Folk Music Festival i n t h e e n d o f Ju l y.


P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Aliis Pikk

Tr adition and culture are two words that go with the city well and Viljandi is also often referre d to as the culture capital of Estonia. Home to many beloved musicians, writers and the Cultural Academy Viljandi is the meeting place for artists around the country a n d b e y o n d t h e b o r d e r.

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Aliis Pikk

Over 25,000 people attend the c o n c e r t s e v e r y ye a r, b u t m a n y more just come to take part in the festivities. As such, it is the largest annual music festival in Estonia, and one of the largest folk music festivals in Europe.


Bรกra Prochรกzka

P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Bára Procházka

I t ’s T h u r s d a y a n d t h e N o r t h S e a c o a s t i n Ju l y i s w i n d y, bright, filled with summer scents and the sands are full of little shell collectors.


P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Bรกra Prochรกzka

It is the best time to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and watch the Atlantic waves.


P h o t o g r a p h y / Te x t Bรกra Prochรกzka

The long grass is whispering about the ships on the horizon and the moment is priceless.


Summer in Patagonia

Arnost Lustig love d stories therefore I want to share my story from Patagonia. I was always very scare d of flying and my first oversea trip was to Argentina. It was my l o n ge s t f l i g h t e v e r. Tr av e l i n g alone, three stopovers, I was terrified, I could not eat anything, nothing, feeling nervous at my s e c o n d s t o p i n M i a m i . H o w e v e r, I survive d and during my stay in Argentina, apart from other surrounding countries I visited, I decided to go to Patagonia. It was the end of the world for me. A sparsely p o p u l at e d c o u n t r y. T h e A n d e s Mountains as well as the remote deserts and grasslands. I was traveling through the country riding horses with gauchos and enjoying this lovely piece of the world. One d ay, a r r i v i n g at a h o s t e l , I w a s surprised to see an elderly man sharing the room with us, as I typically see younger travelers from all over the world staying at these hostels.

I was wondering who he was and where he came from and he told me that he was an A m e r i c a n w r i t e r. Wo w, w h at a surprise, an American writer! The only writer that came up to my mind at that moment was Arnost Lustig and I somehow thought he might have heard about him... and surprisingly enough, his eyes opened widely while telling me : “I am a student of Arnost Lustig”. There was Arnost L u s t i g ’s s t u d e n t i n f r o n t o f m e ! I was traveling so far to accidentally meet his student in the middle of nowhere. Two people coming from different continents and cultures met together in the southern end of Latin America, sharing their love for this a m a z i n g C z e ch w r i t e r, s p e n d i n g hours t alking about his charisma, personality and writings.

Te x t LinZ

Arnost Lustig was not only one of the celebrated Czech writers but also a charming and charismatic man. I loved his books since I was a little girl, a n d o n e d ay, t r av e l i n g f r o m Prague back to Brussels, where I am living, I met him ac c i d e n t al l y. I t w a s l i ke a dream came true. He was taking the same plane, and l u ck i l y, h e w a s ac c o m p a n i e d by a friend of mine. Of course, I took this opportunity to introduce myself. During our conversation he invited me to some conferences while he was staying in Brussels and we struck up an unlikely friends h i p . We g o t o n w e l l t o g e t h e r, we were l aughing a lot and we share d our “schizophrenic” way of a life as is of expats. I love him saying that when he arrive d in Prague he always went for a walk to the city center and when he was back in US, paradoxically enough, he always went for a big pie ce of pizz a, b e c ause… ” i t ’s s i m p l y s o g o o d ! ” . I l o v e i t since I do the same, I always take a long walk through P r a g u e ’s c i t y c e n t e r a n d I ’ v e wanted to taste “A m e r i c a n p i z z a ” t h a t t a s t e s “so good!” and I love him saying “our girl will never get lost in the big world”.

Arnost Lustig love d stories and this amazing story was about him, I wanted to share with him, he would have loved it. I tried to find him when I came back to Europe but I could not get in touch with him i m m e d i at e l y, a n d I w a s n o t persistent enough... and one day I learne d that Arnost Lu s t i g h ad p a s s e d a w ay. I t reminde d me of an old saying “never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” - Thomas Jefferson. This was my story that was meant to be told to Arnost Lustig. H av e a n i c e s u m m e r a n d d o n’t forget : if you want something, d o i t n o w, go f o r i t .

“ Yo u m a y d e l a y, b u t t i m e w i l l not, and lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Fr anklin

Love, Lin


In this issue: Authors: Anna Dumon p h o t o g r a p h e r, d e s i g n e r w w w. m o r n i n g n o m ad s . c o m Bára Procházka d e s i g n e r, s t y l i s t w w w. m o r n i n g n o m ad s . c o m Silvia Malankievicova, PhD. artist and sensitive guide of feeling self-worth and self-respect for child t e r a p i a n e z n e j s e b au c t y. c o m w w w. e t s y. c o m / s h o p / M i r ac u l o u s Te n d e r n e s s D i a Tak ác s o v á t r av e l e r, p h o t o g r a p h e r wandering.aeternus.sk Aliis Pikk t r av e l e r, w r i t e r instagram.com/aliisphotos LinZ t r a n s l at o r, t r av e l e r, y o g a t e ach e r w w w. y o g a n e s h a . o r g Naděžd a Bernkopff fashion designer facebo ok.com/b ernkopffde sign

Aquarelles/Photographs: Miraculous Meadow 1. Miraculous Meadow 2. Fineness 3. Inner Grassland 4. Sprinkle of Healing 5 . D i s a p p e a r i n g Ve i l 6. Miraculous Doe

Wandering 1.Constanta, Romania 2. Montenegro 3. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 6. Switzerland 7. Käsmu, Estonia 8. Käsmu, Estonia 9. Viljandi, Estonia 10. Viljandi, Estonia 11. Viljandi, Estonia 12. Viljandi, Estonia 13. Scheveningen, The Netherlands 14. Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands 15. Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands 49

A u t h e n t i c Su m m e r, Ju l y 2 0 1 3

Curated and designed bz Morning Nomads studio Morning Nomads Š 2015


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Authentic Summer 〜 the art of wandering and slow living  

The first Morning Nomads journal, the Authentic Summer issue is dedicated to the celebration of wandering on miraculous meadows, sands by th...

Authentic Summer 〜 the art of wandering and slow living  

The first Morning Nomads journal, the Authentic Summer issue is dedicated to the celebration of wandering on miraculous meadows, sands by th...