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Each workshop takes place in a new city. For each workshop, prozessagenten and Moritz Stefaner team up with a local chef and a local open data expert.

Each workshop lasts two days. Day 1 is centered around establishing the core themes, getting to know each other and developing concept ideas.

The workshop is made for participants with an interest in cooking, data and data vizualisation. It's a great way to learn about your city and food.

Each participant brings a special ingredient, which serves as a token for introduction and thought-starters on the role of food and ingredients. Together, we brainstorm potential dishes, themes and recipes. The local data expert helps acquire relevant data sources, while data visualization expert Moritz Stefaner and the local chef provide tips on information design and cooking techniques.

Day 2 is all about preparing and cooking the data dishes. With the support of the chef, participants work on their recipes, discuss ways of preparation, and help each other to cook and arrange the dishes. At the end of the day, an open data dinner is created, publicly presented and consumed together. The recipes are collected and made available on-line.

Data Cuisine - summary  

Data Cuisine is an experimental research on the representation of data with culinary means. It is an initiative by data visualizer Moritz St...

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