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James H. Richey ’88

Lynette ChappellWilliams ’82

President Brevard Community College

How I use my J.D.: The analytical skills honed at the Moritz College of Law are invaluable in my role as a college president in such diverse areas as finance, strategic planning, labor negotiations, human resources, and building partnerships with industry and business. Greatest lesson learned in law school: The different points of view presented in studying the law instilled a strong belief in team-building and working in a collaborative fashion, an approach I use every day to offer more opportunities to students and create a dynamic future for the college I lead.

Associate Vice President, Inclusion and Workforce Diversity Cornell University

How I use my J.D.: As the university’s Title IX coordinator and one of the leaders for affirmative action and diversity efforts, my law degree allows me to understand the legal foundation for all the programs I have responsibility for and provides “credibility” when developing programs that are innovative but require cultural change. Greatest lesson learned in law school: It is important to know who you are and what you want in life to stay focused on what you need to do to be successful and not be distracted by what others think you should be doing. Law school prepares you for a wide variety of careers, so it is important to find that career that you are passionate about.

4 Steve Webb ’02 Executive Director of Athletics Compliance Arizona State University

How I use my J.D.: I manage and direct ASU’s efforts to ensure institutional compliance with all NCAA, Pac-12 Conference, and university rules and regulations governing intercollegiate athletics. Greatest lesson learned in law school: Law school taught me how to think about and analyze things in a different way. I learned how to take complex fact patterns, distill out the most important facts and arguments, and apply rules and regulations.

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All Rise Winter 2013  

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All Rise Winter 2013  

All Rise Winter 2013 - The Creepy Factor