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I Have a Baby Sister Now

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a Baby May 2013 kyo morishima photography

I Have Sister Now

My name is Akira. Would you like a grape?

I am an artist.

And I build skyscrapers.

Listen to me. I have something important to tell you.

There is something new in my house.

It is a baby named Sara. She is my sister.

Mama and Bahbah love to hold Sara.

Daddy loves to hold Sara.

I like Sara too.

She smells nice.

OK, that’s enough! Time to play!


I see you!

I bet you can’t catch me!

Bahbah is watching Sara now.

Marco and Leche are watching Sara too.

“Sara,” Mama says, “Look over here!”

Bahbah says Sara is strong.

Uh-oh, Sara is loud, too.

Her diaper must be dirty.

Sara needs A LOT of attention.

That’s because she is not as big as me.

I think she’s getting sleepy. She is kind of cute when she’s sleepy.

Shh.... Don’t tell anyone I gave her a kiss!

That made her feel good.

Good-night, Sara.

Š 2013 Kyo and Janna Morishima. This book was photographed by Kyo Morishima and written and designed by Janna Morishima of Kyo Morishima Photography. Many thanks to Akira, Sara,Yuu and Phil for their patience, good humor, and boundless hospitality. Congratulations, Akira, you’re a big brother now!

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I Have a Baby Sister Now  

A little boy gets to know a very new family member.

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