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You must have heard this lingo but what exactly does a serviced apartment provide? A serviced apartment is a hotel alternative providing you with the comforts of your home. Travellers these days are becoming more and selective about their travel arrangements. They no longer want to stay in their suitcases. And at the same time, they want economical solutions and at their same time they want top class facilities.A typical one bedroom furnished apartment has an area of approximately 650 sq feet as compared to a conventional hotel with a room size of 200 sq feet. This serviced apartment also known as extended stay furnished apartment has an equipped kitchen. This means you can cook your own food without having to spend huge amounts on meals. This not only results in substantial savings but you also get to eat healthy food.A fully furnished apartment is also equipped with laundry machines inside the apartment. Nothing beats doing your laundry at your own time. Moreover, it is hygienic to do your own laundry. Some people are not very comfortable in doing laundry in public laundry machines. A good quality corporate apartment will also have a weekly or a fortnightly maid service.Most of the hotel alternative apartments have the facility of a high speed wireless internet. At the time of check in the operators usually give you the login and the password of their wireless internet. Most of the hotels charge for this facility. These fully furnished apartments also offer free local calls whereas normally in a hotel, you get charged for making local calls.Executive apartments are usually located in upscale buildings in downtowns. These buildings offer all the facilities which the hotels offer. These buildings are usually equipped with a gym, swimming pool, sauna, exercise room, movie theatre, bowling, jacuzzi, tennis courts etc.Underground parking is also available with these apartments. Additionally these serviced apartments also have parking spots for visitors.

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What Do Serviced Apartments Offer