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The Morgan Family Christmas Card 2012

Merry, merry everyone! The past two years Imogen was kind enough to provide her perspective on family life for all of us. She was exceedingly pleased with her "fan mail" but felt that she was now too busy to lend her voice to the annual greeting. This year we are changing things up again, and once more Mum is taking control. In years past I have written poems, drawn cartoons, and generally tried to generate some laughs. This year is no different. Trying to describe the past year in rhyme was a little difficult -

it's been a year of major changes. The most I could do was to transcribe the biggest change of all. For those of you familiar with 70's t.v. shows - this follows the rhythm of the Beverly Hillbillies themesong.

Now let me tell you the story of the Morgan Clan A normal urban family with a brand new plan They got tired of the city hustle, the bustle and the stress.... So they cleaned up the house and placed it on the M-L-S. "Multiple Listing Service" "For Sale" & "Sold" The next thing you know the family's living in the hills Neighbors are some coyotes and a porcupine with quills The kids are running wild with no cars to do 'em harm.... While their Mum starts up a business with the new small farm. Alpaccas that is... Luxury fibre, warmer than wool.

So that's the sum total of my lyrics this year! Yes it is true, we've "bought the farm", and now we are investigating exactly what we can do with 8 and half acres of class A agricultural land in the middle of a conservation area. The answers are surprising and the government is quite keen to throw

money at us in an effort to keep farmland as farms (at very competitive rates of interest I might add). So now I am throwing my brain back into "marketing gear" to write up the business plans and marketing schemes to make heaps of money in the luxury fibre market. Stay tuned.

Annabelle is now in grade 7. Junior Highschool! When did that happen? Peter and I are constantly surprised by how grown-up Annabelle is and we are totally unprepared for the level of interest she is generating in the male population! Fortunately for us Annabelle is more keen in competing with the boys than dating them. She is enjoying her new school out here, but finding the workload pretty heavy. Consequently she decided to back off of her skating as she wants to keep her marks up. She is also taking a Junior Lifeguarding course at our local pool. Knowing all those swimming skills and water safety is very important - especially as we now have a pool on the property out here! Viola and music remain a big part of her life and she continues to improve. She is very excited to be performing in a Christmas concert at our local retirement residence for seniors.

Taylor continues to be his usual self. He LOVES his new school. While he misses his friends and the people of Deer Park, his new curriculum is making him so happy that Peter and I cannot believe the change - talk about getting turned on by education! Taylor is extremely happy to be ranked 4th in the entire school, beating out several students in the senior school. While wearing a uniform initially was a pain, Taylor has now realized how much respect wearing a jacket and tie can bring a young person on school outings.

He quite likes the attention he receives from the general adult population while out representing the school and is happy to charm complete strangers. My shy boy is shy no more! Swimming and piano remain two of his main interests, although video games still trump pretty much everything else.

Imogen has swung back and forth on the topic of living in the country. Ultimately she now wants us to keep our new digs, but also take back the Moore Avenue property. She might be only just 5 years old, but her level of dedication to an idea is impressive. Peter and I will continue to purchase lotto tickets - it's about the only way we could indulge her luxury tastes in real estate.

Still, there are quite a few advantages to living out here - most notably is the access to miniature horses; something that Imogen is particularly happy about. Her new friends are extremely affectionate and they give piggy-back rides! She is also extremely keen on the beautiful, brand new recreation centre close to us - the swimming lessons in atrium pool are a huge hit.

Cleo is still with us, now 14 years old, a little blind, a little deaf and occasionally incontinent. Just when I thought I was finished with diapers! Size 2 Pampers are back on my shopping list, cutting a little hole for the tail works rather well. We suffered some losses in our pet populations this past year. Goldie the Hamster moved on to next plane of existence. It was sad for poor Taylor but not for the rest of us who had been nipped. No doubt Goldie is now happily biting the fingers of angels instead. Annabelle's pet bird Dandelion met with a similar fate. Chaucer decided that his squeaky toys were too boring and went for something more entertaining. An un-fastened cage led to what was no doubt a fast finish. We have all learned some lessons about the prey drive in dogs this year! Annabelle forgave Chaucer his indiscretion, and my future chickens are going to be placed behind some electricfied fencing. Nothing like a good jolt to convince your dog that he'd best stick to squirrels; of which there are many - and given that I am fighting to keep them out of the attic, Chaucer is welcome to eat as many as he likes!

Peter continues to be the star provider for our ongoing circus. He has moved back from the solar industry to the field of identity management and is once again in travel mode for his new enterprise. Europe, India, and the Middle East are on the horizon so it's a good thing we moved directly north of the airport!

Peter and I have just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! There have been loads of ups and downs over the years, but I couldn't imagine riding this wave with anyone else. Health and happiness is ours, and we wish those blessings on everyone, but most particularly all of you.

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Card 2012  

The annual greeting... modernized

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