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arch 4010 | studio reCOVER | Building Tomorrow This past fall my studio worked in teams of five to design an elementary school in Uganda that can be used by Building Tomorrow as a replicable design to be used on different sites. We focused as much on the outdoor areas as our engaging classroom design. Our team’s design was reviewed by our client to be considered for construction. Corrugated Metal Panels Gutter

Side Clerestory

Bamboo Pergola tied to wire mesh which is attached to 2x4’s

Bamboo Ceiling

Ring Beam

Structural Post

Sand and Mortar Infill

Extruded Brick Regular Brick Rotated Brick Foundation/ Plinth

Concrete Slab Aggregate Compact Earth Earth Mortar Bed

morgan stackman |

BARCLAY FOOD NETWORK arch 3020 | baltimore, md | intersection

This project aimed to create commercial intensity though food at an intersection to revitalize the rest of the Barclay community. In teams, we mapped out Barclay and the programs of each building to understand the city’s fabric. Our idea was to create an attraction to help revitalize all of the vacancies the intersection at 20th and Greenmount.

morgan stackman |

Morgan Stackman's Work Sample  

This work sample is a preview of two projects also shown in Morgan's full portfolio.