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Pizza Pizza Pizza! (Homework)

Suppose you are working at the Pizza Hut. Your hourly pay rate is now $7.25 per hour (2010 new state minimum wage). 1. Create a table that indicates how much money you will make after working 8, 16, 24, 42, and 40 hours. 2. Graph the data using appropriate labels for the data. Think about which variable is independent (x) and which variable is dependent (y). Table: Graph Title: Hours (hrs)

Dollars ($)

3. Using the table and graph, answer the following questions. Independent variable: Dependent variable: Constant of proportionality: Direct Variation Equation: Predict how much you would make if you worked two weeks (regular 40 hrs week). The Mercury Project - 030104_hw_pizza_pizza_pizza – Page 1 of 1

030104 hw pizza pizza pizza  
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