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Connecting Bridges Teaching Notes Warm Up Distribute class set or project on screen. Students use TI-Nspire document for working through the warm up. Page 1.2 and 1.3 are blank; students must create their spreadsheet of data on one page and scatter plot and movable line on the other blank page. Students will then answer four questions about the data and relationship.

Distribute 020102_exp_connecting_bridges.doc (class set). This is instructions for the experiment. Caution students to be gentle when placing a marble to avoid premature bridge failure. Each group will need 2 textbooks, 2 sheets of plain paper, a ruler, and scissors. Only 2 sheets of paper are required to create all the bridge lengths.

Have groups present their findings to the class and support their findings with references to their tables and graphs.

The Mercury Project ‐ 020102_tn_connecting_bridges.doc – Page 1 of 3   

Connecting Bridges Teaching Notes

The Mercury Project ‐ 020102_tn_connecting_bridges.doc – Page 2 of 3   

Connecting Bridges Teaching Notes

Continue to move through the room and promote discussion within groups of answers to the questions. Check for complete sentences – support ELA!

  The Mercury Project ‐ 020102_tn_connecting_bridges.doc – Page 3 of 3   

020102 tn connecting bridges  
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