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DAY 1: Connecting Bridges Investigation When designing bridges, engineers have to take the breaking weight of bridges into consideration. They often use scale models to test their designs. You will investigate the relationship of the length of bridges and their weight. You will need to organize your data. • You should have five pieces of paper that are 4.25 inches wide with the different lengths of 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11 inches. Follow the diagram to fold your bridges. The bridge should be suspended from two books that have the same height, overlapping each book by approximately 1 inch.

• Place the paper cup in the center of the bridge. Gently place marbles into the paper cup until the bridge gives way [breaking point]. Record the data in your T.I. Nspire. Repeat the process for each bridge. After your group collects data, each member of the group will represent the data with a table, scatter plot and a movable line in TI-Nspire document 020102_exp_connecting_bridges_investigation. Answer all questions in the TI-Nspire document and be prepared to present to the class. 010102_inv_Connecting_Bridges_Investigation_adapted_from_Connected_Mathemeics

020102 exp connecting bridges  
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