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Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 3 (800 ml) ®




Compact: • Size: 8.5” x 7.5” x 9”

Ergonomic design - it fits neatly into standard rescue vehicles & hospital crash carts

• Weight: 3.7lbs

Lightweight - easily carried to the rescue scene

• Capacity 800ml (disposable canister)

Easy to store standard canister

Powerful: • Vacuum regulator: 50-550 mmHg

All the power you need to get the job done

• Airflow: 0-27 lpm typical (free flow)

Complies with ISO 10079 - International Performance Standard for suction

• Long-lasting field changeable high-capacity battery

Typically 45 minutes on maximum vacuum settings before replacement

Reliable: • Two year limited warranty

Backed by 40 years of Laerdal suction experience

• State of the art NiMH Battery technology

Recharges in approx. 5 hours. Batteries can be stored 3-6 months before recharging is required

• LED Control vacuum Indicator Panel

Enables monitoring of the suction level setting as well as low battery and charging indicators

• Replaceable HEPA-rated bacterial filter

Protects the pump and is effective at removal of both particles and bacteria

• External A/C or DC Power options

Gives the user power and charging flexibility

• External Battery Charger

Makes a battery rotation protocol a reality

Carried to every call: • Soft pack carry case with strap

Protects the unit during use and can store additional supplies

* Excludes battery, canister system, power cords, and normal wear and tear. ©2008 Laerdal Medical Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. PRO-ML02-0147.A #4483