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MEN OF HOPE FOR THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE WORLD “The courage to change the world.” It’s a powerful, and daunting, thought. It is implied in our mission statement in the phrase “the courage to act.” When I was in middle school, I don’t know that I was ready to live up to such a tall task. Years later, I consider myself so fortunate to be surrounded by young men at St. Edward High School who are ready to embrace this highest calling.


Every school is unique, and throughout my career in education, I’ve come to know hundreds of schools. That journey has made St. Edward High School’s uniqueness so much more clear to me. First, our Holy Cross values put relationships, hospitality, zeal, humility, and Divine Providence at the center of all we do. These Holy Cross values are the heart of the sense of belonging that every member of the St. Ed’s community experiences and cherishes. Second, we’re committed to excellence, guiding our young men to appreciate all life has to offer, and equipping them with the skills and habits to access it. Our students must think, write, listen, present, and defend their ideas well. Third, we aspire to empower our students to create the world in which they will live, work and serve. We teach to the future so that you can create the future. Relevance is so critical in education today. By tackling complex, real-world problems, our students gain both the competence and the confidence to face an uncertain world as adults. St. Edward High School’s uniqueness lies at the intersection of our Holy Cross values, excellence in college preparatory education, and the commitment to relevance. It is at that intersection where you will acquire the courage that our world most desperately needs from the next generation.


On behalf of the entire St. Edward Community, I am grateful that you are considering becoming an Edsman. I encourage you to be thoughtful about this important next step, and consider us, guided by these questions: “Where can I share my story and make an impact?” and “Where will I develop and embrace the courage to change the world?” Jim Kubacki, President

LEADERS IN FAITH AND HUMILITY As a Student Minister and Fellowship of Christian Athletes member, Tory Williams ’22 is a leader who lives out the Holy Cross Charisms of hospitality, relationships, zeal, and humility, Divine Providence, and hope in the Cross. Student Ministers bring our Catholic faith to life and lead their peers, inspired by Holy Cross and the teachings of Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C. Through the courage to act with kindness and compassion, Tory goes out of his way to help his brothers feel part of the St. Ed’s family, both in the classroom as an IB Executive Council member and on the field as a member of the football and track & field teams.

The St. Edward High School mission calls for the “formation of young men in a faith-based tradition that is God-centered and emphasizes the acceptance of each person.” It is that foundation for religious education that every student is exposed to at St. Edward and that fosters each young man’s maturation in faith. Students are challenged to engage in deep reflection and insight into the reality of Jesus in their lives. They become familiar with the Scriptures as God’s Word to us, and study and reflect on life issues as seen through the eyes of faith. They analyze contemporary issues using Catholic principles of morality and justice and explore topics of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. Students are provided multiple opportunities to act with courage in expressing their commitments to faith through peer and service ministries. The faculty encourages students to participate in prayer services, service projects, and retreat experiences that allow them to live the Gospels in their lives today.

A WELCOMING BROTHERHOOD With St. André Bessette, C.S.C. as an inspiration, St. Edward High School seeks to be a place where all feel welcome, appreciated, celebrated, and loved. Joseph Lavelle ’22 truly believes that the relationships made throughout four years at St. Ed’s shape our Edsmen into better young men who can transform the world. St. Ed’s fosters a reliable and encouraging community that sustains positive and nurturing relationships which ultimately define the growth of our students and their connections with each other.

As an adolescent matures into a young man during his four years in high school, the relationships he builds and sustains will define that growth. The relationships that students form at St. Edward High School are lifelong, and are truly the foundation for every student’s success. Hospitality is a charism central to the philosophy of Holy Cross education. It is through relationships that Holy Cross hospitality makes itself known to St. Edward students daily. Positive relationships formed in a nurturing environment provide students with a tremendous sense of safety and comfort, as they realize they will be supported by their teachers, their classmates, and their coaches in all things. That support allows them to reach outside their comfort zone and discover new talents and interests. The brotherhood that develops among classmates during their four years at St. Edward is a testament to the strength of the community and the positive experience that each young man has during these formative years.

IMPACTING THE COMMUNITY As a Student Ambassador, Student Minister, and member of the Cross and Anchor Society, Matthew Molnar ’22 is passionate to lead his fellow peers in a deeper way to make an impact on the St. Ed’s community and beyond. Students live out the call to consider the greatness of their mission and the wonderful amount of good they can accomplish with eyes of faith as servant leaders. With zealous leaders like Matthew at St. Ed’s, our community continues to find new ways to support local neighborhoods and service initatives around the country so our Edsmen can leave their mark and make an impact on the world around them.

The principles of servant leadership are critical to the development of every St. Edward student. Through every experience a St. Edward student has during his four years, the school’s mission is to help each young man find his call to live as a servant leader. We challenge each of our students to develop into leaders who exhibit hospitality, compassion, zeal, and humility, bringing hope to all they encounter. St. Edward High School’s focus on faith formation, drive for excellence in all things, and commitment to developing meaningful relationships is rooted in the mission to form Christ-like servant leaders who will enrich the lives of others by living out the charism and spirituality of Holy Cross. Much of the success our students achieve is attributed to practicing the ideals of servant leadership. The ideals of servant leadership are emphasized to students through faculty who model for the young men the qualities of patience, kindness and love necessary to lead others through service.

STUDENTS WHO ASPIRE AND INSPIRE Carlton Landingham ’22 is one of many charismatic leaders at St. Edward High School. As an IB Diploma candidate, member of the Diversity Club, and student athlete for the St. Edward football and track & field teams, Carlton inspires his fellow Edsmen not to settle, but to strive for greatness. He is proud to be an Edsman and to share that pride with his fellow peers. Carlton inspires others to embrace cultural humility and to weave their own unique viewpoints into the fabric of the school to improve the St. Edward brotherhood.

In accordance with the mission of Holy Cross, St. Edward High School fosters a community of understanding, respect, and inclusion of students of all backgrounds, promotes respect for all forms of diversity, and strives for solidarity within the entire community. Through our curricular and co-curricular offerings, and our welcoming and caring community, St. Edward seeks to consciously create and sustain an inclusive environment of mutual respect, hospitality, and warmth in which no one is a stranger and all may flourish. Studies have shown that, regardless of socio-cultural backgrounds, all students exposed to diversity are better at critical thinking, problem-solving, and interacting with a diverse workforce. Through education and awareness, St. Edward provides students the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live in order to cultivate effective, empathetic leaders and agents of positive change.

THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Daniel Enovitch ’22 says the best advice he’s received at St. Ed’s has been to always strive for excellence. As a football, hockey, and lacrosse student athlete who also serves as a Student Ambassador and member of Student Government and National Honor Society, Daniel attributes the Holy Cross pillar of Excellence and advice from his teachers for guiding him to take full advantage of his St. Ed’s experience and maintain a determined drive to grow as a lifelong learner.

Academics are placed at the forefront of St. Edward’s mission to educate the minds of young men. The core of a St. Edward education takes place in the classroom, where students explore rigorous college-prep coursework guided by expert teachers using the most cutting-edge technologies. At St. Edward, students are exposed to the highest quality college-prep education combined with innovative curricula, pedagogy, and programming designed to prepare students for the world they will create. As an International Baccalaureate World School, St. Edward High School’s approach to teaching and learning challenges students to thrive in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, placing an emphasis on authentic, project-based learning. Rather than passively consuming information, St. Edward students are compelled to actively apply that knowledge, just as they will in college.

EMBODYING GRIT AND RESILIENCE As a football and rugby student athlete and IB Diploma candidate, Jeremiah Ratcliff ’22 models Grit, one of the Seven Standards of an Edsman. Students are encouraged to embody the relentless determination to keep pursuing a desired goal and to never give up. Through his resilient leadership, Jeremiah shares his ambitious nature with fellow Edsmen, encouraging them to take full advantage of all oppportunities and experiences offered at St. Ed’s.

Athletics provide Edsmen with vigorous, competitive and empowering opportunities to grow both physically and emotionally through teamwork, commitment and self-discipline. At St. Edward, student-athletes are encouraged to share their talents and to pursue athletic opportunities that will continue to foster their determination and drive for success. St. Edward High School is well-known for its tradition of excellence in athletics. Since 1978, the St. Edward Eagles have won 69 state championships and 11 national championships, making St. Edward the winningest high school athletic program in the state of Ohio and one of the most highly regarded programs in the United States. As our athletic programs continue to strive for success every year, our student athletes are the true heart of St. Edward Athletics. The caliber of the young men who represent St. Edward on the field, court, track, and more is showcased through their focus, confidence, sportsmanship, and commitment to the St. Edward brotherhood.

BRINGING THE ARTS TO LIFE With a passion for creativity, Maxwell Morscher ’22 enjoys sharing his musical talents as a member of the Marching Eagles, Jazz Ensemble, Men’s Chorus, Liturgical Choir, and the Edwardian Players. Edsmen of all abilities share their gifts and wow audiences through various performing arts opportunities at St. Ed’s. Our Performing Arts Program brings the arts to life on our campus and provides students with diverse opportunities to showcase their aptitude for creative performance.

The St. Edward High School Performing Arts programs provide students with opportunities to explore and refine talents in music and theater arts, to develop character and to acquire leadership skills. Through the arts, Edsmen improve in areas of self-awareness, creativity, confidence, and artistic sensitivity while learning to master the skills necessary to present outstanding collaborative performances that audiences love. Musical offerings at St. Edward range from the St. Edward Marching Eagles, the St. Edward Concert Band, the St. Edward Orchestra, and the St. Edward Jazz Band. The Edwardian Players perform two theatrical productions each year, and the Trash Talkers are a crowd favorite, inspired by the likes of Stomp and The Blue Man Group. From the magic poured out through song onstage under colorful lights to the infectious sounds and rhythms that come from everyday household objects, our Edsmen continue to creatively express their artistic talents through music in various ways.

A FOCUS ON INDIVIDUAL GROWTH Brandon Bender ’22 appreciates being part of St. Ed’s lifelong brotherhood through the St. Andre Scholars Program. St. Edward High School is committed to the understanding that success in education is defined by individual growth, and that hard work and enthusiasm are the foundations for that growth. Focusing on the individual student ensures that students of diverse academic needs are supported and prepared to take on the rigors of not only the St. Edward curriculum, but also the college curriculum.

St. Edward High School offers various resources to ensure that all students’ needs are met, that they are individually challenged and supported to learn and grow to the best of their ability, and that they receive the opportunity to experience a high-quality education at St. Edward. St. Edward is a provider of the State of Ohio’s Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program for students with qualifying IEPs, making state funds available to support academic services and tuition at St. Edward. Throughout the school year, St. Edward also provides students with six full-time academic intervention specialists who work with students who have specific learning challenges on a daily basis. St. Edward’s recent addition of the St. Andre Scholars Program has made a quality Catholic education available for students with moderate cognitive disabilities, while strengthening the St. Edward community by embracing a more diverse range of students in the spirit of our Holy Cross tradition.

TEACHING TO THE FUTURE As an involved student leader in the St. Ed’s community, Evan Typpo ’22 welcomes the everyday challenges that push him to be a better scholar. From rigorous coursework as part of the IB Diploma Program to leading various service initiatives and extracurriculars, Evan encourages his peers to find their voice, explore their potential, and to push their limits. Students at St. Ed’s engage in various opportunities to identify significant, real-world challenges and solve them in meaningful ways to foster innovation.

As part of St. Edward’s commitment to teaching to the future, students are taught to identify problems and opportunities, synthesize data and discover solutions, employ boundless curiosity, ask the right questions, and persist in acquiring new skills and expertise through self-directed learning. Through the Ken Layden ’80 Entrepreneurship Program, students can engage in real-world problems using business planning processes and strategies, develop ethical and moral decision-making skills, and grow to become future leaders who will have a profound impact on society. St. Edward’s Engineering Program provides students with an innovative academic program that stimulates the pursuit of the applied sciences and prepares students for the rigors of college engineering. With the addition of The Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation, the St. Edward community can now use this state-of-the-art makers space to create, collaborate, engineer, experiment, and innovate.

AN INTERNATIONAL MINDSET Samuel Richardson ’22 loves being part of a community of learners and creators who share a similar passion for expanding their knowledge and curiosity. Because of St. Edward High School’s commitment to international programs, students like Sam have ample opportunity to explore the world and bring the classroom to life by immersing themselves in other cultures. Edsmen have traveled to six of the seven continents recently, experiencing all the world has to offer through cultural immersions, service immersions, exchange programs and international Model United Nations conferences.

Throughout the St. Edward curriculum, students are empowered to practice international mindedness, the ability to see and learn from other unique individuals and fellow human beings. Students also have the opportunity to experience other cultures firsthand. The St. Edward International Programs take students across the world to serve, learn, and grow in knowledge and understanding. Within the last two years, our Edsmen have traveled to Italy, Greece, Australia, Honduras, Uganda, Chile, New Zealand and more to participate in mission trips and service projects that expand their worldview and immerse themselves in cultures unlike their own. St. Edward has also participated in exchange programs in Spain, France, Belize, New Zealand, and Peru, allowing Edsmen and international students to experience each other’s lifestyles and traditions. These experiences provide our Edsmen with opportunities to grow as young men who practice international mindedness.

EXPLORATION IN CREATIVITY Quad Kramer ’22 enjoys being part of an energetic community that supports students to push themselves in their creativity and involvement at St. Ed’s. As automation and artificial intelligence become societal norms, now more than ever, students must be able to create new work to share with the world. Students are encouraged to share their voices and unique perspectives and bring their creative visions to life through our award-winning Film programs and Visual Arts courses.

Film and the visual arts have become an intrinsic part of today’s culture, and St. Edward is dedicated to advancing our students’ artistic techniques and vision. Through the St. Edward Film Department, students cultivate a love for this visual medium and learn how to write, light, film, design, and edit their own films while also understanding the vital basics behind great cinematic works of art. In the past six years, graduates of the St. Edward Film Department have studied at the most acclaimed film schools in the country and have earned multiple accolades in national and regional short film festivals. The St. Edward Film Department continues to foster a collaborative atmosphere and a high level of professionalism, and it serves as a resource for students to express their creativity and passion. St. Edward’s Visual Arts Program enables students with various abilities to bring their creative visions to life. Students can take courses including Ceramics, Pottery and Sculpture, Sports Art, Painting, and Advertising and Design. These courses allow students to grow in their artistic abilities and learn how they can use their talents to create something new for the world.

CONNECTED THROUGH FAMILY Ian Fairfield ’22 describes the St. Edward community as a family, welcoming all individuals to grow, learn, and connect with one another. The most meaningful element of the St. Edward High School experience is the family atmosphere and the common bond developed through shared experiences. The Fairfield Family (Brad Fairfield ’86, his wife Suzanne Fairfield who serves as the Chair of the St. Edward Social Studies Department, and their sons, Connor ’20 and Ian ’22) represents the many families who have enjoyed the benefits of a St. Edward education.

St. Edward’s most valuable resource is the people that make up its strong community. The family of St. Edward alumni across generations has all of the knowledge and connections needed to create life-long friends and valuable professional relationships that are a critical part of the St. Ed’s experience. The St. Edward Family is an extended one, with more than 15,000 alumni around the world who seek to support each other through the common bond developed at St. Edward High School. St. Edward’s new online resource, Eagle Connect, provides alumni with an easier way to network with each other, to reconnect with old friends, and to stay current with the latest news at St. Edward in an ultra-convenient format. Over the years, the St. Edward Alumni Association has taken important steps in maintaining connections among the St. Ed’s family and ensuring that the 15,000 St. Edward alumni continue to positively impact the brotherhood at St. Edward High School.

TAKE THE NEXT STEPS At St. Edward High School, our goal is to work in partnership with you as you go through the very important high school selection process. At the heart of the process is getting to know you and understanding your personal goals so we can best demonstrate to you how St. Edward can be foundational in achieving those goals. As you learn more about St. Edward High School, you will find that our school community consists of dedicated people who lead exceptional programs spanning faith formation, academics, the arts, athletics and service. We appreciate you taking the time to meet the people and learn more about the programs that make St. Edward High School an exceptional place to learn and grow. Most importantly, we look forward to getting to know YOU this school year!





As a way of better serving your

All students who are considering

St. Edward Open Houses are

All students who wish to apply to

interests and needs, we want to

St. Edward are strongly encouraged

specifically designed to suit your

St. Edward are required to take one of

get to know you better. Please let

to spend a school day at St. Ed’s.

interests and help you make your

the St. Edward Admission Tests. Tests

us know how we can be helpful to

As an Edsman for a Day, you will

high school selection. Open Houses

are offered on Saturday, October 9th

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spend the school day with one of

are offered from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00

at 9:00 a.m.; Saturday, October 23rd

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p.m. on Sunday, October 3rd and

at 9:00 a.m.; Wednesday, November

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from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Mon-

3rd at 5:30 p.m.; and Saturday,

to meet with a member of our

online registration at

day, October 18th; Monday, October

November 6th at 9:00 a.m. Testing

Office of Admission Team in person.

at least five days in advance of

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lasts approximately three hours, and

To schedule an appointment,

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the cost is $20. Students wishing

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to test with accommodations (e.g.,


September 14th through

programs and mission; and explore

extended time) should plan to test on

Thursday, December 9th.

the dozens of co-curriculars that are

Saturday, October 23rd or Saturday,

available. Pre-registration is required

November 6th. Parent information

online at

sessions will be offered during the tests. Pre-registration is required at

WE’RE LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! Many of the key people at St. Edward High School are listed below. We hope that you’ll reach out to us so we can get to know you better and learn more about what you’re interested in. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Advanced Placement Courses

Business & Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Engineering & Technology Curriculum

Matt Stepnowsky, Dean of Academics

Bob Schenosky, Director of Entrepreneurial Solutions

JC Froelich ’08, Department Chair

Application & Admission Process

Campus Ministry

English Curriculum

Dan Mackin ’04, Joe Kasl ‘99, Matt Bertrams

Cari White, Campus Minister

Andy Allen, Department Chair


Cleveland Scholarship Program Voucher

Film Curriculum

Kevin Hickman, Athletic Director

Sarah Boddy, Finance Office

Lydia Munnell, Department Chair


Cross Country

Financial Aid

Matt Rosinski, Head Coach

Nathan Brannen, Head Coach

Don Murphy, Vice President of Finance & Facilities


Diversity Programming


Eric Flannery ‘90, Head Coach

James Knight, Vice President of Equity & Inclusion

Tom Lombardo, Head Coach


EdChoice Scholarship Program


Fred Marquardt ‘69, Head Coach

Sarah Boddy, Finance Office

Dave Swan, Head Coach


Performing Arts

Student Accommodations & Support

Tim Sullivan ’92, Head Coach

Bob Burns, Director of Performing Arts

Matt Altieri ’05,

Associate Dean of Student Support Services

Holy Cross Mission


Liam Haggerty ‘02, VP of Mission Effectiveness

KC McKenna ’00

Student Life & Co-Curricular Activities

Matt Wallenhorst ’05, Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership

Innovation Programming


Nick Kuhar, Associate Dean of Academics

Eric Conroy, Head Coach Swimming & Diving John Collis, Head Coach

Instrumental Music


Angelo Kortyka ‘98, Director of Instrumental Music

Andrew Martin, Head Coach Tennis Todd Ashdown ‘88, Head Coach

International Baccalaureate Programme

School Culture

Nick Kuhar, IB Coordinator

Tim Sullivan ’92, Dean of Students

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship

Science Curriculum

Sarah Boddy, Finance Office

Anne Marie Lavelle, Department Chair Theology Curriculum Chris Merriman, Department Chair Track & Field Nathan Brannen, Head Coach


Service Opportunities

Matt Bertrams, Head Coach

Liam Haggerty ’02, VP of Mission Effectiveness Volleyball Bob Schenosky, Head Coach

Language Acquisition Curriculum


Lisa Hardin, Department Chair

Tony Dore, Head Coach Wrestling John Heffernan ‘84, Head Coach

Mathematics Curriculum

Social Studies Curriculum

Dan Corcoran ’07, Department Chair

Suzanne Fairfield, Department Chair


OPEN HOUSES FOR 8TH GRADE FAMILIES Sunday, October 3, 2021 :: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday, October 18, 2021 :: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Monday, October 25, 2021 :: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Monday, November 8, 2021 :: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required at ADMISSION TESTS FOR 8TH GRADERS Saturday, October 9, 2021 :: 9:00 a.m. Saturday, October 23, 2021 :: 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 3, 2021 :: 5:30 p.m. Saturday, November 6, 2021 :: 9:00 a.m. Pre-registration is required at EDSMAN FOR A DAY VISITS Learn even more about the dedicated people and exceptional programs at St. Edward High School. Complete the form located at

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