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May 28, 2013 | Volume 11, Issue 4

2012–2013 State Officers President

Morgan Melot

Oklahoma State University pblpres2013@okfbla–

Four–Year University Vice President Nicholas Keen

Oklahoma State University pbl4yrvp2013@okfbla–

Two–Year College Vice President

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE WOW Oklahoma! What an incredible year it has been! From the SFLC at NEO in Miami, to the NFLC in Denver; and Google+ hangouts, local chapter visits, and national networking, to community service projects and FBLA–PBL membership programs such as CMAP, September Sweeps, and February Frenzy; and finally culminating at the SLC in Norman which leads to the year’s final “Whoo–Rah”—the NLC in Anaheim this summer! The year in a very brief recap: 

Lilly East

NEO A&M College pbl2yrvp2013@okfbla–


Caitlin Economou TCC—Metro pblsec2013@okfbla–


Miranda Bowman

Murray State College pblreporter2013@okfbla–

State Staff State Adviser Linda Morgan

At the State Fall Leadership Conference, members collected 836 household cleaning items and school supplies for the Community Crisis Center in Miami, and raised $170 for the March of Dimes. During my trip to the National Fall Leadership Conference in Denver, I accepted the award on behalf of Oklahoma PBL for first place in September Sweeps, and spent time with members from our very own Oklahoma Panhandle State University chapter and across the nation. Finally, we arrived at the State Leadership Conference in Norman, where members came to compete, network, and elect next year’s leaders! At the conference our members rallied around multiple community service projects to much success. The “Penny Wars” project collected $359.97 for the American Red Cross and we collected 79.9 lbs of pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

Thank you again for all of your support, guidance, and friendship! It’s been a wonderful year, but don’t lose momentum Oklahoma, the best is yet to come!


Assistant State Adviser


Laura Morgan


State Officer Team Adviser Sarah Chabinak



Morgan Melot PBL State President

LOCAL CHAPTER NEWS Oklahoma State University

Submitted by: Dr. Sarah Chabinak, Chapter Adviser

Oklahoma State University’s PBL chapter Ignited Innovation as seven members attended the State Leadership Conference in Norman April 4–6. Five members qualified to go to nationals in Anaheim in June, and Morgan Melot was elected State Executive Vice President for the coming year. Chapter Adviser Dr. Sarah Chabinak will be taking the lead as Oklahoma’s State Adviser for the coming year as well. OSU PBL is excited about our success at state and we cannot wait to continue Igniting Innovation in Anaheim!

Tulsa Community College—West Campus Submitted by: Ann Taff, Chapter Adviser

West campus has had a productive year with many successes in fund raising and community service activities. Highlighted is successful food drive conducted for the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank. This is the second year the chapter has conducted this campaign that corresponds with the "Scare–a–way" hunger drive and for both years has been chaired by West campus PBL president. West campus members solicited food from all TCC campuses offering community service hours for the drive resulting in almost one ton of food stuffs donated to the food bank. In January best–selling author Ed Gungor presented a discussion on Ethics in today's world to West campus faculty, staff and PBL members. Gungor has been deeply involved in ethical/spiritual formation of others for over thirty–five years. TCC West campus adviser Ann Taff will be retiring this year with over 30 years of experience with FBLA–PBL. She leaves the leadership of West Campus PBL to Lindsey Barbour who is West Campus Accounting faculty and Honors Business Coordinator. Jim O'Mealey will continue to be co–adviser with the chapter.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Submitted by: Lily East

On April 4th–6th, the NEO PBL Chapter attended the SLC in Norman, Oklahoma. NEO has worked extremely hard this year in preparing all chapter members for their performance events and written tests as well as working on their chapter events. We are very happy to say that all of that hard work and dedication has paid off and NEO received Gold Ribbon status! NEO PBL took home many individual awards that qualified them for the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California! And NEO had three members campaigning for state officer positions. All three members received the office in which they were campaigning! Congratulations to Brandi Black, PBL Two–Year College Vice President, Jamelle Davis, PBL State Secretary, and Justin Nazzal, PBL State Reporter. “I am so proud of all of the accomplishments that the NEO A&M College Chapter and Students have achieved during this FBLA–PBL Spring Leadership Conference,” said NEO PBL Adviser Scott Donaldson. “We seem to be on a roll!”

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LOCAL CHAPTER NEWS Murray State College

Submitted by: Miranda Bowman

Murray State College PBL has been very busy this semester with several fundraisers, hosting Job Readiness workshops, and community service projects. Murray State hosted their annual Scholastic Meet/Senior Day on the Tishomingo campus, MSC PBL chapter members held a concession serving nachos, beef jerky, and drinks. Our 2nd Annual Job Readiness and Resume Workshops were successful, each with around 15 students attending. This year at the SLC in Norman, we had five members compete. Our hard work paid off with two Ultimate Turkey ribbons, Make A Difference and Public Relations awards, as well as many individual awards with 4 qualifying for the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California! Our annual End of Year Luncheon was held at Luigi’s Italian Eatery where our chapter awards were presented. It was a bittersweet ending to the year, as we have several of our members graduating this year.

Accounting Analysis & Decision Making 1st—John Costner & Layne Greeson, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Andrea Wimberly, Eastern Oklahoma State College Accounting for Professionals 1st—Meagan Bell, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Quincy Lucas, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Accounting Principles 1st—Lilly East, NEO A&M College 2nd—Rhonda Harkins, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 3rd—Justin Owen, Tulsa Community College–Metro

Client Service

sponsored by Waldrop Funeral Home

1st—Charles Wiggins, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Lauren Zurmehly, Southwestern Oklahoma State University 3rd—Miranda Bowman, Murray State College Community Service Project sponsored by Linda Morgan

1st—Murray State College Computer Applications sponsored by Laura Morgan

Business Communication

1st—Levi Adams, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Noel Erwin, NEO A&M College

1st—Chelsea Montano, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Jeanette Gonzalez, Eastern Oklahoma State College 3rd—Jordan Mazariegos, Tulsa Community College–West

Computer Concepts 1st—Devin Cox, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Levi Adams, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 3rd—Noel Erwin, NEO A&M College

sponsored by OSU Medical Laboratory Services

Business Decision Making

sponsored by David Pecha, NWOSU

1st—Cantrell, Hickok, & Wilson, University of Oklahoma Business Law 1st—Cathy Conway, Murray State College 2nd—Blake Robertson, University of Oklahoma 3rd—Layne Greeson, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Business Presentation

sponsored by PDC Productions

1st—Rowland & Williams, Tulsa Community College–West 2nd—Gulati & Kahl, University of Oklahoma

Contemporary Sports issues

sponsored by Hardgrave Realtors & Builders

1st—Seth Jones, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Kyle Keylon, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 3rd—Justin Nazzal, NEO A&M College Cyber Security 1st—Cathy Conway, Murray State College Database Design & Applications 1st—Kochese Smith, NEO A&M College

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Digital Video Production 1st—Nathan Howe from Tulsa Community College–Metro Economic Analysis & Decision Making 1st—Aaron Barker, Oklahoma State University Financial Concepts sponsored by Security Bank & Trust, Miami 1st—Jeremy Richardson, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Leslie Dillon, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 3rd—Drew Burkhart, Oklahoma State University Financial Services sponsored by The Bank NA, Maud 1st—Dillon & Richardson, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Future Business Educator sponsored by A–OK Railroad 1st—Kathy Portley, Tulsa Community College–West Future Business Executive sponsored by OSU Medical Laboratory Services 1st—Morgan Melot, Oklahoma State University 2nd—Brandy Smith, NEO A&M College 3rd—Hannah Sutton, Tulsa Community College–Metro Human Resource Management sponsored by Robin Mickel, CMP 1st—Nicholas Keen, Oklahoma State University Impromptu Speaking sponsored by Coney Island 1st—Ben Ewing, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Seth Jones, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 3rd—Caitlin Economou, Tulsa Community College–Metro Information Management 1st—James Harris, NEO A&M College 2nd—Kathy Portley, Tulsa Community College–West 3rd—Braden Rowland, Tulsa Community College–West International Business 1st—Quincy Lucas, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Caleb Carter, University of Oklahoma 3rd—Grant Ligon, University of Oklahoma Job Interview 1st—David Francis, Tulsa Community College–West 2nd—Belinda Hunt, NEO A&M College 3rd—Atira Harrison, NEO A&M College Local Chapter Annual Business Report sponsored by Laura Morgan 1st—Tulsa Community College—Metro 2nd—Murray State College 3rd—NEO A&M College Macroeconomics sponsored by Tulsa Community College–Metro 1st—John Costner, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd—Hannah Sutton, Tulsa Community College–Metro 3rd—Xuan Nguyen, Tulsa Community College–Metro Management Analysis & Decision Making 1st—Reagan Karlin, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Management Concepts 1st—Reliee Berger, Oklahoma State University 2nd—David Francis, Tulsa Community College–West 3rd—Rhonda Harkins, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Marketing Analysis & Decision Making sponsored by McGraw–Hill Education 1st—Seidah Rasheed, Tulsa Community College–Metro Marketing Concepts 1st—Jerry Powers, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Jerrad Richards, Southwestern Oklahoma state University 3rd—Robert Woods, NEO A&M College Microeconomics sponsored by Tulsa Community College–Metro 1st—Xuan Nguyen, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Aaron Boggs, Eastern Oklahoma State College 3rd—Lisa Harp, Eastern Oklahoma State College Networking Concepts 1st—James Harris, NEO A&M College Project Management 1st—Justin Owen, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Aaron Barker, Oklahoma State University Public Speaking sponsored by Jane Anderson, CMP 1st—Aaron Boggs, Eastern Oklahoma State College 2nd—Justin Nazzal, NEO A&M College 3rd—Jerrad Richards, Southwestern Oklahoma State University Retail Management sponsored by Roy’s Cardinal Discount Pharmacy 1st—Lauren Zurmehly, Southwestern Oklahoma State University 2nd—Caitlin Economou, Tulsa Community College–Metro 3rd—Jenna McGrath, Tulsa Community College–Metro Sales Presentation sponsored by Dunn Ford Country 1st—Brandi Black, NEO A&M College Small Business Management Plan sponsored by Tulsa Community College–Metro 1st—Jerry Powers, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Sexton & Speck, Murray State College Sports Management & Marketing sponsored by Roy’s Cardinal Food Store 1st—Reagan Karlin, Oklahoma Panhandle State University 2nd— Ryan Evans, University of Oklahoma 3rd—Glenn Whiteley, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Statistical Analysis 1st—Morgan Melot, Oklahoma State University 2nd—Drew Burkhart, Oklahoma State University 3rd—Nathan Howe, Tulsa Community College–Metro Telecommunications 1st—Kevin Cox, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Sara Goswick, Tulsa Community College–Metro 3rd—Atira Harrison, NEO A&M College Web Site Design sponsored by Tulsa Community College–Metro 1st—Dave Short, TCC–Metro Word Processing sponsored by Linda Morgan 1st—Kyle Keylon, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Grammar (Open Event) 1st—Justin Owen, Tulsa Community College–Metro 2nd—Cathy Conway, Murray State College 3rd—Levi Adams, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

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Health Care Administration (Open Event) 1st—Cathy Conway, Murray State College 2nd—Charles Wiggins, Tulsa Community College–Metro 3rd—Chelsea Montano, Oklahoma Panhandle State University International Customs (Open Event) 1st—Ben Ewing, TCC–Metro 2nd—James Harris, NEO A&M College 3rd—Cathy Conway, Murray State College PBL Facts (Open Event) 1st—Cathy Conway, Murray State College 2nd—Caitlin Economou, Tulsa Community College–Metro 3rd—Miranda Bowman, Murray State College Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser Sara Hitch, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit NEO A&M College Tulsa Community College–Metro Public Relations Award 1st—NEO A&M College 2nd—Murray State College

Make A Difference Award—Chapter 1st—Murray State College 2nd—NEO A&M College Make A Difference Award—Individual 1st—Miranda Bowman, Murray State College 2nd—Cathy Conway, Murray State College 3rd—Michael Gotwald, Oklahoma State University Who’s Who in Oklahoma FBLA–PBL Miranda Bowman, PBL State Reporter Craig Compton, Oklahoma State University Cathy Conway, Murray State College Lilly East, PBL Two–Year College Vice President Caitlin Economou, PBL State Secretary Rhonda Harkins, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Nicholas Keen, PBL Four–Year University Vice President Morgan Melot, PBL State President Kathy Portley, Tulsa Community College–West Brandy Smith, NEO A&M College Hannah Sutton, Tulsa Community College–Metro Andrea Wimberly, Eastern Oklahoma State College Who’s Who in PBL (national nominee) Morgan Melot, Oklahoma State University

Largest Local Chapter Membership Tulsa Community College–Metro—202 members Largest Local Chapter Membership Percentage Increase University of Oklahoma—217% increase Largest Local Chapte Membership—Professional Division Tulsa Community College–Metro—17 members

Penny Wars Most Points—Murray State College Best Decorated Bucket—NEO A&M College Soda Tab Collection Highest Percentage of Tabs to Paid Members—NEO A&M College

Aluminum Tab Results at the SLC Your officer team set a goal to collect 100 pounds of aluminum tabs for our state community service project. All of the tabs were to be given to the Ronald McDonald House. We are proud to announce that Oklahoma FBLA and PBL chapters collected a total of 79.9 pounds of aluminum tabs! This was just short of our state goal, but all of the Oklahoma FBLA–PBL chapters did an excellent job at collecting these tabs!

Here are the official results:

Total Tabs Collected 1. NEO A&M College—49.95 lbs 2. Oklahoma State University—9.35 lbs 3. Drumright High School—5.4 lbs 4. Tulsa Community College–West—1.45 lbs 5. Murray State College—7.15 lbs 6. Tulsa Community College–Metro—5.5 lbs 7. Oklahoma Panhandle State University—.55 lbs 8. Maud High School—.35 lbs 9. Eisenhower High School—.2 lbs

Percentage to Paid Members 88% 78% 21% 13% 6% 3% 3% 2% 1%

Congratulations to all of these chapters! We appreciate your hard work and dedication collecting aluminum tabs!

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State President

Nicholas Keen

Four–Year University Vice President

Oklahoma State University

My term as Oklahoma PBL President gave me the opportunity to be continually challenged and grow as a student, citizen, and leader. I learned the importance of planning and time management, developed an even deeper commitment and passion for FBLA–PBL, and it has truly been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredible students and advisers in the state, as well as the nation, and want to sincerely thank you all for this opportunity. Remember to stay focused, work hard, and success will be ever in your future!

Oklahoma State University

Being a state officer for PBL this past year has been a wonderful experience. It’s taught me how to work on a team, manage my time between school and PBL, and I’ve developed several friendships along the way. This has been a great year working with the wonderful men and women up here on stage with me.

Lilly East

Two–Year College Vice President

NEO A&M College

Being a part of the state officer team has made a big impact on my life. I have learned organizational skills, leadership skills and compassion. I would like to thank my local adviser, that state staff and my fellow state officers for giving me the encouragement and will power to achieve my goals. It’s been a great year and we have worked hard. Here’s to hoping next year is just as great for Oklahoma FBLA–PBL!

Caitlin Economou

State Secretary

Miranda Bowman

State Reporter


It has been such an honor to serve as the state secretary for Oklahoma Phi Beta Lambda. I have learned to achieve and to put into practice the skills that I have learned in my classes. Being the state secretary has also helped me to develop my leadership skills. I can’t give enough thanks to those who have believed in me this year—those people are my local chapter advisers, the state adviser team and of course the officer team.

Murray State College

Wow, what an amazing year! My experiences as your 2012–2013 PBL State Reporter have helped in building my leadership, communication, and public speaking skills. This year has definitely helped me to come out of my “shy shell”. I will use everything that I have learned with me as I graduate and plan to come back as a professional division member. Thank you for helping me along the way!

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