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To control this Hazard I should not film near any slippery surfaces.


To control this I will film in the changing rooms where it should not be wet at all.


To control this I will try and make Emma stay in one lane and I will film the interview away from pedestrians.

Risk Of Falling- Wet Floor (This can damage the equipment and can cause really bad injuries)

Water getting into the equipment can damage the equipment

Privacy, getting other people in my shots could damage their privacy rights.

If filming in the cafĂŠ area when interviewing there are hazards of spillages (tea/coffee) can cause burns.

Loud noise, could affect you being able to hear Emma.


This can be reduced by making sure there are no drinks nearby and do not buy drinks whilst interviewing Emma.


This can be reduced by picking a time slot where it is only allowed for those doing swims.

Privacy some people may not want to be filmed

When editing I can blur their faces out or can result to just doing feet shots.

Camera Equipment getting broken- as Westfield is mostly packed.

Make sure all equipment is held onto.

To heat can become high in Westfield so you can over heat.

Make sure you bring water with you

Do not eat or drink near the camera Food and drink spillages can break the camera

Be careful of the Mic speaker as Westfield is pack and you could potentially hit the interviewee by accident.

Make sure you are holding the mic from below away from the face.

Lots of dance equipment around which could lead to injuries if touched i.e election shocks. Heated lights in studio if you touch them you can get burnt

Make sure filming is not done near the studio’s dance equipment

Make sure lights are turned off if you are not using them.

Carpet floor for seating area need to be careful to avoid carpet burns.

Make sure no messing around in the foil area because of carpet.

Crowded, be careful a dance does not heat the equipment whilst dancing by accident.

Try to avoid carry equipment around with them in their cases.

Do not stand near closed doors whilst filming in case someone needs to get inside

Do not film near to a do.

Studio lights can get very hot and can burn skin.

Make sure they are far away from reach

Lots of cable and leads, be careful around them can cause you to fall over.

make sure you walk slowly and carefully

Setting up of the studio can be dangerous if you don’t do it right.

get an assistant to help set up the equipment

If a lot of students start coming in it could cause risks of noise levels, not being able to hear.

make sure that students know the room is in use so that not a lot of students try to come in whilst filming.