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To the right shows my version of the production Crew Hierarchy in order of status.

1st: Producer This is because without the producer there would not be any show and the producer is the person who employs the director unless the director was the producer.

2nd: Director The director is 2nd in line because the director has the job of over-looking the entire show and has the authority to tell the whole crew what to do. The director also has to over-look everything.

3rd: Sound Mixer

4th: Floor Manager

The reason I have put sound mixer 3rd is because they are the only people that work closely with the director and producer prior to the actually event to discuss creative intentions. This shows they have a lot of say when it comes to the music.

A floor manager is 4th because they are the director’s assistant because the floor manager works closely with the director and is in charge of the whole follow crew members and is responsible for giving them instructions.

7th- VT & Graphics The treason the VT and graphics people are towards the end of the hierarchy is because for both of them they both get told exactly what they have to do and they don’t really get a chance to put in their own idea’s

6th: Vision Mixer & Lighting Desk I have put both the vision mixer and lighting desk people together because I think they are both at the same point because they both get given set instructions of what to do and don’t have much say.

5th- Presenter I believe the presenter is 5th because the presenter works closely with the director on the script which means the presenter can have idea’s when certain thing get played etc. The presenter does not really get controlled by anyone apart from the director when on set.

8th- Set Designer

9th-Camera Operator

I think the set designer is towards the bottom because the set designer gets given a specific look and theme and they have to go on with what they have been told to do so they don’t really have the authority to say something else looks better.

The camera operator is last in the hierarchy because they don’t have a say in what they think about camera positions.

Hierachy Of the Production Crew  
Hierachy Of the Production Crew  

The hierachy of the production in order starting from the producer.