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Multi-Camera Production Evaluation The Brief (Section One)

Unit 23 was about the developing and creating of our own unique ideas; these being for a music magazine show that would have been created from us, as a class from scratch. Once being given the set brief we had to individually and as a group complete or meet certain aspects that were in the set criteria. The first aspects we had to meet in the pre-production, being the planning was that the show had to be aimed at the British public ranging from 14 years old to 20 years old and had to be the E4 viewer audience. Once given the main criteria points for our brand new programme/show we all individually had to do our own research and come up with our very own distinctive idea. This was so later on in the pre-production process we could collaborate at the end as a group, by putting all the best of ideas together to create something very different. However whilst we all individually had to come up with our own show/ideas we had to guarantee that we contained certain elements these being; the show had to be 15minuits of live content and should have an approximate running time of 30minuits with pre-recorded footage as well. The show had to comprise of live content, VT’s and the music videos that were previously created. Underneath shows the developing of my music magazine show idea being ‘R.I.P’ and shows that I always referred back to the brief for example making sure the urban idea would link in with the E4 viewers. If the show would be engaging for the set age target audience being 14-20, which meant the show could not be too formal. I also layed out the running order to make sure the overall show would last an overall time of 30 minutes and contain the pre-recorded footage and the music videos.

My unique idea which is the overlapping of having ‘fun’ but still being ‘bold’ and having an ‘urban’ theme.

My programme format which included the VT’s, games and the previously made music videos.

This shows my set design and me taking into account the target audience and what they would like to see.

The above shows how I came up with the name 'R.I.P' which is a play on words, so instead of meaning rest in peace I wanted it to stand for Rest In Perfection which was to emphasis on the show as being perfect and the music will be perfect so you can almost rest whilst watching/listening. The shows that I looked into made me think how I wanted my set design to be but also taking in mind that whatever I came up with it had to make sense with the target audience being young and interested in E4 programmes. This is why I went for the graffiti look and the brick look to tie in with some of the E4 set designs which I could see when doing my research.


Research-Job Roles To meet all sections of the brief we had to individually do research into the different Job roles and their responsibilities and key skills needed within their field. This was so we all understood how each of the job roles had different roles, this tied in with us choosing what Job Role we wanted to undertake during the production and why we would want to take on this specific role. Once we all had been given our specific Job roles we all had to complete small assignments within our set role, these small assignments linked to the build-up of the live day. For me as a Presenter I had to look at the different modes of address and perceive which one was most appropriate for the show reflecting back on the target audience, I also had to look at clothing. What would best tie in with the theme being urban what colours would suit the backdrop, how I wanted to come across through what I wore. We also had to complete each assignment to nearby professional standards in order to get the best grade, so this involved getting no help from our teachers. Although we were set different roles, we still had responsibilities to meet whilst reaching to the live day and carrying these on as well. There were main aspects within the responsibilities that had to be met for example communication skills between the whole crew; this was shown when Alysia helped Shriya and I with lighting when trying different costumes on. Raees then helped Alysia with some of her assignments as she was away for a bit.

My Job Role: Presenter

TrapStar Overall I think the final Production of 'Trapstar' was effective because it related a lot towards the brief we was given. This is seen through the mode of address Shriya and I as presenters used, we spoke very informal and had some funny aspects in the show this was affective because it related to the brief, this was seen through the target audience because we aimed out mode of address towards them so that they understood the sly jokes. The final production was also effective because the final production had all the elements that the brief desired. Trapstar contained the live footage as well as the pre-recorded footage which can be seen when Shriya interviewed our very own artist 'Tyra'. The production 'Trapstar' was also affective because it relates a lot to the brief, we made sure that the show did not last any longer than the 30minuits which was down to the director to keep track of time. Also the overall show came out near to professional standards because everyone acted very professional in their set roles whether it was making sure they gave clear instructions (Reece-Floor Manager) or if they had to act mature even if things went wrong for example Shriya and I could not start laughing or show that something went wrong whilst we were on set filming because if we did it would look very unprofessional. We also as a whole group communicated very well together.



Self-Evaluation (Section 2) The expectations for my role were to make sure that I worked professionally on set, this included me acting mature for example when something went wrong I could not show it in my face and have to try and carry on for example this happened on one of the takes on the live day when the graphics went wrong during the game quiz. I also as a presenter need to make sure prior to the live day that I communicate well with the crew members mainly the Director when writing the script, I also needed to make sure that all work I do leading up to the live day was done in time and to professional standards. This is important because if my work is not complete it can hinder the rest of the crews work for example with the script the crew members need my script so they can do their very own one within their role. My

other main expectation was not only to make sure the guests turned up on time but to make sure they felt welcome and knew what they were doing, this was to make sure when we started filming that everything ran smoothly. So on the actual live day I ran through the script with them a couple of times before having a practice run so they knew what questions they will be getting asked. I arranged for Shriya to go through the questions with Erisa and for me to go through the questions with Govind this helped with time management. I met these expectations by firstly making sure the guests came, my strength when having to meet this expectation was that I am very confident person and can easily socialize with people which was important because I needed to make sure the guests knew what they were doing. So I met this expectation by introducing the guests to the team and making sure they knew what they were doing, I also gave them a few opportunities to go through the script with me like it would be filmed live so they got use to answering the questions. I also met the expectation of working professionally because when we was live and doing the quiz with our guests the sound went wrong because the guest answered the question wrong but the light said it was right so I had to cover that up and make it look professional still. I done this by repeating what the guest said pretending he said the right answer so it could go with what the graphics said. I also met the last expectation I mentioned which was to do with the build-up to the live day, this was making sure I communicated with the crew members for example I had to communicate with the Director with the script making sure it followed his running order and to make sure it wouldn't go over time. I also had to make sure it was done in time so that everyone could follow that as a draft and complete their very own running order, so this was very important that it was done on time and there was communication between everyone were necessary.

__________________________________________________ Skills Gained Communication Skills: I think my communication skills have developed throughout the process because I had to get use to speaking to everyone whether they were from the crew or they were guests. Especially for the role I played I really needed to make sure I had good communication skills when it came to introducing the guests with the crew.

Confidence: I think I developed confidence as well, because the more we had done the re-takes of the show the more I felt confident without using the script. I also felt confident when introducing myself to the guest because taking in account that I did not know Erisa beforehand.

Listening Skills: I gained listening skills because before I use to always talk and not truly listen to other people’s opinions but throughout the production I learned to listen to people and take orders which was an important skill within my role as me being presenter. I have to listen to Raees for queues of when to talk and when not to and how long I have left to complete what I was talking about ad so on, which is why it was important that I did not always talk.

Organization Skills: During the whole process of unit 23 I have gained organization skills because I have had to make sure I am organized with little things such as making sure on the live day that I brought in my script and the running time sheet. I also had to make sure this was all organized in the right order because if not I could get confused with what I’m supposed to be talking about and so on. So overall my organization skills have developed.

Timing Skills: My timing had improved throughout the pre-production and production because I always made sure I checked on the time making sure I was 10minutes early to allow myself to set up my stuff before rehearsing or in for the live day to allow preparation before actually shooting the show.

Analysis of Final Production Practical Reasons: The set up for Trapstar was the Multi Camera layout were we used 3 camera’s this was for practical reasons because it helps cover all the action meaning that we will never miss something because each camera has a different purpose for example camera 1 was on the guests, camera 2 was a long shot of the whole set and camera 3 was on the presenters. This set up is also to enhance that the show was a studio set up show making it seem simple but fun. By using the multi camera simultaneous recording makes the whole show seem more creative because the different angles of the camera’s allow creative cuts from one shot type to another and makes the whole show look and seem more interesting instead of the whole shot just being one stationary long shot of the set up. It was important that we had more than one camera because one camera would not be able to pick up the whole set because we had a rate N Slate wall which came off the set and is why we had another camera.

Aesthetic Reasons: The other reason why we used the multi camera layout for our show ‘Trapstar’ was to make it overall look better, so for aesthetic reasons. By having lots of fast cuts from the presenters to the guests can make the whole show seem more exciting and the cuts can make a show that is so simple seem very exciting because of the cuts. The other reason we used the multi camera set up was so we could put in more effects when cutting from one shot to the next and this can look good if it ties in with the mood and atmosphere of the show at that time for example if the atmosphere was intense because we were having a quiz, if the cuts were slow it would create a suspense which would look really nice and engage the viewer’s more.

Final Evalution-SpellChecked & Proof Read  

This is my fina evaluation with all spell checks and proofed read.

Final Evalution-SpellChecked & Proof Read  

This is my fina evaluation with all spell checks and proofed read.