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information about the artist Morgan Davis is a junior fashion design student at Howard University. She aspires to create her own fashion line that encompasses all sizes to show women everywhere that whether one is a size two or a twenty-two we are all beautiful. Morgan had her own plus size fashion blog where she discussed fashion and everyday life called Hey Big Trender. In accordance with her fashion blog, she also had a YouTube channel where she posted outďŹ ts of the day and DIY videos. Additionally, she also owned her own online plus size store at Storenvy where she sold some of her DIY creations, vintage clothes, and clothing she found at thrift stores. Morgan has experience working with a variety of fashion related events and companies like Fashion Law Week DC, Simply L3ve, Howard University Spring Fest Fashion Show, Howard University Spotlight Network Television, and Aphropolitan.

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Lady and the Tramp

This page: Black wide brim hat, animal print clutch, and wedges. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Modern Maison

This page: Sheer Maxi Dress. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Eddie Fisher Breaks Down

This page: Newspaper sweetheart neckline dress, denim shirt, and converse sneakers. Morgan Davis. Painting courtesy of Andy Warhol. Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Sweet Dreams Pastel Colors & Lady-Like Charm Zooey Asante, a twenty-four year old public artist from Atlanta, loves the beach, outdoor music concerts, riding bikes, going to art galleries, belly-dancing, and eating chocolate chip cookies. Zooey is looking for some new pieces for her spring/summer theme of pastel colors in skirts and dresses.

Up & Away

This page: Cloud Boatneck Maxi Dress and Denim Shirt. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Cats and Dogs

This page: Shift dress with screen print and knee high boots. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Jai Ho

This page: Pastel Ombre Maxi Skirts and Bandeau Top. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.

Chain Reaction

This page: Halter Neck Maxi Dress With Slit. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.


This page: Technical flats for sweet dreams. Morgan Davis Opposite Page: Dress and shoe. Morgan Davis Evening jacket, shirt, pants, bow, and tie.





2013 - artificial flowers, tree bark, newspapers, cotton


Howard University Spotlight Network Television BUFFALO EXCHANGE: A SHOPPING ALTERNATIVE FOR STUDENTS Posted: October 3, 2012 Story by Morgan Davis I can undeniably say that I’m obsessed with thrifting. I don’t know if it’s the feeling of finding an item that I know I’d be paying significantly more for at a traditional store, or knowing that I only spent around $30-$40 for 5 or more items. Either way, I try to get my thrifting fix every so often, and last weekend I was in the mood. My typical spots are Maryland’s Unique in Wheaton, D.C.’s Georgia Ave Thrift Store and Virginia’sOld Town in Alexandria. I planned to make a stop at Unique, but then I remembered one of my classmates mentioning a Buffalo Exchange on 14th street. After a visit to Buffalo Exchange in New York City, I knew I had to stop by this location. The small yet spacious store was filled to the brim with items from Free People, Yves Saint Laurent, Steven Madden, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, Gap and a variety of other stores and designers. While an ample amount of unique yet trendy clothing and accessories is always a plus, what makes Buffalo Exchange so great is that it’s a faster version of a consignment store. Which means, that if you bring in your old clothes, they’ll give you money for them on the spot. However, in order to receive money for your old clothing and accessories they need to be in good condition and items that the store is currently looking for (which you can find by calling them or checking the website). Depending upon the condition of the item, you’ll receive 30% of the profit. Which for those that are a little low on funds, this is a great way to get a bit of cash fast. This time I only purchased one item. I’m trying to teach myself the meaning of what a budget is. I love the brand Free People, so I was very excited to find the lace vintage-inspired jacket, pictured above, for only $15. Now that I know that there’s a thrift store only a short bus ride away, I’ll definitely be making another visit. Buffalo Exchange is located at 1318 14th Street NW, and for those that like to frequent Georgetown often, they’ll be opening on one M Street very soon!

Howard University Spotlight Network Television RED, WHITE, AND BLUE: INAUGURATION BALL FASHION REVIEW Posted: January 26, 2013 Story by Morgan Davis I don’t think there’s anything more elegant than the Inauguration Ball. It combines politics and high fashion in a very interesting way. While I wasn’t able to attend, I did get a chance to view some of the photos displaying the wonderful fashion seen at the event. Again, Michelle Obama chose to wear a creation by designer Jason Wu for the Inauguration Ball. This ruby chiffon halter neck dress got a lot of good and bad reception this year. The first lady’s stunning white Jason Wu dress from the last Inauguration Ball caused overnight success for the designer. Many were expecting the same opulence to be seen this year; however, some were unimpressed. While I found the dress to be absolutely stunning, I didn’t find it so stunning on her. Michelle Obama has a wonderful shape, and I felt that the Jason Wu dress did little to enhance it. Regardless, the first lady looked happy, beautiful, and more radiant than ever. Also in red that night was the renowned Alicia Keys, who performed a rendition of “Girl on Fire” called “Obama on Fire.” The form fitting full length gown was from Michael Kors Fall 2012. For someone who isn’t a big fan of ruching, I found this Michael Kors dress to be absolutely perfect — on and off the runway. What really made the dress stand out for me was the cut out in the back. It’s just the right amount of surprise without being too revealing. Straying away from the color red, Dr.Jill Biden wore a lovely blue Vera Wang scoop neck gown with simple jewelry and a black accent belt. While Michelle Obama may have stolen the show at the Inauguration, Dr.Biden definitely did not fail to impress.

Howard University Spotlight Network Television SEWING NEEDLES, TONS OF CLOTHES, BACKSTAGE FUN: SIMPLY L3VE AND DC FASHION WEEK Posted: March 4, 2013 Story by Morgan Davis This past Saturday I had the pleasure of assisting senior fashion merchandising major Michelle Gibson backstage at DC Fashion Week. The Howard University student is the owner and designer of Simply L3ve. She was one of few selected to premier her work at the emerging designers showcase at DC Fashion Week. Having been to the Menswear Collection last year for DC Fashion Week and various other fashion shows. I had a general idea as to how things would go, but having to assist a designer backstage was completely new to me. The fast-paced but fun environment was great and was a real eye-opener as to what I’m about to get myself into as a fashion design student. However, what was truly inspiring was working with Michelle Gibson, an up-and-coming designer that I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot about very soon. MD: So why did you start Simply L3ve? MG: Well I started Simply L3ve because I originally always wanted to start a business and I wanted to do something that I’d love to do for the rest of my life, and I could make money for, and in some way to combine creative arts with business at the same time. So for me, fashion was that one thing where I could create and have a business at the same time. MD: What is the inspiration behind Simply L3ve? MG: The whole sustainable eco-chic style really stemmed from [my] Sustainability when we had to take that class. I knew I wanted to start a clothing line, but I wanted to something that made a statement something that’s not just regular clothes. So, being eco-friendly is just an added bonus. Inspiration wise as far as the look and aesthetics, I’m definitely inspired by Coco Chanel, Dior and the whole New Look aspect — the whole feminine aspect. Also, Rihanna is one of my muses, so that gives you that edgy young vibe about it. MD: I know you were featured in DC Fashion Week, so how did you go about getting that? MG: That was actually really interesting. When I sat down and did my business plan I knew I wanted to do DC Fashion Week, but I didn’t think I would be ready. So, I originally scheduled it for the fall. Then my professor, lovely Professor Taylor, she made an announcement in class that they were looking for student designers so I submitted my looks from my previous collection — it was only three looks. After that, they accepted and so we started sewing and moved forward to the next day…..



Morgan Davis HU Fashion Design Student  

Morgan Davis is a junior fashion design student at Howard University. During the summer of 2011, Morgan was inspired to start an online pl...

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