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Imagine, you are going to log in from your Gmail account, you just put your password but you get a message that says “Access denied”, you realize that someone had just changed the password of your account. Horrible, right? You have just been hacked, now they will have access to the information you have saved from your account. A nightmare that nobody wants to live… To avoid this misfortune, we can take some security measures, this will make us more protected and avoid problems with our internet profiles. SECURITY MEASURES: the cameras of the electronic  Cover device, this is a simple way to prevent the hacker from seeing your face and everywhere you go. You won’t realice that they are seeing you.  In your public accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…) Don’t put personal information such as the city where you live, your school, birthday, etc… This can give the hacker enough information when he goes to hack.  Use different passwords for each account you create on different websites. Put a password that is different from finding out, never put something personal about you as a password since everyone could easily know it. Use compound words and numbers to make it harder for them to find out.

Andrea Estepa and Sara García

PSEUDOSCIENCE, DOES IT REALLY CURE? What is pseudoscience? Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual, but are incompatible with the scientific method. So knowing this, let's analyze the word pseudoscience: - the word “pseudo” means false, so basically, pseudoscience means “false science” I agree that pseudoscience is being used as it's your money, but I would like people to inform themselves more about what they are paying and analyze the pros and cons.

For the people that are interested on this things, you have here some ways to identify pseudoscience - The pseudoscience is trying to look like science using scientific words to get your attention, but what they say does not make sense - The predictions that the pseudoscience gives, most of them are impossible to be test - The data that they use, can be easily manipulated

The actor humorist Jim Carrey is one of the many examples of celebrities who are deceived by pseudoscience. The actor is against vaccines because some years ago, a British doctor claimed that the vaccines caused autism, which is not true since it has been proven hundreds of times. for many it may seem silly, but not vaccinate someone can cause many health problems especially to young children that a disease that can be easily cured with vaccines, can end up being fatal.

Article by: Ă ngela Silva


I would like to talk about cyberbullying , the graph that you have above is a studied of some of the social networks.They have cyberbullying .I want to talk about a real story that have pass , about cyberbullying . One year a man was talking people through instagram lot and lot of people , especially girls that were age minor , when I see that I was surprised , because I see it in the television ,on the news, all the people see that a person was talking to other people , and was a very bad news . Then we have to take some of the security privacy things that applications like instagram or most of the following in the graph above give us.We have to be relax and don't have to think about if one person is cyberbullied me or one friend, because is very dangerous and is a bad experience that then will have to be in your mind for lots of years , and if is so bad if never disappear. Don`t do bulling , is bad and can do things for persons spo bad , and much if it cyberbulling . Guillermo Serrano Artigado 3ยบC

THE DANGERS OF PSEUDOSCIENCE Be careful with Pseudoscience, your life is in danger. There are many different types of pseudoscience. Some could make your life better, but most of them do not do nothing. Reiki is one of the most used cures, and it is used in all the world. The purpose of reiki is by putting hands on the patient an "energy" is transferred which is supposed to cure the patient both physically and emotionally. But it is one of the treatments that have not been medically proven, and people still believe that it will help them.

Other pseudoscience, is the astrology, which is supposed to make your body balanced. It is based on the relation between the planets, the satellites and the stars. The strange thing is that astrology is validated by the science. It could in some aspects like:

-There is a correlation between the profession chosen by a person and his natal chart. -Also some mental illnesses can be predicted by astrology. - Also it has been scientifically proven that karma acts by the bad actions we do.

Here are some tips, so you are going to be aware of the dangers of pseudoscience, and you are going to now if what you are going to pay is going to help you or not: - First of all be sure what you are going to do. - Look for information on what you are going to do. - Do not do something that puts your life at risk or that could harm you medically. - You have to be sure of what they charge and of the person who is going to do the treatment, because it is possible that you get ripped off. Ainhoa Sรกnchez


Dear Mrs.Perry, I am a resident of Summertown and I have read your article about security in social media written in your magazine. I would like to say that I fully agree with your policy of privacy and I would like to add some suggestions. It is true that nowadays we have to pay more attention to social media; kids are losing control. Therefore, the idea you had about the free antivirus should be exposed to programmers. Also, you could incorporate warnings in apps the moment it detects any strange action in your account. We only want the best for our children so I hope you would take into account my proposals. Yours faithfully, Mattias Jones Cristina and Antonio

WAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HACKING What would you do if you were hacked? Why do people hack the accounts of other people? What can you do to prevent yourself from being hacked? What should you do if you have been hacked? In this article, we are going to talk about all this topics and some preventive methods. Most hackers may hack the accounts of other people for economic reasons; for getting social recognition or to give the people who have been hacked a lesson in security. Sometimes, the hacker may want to ask for money in exchange of not revealing your personal data; while other hackers may want to get your accounts for catching the attention of their idol or to basically obtain a short-time glory and fame.

Before being hacked, you can do some things that are very simple and very useful like covering the webcam with a paper, putting different passwords to each account and for each app you have, revise from time to time your gmail, getting an antivirus, set the verification in the most steps you can for the gmail and for other apps that offer it and the most important thing for me, not to share your personal data with strangers and never share your password to any stranger. When you have being hacked, you can do some basic things as changing your password as fast as you can or cancelling your accounts so as that hacker can not get anything from you with that hack and calling your antivirus company and to the police to know if they can do something to find the hacker quickly. AndrĂŠs LĂłpez.

Do I know you?

Appearances are deceptive “I like him, he is very kind with me. Today is the day, I am going to meet Miguel, I am so excited. Imagine that your daughter is chatting with a new friend online, his name is Miguel and he is very handsome, kind and good person. One day your daughter told you that she is going to meet him at the park, you are worried because you didn't know him but your daughter calm you down showing you a photograph of him, and you can see he looks like a good guy, so you allow her to meet him. “When I arrived to the park I didn't so him, suddenly a man took my arm and said me that if I didn’t do everything he told me he will make my life impossible. I arrived home and dad asked me “how was it”, I answered him that it was great but inside of me I want to tell him the truth” This authentic nightmare can happen one day in your children's life, STOP IT.

Parents have to be aware that their children nowadays have a lot of contact with the Internet and social networks and this situation can happen, that's why they have to alert then since they are little kids. Parents should control them in a correct way (not in a psycho way). rzBkJhoz5ZNQCLQyKFaMhweRIlLEWv&index=2 NEREA MONTOUTO

THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU “ I was looking for recipes on internet and suddenly an advertisement came out about a food book, I wonder how they knew that I was looking for recipes “ This is a commun thought from people who surf the net. People can know all your information, everything you like and what you search. It is important to be aware of this and here you can read some tips in order to avoid this. 1.- Always search for save webs: You can know if a page is save by looking in the top right corner in the browser, if you see a padlock before “ https:// “ that means that it is save.

2.- Update all your applications and the operating system: If you keep your security system update it will be harder for hackers to get your information. 3.- Change your password each month: People normally use the same password in every page and they do not change it, you have to avoid that and change it each month more or less. 4.- Buy a good antivirus: With a good antivirus you can avoid any kind of danger. 5.- Be conscious of what are you or your sons looking for: This is the most important thing because if you know what are you looking on internet you can stay away of viruses or hackers. Marcos Folgado




Don`t share photos about you, don `t share your personal data in internet. Unkonwn people can research your data Please don`t share anything about you , your family, in internet INTERNET IS YOUR SECOND LIFE



I am sure you know someone who have tried a miracle diet. My case was worse since I was the one who had the “brilliant” idea. Nowadays, if someone ask me why I did that, I done the guilt to the internet and to all the lies and misinformation that we can look for on it.

I was just trying to lose some kilos, and to do so I started to go to the gym and to eat less and more summer


The was

approaching and I get stressed. My effort was having results, but anyway, the process was very slow. So I decided to look on the internet for a faster and efficient miracle diet. I read “You will lose 8 kilos only in a pair of weeks”, “Doesn´t it sound great?” I thought. As you can imagine, I started my “perfect” diet. It consisted in only ingesting liquid substances and forgetting about my health. The first week I was very happy because I lost 3,5 kilos. Obviously, my mood changed completely the second week, when I did´t have strength enough and I had to stop the miracle died. Did I achieve my goal?

I even overstepped it since I weighed 10 kilos less than when I started with that madness. Yes, it was a madness because I damaged myself so much that I had to be in the hospital for a long period of time. As you know, many people have prejudices about their bodies. This social problem make the people to try to solve their complexes. And, how do they do that? As I did, with miracle diets on the internet. It is not a problem starting to work out our bikini bodies, as long as we do it in a healthy way. In order to don´t damage ourselves, apart from our doctor opinion, we will need time, patient and effort. Remember that our mental and physical health is very important to leave it in internet´s hands.

Silvia Fuentes

Hackers, criminals behind a screen Do you really know how easy is nowadays to hack a computer? Or how much information do your applications know about you? Or how fast can a computer virus spread all-over-the-world due to the unsecure use of the internet? First of all, you need to know what a hacker is: It is a computer expert that use its knowledge to enter illegally in others devices to take personal information or to destroy internally the device by viruses or malware. Most times they do not look for money when they hack, they only want to prove their abilities or to feel the adrenaline increasing. It is very probable that someone had hacked one of your accounts or maybe your computer has been infected by a malware. These criminals are able to access to our personal data, not only thanks to their abilities, but also the lack of protection of the people plays an important role. Many incidents can be avoided with a good antivirus and a little of common sense.

Here there is a list of tips to avoid being hacked: 1) Use a good antivirus. An antivirus is essential in any device to prevent malware attacks or other types of virus, and if one occurs, they are able to eliminate them 2) Nothing is free. There are many ads that circulate the network in which they give you something or that reward you just for entering a page or by filling a questionnaire, be careful, most of these things redirect you to dangerous pages or are trying to steal your information 3) Look at the small details. Most hacking occur in social media, imagine that you open Instagram and the app asks you to give a lot of information that would not be necessary to open your session, but you only want to

see the new photo that your favorite celebrity has uploaded so you give all the information and in a few seconds your account had been hacked, it sounds stupid, who would do that? Surprisingly lots of people. Maybe if you had observed the logo or the information, they had asked you, you could realize that was a trap. 4) Think before act. Do not be stupid, before clicking or giving personal information think about the risk and if to give that information is really necessary. And this is all, I hope that these tips are useful for you, and that your accounts are safer from now on. Olga Mª Rodríguez González 3ºC


1 Why do hackers hack your account?

Many hackers hack the account of people because of: political reasons, for distributing the information and for his personal use.

2 What can you do when you are hacked?

If you are hacked you have to use an antivirus software that is a software that exe4l the hacker for your computer.

3 What can you do to prevent being hacked?

Firstly, you should not upload your personal data. Secondly, you have to instal a good antivirus. Finally, if you are hacked you have o go to a professional or to reported.

Hacking, what is it? Hacking occurs when someone steals your personal information from your computer such as: personal photos from your drive, recordings of you from the webcam on your computer‌ What are the preventions should you take? For you not to be hacked you should write for all your accounts complex passwords and not use the same for all of them. If you are not able to remember them, write it on a piece of paper. Whenever you receive an email do not open it if it is from someone you do not know because they can hack you and enter your personal accounts and also your bank account. To give an end to this part you shouldn't give your passwords to anyone and do not have your bank account on the Internet because the same thing will happen to all your accounts are, theyll get hacked. What should you do if you are hacked? If you are hacked you shouldn´t get nervous because you won't act properly. What you have to do is to call the technical service and they will tell you what to do and if you do not receive any help you should change all your passwords. -Elisa and Noelia

Hacking Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. It can also refer to non-malicious activities, usually involving unusual or improvised alterations to equipment or processes. Lot of times, hackers hack big social networks like Gmail, Facebook… Because of this lot of accounts had been hacked in these years.

There are several types of hackers: -Carders: they are experts in getting the numbers of the credit cards. Because of this, they can enter in your bank account and buy online.

-Pharmers: they are experts in “phising”, this means that they create fake webs for people to enter their password.

-White Hat: they are good hackers, they work for informatic companies for making them more secure. -Grey Hat: sometimes they do illegal things for preventing companies scamming us.

And now the question is “What we have to do for preventing this? Here we leave some tips you have to know. 1-Hire a good anti-virus 2-Don´t share your password with anyone. 3-For buying online, use a prepaid card instead of a credit card. 4-Don´t use your name or your personal information for creating your password.

5-If you are using a public computer don´t introduce NEVER your username and password. 6-Also if you´re using an internet wifi you don´t have to introduce your username and password NEVER. 7-A very good idea is using a VPN, this allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. 8-You can include different signs in your password that makes more difficult for hackers to hack you, like “Ñ” or “$”.


Everyone should be asking themselves how to prevent reading fake news and here is the answer to your questions. Fake news is a serious problem that is affecting the whole world. As we know, fake news is disseminated with a deliberate will to deceive. Most fake news has as objective to earn money. Everyone thinks that its easy to know if news is true but this is not as easy as people think. To identify fake news we must take our time. We should not trust any web page and we should inform ourselves by looking if the website we are reading is legit. Currently, social networks are becoming a means to inform the account holders, although they are not yet a good tool to do so. For that reason, our first recommendation is that we have the right to question the news thoroughly that comes to us through a social network and, when we have the time and patience, let us read it calmly and in a conscious way. Impulsivity is one of the biggest allies of the fake news.

The information was found in this page: ea-para-que-y-como-se-propagan

Sara and Diego

How to prevent being hacked Do you know the amount of people that are hacked around world? Who knows if you could be the next victim. If you are reading this article it means you want to prevent it. We are going to give you some tips and instructions for preventing the catastrophe before it occurs

1- Use strong and different passwords for each of your accounts. If you use the same passwords for all your accounts it will be easier for you to discover what password is, that is why it is better to use different passwords in each account with a difficulty to make it more difficult to figure out. 2- Establish two-step verification in all the services you use

All social networks allow it so you have no excuse. You must go to the security / privacy section of your Twitter accounts, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or your Google account and activate there the two step verification to match your mobile phone with your account. This way when you try to access, in addition to knowing the user and password, you will need to enter the one-time code that will be sent to your phone and although not impossible, it is more complicated than someone who can find out your passwords also have access to your device mobile in real time. 3-Check all the applications / games that you have given permission in your social networks and remove the access to those that you do not use In many occasions the access door for account intrusions occurs through these applications taking advantage of some security failure 4-Social networks know your password and they will never ask for it. If you receive an email to change / verify your password never do so through the possible form that reaches you or through any link that contains such email. It is easy to be a case of phishing. If you want to change your password, go directly to the social network and do it from there 5-Pay close attention to all links before clicking In many cases cybercriminals take advantage of shortened links or change some character of the word for another that visually looks the same but leads to an illegitimate site. Clicking there may be the entry of a virus, Trojan or spyware into your devices and provides them with the gateway to your accounts. 6-Install an antivirus and other antimalware tools on your devices They will act as a barrier to entry to malicious content and do not forget to cover the webcam of all devices connected to the Internet

What to do if you hack any of your accounts If despite adopting these basic security measures and applying common sense in your activity on social networks you are the victim of an improper access to your accounts, the first thing you should do is stay calm. With the slightest doubt that this has happened try to access your account first and change the password through the social network itself or the email associated with it. If this is not possible, try to get in touch directly with the network through your help center to communicate what happened and try to recover your account (in the case of verified accounts, the process is simplified). The complaint that can be filed with the police is always open but I tell you that it is quite complicated to be able to reverse the situation, recover the account and find the author, but that is not the reason why we have to stop doing it so that there is proof Sometimes none of these steps will work because the person who accesses will quickly apply in the hacked account all the security steps that I have recommended (change the email associated with the account, change the password and put a robust one, associate a phone to the account ...) and that they could have avoided living such an unpleasant situation in which you see your privacy violated and the usurpation of your identity. So before we have to say goodbye to a profile on a social network and resign ourselves to a situation like that, what if we start worrying about our digital security first? Remember: security starts with oneself. as you can see the internet is a very dangerous place as it is useful maybe you don't get hack or you do but is not the end of the world there are specialized people around the world that can help you all the information and ideas were found in and translated by Sara Leรณn Castejรณn

How to prevent hacking? What’s a hacker? What are the different types of hackers? A hacker is a person who uses computers. networking and other skills to overcome technical problems. This term may be refer with everyone with technical skills but it often refers to a person who uses his or her abilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or networks in order to commit crimes. The term hacker may refer to anyone with technical skills.

White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers, strive to operate in the public's best interest, rather than to create turmoil.

Black hat hackers intentionally gain unauthorized access to networks and systems with malicious intent, whether to steal data, spread malware or profit from ransomware, vandalize or otherwise damage systems or for any other reason, including gaining notoriety. Black hat hackers are criminals by definition because they violate laws against accessing systems without authorization.

Gray hat hackers fall somewhere between white hat hackers and black hat hackers. While their motives may be similar to those of white hat hackers, gray hats are more likely than white hat hackers to access systems without authorization; at the same time, they are more likely than black hat hackers to avoid doing unnecessary damage to the systems they hack

How to prevent hacking? Here you have some tips to avoid been hacked: 1.

Create complex passwords so nobody can hack your account and still your data. Add capital letters, numbers and symbols.


Don’t give your password. Some hackers may create different emails from banks asking for your personal data so they can swindle you.


You should change your password from time to time. This will distract the hackers so they will never find your password.

How to act if you have been hacked? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

First thing you should do is reset your password, so the hacker can’t login in again. Try to take back your account thanks to the methods each media provides you. Take back all the authorizations that app had. If you don’t do that they will still robe you. Tell that your account is not yours anymore. If you do this, people will know that whatever the hacker is publishing, it’s not your fault. Call the police. They will try to found the hacker and they will help you to take back your accounts and to spell the hacker from your technological devices.

-Elena Zaira

How to Prevent Hacking

Nowadays hacking is very common, many criminals use this for robbing information or accounts in many social medias. What is hacking? Hacking refers to an unauthorized intrusion into a computer or network. The people who do it are called hackers. Ways they can hack you 1. 2. 3. 4.

By sending a fake link Having your IP By connecting to a strange wifi Having access to your computer via social media Ways to prevent it

As we can see in this article there are many ways to hack somebody's computer or account. There are also ways of avoiding it. The first one is to protect your data in your social media and never share it. The second one is to be careful with the links you enter to. The third one is not to have the same password in all your accounts. The fourth one is to no share your IP with anyone. The fifth one is to be careful about who enters to your accounts.

MIRACLE DIETS (a lie) Every now and then a miracle food or fad diet is announced that will help you lose weight effortlessly. They do not work.Some are based on scientific evidence that has been misreported, distorted or used out of context. Others are simply silly and potentially dangerous. Losing weight through eating healthily and being physically active will not only make it easier to maintain the weight loss, but will have additional benefits for your health.When you hear of the latest diet revolution, remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't good and isn't true.


Any weight-loss expert would agree that boosting your veggie and fruit intake while reducing the amount of junk you eat is a safe and effective way to lose weight, but this diet bans foods that have been cooked or processed in any way. Because raw foodies say cooking destroys nutrients.

TRUE DIET (EXAMPLE): LOW CARB MEAL DIET A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables.There are many different types of low-carb diets, and studies show that they can cause weight loss and improve health.This is a detailed meal plan for a low-carb diet. It explains what to eat, what to avoid and includes a sample low-carb menu for one week. If you are not sure about if your diet is true and safe, you must look for scientific information.

- Adrian Alba and Laura

Miracle Diets  The Atkins Diet The Atkins Diet is one of the high-protein diet. It is based on choosing foods which are high in protein and fat and are very low in carbohydrates. It can cause serious problems like : Kidney diseases , Coronary Heart disease you may also suffer vitamin deficiencies.  The Cambridge Diet The Cambridge Diet is a very low calorie diet , that involves eating 800 calories a day or fewer. Some bad effects of thhis diet are ; Flatulences , constipation and dizzines.  The Cafeslim Diet The Cafeslim Diet consist on a web made by dietitians and fitness experts that ask people to complete a nutritional assestments and they make you a weekly plan which contains individuals choosen foods and nutritional foods.  The Slimfast Diet This diet consist of eating replacements and snacks , from supermarkets and pharmacists.The Slimfit Diet is , therefore , basically a calorie-controlled diet using specialised foods. This diet is not highly recommended.

Written by; Cristian Ionut Tudor Collaborating with Carlos Dumitru


HACKING: ¨Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is known as a hacker. This hacker may alter system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system.”

HOW TO PREVENT IT: 1~Create complex passwords.Your passwords to access your accounts on apps or

websites should consist of a combination of numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and special characters that is difficult to guess.

2~Don’t give your passwords.If you give your passwords to other people, these passwords can be filter or hacked and you would be in a problem.

3~Change your passwords often.If you change your passwords often is more difficult for a hacker to enter in your accounts and personal data.

4~Make sure you are on a official website when entering passwords.Look the

screen and see if there is a padlock you are in a safe website, if there is no padlock do not enter any password.


Right about our own image. We usually take consensual selfies but what would happen if someone posts a non-consensual photo? In the majority of states you could be sued for posting pictures like that, especially if it’s a minor. You will face a bigger lawsuit if it consists of child pornography. But that’s not all, if you have non-consensual photos in your computer, even if you do not post them, you can be sued.

You do not have to ask for permission from someone when you are taking the picture in public view. However, if they are not in public view, you are not allowed to photograph them without their consent. Be careful with your photos if you want to be safe. As a matter of fact, identity theft could take place, and you do not want someone pretending to be you. If you are convicted of identity theft, you will face 15 years in jail, a penalty fee and confiscation of the property you presumably used to commit the crime. -Sara and Lucia

RIGHT OF OUR OWN IMAGE About a decade ago a photograph was a paper image with a very limited audience and whose scope could easily be kept under control. Article 18 of the Spanish Constitution guarantees the right to own image as a fundamental right, its content being developed in Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and the own image. Now, this right is not absolute, there are exceptions in which they can take us and disseminate, photographs: In general:  Those carried out in authorized actions or agreed by the competent Authority in accordance with the law.  Those in which there is a relevant historical, scientific or cultural interest. In particular:  Images of notable public or professional positions in events or places open to the public  The cartoons of these people according to social use.  When it is part of the information about a news and the image of the person is accessory. One example of a violation of the right of images is when a student called Inma suffered bullying at school and some of her mates spreaded some of her images in underwear. We have to be careful and responsible with your own images, because, although it is a crime, some people could use them to make you suffer.

Should parents ask before posting pictures? Nowadays we live in a digital era where social medias control the world, teenagers are using it without parents control. During this years teenagers had posted a lot of pictures showing themselves,we think this is harmful for them so we decided to asked opinions about it .In our researches we discovered that most of the parents do not have concern about what their children are doing withs social medias.All the parents agreed with us that teenagers should not post pictures showing their faces or without parents permission. We talked with many experts of social media and most of them agree that this is a huge problem, one of the measure for finish with it is that the parents control what their children are doing and what are posting. In conclusion,we have to restrict what our children are posting in social media. We have to think in their future and control what they are doing on internet to prevent possible problems. Jasmina Sergio and Sofia

SHOULD PARENTS ASK BEFORE POSTING PICTURES? Nowadays with the spread of social media (internet) many teenagers have been posting photos without the permission of his/her parents. The Internet can be very harmful for many teenagers that don’t know how to use it well. That's why we have been asking some parents if their children asked them if they can upload some photos of themselves. Almost all of them said that they don’t know that his/her children uploads photos or even has social media. All of the parents we have asked agreed that their children should asked them before posting the photos. After talking with the parents we decided to talk with professionals to know what is best. They said that is better to know what kind of photos are our children posting, and our responsibility as parents is to control the things that they post on internet. In conclusion, parents should watch out what their children are posting on internet and social media just to prevent problems that can affect your children´s stability. Lucía and Yune

Should parents ask kids permission before posting pictures? In varied ocassions, our parents post photos in which we appear ,and we are surprised when we enter our parent’s Facebook accounts and we find that embarrassing photo from our childhood.Then we get angry because our parents didn´t ask us for permisssion to post that photo!!! Why do parents do these things? Normally my mother told me that I had grown so much.I think that the problem is the TIME!!! When we reach a certain age parents get more annoying because sometimes they don´t want us to grow. The reason why our parents post photos of us is because they miss the time when were little. What can we do to solve this problem? In my opinion we can talk with our parents the reason why we don´t like they posted photos in social media, also we can get a solution to this problems by telling our parents when they are going to post another photo and the we told to them if they can post it or not. Conclusion......... In conclusion we have to try to see each other´s point of view in order to understand each other.

MADE BY: Vania Diez Largo 3ºC

Should parents ask before posting pictures? In our opinion we think that teenagers should ask their parents before they post a new picture on their social media because they should control the content of their post, as they are to public. Also, other times you have to give space your children some space because they also have some secrets ,some stupid things they want to hide, and parents should respect their space.. In conclusion it is advisable to look at what your kids post on the social media but still respecting their privacy.