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Written Instructions – Integrating Aweber with Empower Network and Setting Up Your Personal List/ Funnel

I wanted to get out these instructions as a written document with steps and pictures because although the video does go over the set up in detail, some people are just simply ‘written’ learners. Here’s what I suggest… you will need to dedicate about 1 ½ hours to setting this up. (For some of you that already have a lot of internet experience, this can be done within 45 minutes.) If you are ever ‘stuck’ on a step, or something is not quite right. What I suggest doing is opening up your Aweber in one window and then opening up Video 1 in the other window. Let Video 1 run and set up your system step-by-step beside me as I do it in the video! You can run the video, pause it, implement the step on your end and switch back and forth. That’s probably the easiest way to get it done the fastest and of course, accurately. Remember to watch all 49 minutes of Video 1. Every single minute of the video is extremely important because I set up the entire system in real time.

Therefore, get your Aweber, follow along on Video 1 and you’ll be all set up in 49 minutes! That is really the easiest way. You can always watch the video as many times as you need to get it set up right.

Written Instructions (Ebook) Below

Creating A List (for your Empower leads) Step 1: Login into your Aweber account Step 2: Click ‘create and manage lists

Step 3: Create a new list

Step 4: Create unique list name, fill in description, “from� name, your email address, address.

Step 5: Enter your name and email for notification of leads. Press ADD, and Save Settings at the bottom.

Step 6: Navigate to the second Tab “Personalize�. Fill out email signature (that is really the only thing required on this page.

Step 7: Press Save (Bottom)

Step 8: Navigate to Confirmed Opt-In Tab

Step 9: Turn Green switch to OFF (It should show RED and stay red.)

Confirm the opt-in switch is OFF and

Step 10: Press Save

Integrating Your New List With Empower Network Step 1: Click “Home” on Aweber

Step 2: Copy Your Aweber List Name (Control C)

Step 3: Login to your Empower Network back-office Step 4: Click “My Tools”

Step 5: Click Here To ADD Aweber List Name

Step 6: Copy And Paste Your Aweber List Name

Step 6: Press Submit To Change

You have now created a new email list and it integrated with Empower Network. Go ahead and visit your “almost a secret� lead capture page, put in a fake email address to test. You should get a email notification for Aweber that the lead was added to your list.

The email notifications looks like this:

Copying The Follow Up Auto-responders Into Your List Step 1: Click “Messages”

Follow Up

Step 2: Copy and Paste Auto-Responder Code Into Box epfb-948e5-$F

Step 3: Press Load Campaign

Campaign is now loaded. It should look like this‌

We are almost done. The last thing we need to do is change the links in the emails to YOUR affiliate links instead of mine. This is very important pay close attention

Changing The Affiliate Links To Yours Step 1: Send a test email to yourself and SEE where the link goes.

Step 2: Put in your email and name Press Send Test (sometimes test email delays, send a few times if that happens)

Step 3: Click The Link In The Email. Where does it go to?

We are sending them to a webinar page, let me show you how to change the link in this email to yours.

Step 4: Copy the link on top and put YOUR user ID after the “=” sign

Step 5: Go back to Aweber and Click on The First Email

Step 6: Highlight the link

Step 7: Click Globe “Hyperlink” Button

Step 8: In the bottom URL Box put YOUR affiliate link

Step 9: Press Apply Step 10: DO THE SAME THING TO ALL LIINKS IN THE EMAIL Very important, most emails have 2-3 links. You must follow the hyperlink step to change the hyperlink in all the emails to yours rather than mine. Step 10: Save Your Message

Step 11: You must now change the links in ALL of the emails. Go back to the “Messages”  Follow up Repeat the exact steps 1-10 for EACH of the emails in the series. Some emails send the prospects to the webinar, some send them to the lead capture, some send them directly to the join page. All the emails and links are different. If you see a link like this for example: Change the ID after the “=” sign to yours, not mine

After all of the emails have been tested and the links are changed to yours, you are officially set up! Congratulations you now have your own email list, your own perpetual follow up series and are ready to start making sales on auto-pilot. Now it’s all about DAILY blogging, building traffic and leads and getting the sales!

Now that you have your own email list you can send your list broadcast messages For example, if Dave has a Monday night call or sends out some “list swipe”, you now have a list! To send a broadcast message to your list (broadcast sends it to all subscribers at once) Step 1: Click messages  Broadcast

Step 2: Create New

Step 3: Copy and Paste (or write) your swipe in the HTML Section

Step 4: Save Message

Step 5: Send TEST (very important) test that it works, links and everything Step 6: Press Queue to blast out!

I love broadcast messages. Broad cast all live events, calls, webinars. Also broadcast value. When you have done a great blog post that really resonates with you blast it out to your list!! This starts to build trust and a relationship with your list.

Your lists will come to see you as a trust authority in your niche and will start following you, opening your emails on a regular basis and join anything you do on auto-pilot when you blast out the links. Enjoy!

Inspiration You have begun a great journey. A journey of learning, a journey of development, a journey of changing your life financially, as well as personally. Remember to always be a student. The second you stop learning is the second you stop growing (personally, financially and everything). Make it a hobby of learning on a daily basis. Learn marketing training, learn new personal skills, learn how to become a leader, learn how to communicate with people better, to sell better, to influence people to join you and follow you. Become the leader you were born to be. Study Teach. Implement

Take action. Take daily, consistent action and don’t let the forces of evil, distraction, “other people’s opinions”, financials or anything else hold you back. Make a goal for yourself. What’s your goal? A great goal would be to personally sponsor 100 people this year into the Empower Network. If will not happen overnight but I promise if you take daily consistent action towards producing results and profit you will recruit way more than 100 people into the Empower Network. It is now all about the content, get as many blogs out on the internet as possible, run ads, learn new marketing techniques, generate leads because the equation goes. Leads  Prospects  Sales The good news is you have the power of the sales funnel and the automation of Aweber by side your. I do also recommend developing the skill of closing over the phone. Your sales funnel WILL work for you but you are able to double, triple, even quadruple your results by talking and closing a handful of prospects over the phone.

I look forward to your success THE UNIVERSE


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